The following podcast contains comments about an ESPN employee that are in no way the opinions of ESPN, with whom we are affiliated. They are the opinions of the author.

This week on the podcast we talk about Jason Collins but not about his decision to come out but rather why ESPN’s Chris Broussard’s response to Collins is poor journalism and a reason for dismissal.

We also confirm the Phil Jackson to the raps rumour and smile to think about what this could mean for the team going forward. But don’t get too excited just yet- as a rejection from Jackson would mean a resigning of BC. Either way we should know about the future of this team in the next 2 weeks.

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  • Gremio53

    Not sure I follow why you would dismiss someone for stating their opinion and for showing how to engage in the debate in a respectable manner (look at how him and LZ have a difference in opinion but are still friends and respect each other.)

  • Paul Stevens

    100% correct wrt Broussard. By being a public figure, he has a public forum. This carries additional levels of responsibilities. Directing hate at any particular group is a hate crime.

    • Gremio53

      But he didn’t direct hate! He explained that in his opinion he doesn’t agree with his lifestyle. He even SAID that him and LZ (who is also gay) are CLOSE friends! They disagree with each other but they respect each other. THIS is exactly what needs to happen. You should be able to state your opinion in a respectful way, which he DID.

      Honestly, people get SO upset if you disagree with a gay lifestyle. He said he ALSO disagrees with a straight lifestyle that includes pre marital sex. Why isn’t he getting flack for that?

      I wonder if he was a Muslim and said what he said, would he still be getting the same flack or is it just because he’s a Christian?

      • Andre

        Exactly. People to seem to just say your hating if you don’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle. Its an opinion and Canada and the USA are free country. We are NOT hating, we have the right to say what we disagree with in a respectful manner. And he was extremely respectful. there was no way he was rude, there way no hate in his voice. SMH

        • Gremio53

          The fact that we live in a FREE country is incredibly important and it is what makes us in the west special in our form of governments. We are allowed to state our opinions and if we do so in a respectful way. I think its VERY important that he did state it and I think it actually gives a good example of how public discourse should be — respectful. He did not sling any mud – he just stated what he believed personally but said that he still loves and respects those who may disagree with him.

          • arsenalist

            My problem is that he used ESPN’s forum to air this opinion. It’s one thing to share his opinion with family and friends, but to say it on an ESPN-provided platform is where my problem comes in. Also, given that he’s a public figure, the rules of what you can say changes. He’s getting paid to come on air to provide impartial sports analysis, not state his opinion on homosexuality (or war, the economy, the middle-east crisis, flooding in Bangladesh, iPhone reviews, or what have you).

            He used the platform afforded to him to state an opinion that is completely irrelevant, and to forward Christianity’s opinion of Jason Collins, which nobody cares about.

            TL;DR: Stick to basketball.

            • Gremio53

              But he was asked what his opinion was. He did not say it out of the blue. He answered a question.

              I think we are missing the point — I am most impressed with the way both him and LZ handled the conversation. With respect and dignity — without mud slinging. I think we could all use this example (especially congress)…

            • morgan c

              Right, and okay, so it’s okay if my opinion is that I don’t like black people, Indians, or Chinese? As long as I don’t openly preach hate and say they should be murdered, it’s okay, right? It’s just my “opinion” that blacks are sinners, thus, it’s okay?


              LOOK! Homophobia is wrong. Having an “opinion” that gay people are sinners is not respectful at all. Disagreeing in a respectful manner? How do you think it would feel, if you were Jason Collins, to have Chris Broussard tell you that you are a sinner and that he disagrees that you can be a Christian and a good person? Would you respect that?


              • Gremio53

                You are missing the point. By stating someone is a sinner does not mean that you are hating them. We are all sinners. We have all failed. We all need God’s grace. In the Christian perspective, we all need to repent and turn to God. This is what Broussard is saying. This is his opinion. It has NOTHING to do with hate.

                • Copywryter

                  You are also missing the point, because Broussard’s opinion – and specifically the words and phrases he used – will be heard by people who will use it to reinforce and apply hate. You cannot consider his opinion in isolation.

                • Gremio53

                  So he was wrong by stating that:
                  1. Him and LZ are good friends and they respect each other’s opinions.
                  2. He believes homosexuality is a sin.
                  3. LZ disagrees with this and calls himself a Christian.
                  4. Despite this disagreement, him and LZ are still good friends and respect each other.

                  Where is the hate?.. I must be missing something…

                • Copywryter

                  You missed my point entirely. There are many people who hate and Broussard is a convenient excuse for them and a reinforcement of the idea that being gay is a ‘lifestyle’,

                  That is – a choice,
                  That is – something you have control over,
                  That is – not a gift from God.

                  “Lifestyle” is a word used by people who dislike the idea that gay is a normal (albeit minority) trait in human beings that has been with us since Sappho wrote some poems. It is a secular word, not a religious one, yet is used in a religious defence. Hateful people will hear that and think that Collins is making a choice – the wrong, immoral choice.

                • Guy

                  You’re right, it has nothing to do with hate. What it does have to do with is ignorance, & Broussard was preaching it as only a religious person can. Like all those hypnotized into believing, Broussard used religion & the Bible, a great book of fiction if ever there was one, to justify his ignorance.

              • Leftovercrack

                Yes, I would

            • Andre

              yeah but he was asked HIS OPiNiON. and thats what it was. He also explained it. PHD steve is a public figure as well. And called for another mans JOB. If we compare Chris’ OPINION to PHD STEVE opinion, who sounds worst? If chris went on to say Jason collins should Never play in the NBA because he is gay, then you have a point. The fact of the matter is he was asked his opinion. If you dont like it fine, but dont ask for his job. I still respect steve for giving his opinion though. Its good to hear ALL sides of arguements.

            • pran

              careful, you just got put on the watchlist….

      • morehammad

        Sorry man, but by no means is he Christian, even if he may claim he is.

        • Gremio53

          Can you please explain how he is not?

        • morehammad

          if your talking about collins that is …

          • Gremio53

            Read it again– I was talking about Broussard. If Broussard was a Muslim, would he be getting the same flack for what he said…

      • No Hate, but Intolerance

        I did perceive hate in Broussard’s comments. However, the “my God is the one true god” implied by saying “Collins and others in the NBA who engage in premarital sex or adultery were ‘walking in open rebellion to God, and to Jesus Christ” line bothers the hell out of me.

        • Andre

          Well what is rebellion? How can you say you follow something but do something it says you shouldn’t do. Thats rebellion. Thats all hes saying.

