On Thursday, the passionate Ujiri will be rewarded for his work — he’ll be named the NBA’s executive of the year, a source told The Denver Post on Wednesday night. Ujiri, the first African-born general manager in major American sports, put together the Nuggets’ roster, a squad that won 57 games, most in Denver’s NBA history.


Who knew we had a great GM right underneath our noses? This is what I had written when he had accepted the Denver job, certainly wasn’t heart-broken about him, but did feel that there’s something about him if Denver is pursuing him.

People always try to make a case that “who would we hire if not for Colangelo” while throwing up their arms in despair. The answer to that question is an assistant GM waiting to get his shot, and props to Denver for spotting something and executing on it. There’s plenty of great basketball minds out there, and with Leiweke on board and Peddie out, I’m fairly confident the right choice will be made in replacing Colangelo.

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2 Responses to “Ex-Raptors Assistant GM, Masai Ujiri, wins NBA Executive of the Year”

  1. Marz

    For every Masai Ujiri and Sam Presti there’s a Rob Babcock and David Khan. It really is about luck, it seems.

  2. Guest

    Be careful what you ask for. Toronto fans would be as likely to call MLSE cheap for hiring yet another unproven candidate as they are to welcome him with open arms. Then, two years later, they’ll applaud themselves for predicting correctly whatever the outcome is.

    We should start a spreadsheet and have everyone commit their opinions/armchair choices for future review, then as we look back on it five years from now, we’ll see just how brilliant we all are.


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