Cavs 103, Raps 92 – Box
Can we PLEASE just talk about Steph Curry instead? PLEASE?

No? Okay. Arsenalist said no. Raptors it is. And what a terrible performance it was. For the record, Steph Curry had all of the swishes, and also put to rest any concerns about his ankles by taking Raymond Felton’s as his own. What a game.

But sadly, we’re a Raptors site. Let’s start with the obvious: Any ridiculous hope any of us were holding out that the Raptors could still make the playoffs should be put to rest. Coming into the week four games out, Washington and Cleveland (especially without Kyrie Irving) had to be circled as “must-wins” on the calendar. Instead, the Raptors laid a pair of eggs while the Bucks won a pair of tough roadies, stretching their lead to a nearly insurmountable six games with just 24 to play.

So that’s out of the way.

As for Wednesday’s game, it was atrocious on a few levels, bad on some others, and had two bright spots. Let’s start with those before I lose my cool on Dwane Casey in the negatives.

Jonas Valanciunas is going to be an excellent NBA player. The guy does so many smart things already (or perhaps, “right” things) and all that’s really missing is a bit more IQ at each end, which will come from experience. Right now, Jonas has “set the screen, dive so hard with my hands up” down pat. The unfortunate part is that he rarely receives a pass there. He has also already learned that if he doesn’t receive said pass, his job isn’t done – multiple times he went from the roll into setting a baseline screen to free up a wing. And when he isn’t involved in the initial action of the play, he can usually be found moving or trying to establish on the block – twice he recognized a switch and tried to post Speights but wasn’t fed the rock. It’s in the team’s best interest to get him the ball more, both as a reward for his hard work and to help him develop his offensive game. The fact that he played 24 good minutes and got just four touches is maddening, especially since he had three offensive boards to extend possessions.

jonas open1

DeMar DeRozan had maybe his most efficient scoring game as a pro. DeRozan did some things, especially in the third quarter, that were harmful to the overall flow of the team. He took a few contested jumpers when he was “feeling it,” and also dished to teammates late in the clock (effectively passing the missed attempt tally from his box score line to someone else’s). But when you score 34 points on 19 shots, you get a gold star from me. DeRozan had previously scored more points three times, but took 21, 27 and 33 shots to reach 37, 36 and 37 points, respectively. On Wednesday he went 10-of-17 on twos, missed a pair of threes and went 14-of-15 at the line. He scored 34 points on 29 possessions (he had scored 37 on 29 on New Year’s Eve 2010, so perhaps this was his second most efficient outing). His shot chart, below, doesn’t do his game justice since he had so many damn free throw attempts. You don’t like to see that many mid-range jumpers, sue, but if free throw attempts were marked where the foul took place, the paint would be flooded in that image.
derozan chart feb27
Now, I promised some bad stuff so LET’S TALK SOME BAD STUFF.

Dwane Casey…go home, you’re drunk.

Casey’s rotations have been frustrating for many fans this year, but it may have hit a boiling point for me on Wednesday. Let’s look at a few different elements.

Using the bench as if this is hockey. Casey tends to sub in a handful of bench players in short order, playing extended periods of time with very few starters on the floor. This would make sense if the team had two even sets, but they most certainly do not, with probably their five best players all starting. Instead, Casey went with lineups that included two or fewer starters for nine and a half minutes. In those nine and a half minutes the Raptors were outscored by 19 (!!) points. Units with four or more starters played 33.5 minutes and outscored the Cavaliers by 18, and units with three starters played five minutes and were outscored by 10. Obviously, you can’t play all of your starters all game, but it’s pretty easy to create a substitution pattern that gets your bench guys a combined 56 minutes (what they got tonight, which is probably a reasonable total) without forcing them all to play together.