        • Gremio53

          Again, that was his opinion. Why does it bother you? He said that him and LZ are still friends and he loves him – they hang out often and respect each other’s opinions. Why does it bother you if someone has an opinion that there is only one God. Would it bother you if someone said there is no God? Is there a double standard that you have? Why can’t someone state their opinion?

          • morgan c

            Again, he and LZ are not great friends. He said they know each other and respect each other (I bet LZ doesn’t respect Broussard much for thinking LZ is a ‘sinner’). Go ask them off the record. What was he supposed to say? Gay people are forced to deal with ignorant assholes like Broussard all the time. They learn to deal with them, and pick their battles. They know you aren’t going to probably change the opinion of a lost-cause simpleton fuck like Broussard.

            • Gremio53

              My goodness your language is absolutely disgusting. Because he has a different opinion, you are destroying him (even though he did not warrant your abuse.) Are we this foolish?!? Are we going to destroy free speech the moment someone doesn’t say the same thing we say (even if they say it and back it up with respect??)

              • Nilanka15

                People have a right to an opinion. But they don’t have the right to have their opinion respected.

                Breaching bible babble does not warrant respect.

                • Gremio53


                • Nilanka15

                  Questioning fairly tales is classless?

                • Gremio53

                  No what is classless is standing up for someone (morgan c) who uses disgusting language to attack someone who holds a respectable belief close to their heart (along with nearly 2.2 billion others) and then put down that said belief once again in your response.

                • Nilanka15

                  If you can’t back up your belief with reason and logic, then said belief does not deserve respect.

                  The fact that there are 2.2 billion Christians is irrelevant. Popularity does not trump truth.

                  Having said that, I don’t condone morgan’s choice of words.

                • Gremio53

                  I think there is a lot of logic and reason that backs Christianity. Look at how historically, nearly across the board, historians believe Jesus (or at least someone very similar to him) did exist. They believe he had a band of followers, he was crucified by the Romans after a stir amongst the Jews. The interesting point now comes in the fact that they still have yet to find a body.

                  For me personally, one of the biggest reasons why I don’t think this is fairy tales is due to how the religion spread during its initial years. The first churches were persecuted so intensely by the Roman state (Christians would be fed to lions, the emperor Nero would tie Christians up on top of poles, light them on fire and use them to light his dinner parties). Despite this, Christ’s message of the forgiveness of sins, grace and loving your enemies spread like wildfire and instead of squashing this new Jewish religious sect (as the Christians were known at the time), it instead flourished and grew exponentially all over the Roman empire. From my LOGICAL point of view, why would someone want to join this new sect when you knew it was very likely you would be persecuted? Maybe they knew there was something more to this whole new belief than just fairy tales…

                  The (non-Christian) historian Josephus (who wrote during Jesus’ time wrote a lot about the history of the time.) Research Jericho, or the crossing of the Red Sea (there are monuments that date back to king Solomon that mark what many believe the crossing could have taken place — they have also found golden chariot wheels at the bottom of the sea in that crossing.)

                  Another pretty big argument (in my opinion) is that for as long as people have tried to deny the accuracy of the Bible after so many generations (and translations) passing it down, they still have not found earlier transcripts that contradict what was written. The accuracy is astounding! They thought the Dead Sea Scrolls would show how poor the modern Biblical translation was, but they instead found how strong the integrity of the scriptures were.

                  Maybe you still think its fairy tales, but I would like to believe there’s something more at play. I would hope that you would be able to respect that. If not, then there really is no point in arguing. Have a good day.

                • Nilanka15

                  I don’t doubt that Jesus Christ was a real historical figure. But there isn’t anything convincing to suggest he had supernatural abilities/powers. The absence of a body isn’t proof of this, just as the absence of Mohamed’s body, or Buddha’s body isn’t proof of their powers either.

                  As for the spread of Christianity, one can look back to any historical period to show the spread of all sorts of religious beliefs, some more popular than the rest at any moment in time. But again, I can’t see how this is evidence of truth. After all, the fastest growing religion today is Islam. If this trend continues, Islam will be the dominant religion on Earth in 30 years. Does this make Islamic doctrines more believable? I personally don’t think so.

                  The Red Sea crossing artifacts you refer to have never been authenticated by the scientific community. The findings of chariot wheels could have a much more plausible explanation (like someone dropping them at sea), rather than a one-time miracle that has never again repeated itself in history, or even shown to be the slightest bit possible.

                  Anyways, I find faith (i.e. belief in the absence of evidence) to be intellectually dishonest, and I don’t respect intellectually dishonest opinions. I have much more respect for people who humbly state they don’t know the answers to life’s great questions, than people who claim the answers came from a book written thousands of years ago, at a time when not a single person knew anything about how the world operates. No knowledge of Newtonian laws of physics, germ theory, quantum mechanics, natural selection, plate tectonics, genetics, relativity, psychology, etc. Today, the least educated of my peers knows much more about the world than any of the founders of religion.

                  Knowledge comes from forming hypotheses, testing hypotheses, examining test results, altering hypotheses (if necessary), and having the results peer-reviewed and duplicated over, and over, and over again by specialists in their respective fields. Knowledge doesn’t come from ancient scriptures.

                • Gremio53

                  Thanks for the thoughtful response. I respect your opinion.

                • Nilanka15

                  Religion has (undeservedly) been a taboo subject for far too long.

                  It warrants questioning/critique just like any other subject.

      • morgan c

        Um, they aren’t close friends at all. WTF is LZ supposed to say? Start hating on a more established and senior ESPN guy on the air, telling him he’s a fucking retarded bigot? I don’t think so. The marginalized has no choice in this matter. I sincerely doubt, if you gave LZ Granderson truth serum, he would have very nice things to say about Broussard. You can’t say “you can have your own opinion” and also “through education, people will come around.” That means that your opinion is wrong. LZ knows Broussard is an asshole. He just can’t say it. They are not friends, I guarantee it.

        “I know a black guy; I’m not racist!”

        • Gremio53

          Well its good that you are on the inside of the situation. I’m glad that you are able to share your behind the scenes knowledge of their relationship. Great investigative reporting.

      • DumbassKicker

        “he doesn’t agree with his lifestyle”

        When are Christians who think of it as simply a chosen “lifestyle” going to leave the Dark Ages behind and join the 21st century? It’s not simply a chosen sex activity. It’s not a choice, but something one is born with!!!! Wake up Christians!!

        The bible doesn’t say homosexuality is a sin, but what Broussard and others do is promote their twisted interpretation, of a 16th century interpretation, of 1st century hearsay, as claiming homosexuality is a sin. Shoot, the bible also says slavery and stoning are okay, and women should be subservient to men, but human beings have learned and grown in recent centuries.

