According to Doug Smith’s sources, the Toronto Raptors have put in a bid to host the 2016 NBA All Star Game and surrounding weekend events.

Among possible points in Toronto’s favour:

*It’s White Vegas

*It’s the 20th anniversary of the franchise

*It would be the first internationally held All Star Weekend

*Charles Barkley wholeheartedly endorses it

*Andrew Wiggins will likely be in the All Star Game, Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest and the brand new “Andrew Wiggins goes 1-on-5 against the Bobcats” event.

Among possible points against Toronto:

*It’s White Vegas

*The border/customs issue is sure to make some complain

*Charles Barkley wholeheartedly endorses it

In all seriousness, I don’t see why they wouldn’t give the Raptors a crack at it. New York is getting theirs in 2015, so unless the argument is just against doing it in two cold-weather cities in a row, it’d be tough to say Toronto isn’t deserving or a worthwhile location to party for a weekend.

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  • Buschfire

    I’d love it, I’m not sure but I think one of the main issues you didn’t mention would be the major TV network politics BS.

    • BlakeMurphy

      What would the issue be, though? The Canadian networks already air TNT/ESPN stuff for ASW, not original content. Plus, the local stations probably wouldn’t even notice since the Leafs would have a road game in Phoenix or something.

      • Destro

        I think the real issue is customs…

  • Vimsanity

    Wiggins dunking in Toronto would be DOPE! And we should have a couple of All-Stars by 2016..

  • DryDry

    Our strippers alone are enough to attract most NBA players up here for a weekend.

  • Mark

    I’m not much of a baseball fan but i was at the All Star game in 92 and it was one of the best sports memories i have. I would pay anything to attend this game! I can only imagine the Platinum club at half time!

  • mountio

    This would be beyond huge for Toronto. Im not sure if we have enough respect in the NBA yet .. but we should. Especially with 4 new 5 star hotels (Four Seasons, Trump, Ritz, Shang Ri La) and the subway to the aiport done (I think / hope!)
    On top of that, Caribana has shown the city can handle the party side of things .. and as mentioned above, the stippers (and more importantly, the lax rules around the strippers) .. are second to none. 

    Throw in the fact that we havent had a meaningful basketball game around here in almost a decade .. and I cant begin to describe how high on my list of must attend events this would be. Lets just hope it works out .. 

  • Colonel_Hapablapp

    I’ve read that one of the bigger issues is the fact that for some of the festivities (AKA Media Day), because of the Auto Show, we can’t get the MTCC, which is right next to the ACC.  If it can’t be held there, there really isn’t another viable location in the downtown core.

  • RAPTORS2013

    @Colonel_Hapablapp, I’m pretty sure that big dome thing could be turned into some kind of place to hold festivities, also I know I am bias as a basketball fan, but pretty sure the Allstar weekend would have a nice impact on the city compared to the auto show….. I know I would rather show off the city on millions of tv screens worldwide than have a 30 min auto show recap on CP24