Setting Bargnani up to fail. This isn’t more #SupportAndrea crap. This is just straight up common sense. If you have an asset that is struggling, it probably makes the most sense to try and put him in situations where he can succeed. Instead, of Bargnani’s 16 minutes, six came when Bargnani was the only big on the floor. After seven years, we KNOW these configurations don’t work. On defense, Bargnani needs a strong help defender to make up for the fact that he only holds any value in man situations and can’t be the help guy. On offense, Bargnani playing to the outside means that when he’s the only big, the paint is left unattended and offensive rebounds are merely a rumour. Guess how these configurations did? 10 minutes with Bargnani paired with Valanciunas or Johnson? Outscored the Cavs. Six minutes where Bargs was the lone big? Outscored by 16. C’mon Casey – at least deploy the guy in ways that can help him (and the team). For the record, just so you don’t think this is a one game thing: on the year, when Bargnani is the lone big (60 minutes), the Raptors are outscored by about 17 points per 100 possessions. When he’s accompanied by another big? 765 minutes, outscored by just four points per 100 possessions.

bargs noboard

Jonas’s minutes. The kid is earning them. Since returning from injury, he’s played 30 minutes just twice in 12 games, averaging just 19 minutes a game. If the opponent doesn’t have a line-up that makes sense to go small against (like the Knicks), keep the kid in the game.

Okay, enough about Casey. I think I’ve made my point, and I’m sure people will chime in in the comments (they already have in the comments of my Quick Reaction). Actually you know what? One more:

Not stopping a run. Raptors lead 21-7 eight minutes into the game. Bargnani comes in for Johnson. A few seconds later, Fields enters for Valanciunas. Seconds later, Anderson comes in for DeRozan and then Lucas for Lowry. The score is closed to 25-20 by the end of the frame (that’s a 13-4 run). No timeouts were called (except at 23-9 when there was no issue yet), and for the sake of fairness, Valanciunas had picked up his second foul. But that 13-4 run was stretched all the way to a 20-8 run before Casey called a timeout (two minutes into the second). That’s a 20-8 run over six minutes with only the quarter break to try and settle things down.

Again. Raptors trail 73-71 eight minutes into the third quarter. Aaron Gray checks in for Jonas and shortly after, Bassy checks in for Lowry. Anderson subs in for Gay after a few misses on both sides. Cleveland goes on a 7-0 run over this four minute period, but Casey has the quarter break to work things out. DeRozan is back in for Gray, and Lowry and Bargs will check in during this span (for Telfair and Amir). Just inside the nine-minute mark, Casey finally calls a timeout, stuck 15. That’s a 13-0 run over seven minutes with only the quarter break to try and settle things down.

And you know what? That’s 1,300 words, so let’s call it a post-game at that. Jonas good, DeMar good, Casey bad. It wasn’t all Casey’s fault, of course, as Gay’s shot selection was poor late in the game and, you know, it’s also on the bench players to DO SOMETHING when in the game. Casey may have mismanaged the rotations and failed to stop runs, but all of the bench players still played horrible basketball, and that’s out of his control.

I’m sure I missed some stuff, so check that quick react and discuss in the comments. I know this might seem like a slam piece on Casey, and perhaps it is, but for the most part I have stuck with the players when I do my articles and these post-games, so I was due for a rant. Casey isn’t a bad coach, but he needs help with player rotations.There’s nothing wrong with having a blind spot, just address it.

I’m off to Boston for four days. Everyone be kind to Arse as he runs the site solo for the weekend!

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  • Ds

    Our 2 main bench guys:

    Bargnani in the last 5 games is shooting .285 and averaging 2 rpg.
    Anderson in the last 5 games is shooting 0.303 and averaging 0.8 apg.

    That we actually won 2 of those 5 is a surprise.

    • cdub

      Anderson should not be a main bench guy.  Andrea is just lost out there.   The second unit is atrocious,  Caseys subs are artrocious.

  • Andre

    After 7 years of watch soft Raptors games, i believe it is time for BC to go. We need a different culture in here. I understand Casey messed up with his rotations, but i think he deserves a little more time. and the personel. If we can get a GM that doesnt stand for losing and cared about winning, i believe the raptors would be in a different situation. BC has had a plan for 7 years. when will we see it pan out?