        Gay love isn’t a sin, but christians call it so, not out of love, but out of fear.

        • Gremio53

          I honestly don’t know how you can come to the conclusion that the Bible doesn’t say homosexuality is a sin. According to the Bible, being a homosexual isn’t a sin. Engaging in homosexual acts is. Just like engaging in sex before marriage. Just like lying. Just like hating (Jesus said that even when you hate someone it is as if you murdered him.) The whole point is that we are all sinners and we have all messed up. Broussard never said he was perfect. He was asked if in his opinion, would LZ be classified as a Christian. Broussard said no because he is walking unrepentantly. Meaning that he chooses not to turn away from his sinful lifestyle (this does not mean he will be perfect, but it means he will try and surrender to Jesus.) This is what Broussard is explaining.

          My view of homosexuality (whether you are born with it or not) does not matter. What matters (in my opinion) is God’s view. Just because I want to go and have sex with whatever girl that walks by does not mean that I can (in God’s eyes.) Same with homosexuality. I do not make the rules. The creator of the universe does. If you can’t agree with that, then that is your choice. I won’t hate you for it. I hope one day you do get to see how God views us as SO much more than what our sexuality defines us as. We are not defined as either gay or strait. We are human beings, loved by our creator, all fallen, and all sinners, but he has made the ultimate sacrifice for us to take away our sin. That’s how much he loves us and I hope you get to experience this love. I have homosexual friends and I also hope they can see this incredible love as well that goes so far beyond who the world defines them as.

          • I have several issues with the “Christian” attitude towards homosexuality. The first one is that Christians seem to disregard some “sins” and focus on others. Eating bacon, for example, is forbidden in Leviticus (it says you must not eat animals without cloven hooves that don’t chew their cud), but that doesn’t stop a whole lot of Christians from eating it. Yet, for some reason, homosexuality is something that a lot of “Christians” will get up in arms about.

            Secondly, in the bible, there is nothing of Jesus actually saying homosexuality is a sin. There are parts that people have argued that’s what he MEANT, but now you’re just guessing.

            The big thing, though, is that no one really knows what exactly Jesus said for two reasons. The first is that Jesus didn’t speak English. He didn’t even speak Greek, which is what the New Testament was written in. He spoke Aramaic, so it’s hard to say what exactly he said.

            And most importantly, the New Testament wasn’t actually written at the time Jesus was supposedly alive. It was written after he died. By a lot of people who had never even met him. So when you say what Jesus said or did not say, I have hard time getting past the fact that you’re relying on hearsay from decades after an event that took place in another language.

            My guess is that, if Jesus did exist and he were alive today, he’d be condemning Broussard’s comments as much as many of us are and be on the forefront of the gay rights movement. It’s obviously just my guess, but it’s as good as anyone else’s.

            • sleepz

              Sin is sin.

              Levitical law was Old Testament. Jesus clears us of specific old law and tradition that have nothing to do with salvation, hence what comes out of a man’s mouth as opposed to what goes in is what defiles him (addressing your claim about Pork).

              Fornication is a sin. Homosexulaity has been described as an abomination in God’s eyes. Jesus doesn’t need to address everything overtly to understand God’s intent.

              You are going off base with the New Testament. Yes the Gospel’s and some of the other Books were written after Jesus dies but it was all through divine inspiration and witness accounts. This does not make it irrelevant.

              You could be right. Jesus might have rebuked CB as we are to love all of our brothers, but as for what he said he was not judging. Only stating his opinion based on scriptual beliefs. If his opinion is grounded accurately in the Word, he’s good to go.

              • Sin is sin? So, where exactly does Jesus call homosexuality a sin? It was described as an abomination (technically, it doesn’t, but that’s beside the point) in the Old Testament, which you says clears us of specific old law.

                As for the writing of the New Testament, how am I off base? It was ALL written after the time of Jesus. Maybe you can say that it was all through divine inspiration, but that’s a pointless argument. Basically, you’re taking the word of someone who wrote about someone years and even decades after they died.

            • Gremio53

              1. The argument that Christians disregard some ‘sins’ or rules is due to the Old Covenant vs. the New Covenant. When Jesus came he changed a lot of those small rules and instead addressed the heart of the issue. Google it and you can find out… specifically with regards to meat, Peter (his disciple) has a pretty interesting experience in the book of Acts that really showcases how we are to approach the ‘Old Law’.

              2. Jesus did not talk explicitly about homosexuality, but he did say that marriage is meant for man and woman and that was the natural order (Matthew 19:4). Also Paul (who met Jesus and spoke with him personally) was pretty explicit about how homosexual acts were sinful in 1 Corinthians. But he was also quite clear on how heterosexual acts outside of the marriage bed were also sinful. (It’s sad that Christians sometimes may seem slow to speak against these sins in comparison to homosexuality, and I think that this is where a lot of the flack is coming from…)

              Lastly, your argument that the New Testament was written by people who did not know Jesus is not correct. All four gospels were written by his disciples. Then the letters that come after were also written by his disciples and by Paul, who met Jesus after he had ascended. I believe (I could be wrong…) only Jude (who might have been Jesus’ brother) and Hebrews they are not sure about.

              In regards to the language, they all spoke a mixture of Greek and Aramaic, just as Jesus did, therefore I don’t understand how you would think they wouldn’t understand Jesus. Even Peter had an accent like Jesus (a nazarite — its how he was outed when he tried to deny Jesus)…

              You are right, your guess is as good as anyone’s, but it always helps to be a bit more educated. 🙂

              • I’ve already touched on similar comments, but basically the fact is that Jesus never said homosexuality was a sin, and any reference to it being a sin (which is actually debatable) is in the Old Testament or from Paul, who tried and succeeded in creating a bastardized version of Christianity that infused his own beliefs into it.

                In regards to the language, Jesus would have spoken Aramaic and some Hebrew. The New Testament was written in Greek. So right away you’re translating what someone said into a different language, which immediately puts into question the subtleties of what he meant. A lot of discussion is put into what Jesus MEANT by saying certain things, and when you’re basing that on someone’s translation of what he said, I don’t know how you can claim, with any certainty, that he believed anything.

                Plus, when you add on the fact that the Gospels were written years and decades after he died, you’re expecting someone to remember, word for word, what someone said and translating that into a different language. PLUS, most of the Gospels (if any) were actually written by the apostles they were named after, so you’re then getting into a bizarre telephone game through the ages. And you expect to say, with even an OUNCE of certainty, that Jesus believed homosexuality is a sin? I just find that astounding.

