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Morning Coffee: November 13th Edition

Rudy unapologetic about who is … Raptors have glaring holes that need to be addressed … Memphis not sure if they should boo or not

Raptors fans targeting Rudy Gay with criticism | Toronto Sun

“It was one of those games where there was foul trouble and offensively I had it going early and the guys were looking for me to make baskets,” Gay said. “Sometimes they went in and a little bit more than that, sometimes they didn’t. A lot of us are having trouble right now. Not just this team, but the whole league is having trouble scoring consistently and that’s something we have to work on.” But if anyone is looking for Gay to stop shooting or apologize for his approach, they are going to be waiting a long, long time. “No, why should I apologize?” he said, clearly annoyed with the suggestion. “Obviously, I’m not the only one having trouble scoring out there and we still took that (Houston) team to double overtime. “Really I could care less about what happens outside this court or outside these lines. If my teammates had a problem with me doing that or trying to give us a chance to win, then I would have a problem with it, but no. People can say what they want to say.”

Lewenberg: Raptors’ Gay won’t apologize for shooting woes | TSN

“Obviously for me it’s going to be a little bit more emotional,” Gay said. “But other than that we still have to win. We’ve taken steps in the right direction but for us to scale back because I’m back in Memphis is selfish.” Gay averaged 17.9 points and 5.8 rebounds in 479 games with the Grizzlies. He remains their franchise leader in steals, games and minutes played, ranking second in total points. “It’s a lot different [in Toronto], I can say that,” Gay admitted. “It’s a great city. Obviously it’s different being here in Memphis so long. It was a transition but now I’m adjusted.” What does he miss most about Memphis? “My house,” he replied with a chuckle. “I live in a condo now so that’s one thing I do miss.”

Houston loss highlights Raps’ offensive issues |

There was also the game-tying three-pointer from Rudy Gay in the first overtime; a shot that tied him with Carmelo Anthony for most game-winning or game-tying buckets in the fourth quarter or overtime in the last three years. It was a clutch play from a clutch performer but it ultimately couldn’t save an otherwise forgettable night for Toronto. The Raptors, as a team, shot a woeful 33.3 percent from the field on a whopping 114 attempts. They were ‘led’ in those categories by Gay’s 11-for-37 and DeMar DeRozan’s 6-for-25. Throw Kyle Lowry into the mix, and Toronto’s top three scorers combined to shoot just 29 percent (23 of 78 FG).

Raptors (3-5) at Grizzlies (3-4): Pregame Report | Pro Bball Report

The Raptors head into Memphis needing a win and tacking on the word – again – is appropriate, but becoming pointless. Toronto had a tough stretch of games to start the season and 3 of their 5 losses were to Miami, Indiana and Houston, so the Raptors need to find wins against other teams that are struggling early like the Grizzlies.

Rudy Gay’s Return to Memphis: To Boo or To Woo | Grizzly Bear Blues

To boo or to woo, what to do, what to do? Is there any other option on that night’s menu? When the game begins, it’s simple, he’s the other team, so of course we won’t woo, but I’m not sure when he’s intro’d if we all ought to boo. I’ve debated and debated, but there’s been no conclusion I drew, about this taboo scenario, to boo or to woo. Should we give him a hand and the credit he’s due, or just boo and just hiss and just cheer for home brew? I present you this question; help me out, what say you? When Rick Trotter calls out his name, will you boo or will you woo? Will you think back on his turnovers, or remember them in lieu, or will you make him feel most unwelcome, like an Indiana fan watching a game at Purdue? There’s no right or wrong answer, to each his own has never been more true, but I still can’t decide what exactly I’ll do. So again I will ask this to each one of you, what choice will you make, what’s your A to my Q? On Wednesday night will you boo or will you woo? When that moment finally arrives, tell me, what will you say- or, I mean do?

Raptors should trade Kyle Lowry now, stop this treadmill ride before we puke: Kelly | Toronto Star

Without Lowry, everything is suddenly simple. The Raptors go from ‘We can’t promise anything, but fingers crossed’ to ‘We are barely an NBA franchise.’ Eventually, they will either trade Lowry or allow him to leave via free agency. If it must be done, best it was done quickly. Like right now. It’s time to end the Kyle Lowry era in Toronto, immediately.

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