    • Theswirsky

      I’m not sure what fans expect from Casey.  

      He needs to find minutes for waste of time players (Bargnani) to ‘increase’ their trade value – while putting Bargs in a situation thats ‘good’ for him – while at the same time win games.  An impossible task.

      He plays bench players too much, but can’t play starters 48 minutes a game.

      He needs to play the young guys more, who are inconsistent and unreliable, but at the same time put the team in a position to win the game. 

      The problem isn’t Casey.  The problem is Colangelo and how he’s gone about building the team.  Casey just the guy stuck driving the half broken down short bus.  Its not his fault win the brakes seize up and the retards fall out of their seats.

      • RaptorFan

        LOL haha

        Great analogy!

      • Ardefen

        politically inappropriate but hilarious

      • Andre

        That makes a lot of sense!

      • Adriiian

        Everyone on this website, lets buy some tickets, whether we are of the same opinions or not, WE WANT THIS TEAM TO WIN. Everyone shows it in different ways.

        The team is frustrated, and us, the fans, are frustrated as well. We need to buy maybe 20-30 seats, and just go with signs saying FUCK BC.
        I’d love to start a revolution, make this guy lose his job, cause the Phoenix days were easy, and honestly, anyone on this WEBSITE can build a winner with a prime-Nash and Amare.

        • Nilanka15

          “We need to buy maybe 20-30 seats, and just go with signs saying FUCK BC”

          lol, this would be epic!

          • unknown guest

            IF we can get it past security, LOL.

            Let’s DO IT!

      • cdub

        DC on the fan 590 today said he played Andrea in the 4th over Val to guard walton, rebound and provide spacing…….anyway the bottom line is Casey’s subs blow.  No he can’t play his starters 48 minutes, but does he have to put all the bench players in at once and watch 15 point leads dissapear with no adjjsutment or time out?  How many times has that happened?  How many games this year have the 5 guys that started the game finsihed the game?  Zero???  Is someone holding a gun to DC’s head forcing him to play super scrub AA ?  Was it BC’s idea to put AB out there as the lone big last night?  Or put JL3 and AA on the floor together, at any time?  It’s a recipe for blowing leads and he just sits there and watches it happen yelling GO GO GO all game.  I like DC and if i was in the market for an assistant coach or motivational speaker I’d look him up…..

  • Milesboyer

    Bargnani’s trade value (not that there ever was much) is shrinking faster than you can say “amnesty”.  There is no way he can be a part of this team next season without a major turnaround from him, which likely won’t happen.

  • ppellico

    Blake…very fine work and observations.

    The especially brilliant point was Casey’s inability to put ALL his players into a winnable situation…not just Bargs.
    Every floor combination should have this thought bejind it.
    Even if Gray is in…you have players around him that cover for his weakness and gain from his strength.
    Ditto every one of them.
    Why put an entire group out that struggles to score…and leave them there?

    I dunno…Casey has shown me this year he is just one of the worst offensive minded coaches. Perhaps he can command defense skills from players…but even this seems to run away due to his losing a team.

    The players see even more than we see…and if we are unhappy…they must really be struggling on the bus.

    • Destro

      If you really wanna dissect Caseys coaching flaws,his biggest one is he doesnt KNOW how to execute the schemes he wants to run…

      What i mean by that is he doesnt know how to incorporate his own personnel to make those schemes work.
      As someone mentioned a few games ago,he features Bargs as a big in small lineup and subs him for Amir in a 2 big lineup when the obvious choice for that should be Val given you need rebounding and defense at the rim…

      Forget about Xs and OS and plays on offense he still hasnt grasped how to sub his own guys properly to run those sets..basic basic shit for an NBA coach that Casey doesnt get right…

      Why does nobody in the media question the fact he continually sits guys in the 4th qtr regardless of the games flow and its swings….Thats just not professional coaching…ON a losing team thats lost all year why stick to a plan that hasnt worked from the beginning ?