                • Gremio53

                  First off, it seems that we have fundamental differences in opinion. (From what I can infer from what you are saying — correct me if I’m wrong…) but it seems like from your view, you do not believe in the Holy Spirit, therefore your arguments are based off a different foundation than mine. You are arguing that the different Gospels were not written by the authors whom they are ascribed to. I would disagree. If you read about early church history, there are a lot of different early leaders who wrote that the gospels were written by who they say they were. The only one people are a bit confused about is possibly Mark.

                  In regards to your comment on Paul ‘bastardizing’ the Christian faith, it is clear that you have never actually read his letters. You claim that he created a ‘misogynistic’ version of Christianity when in reality he did the exact opposite. He was proclaiming things, such as equality between male and female, slave and master, jew and gentile, that was completely unacceptable at the time (Galatians 3:28). He especially fought his whole life to bring the gospel (which many argued were only for Jews) to the Gentiles (those who were different and hated by many Jews). In all of his letters he also explicitly thanked women over men for how they were helping him.

                  It seems like you are using one section where Paul talks of the order of worship in a church service (in 1 Corinthians 14.) He wrote that to an exact church in Corinth where things were out of control. If you take it into context (which is KEY for everything in the Bible), then it is clear Paul’s views on women were not misogynistic.

                  Still, there is not really a point in debating because we both clearly have differing fundamental views on the subject (me believing in the Holy Spirit and how He inspired the scriptures and you not believing that). It is clear that you have some knowledge about the scriptures. I just hope you take some time to read it for yourself with an open mind and see the hope, love, grace and truth there is in them. This isn’t about homosexuality. You are picking and choosing what to believe in the Bible and I believe that is dangerous (for someone in the faith.) In my opinion, you either follow it or you don’t. I am NOT going to hate you for whatever you choose. Its simple, in Christ’s view, we are all sinners and have all fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore we all need him. I need him every day. I believe you do too. You can be offended at that, but in my opinion its the truth. I will not force it on you, I will just pray that you will see it one day too on your own, because I am so thankful that I did in my own life.

                  Forgive me for seeming angry. I am not. I am just sticking up for the right to free speech, and when I see people trample on it, it fires me up a bit. It is something that makes our country special and I hope we never lose it. I respect your opinion, please respect mine. I live in a country now where free speech isn’t always accepted (former Soviet Republic), therefore I can understand and see firsthand how precious of a gift it is! Let’s uphold it and allow it to flourish through respectful public discourse where we don’t call for someone’s job or hate them for having a different opinion than them.

                • No, I don’t believe in any holy spirit. And if you look at the bible as a historical document, the only one of the main four that MAY have been written by the actual apostle is Mark, and even that his very debatable. The rest were almost definitely not written by any of the apostles. And all the documents were written well after Jesus’ death. It may not be the most comfortable thing for some Christians, but the New Testament is not as accurate a detailing of Jesus’ life as most Christians believe.

                  As for Paul, he never met Jesus and his writing is a lot of him injecting his own beliefs into Christianity.

                  And I’m not picking and choosing what to believe in the bible. I’m saying most Christians do that, especially when it comes to their views on homosexuality. I look at the bible the same way I look at any 2,000 year old document, which is what it is. It’s interesting, gives a glimpse of a time gone by, but it’s impossible to say just how accurate it is.

                  My final thought on this subject is this. Christians goal is always to do good, right? So is Broussard doing good when he exclaiming to the world that homosexuals are sinners? Especially considering there are a good many people that will use that as a reason to discriminate against homosexuals and fuel their homophobia? And to say that isn’t his intentions is beyond the point. If he’s got any intelligence, he’d have to realize that was going to be a result. Besides, isn’t calling someone an unrepentant sinner judging them? Seems to me that’s a big no-no.

                • Gremio53

                  “And I’m not picking and choosing what to believe in the Bible”. Really? By not believing in the Holy Spirit (whom is a very large aspect of the Bible in both the new and old testaments) you are not picking and choosing?

                  The fact is there is a fundamental difference between our beliefs. My biggest argument for the Bible is how it has withstood the test of time. People have constantly tried to contradict is, but they have yet to find an earlier version of it that has a contradictory message to what it states today.

                  For me it has changed my life. I have seen, personally, how Jesus’ love transforms someone who gives their life to him (I work in a rehabilitation center and adult handicapped facility in a former Soviet Republic) and have seen the joy that surpasses all understanding that comes from Jesus and being filled with his holy spirit. If you choose not to believe that, then that’s fine. By stating that someone is an unrepentant sinner may seem judgmental (and it may be — I don’t know Broussard’s heart), but in my view he was telling the truth.

                  His comments were not meant to incite homophobia, instead I believe they were meant to show how two differing views on the subject (Broussards and LZs) can be respected and relationships do not need to end due to them. I think they did a good job of showing proper public discourse over a heated topic with love and respect.

                • I’m not picking ANYTHING to believe from the bible. As I said, it’s a book written 2,000 years ago by people who had much less and understanding of how the world worked than they do today. This was a time when people believed the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe. I look at the bible the same way I look at the Iliad and the Enuma Elish. It’s interesting to get a glimpse of the time and superstitions of the day. That’s it.

                  Personally, I look forward to a day when people don’t need religion or a belief in a supernatural being. I don’t.

                  As for Broussard’s comments, I think you hit the nail on the head, unintentionally. Religion is SUPPOSED to do a lot of good things, but that’s not always the result. Broussard may not have been INTENTIONALLY inciting homophobia, but that was the result. By stating his “opinion” he was being about as “unChristian” as one can be. I don’t begrudge his right to state that opinion. But I certainly have the right to condemn it and point out the hypocrisy of it.

              • “most of the Gospels (if any) were actually written by the apostles”

                I meant to say “WEREN’T”.

          • sleepz


          • Copywryter

            So if we’re all sinners, and so many things are named as sinful that have far, far more negative impact on the world than two people loving each other, why don’t Christians speak out against those sinful things? Like adultery? Usury (Sinful Interest Rates)? Poverty? God hates those things.

            It’s because Christians and many other religions just don’t like homosexuality. Not as devout worshippers. But as people. Despite millennia of evidence that God keeps breathing life into the souls of baby lesbians and gay men, Christians are afraid of something that is outside the norm.

            You know what used to be outside the norm? Left handed people, Red heads, Albinos, and….Christians. Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? Someday this conversation will too.