      If i were BC right let casey go and let Johnny Davis finish the season and then decide what to do,ive never seen a coach so over his head in the NBA before NEVER…Its usually not a fair statement to say a coach costs you wins..Casey has cost this team 5-6 wins minimum this year…Were not making the playoffs and were not developing players…hes gotta go by seasons end..if MLSE was smrt they do it now…

      • Nilanka15

        Not sure if firing Casey at this point serves any purpose.  The playoffs are all but an impossibility.  It’ll be change for the sake of change.

        • cdub

          isn’t there a team option on casey for next year?  I’d be happy if they jsut let him walk at the end of the year provided they find a valid replaement. 

      • FLUXLAND

        You, of all people, should know that BC is in charge of line-ups, his coaches are just pawns in the marketing ploy.

        And that marketing is why “future assets” do not get burn in the 4th; if they fail or get crushed, the fan base will give up; you gotta keep the carrot dangling for the THF and sell them potential.  Why is everyone so oblivious to this? 

        • FAQ

          Have you noticed that Casey is beginning to sit more on the bench, like Sam did in his final days, and let the players on the floor make up their own plays??!!!

          Demar is working his butt off to look good and deserve his big upcoming contract extension ($10 Mill per)… and maybe even get traded if necessary.  Meanwhile Rudolph has come to realize there is no teamwork and it’s everybody on their own and for themselves.  It’s just showtime in the ACC for the t.h.f.’s watching da ball go inta da hole.

          On orders from BC, Casey is trying to showcase most of the roster for trade bait.  BC can’t blow up the TRats again because it’s already debris.

          • FLUXLAND

            DeUseless is getting his, no doubt.  2-6 when he’s getting >10FT,  1-7 when he’s scoring >25.
            More minutes, same player since season 1, but hey he’s efficient, right?

            Rudy realized what was going on a few games in, when DeHoudini kept shrinking in the 4th and left him to bear the glory or wrath. 

            Oh, I think he can blow it up again. There will always be training camps, gelling, injuries, culture changes, schedules, builds, rebuilds, accelerated rebuilds, halfass tanking, refs, fans and luck to hang the losses onto, while selling hope and development. 

      • FLUXLAND


        (Let’s get Matt52 on this campaign as redemption for the Assassination Of Il Mago By The THF Sheep)   

        But, the regime is tight on such acts. Haven’t you noticed how simple boos will have them use the media to question the moral fabric of fans?

        One does not simply walk into The THF Nest and displaysigns, they get checked.

        • FLUXLAND

           (reply to Adriiian @ 1:17, not sure what happened there)

        • Adriiian

          Ok. Well we won’t boo, we won’t go with signs saying FUCK BC. But we’ll go with signs that say Go Raptors. We will get noticed.

  • Copywryter

    I don’t think JV is going to be an ‘excellent’ NBA’er. Good? Ok. A double-double, energy kind of guy. A bigger, rich man’s Tyler Hansbrough. I don’t think he’s athletic enough to be an elite center and I’m not sure that basketball IQ comes with practice. You either have it or you don’t.  

    • Mopola

      Both of Gasols aren’t athletic too. And that dunk after DeMar pass yesterday was quite good. I think he can be good, teammates just need to use him more. And besides the stats, the team was +14 with him on court because his defence and screens which let DeMar Rudy and Lowry to drive to the basket…

      • Dane Rupa


    • raptorspoo

      I’ll sort of agree with you. 
      I think many rap fans think he’s a piece that we can “build around” but I think he’ll turn up to be on the level of Anderson Varejao – which is not bad but not a superstar to build around. To put it simple, a good piece of the puzzle.

    • Destro

      HE can be steady good…but hes not an all star and hes not elite…

      • RobertArchibald

        I don’t think you need extreme athleticism to be an excellent centre. You need a motor, size and instincts. JV has 2 and size will come with time. If anything, I think he has more athletic ability than a lot of great C’s. i.e. Duncan, Big Z, Brad Miller, Sabonis. I’m happy we have this kid. May not be an All-Star but he’ll be a starter we won’t have to worry about for a long time.