            • Gremio53

              I hear Christians speak against adultery, usury and poverty every single day. I live in Ukraine where all of those things are out of whack. The only reason you take notice of when Christians say homosexuality is a sin is because that’s the only time the media is listening. Its the hot topic right now and there is controversy over it. Therefore it ‘seems’ like its the only thing that is talked against. I promise you that is not the case.

              I am sure that part of it is the case with some Christians. They are focused on attacking homosexuals because they are different. But I would argue they are not real Christians (which means literally like Christ). Christ hung out and ate with sinners. He loved them. They are the ones who need the doctors (me included!)– not the healthy (pharasees)… So you are right in that — but it still doesn’t mean that homosexuality is right. It just means God’s grace is HUGE and he loves us beyond our struggles.

            • Nilanka15

              This conversation is already ridiculous. Using ancient words written by goat herders to justify nonsensical opinions.

          • Guy

            I must say, your posting provides a great example of why I continually shake my head at religious people. It’s both comical & sad how you forfeit the ability to form your own thoughts & beliefs to adopt those from a book of fiction.

            No no… it’s okay to be a homosexual, you just can’t act on it. I can’t adequately express how ridiculous that is. These views, just like the views on pre-marital sex, are beyond antiquated & quoting them as truth because ‘that’s what it says in the bible’ does not succeed in strengthening your argument, but weakens it. Further, I find it stunning how the religious always say how much god loves us despite the amount of pain, destruction, grief & horror that is heaped upon the masses every day.

            You say you wish we all get to experience god’s love, and for all of us I’d like to say ‘Thanks.’ My wish for you is that you’ll one day be able to take the risk of thinking for yourself & forming your own beliefs because I think you’ll find more truth & happiness that way.

            • Gremio53

              Honestly, if you think its fine to do whatever you like, then good for you. I have PERSONALLY found so much hope, love, joy, grace, peace and mercy in the midst of some of the crappiest situations imaginable. I have experienced it in my own life and I have seen it in countless other’s lives. Lives destroyed by addiction and all sorts of other crap have been brought back only by the grace and intervention of God. That is my experience and those are my beliefs. Please respect that.

              • Guy

                I respect a person’s right to believe whatever they want. If you choose to believe in god because of how that belief has impacted your life, congratulations. But if you want to justify your beliefs by quoting the bible as factual & true, then be prepared to have those beliefs challenged by someone that doesn’t share that point of view.

                For example, I would ask why you credit god for the joy, peace & hope you’ve found in tragic circumstances but don’t hold him the least bit accountable for allowing the tragedy to happen in the first place? Why would you credit god for a person overcoming addiction but excuse him completely from allowing the addiction to take hold initially? If you believe homosexuality is a sin because the bible says so, then you must also believe slavery is a good thing because the bible supports its regulated use?

                Believe what you like but, in my LOGICAL opinion, the beliefs you are glorifying have no factual basis. That’s why it’s called faith.

                • Gremio53

                  You are completely right when you classify it as ‘faith’. That’s the whole point about it. If it was easy and faith wasn’t necessary then this debate wouldn’t even be happening. But its not easy. But Jesus even addressed this when he commented to his disciple Thomas who refused to believe Jesus had risen from the dead until he saw Jesus’ hands and sides, how Thomas was blessed that he got to see Jesus face to face, but those who don’t see him, yet still choose to believe are WAY more blessed. You are right — its all about faith…

                  The questions that you did bring up about suffering and such are excellent questions and are definitely tough to digest, as many Christians, and other people of faith have always struggled with (look at the book of Job, or Lamentations in the Bible). Instead of giving you a long winded answer (I have definitely done way too much of that here! — sorry!), if you are really interested in this topic, I would recommend reading the short book, ‘The Problem of Pain’ by C.S. Lewis. It gives some great insight and will hopefully at least let you see a different perspective. Have a good day!

        • sleepz

          You’re right. The Bible says that it is an abomination

          Christians that call it sin are calling it such based on the Bible and God wanting us to live holy like Him. That applies for homosexuals and heterosexuals

          • Copywryter

            God says all sorts of things are abominations. Like offering an imperfect animal to God as a sacrifice (Dt. 17:1), or Adultery (Ezek 18: 6-13), or lying with a menstruating women, and so on. He doesn’t like plenty and he certainly doesn’t devote any extra time to homosexuals.

            Christians are using God’s word as a cowardly social hammer while blithely ignoring its larger message.

            • sleepz

              Really? lol

              What is the larger message you are referring to?

              And deeming fornication (on any level) as a sin is cowardly because???

              • Copywryter

                Love. The larger message of Jesus is love.

                Deeming fornication as more cowardly than any other sin is a choice YOU are making, because YOU don’t like it. That’s my point.

                Show me the section in the bible that says this sin (homosexuality) tops every other sin on the sinful scale. Yet you defend a man who says that another man is living in ‘unrepentant sin’ for his ‘lifestyle’. I don’t think ‘lifestyle’ is in the bible, is it?

            • Gremio53

              Research the difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. There is a reason why eating pork and some of those other obscure rules are no longer applicable… google it…

              • That’s exactly my point. The Old Testament says A LOT of things. And Christians have no problems disregarding a lot of them. And rightly so because a lot of them simply don’t make sense. Yet people will point to homosexuality being a sin in Christianity. It’s not. Jesus was never quoted as saying that homosexuality is a sin. Why do certain Christians continue to believe this?

                • Gremio53

                  Because Jesus and Paul said that it was wrong. Jesus explained the natural order of things in Matthew 19:4, and Paul expanded this by explaining that homosexuality, along with all other forms of sexual sin, were wrong in Romans 1:26-27.

                • What Jesus said can be taken A LOT of different ways. He certainly doesn’t call homosexuality a sin. You’re inferring that. As for Paul, the less that is said about him the better. He never met Jesus, he inserted a lot of his misogynistic and other biased views into his own version of Christianity.

            • RaptorFan

              I have no idea what your point is…….Are Christians suddenly the enemy? Are Christians the only religion that seem to have an issue with homosexuality?? Keep in mind that your currently living in a country made up mostly of christians (God keep our land glorious and free)…..The United states is also a country made up mostly of christians (in God we trust).

              Yes, Christians may voice their opinions from time to time (some like to call it free speech). If you don’t like it, maybe you should try out Iran or Pakistan or Afghanistan or Syria or other places where you dont have to deal with christians as much.