        • Copywryter

          I don’t feel that JV has great instincts. He is absolutely lost 5 or 6 times a game. He is, however, teachable, and that combined with a high motor and length will make up that deficit eventually.  

          You think JV is more athletic than Duncan? Young Duncan? 

          • RobertArchibald

            I think being lost for ONLY 5 or 6 times a game IS a sign of great instincts. Looking at his age and the difficulty at playing centre, he is leaps and bounds ahead of other players in his situation. Compare with T-Ross who is lost almost every possession and its obvious.

            Re: Duncan, I do believe he has more athleticism. TD was more polished as a rookie and had more size/strength. I think JV is faster, has better hops and will be a better shooter in time.


      “You either have it or you don’t.”

      He is not and will never be a game changer, as BC was purporting for years. The expectations are slowly dwindling down, soon enough the fan base will come to its senses and the excuse-fest will begin. How does BC get a reputation for “drafting well” is beyond me.

    • Roarque

      Could not agree with you less – and the comparison to Hansbrough, the sleasiest thug in the league? Your post needs a rewrite.

      Jonesy can already be a doub-doub if the wings would pass into the low post but they haven’t mastered the bounce pass after 5-7 years in the NBA.

      Anybody touches this kid answers to me.

      • Copywryter

        The Hansbrough comparison comes because both are motorized bangers who have enough offence to get by. I’d use Varejao but JV looks to have a more reliable jumper. 

        JV can be a double double guy, sure. Proof of that came early in the season. That does not make him excellent. 

        This is not the forum for it of course, but I think Raps fans need to temper their expectations. We should have done the same for Bargs both as a fanbase and an organization, because the writing was on the wall a long time ago.

        JV is good. Excellent is a stretch. 

  • robertparrish00

    Casey’s biggest fault in game is he doesn’t understand momentum.  How to get it, how to keep it and how to end it.

    • Destro

      I think momentum is kinda overrated but he doesnt react to swings and the flow of the game at all…
      He makes changes when everythings working,and when it falls apart hes very slow to react to change the lineup or change the defense were playing or even simply to call a timeout….

      • EmarErozan

        What are swings and flow other than momentum?

  • GMoney

    TURNING POINT: The Raptors’ starting lineup jumped out
    to a 21-7 lead as Cleveland missed 19 of its first 21 shots. When Casey
    made his first substitution — replacing power forward Amir Johnson with center Andrea Bargnani —
    with 3:26 left in the first quarter, things immediately went downhill.
    The Cavaliers outscored Toronto 50-27 in the remainder of the first
    half, taking a 57-48 lead into the break. “We can’t play our starters 48
    minutes, but I wish we could,” Casey said. “They gave us tremendous
    effort and focus, but they’ve got to rest sometime.”

    JV +14
    Bargs -12

    • Adriiian

      See he knows it. We honestly can’t blame him.
      And he can’t really bench Andrea cause that will hurt him even more.
      Either way, this situation is fucked.
      its lose lose.

  • Nilanka15

    There’s always a bright side.  Each loss brings us closer to the post-Colagelo era (and most like the post-Casey era).

    • Why

      Unless they completely collapse down the stretch, my prediction is that MLSE will pick up Colangelo’s option. You likely disagree but when they didn’t fire him after the Bosh debacle IMO they reset the clock on his tenure and that shouldbe given the opportunity to play out one more year.

      • Nilanka15

        If what you say is true, why is MLSE waiting to pick up Colangelo’s option year?  I mean, why make him sweat it out?

        • Why

          My response would be if there are no plans to pick up his option why wasn’t he dismissed earlier in the year and why was he allowed to make the Gay trade?

          Who knows for sure –  I am guessing MLSE will be willing to pick up his option if there is evidence of progress through the remainder of the season and I am guessing they would interpret progress as having a winning record post Gay trade.  

          • Nilanka15

            Good point about the Gay trade.

            But is “evidence” of improvement really an accurate assessment when the pressure of a playoff push no longer exists? 

            It’s easier to win games when there’s nothing at stake.  I hope MLSE is wise enough to know this.

        • FLUXLAND

           So the fans believe he is being “evaluated”.

    • unknown guest

      You know, I’d like to see Triano and/or Casey coach in a non-BC team. I’m willing to bet that it’d be much different.

      • NyAlesund

         Do you think that Casey’s decision down the stretch are influenced by BC? I don’t think so. My opinion is that him has difficulties to read the game, to call the timeout when is necessary and rotate the guys. It appears to me he has an issue to manage the big rotations.

        • FLUXLAND

          So you think a guy that’s been in a coaching capacity for over 30 years has “difficulties to read the game” etc?

          You think that’s more likely than him taking orders from BC?  Were you a fan when SM and JT had the same “difficulties”?

          • NyAlesund

            Casey didn’t have a solid career as head coach (120 games with the Wolves in 2005/2006).
            For me he has the issues to read the
            situations expecially when he felt asleep on the sideline (several times ) before calling the
            timeouts. The last game was another example.

    • Dc

      +1000000  thank god. 

    • NyAlesund

       It depends if the property is willing to believe in Colangelo. I hope Colangelo and Casey will be fired.

  • Brian

    Amen!!! I was saying the exact same thing this morning

  • Dc

    So since were not making the playoffs this year. Hopefully BC and DC are getting their shit packed and ready to go. 

  • RobertArchibald

    “All the bench players played horrible and that’s out of his control”.

    Disagree. The offence is incredibly stagnant and he’s relying on John Lucas to create movement. Lucas is always moving, but it’s without purpose. Running plays isn’t about guys running around with their heads cut off, it’s about efficiency and deliberate goals. I.e. Lucas constantly dribbles too many times, allowing defenders to recover on screens/switches. Often times he tries to penetrate to no avail then kicks it out to a covered Anderson for a contested shot. These are small things the coach CAN control. You tighten this up in practice if you understand offence. His play calling is suspect to begin with but the efficiency at which those plays are run is equally important. Note: not singling out Lucas, this happens with the starters as well.

    • FAQ

      … Jose …. siiiiigh …..

    • Daniel

      Explain how we had the 2nd most efficient offense in NBA over a stretch of 15 games in Dec.-Jan. Casey is just the last scapegoat in a long list of scapegoats under Colangelo: Mitchell, Bosh, Triano, Hedo, Jose, Bargnani. An incompetent media and fanbase will bitch and whine and still practically support him. Lately, 96% of RR readers liked Lowry trade, 52% liked Gay trade, 64% wanted Colangelo’s option picked up and 47% think we’ll make the play-offs. There is not much else to say.
      Casey is a bad head coach however for completely different reasons than the ones bandied about in the blogosphere. People complain about him in the same measure as it has an impact on their version of reality (“he destroyed Lowry”, “he has too many iso’s in our offense after the trade”, “he doesn’t play such and such player enough”, etc). The main issue with this organization is the lack of vision, direction and system at all levels. We are doing the opposite of what successful organizations in small or undesirable markets in the long run have done: the Spurs, the Jazz, the Pacers, the Pistons. At this point is truly masochistic to follow this team: no high-end talent, capped-out, no draft picks, no prospects.

      • RobertArchibald

        That 15 game stretch is quite easily explained. No Gay, No AB, Jose running the point. Jose is a playmaker. That doesn’t necessarily mean play-runner. He ran high screen and rolls almost every play but had the vision and is a solid decision maker. Now I’m not saying we need Jose, but I am saying he made Casey look better than he is over that stretch. When you don’t have a playmaker like that anymore, Casey’s lack of offence is undeniable. I should note, I don’t believe in BC. Haven’t for a while now.

        • EmarErozan

          You just made his day!