              This place has suddenly become a hate fest for christians. I believe that you can believe whatever you want, BUT please stop dismissing other people’s beliefs. This is NOT the place for this type of discussion. You are clearly generalizing all christians into one group. If you were educated on religions – you would know that there are many types of Christians. You list Bible verses, but its clear you have no idea what your talking about.
              You sir, are only impressing athiests and maybe a small faction of Muslims or other religious groups who dislike christians. Please stop the attacks on ANY religious groups. This site is becoming a joke. What is this the Toronto Sun?? What’s the difference between you and Chris Brouss??? The only difference that i can see is that he has religious conviction – your’e just being ignorant. Look in the mirror man. Don’t be a hypocrit!

              • Some Mormons believe that black people are sinners (the Mormon church officially rejected that belief in 1978). If an NBA analyst came out and said that, how well do you think that would go over? How do you think Broussard would feel about that?

              • Copywryter

                The U.S. added ‘in God we Trust’ in 1956. The founding fathers believed in God but not in the men who believed in God. The original Canadian anthem did not have any religious references whatsoever.

                An Ipsos Reid poll in 2011 found that 30% of (Canadian) respondents did not believe in God. That limits your Christian majority, I suspect.

                And give me a break with your talk about Syria. That’s intellectually lazy .

                I’m not hating on Christians. I’m calling out anyone who hides behind their religion in order to argue about something they merely disagree with socially. That’s cowardly.

                I suspect I can name more Christian denominations and sects (not types, as you call them) than you.

      • Fonzi

        From Wikipedia:

        “Hate speech is, outside the law, communication that vilifies a person or a group based on discrimination against that person or group.

        In law, hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display which is forbidden because it may incite violence or prejudicial action against or by a protected individual or group, or because it disparages or intimidates a protected individual or group. The law may identify a protected individual or a protected group by certain characteristics.”

        By the way, the all caps makes you seem a little nuts.

  • Andre

    Bro, you cant call for someone to be fired when he was asked his opinion. That his opinion. Aren’t you doing the exact something using your power as a media personal to give your opinion about someone else lifestyle? Come on bro. That also is hate. I believe Chris did a good job answering the question and standing up for what he believes. If you want to blame someone, blame ESPN. They knew asking Chris about this would be controversial. They CREATED the drama. SMH.

  • c_bcm

    Luckily sports broadcasters do not drive debate in sociopolitical issues. Nor should we, Raptors blog-site contributors, think that we drive the debate. Interesting discussion, but lets focus on what we know best, NBA ball.

    • Andre

      I agree. Lets get back to ball. This topics is for other blogs…

  • morgan c

    Broussard is a blow-hard NBA player suck-up. He is not intelligent, a poor writer, and clearly ignorant. I also love how hypocritical he is about preaching tolerance when it comes to his race, but it’s all good to say “gay people are living in sin.” Haha, first of all, that language is comically stupid. Living in sin? WTF does that even mean? You take something literal out of the fucking old testament? Oh, and you think pre-marital sex and adultery is bad too? Then why do you hob-knob on Lebron, et al (basically any NBA player)? Go tell Lebron et al that they are all sinners, you fucking schmuck.
    Broussard, you are a disgrace. The fact that you aren’t a good writer and offer poor “duh” analysis all the time that adds nothing is one thing, but your intolerant, antiquated, and disgusting attitude toward people that are different than you is terrible. Do us a favor and go away.

    • Gremio53

      I was impressed at your previous comment about keeping the focus on basketball. I thought it was actually wise, but unfortunately you completely negated everything with your ignorant, disrespectful, foolish comment here. Clearly you can’t accept someone who has a different opinion than you. It sounds like YOU are the one displaying ‘intolerant, antiquated, and disgusting attitude toward people that are different than you’.

      And again, because he believes that engaging in homosexual practices is a sin because he follows a religious system, yet he still chooses to love those who are sinners, makes him a “f-ing schmuck”? Very tolerant of you…

    • Gremio53

      whoops I thought you posted the previous comment. But that was c_bcm… Now it makes much more sense that you are on the opposite side of the spectrum… My bad!

    • Andre

      Come on dude, lets talk about the raptors. You don’t need to insult the man. He believes something and you just don’t seem to understand what it is.

      • DumbassKicker

        Some people have a problem with expressing a “belief” that someone BORN as they were, to have a special LOVE for someone of the same gender, while doing NO HARM to anyone, is a sinner (as in not as good as them). Let’s get us some slaves too, because the bible says that’s okay, and I hope Broussard next expresses his belief that women are subservient to men, as per his bible.

        • Andre

          Sorry where in the bible does it say we can have slaves? Where does it say women needs to but subervient to men? I know the bible says “submit yourself ONE to ANOTHER” whats that mean? Are you getting your info about the bible from what you hear on TV? Lets stick to basketball. because I cannot change your mind about this, and you cant change my mind about it.

          Phil Jackson or what? I think just having him here will attract some of the better free agents. what you think?

        • sleepz

          Lol, you’re way out of your element now.

          I won’t even venture to explain how ignorant that comment is.

          • DumbassKicker

            You’re right. I am out of my element. I can’t take your version of God seriously, so have no interest in studying it further. There are many good lessons and rules to live by in the bible. Aesop’s Fables, as one example, have many good lessons as well, without the need for judgement by, and fear of, some man’s current interpretation, of another man’s 500 year old interpretation of other men’s 2,000 year old version of God.

            Not the actual Word of God, but mostly based on hearsay of men long after Jesus’s death, further translated by other men centuries later, further edited by more men, centuries later, picking and choosing what to include/exclude, by men who also believed the world was flat and blood letting cured all. I put much more stock in Neale Donald Walsch’s modern day version of God, which is very different than the Bible’s, and what he writes about homosexuality and common “Christian” attitudes:


            People keep interpreting your Bible in different ways, and it keeps inducing people to “burn fags at the stake”, even today. That’s why Broussard should keep his beliefs to himself when on national television being viewed by young children.

            Though I certainly slip far more than I’d like, I’m proud to say that I’ve lived my life by good morals, have raised children that have grown to be very fine, giving, loving, non-judgmental (better than I), highly respectful of mankind, and everything else our planet provides, even going beyond to make the world a better place. I like my element, and have no fear of your version of God, and where I go beyond this life, because we’re all going to the same place, some sooner than others.

        • Gremio53

          The Bible ACTUALLY says that everyone is equal under Christ. Galatians 3:28: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”

  • raptors phdsteve

    hey- just wanted to say thanks to all the commentors on the site up until this point who have been able to talk about a fairly intense subject (and even in disagreement) keep it all above board. well done!