  • MorganC

    Does anyone in the media straight up ask Casey: “Why did you play AB for the last 10 minutes of the game, and sit JV for the entire fourth, when all metrics and stats (not to mention the eye-test) clearly support that that is detrimental to the team winning the game?” ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED??

    • arsenalist

      Maybe you can reach out to the press guys on Twitter and ask that question.  

      • unknown guest

        LOL, I’d pay to see that

    • cdub

      He was asked this on the fan 590 today.  His answer was absurd and further evidence he needs to be let go at the end of the year.

    • mountio

      The answer is simple .. casey has this idiotic over obsession with the fact that “vets” win you games and rookies are useless. Even to the point of playing a terrible AB as the only big (which NEVER makes sense .. if we are gonna go with one big guy .. he has to be able to rebound at least). Yes, I agree, that in general, id rather choose vets and experience over inexperience .. but when the talent and production of your rooks is way better than your vets .. (as it is with TR over AA and JV over AB), you have to use common sense .. which he seems to struggle with

      • sleepz

        I don’t know if I would call it idiotic. Many good coaches prefer to play vets over young players due to the fact they typically makes less mistakes and know their assignments.

        He won a ring as an assitant coach for another well respected HC in Carlisle, who has the exact same philosophy.

        Dalls obviously had more talent and I do think BC influences rotations and players minutes but I do agree he doesn’t play some of the younger guys enough, JV most imho. considering he has few options in the frontcourt at the 4 and 5.

    • NikolaTesla1

      Did they not go on a run and get within 2 points of the Cavs?

      Post like these cement my belief that some just see what they want to see and some even make shit up to justify their own emotional needs.

  • Roarque

    Thanks Blake and Arse. We’re headed south for a while and won’t hear a word from Canada ’til we return.

    Thank goodness the Kings are coming to Seattle to become the Sonics so we’ll have a local team to support in the PNW.

    Oh, and Sam and PhD Steve – appreciate your efforts on our behalf. This may be a bush team but the BlogSite is first rate

    • Adriiian

      Well said. I’ve looked at almost every other site as comparison, and there’s a reason almost EVERY post gets 100 plus comments.

      Great work RR. This website is truly great.

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      I feel that.

      As soon as the Sonics become official I’m supporting my childhood team again fuck BC & The Raptors (Toronto Bargnanis/Andrea Raptors)- Bargnani is still on the roster with BC preaching patience for AB post injury………wow… 

      BC has fucked up Raptors basketball in his 7 years as Pres/GM it’s past due time to clean house from front office on down- we need a real rebuild and new leadership no more BC pr spins in the wind.

      At least BC can’t peddle that playoff  bullchit anymore….Casey can’t motivate a fish to swim…we need an experienced NBA head coach no more BC yes men ala Triano & Casey…

      Toronto’s Raptor’s basketball in 2013- we want 9th place (keep on lowering the bar for success).

      Casey said that his coaching regime is a continuation of  Triano’s- I cann see the no defense part clearly now- pound the rock is a hollow phrase to sell the fans, there hasn’t been any culture change just more of the same.

      • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!
      • Paul

         Bargnani just needs a couple years to get back into form after his elbow injury. Mr. Enigma is poised for a breakout. All we have to do is keep force feeding him minutes until he figures it out. This is how all great players, nay teams, are built.

      • Sig

         No please stay ! Give us another chance!

  • Slick_r1

    It’s simple Casey Connor play the starters for that long. When he makes his subs, bargs doesn’t step up. He’s lost. AA didn’t do anything and fields just flat out cannot score. I personally think its time to see what pietrus could do when he’s able to play. He’s dressed every game. Kleiza as well. Because AA and fields don’t put points on the board.

  • Slick_r1

    The only second unit player that comes in a produces is Lucas. So I thinks it’s that time as well to start playing Ross and also Quincy acy a lot more. I’m sure Quincy will be able to draw fouls reb and get some points up if given the opportunity. Plain and simple.

    • NikolaTesla1

      You do realize that Lucas was the biggest reason why the Cavs went on a run right? Probably why Lucas did not see the court in the 2nd half. He couldn’t contain anyone and might as well be wearing a blindfold on offense but go ahead and stick to your narrative.

      • cdub

        Lucas often masks his crapiness by scoring.  People just see the 3’s and the points and don’t see the zero ball movement, stagnant offense and atrocious defense. 

        • What the

          folks it looks like we’ve got Dribbles 2.0 here maybe Casey wants his pg to play like Calderon well they got that part down pat,now lets see  apg  go up

  • Bemeup

    Bassy? Everyone knows that the only acceptable nickname for a Sebastien is Sea Bass.

    • Paul

       bahahah. Yesssss

  • Amigo

    The reality is DC has never been a good HC.He is a tremendous Def Coach and perfect Assistant. More or less as JT but the opposite side of the floor. Look at the Calderon Lowry situation.You spent a year with Caldy, then you praise KL, than you bench him and force to adapt his style to Jose. Did you ever watch KL tapes from the past or what ? No no no, boo boo Casey, you made a mess of a roster where no players know what to do and when. Let’s play random. are you kidding ? Can you imagine Popovich telling to the team the same ? OMG

    • Nilanka15

      “you made a mess of a roster where no players know what to do and when”

      So true.  The substitution patterns don’t help matters.  Players have no idea if they’re playing 5 mins or 25 mins from one game to the next.  How is anyone supposed to get into a rhythm that way?

  • Slick_r1

    I agree Casey makes mistakes. But really people the bench sucks. What is he supposed to do. People keep saying stupid thing but in reality he’s doing a great job with what he’s got. You all forget this is toronto!!!! How many calibre coaches even want to come here and gms

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      STFU with that self pity ish.

      Raptors would attract many GM & coaching candidates if they opened up their front office to a rebuild…

      BC doesn’t want a real experienced coach he wants someone he can manipulate ala Jay & Dwane…

      Casey has done a fucked up job this season and last season…..pound the rock is a myth a pr spin- as Sam Mitchell said- Casey told him in the summer he would sacrifice some defense for more offense- AB’s calling card come hell or highwater…

    • every team has a weak bench…. compared to the starting line ups. when you bring a sub or two and let them play along starters, they might even look good on the floor. but when you  send bargs, who is a 7ft shooter, and ask him to protect the paint as the lone big…. and at the same time have 3 other subs playing with him….what exactly you expect will happen?

      i bet bargs would florish in san antonio or anywhere else for the mater. half of nba players are one dimentional. some one is a scorer, some one is a deffender and etc…. who ever can do more, might as well be an allstar. so to have 5 starters who excell in everything… probably not gonna happen.

      but here, bargs is still looked at like a 7ft complete center. and casey still trowing the pasta boy to the wolves.

      to me coach is more responsible than anyone else. there is no system in place. everyone is doing what ever they wish. line ups are messed up. players are confused. who ever plays good, do not see extra minutes on the floor.

  • SE

    “Six minutes where Bargs was the lone big? Outscored by 16. C’mon Casey – at least deploy the guy in ways that can help him (and the team). For the record, just so you don’t think this is a one game thing: on the year, when Bargnani is the lone big (60 minutes), the Raptors are outscored by about 17 points per 100 possessions.”

    I am probably missing something, but isn’t the number of 17 points per 100 poss. mainly because of the 16 points in this game? Wouldn’t leaving this game out give something like 4 or 5 points per 100 possessions?

  • Doc

    GM Charles Barkley (hire a good money guy)
    Coach Stan Van Gundy

    Think outside the box MLSE. The traditional way is not working here in TO. At lease Sir Charles would be interesting…

    • What the

      Stan would make Barney cry trust me ,Vince ask one of  his teammates to tell the coach to ease up, Barney would run to daddy B. and Stan would get SammyJay right out of T.O 

    • vino

       Yeah, bring it Kenny Smith and Shaq too! Go and recruit Robert Horry while you at it… at least it would be interesting!