  • raptors phdsteve

    As for my own points- the issue is not what Brouss. thinks- he is allowed to have his own thoughts- its for using ESPN as a forum for those thoughts. And while I appreciate the commentors who suggest Im a public persona (thats cool!) there is a big difference between CB and me: 1) he gets PAID by ESPN for his opinion and for his opinion to carry weight with its readers and viewers and 2) because of his title as Senior writer- what he writes and says does in fact influence many people. Most people who listen to my podcasts dont believe a word I say anyways! but he is their website, in their magazine, on their shows like: Inside the lines and first take and Pardon the Interruption and sports center: he’s an ESPN big wig. Imagine if Bob McCowan came on Prime Time Sports and said something like that? Its just not cool to use your sports platform and your insider status to tell people that they are living in sin. Its way worse than what Escobar did last yer for the Jays. It has much more in common with the Don Imus situation from a few years back. Thats all Im saying.

    • Garbo

      I’ll just be honest right off the get go that I’m a Christian. I’m a messed up, worst of the worst sinner that’s loved by God. I’m no better than Jason Collins, I’m no better than Broussard and I’m no better than the other posters. I have gay friends, straight friends, preachy friends and intolerant friends. I study the bible, and I’m annoyed by the “Bible Experts” who have been posting above. It’s a big book, written in two different languages that would take a year of concentration to fully read once. Let’s not start pretending we understand it.

      This isn’t about the bible, but it IS about the term “sinner”. Broussard wasn’t mean spirited, nor did he imply that Collins should lose his job. He was probed and asked leading questions and he answered them honestly. According to the bible, homosexuality is a sin. For Broussard, as for me, this isn’t a big deal at all.. Broussard would likely admit openly that he is a sinner. I know I am! I recognize that an outsider might take this as an insult, and on behalf of Christians I’m sorry for the seeming insult. The bible says that “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. I truly don’t think that Broussard was attacking any people group. He was just answering a question. Demanding that someone lose their job is something that should be reserved for real hatred. Not for someone who answers a question about the bible. We don’t hate gay people. We’re not even supposed to hate the people who demand that we lose our jobs! “Love your enemy” “If someone steals your sandals give them your cloak as well” “There is neither Jew nor Greek, neither slave nor free, there is no male or female because you are all one in Jesus Christ”.

      Sermon over. It only comes out when a man’s job is on the line

      • c_bcm

        I’m sure Broussard himself will thank you when his next pay check goes through 😉

        • Garbo

          We can only hope

      • Gremio53

        Thanks for giving Christians a good name and rep. Seems like we need it! 🙂

    • RaptorFan

      I disagree that it’s such a big deal (i personally don’t care what this guy says)……Although – Many other’s share his opinion (that the homosexual ACT is a sin). Many Religions all over the world also share this belief. You shouldnt FIRE someone for answering a question honestly. I disagree with many things that you write (also for saying that this was way worse than what escobar had painted on his face) REALLY??? You can’t be serious! This just shows me that you are NOT having an honest discussion about homosexuality in sports……you’re simply trying to stir the pot!
      Don’t worry, we get it.

      Do you really think Chris Brouss is going to influence anyone with his comments?? If so, please explain in which way. The homosexual debate/discussion has been going on for decades (likely longer)!! To be honest, NO ONE CARES WHAT CHRIS Brouss thinks… more than we care what you think (regarding homosexuality). You guys are sports writers/bloggers……you DO NOT represent anyone but yourselves. We are much smarter (most of us) than you give us credit for.

      Why should anyone be fired for their beliefs?? Especially, while saying that we are ALL sinners (himself included) and regardless of which act of sin (pre-marital sex, lying, adultary)??

      Regardless of whether or not we agree with Chris, IT’S JUST HIS OPINION (which was asked of him). It’s pretty pathetic that you feel the need to make a big deal about some guy’s opinion. Again, I say who cares??….just another sports writer’s opinion…..I’m sure you’ve heard of a guy named Skip Bayless….same stuff just a different pile.

  • c_bcm

    This is such a polarizing topic. smdh. I just wish that it didn’t have to turn to religion every time this debate is brought up.

    Regardless, there is no sense wasting your energies writing a 2 paragraph summation of your opinion on the topic. You won’t change anyone’s mind. You are just looking to incite a response that you can rebut. Its all a bit self-serving to be honest.

    While religions divide us, basketball unites us. Kind of backwards, no?

    • Garbo

      Read over the Bargnani thread to see how basketball unites us 😉

      If people called for Collins to lose his job because of his sexual preferences I would write some paragraphs, and I did the same for Broussard. I just hate seeing the torches and pitch forks brought out. I re-read what I wrote and I think it was an attempt to unite and not to divide, but to each his own.

      • Imagine if you’re a gay man or woman and you’re reading that someone says that you’re being a sinner. You could be as good a person as anyone, but because of WHAT you are, they are saying you’re a sinner. Like if someone said you were a sinner because you’re black. How do you that that would go over?

        That’s what I think a lot of people on your side of the argument don’t seem to understand. You’re saying you love everyone, but you’re pointing to a segment of society who, through no fault of their own, and saying they’re sinners.

        And let’s be clear here. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice. Anyone who thinks so is deluding themselves. I know kids that I’m pretty sure are gay but haven’t come close to puberty, yet, so it obviously has nothing to do with sexuality.

        • Garbo

          I hear you. I get that it sucks.
          What you need to realize is that in the Christian faith we’re ALL sinners. There’s no such thing as a good man. I’m naturally selfish, lustful and greedy. That’s what I think is being lost in the argument. The world is radically pushing for homosexual tolerance (and I’m WITH you 100%), and so the world is ready to roundhouse kick anyone who says anything that can be perceived as negative. Naturally, seeing that the bible refers to homosexuality as sinful gets people up in arms. I understand.
          But, we’re ALL sinners. In church, we don’t have a hate on for homosexuals at all. We’re all fighting the natural urges of our flesh, for the sake of something greater; something that lasts. I do understand that this sounds delusional, and barbaric, and even downright stupid. But man, there’s nothing but love coming out of my church. We’re caring for the lost, feeding the orphans and widows, and helping people come to know Jesus.

          I hear you. I see why you feel this way. But this is a far bigger deal outside the church than it is in the church. We could care less, and we’re happy to see a player feeling comfortable in his own skin.

          • It sucks that you believe that people are sinners because of what they are. Yes, that’s true. There’s a line of thinking in Mormonism that black people are sinners because they have inherited the curse of Ham. Both beliefs are ignorant, barbaric and have no place in modern society.

            • Garbo

              It sucks that you believe a man should lose his job because someone asked him a question about a book and he answered it.

              I like you, and I like reading your thoughts on basketball. It sucks to hear someone that I respect say that I don’t belong in modern society. We’re all natural born sinners, and I’m the worst of them. People don’t like hearing that. We must have it figured out now.

              Good luck to Jason Collins. I genuinely wish him the best. He would be welcome in my home any day (or at least for as long as my hateful, barbaric self is allowed in this society).

              • I never said that Broussard should lose his job. What I am saying is that I don’t think what he said should be acceptable in modern society. And I don’t believe you don’t belong in modern society, but I do believe that line of thinking doesn’t. You’re doing what you are claiming others are doing to you. I’m not hating the person. I’m hating what that person said. I think it’s done through ignorance and insensitivity. I think he has every right to believe it, but I think saying it should be condemned the same way it would if someone said that blacks weren’t as good as whites, or that Jewish people are responsible for all wars (Mel Gibson reference). I think saying homosexuality is a sin hurts society.

                • Garbo

                  I think deciding what people are allowed to say hurts society. If they can live peacefully with one another, than let them be. This is the same Christianity that saw Wilberforce bring about the end of slavery in England, and that was instrumental in ending slavery in America. It also was a key cog in recognizing women as human beings who ought to be allowed to vote.

                  Lousy things have been done under the guise of Christianity, but so too have incredible things. We ought to be careful before we so flippantly throw it out the window, when it’s not even fighting the fight people are accusing it of fighting. The LGBTQ at our local school is full of 50% LGBTQs and 50% Christians. The Christian kids are fighting for the rights of their friends, not because it’s a cultural faux pas not to, but because the bible says that all are created equal.
                  It’s sad to see that they are still perceived as being the villains.

            • Gremio53

              Just a side note — Mormonism is not the same as Christianity. I don’t mean to divide, but please don’t lump them together.

              • I’m not sure why you say Mormonism isn’t Christianity. It’s a branch of Christianity. You may not agree with all of their beliefs, but you can’t say it’s not Christianity.

                My point wasn’t to lump them together, though. My point is simply that there are Mormons who believe that black people are sinners, just as you believe that homosexuals are sinners. Both of you claim your belief is derived from your religion. I’m saying that doesn’t make it okay.

                • Gremio53

                  I understand what you are saying. Point made. But, again, in regards to Mormonism, it is not a branch of Christianity. They brand themselves that way when in reality it is not. They don’t believe in the Trinity. They do not believe in the atoning work of the Cross. They do not believe we are saved by grace and the supremacy and importance of Jesus Christ. These are fundamental beliefs in Christianity that are not upheld by Mormons. In their view, in order to be ‘saved’ you must accept the book of Mormon, accept Joseph Smith as God’s newest prophet.

                  They also believe that Jesus was only a man who was the best Mormon and he did such a good job at it that he became God of his own planet, and we can do the same if we try hard enough! (In regards to blacks they used to say that but now do not… therefore changing their theology) Their theology is completely out of whack (when compared to Christianity, or even Judaism…) But clearly this is an argument for another place and time.

                • The core belief of CHristianity is that you believe Jesus is the son of god and he died for your sins. Everything else is simply dogma. Mormons believe that. And for the record, I don’t in the least. As for it being out of whack, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, quite frankly. I think most religions are completely out of whack with reality.

                • Gremio53

                  Personally I do not believe that everything else is simply Dogma. I believe there are further beliefs that should follow what the Bible says. But that’s my opinion. Yours is different. I have a lot of Mormon friends who are amazing people (seriously awesome people), and we have great friendships – this doesn’t change the fact that I think what they believe is crazy. (Just like you think what I believe is crazy! :)) In the end, we can still respect each other and show each other love.

                • Gremio53

                  Tim, I think you are a good guy. I have read some of your stuff and I think its informative (and I don’t mind the word count…) Clearly we have a difference in opinion. I hope you will one day see Christ for who he is and you hope one day I will view it all like you do.

                  ANYWAYS — Do you think Phil Jackson is a good idea? Or do you think they should give these guys one more year to see what we’ve got. The starting 5 was pretty effective (as shown in the sportnet article). You can always argue that consistency in the lineups (not consistency in losing) is one thing the raptors have not shown in a loooong time…

                • I have no ill will towards you, and I’m very glad you appreciate my writing. I hope that one day you’ll find no need for a supernatural power to look to in order to answer your questions and guide your life.

                  As for the Phil Jackson idea, I think it’s as good idea as any other, at this point. I think Colangelo has failed miserably and needs to go before he hamstrings the team with more bad contracts. And while it is true that the starting five numbers did look good, the team, as presently constructed, is going nowhere. Over the course of a season, and especially into the playoffs, it’s a team built for mediocrity. The talent level on the team is overrated and overpaid, and the best thing they could do is blow it up and start again.

                • Nilanka15

                  ALL religions.

          • RaptorFan

            Thank you and well put.

            I think many people just don’t understand Christianity. Christianity is about following Jesus Christ. It is about loving thy neighbour as thyself. It doesn’t matter if your neighbour is gay or not. That is irrelevant because we are all God’s children. True Christians CANNOT hate homosexuals. If so, then they’re not really Christians. Some Christians may disagree with the act itself, but they also disagree with many different acts. Jesus said “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

  • cdub

    You can’t report one side of the issue or be tolerant to homosexuality and then proceed to be intolerant towards someones religious beliefs and opinions in general. I’m not religious, I don’t care that Jason Collins is gay but I certainly don’t endorse it or want to read about it in 50 thousand articles. I watch sports to watch sports not read about some no names sexuallity. Who gave two craps about Jason Collins before ? Nobody. Convenient how he waited until the season was over to announce this when the likelyhood he even enters another NBA locker room is in doubt. Why not come out with this revelation at the beginning of the year? And the media is operating under the guise of being tolerant to be politically correct and not damage any potential advertising money by recieivng bad press from the rich and wealthy homosexual community…thats right it’s all about money just like everything else in the world. its a circus and quite sad really.

    • Nilanka15

      “Why not come out with this revelation at the beginning of the year?”

      I don’t think the team would’ve appreciated the unnecessary media attention, and the distraction it would’ve brought to the locker room had he came out sooner.

      At the end of the day, there is no ideal time to make such an announcement.

  • Matt52

    So, ummm, yeah….

    How about Phil Jackson?

    Incredible the possibility of him joining the Raptors is lost here.

    • Copywryter

      Probably because it has the same chance of a Gay Jesus Christ joining the Raptors.

  • Mike

    In non gay related news…Phil Jackson joins Detroit Pistons as an adviser.

  • Slapsgiving

    is it just me or does the black guy in the back look like rasheed wallace??

    • You mean Wilt Chamberlain????