Stein is reporting that the Raptors are intent on tanking.

The Raptors, meanwhile, have been expected to be active in the trade market since the season began, with reporting since Nov. 1 that everyone on the roster apart from prized center Jonas Valanciunas had been made available.

New Raptors front-office boss Masai Ujiri has managed to trade away Andrea Bargnani and now Gay over the past six months to create financial flexibility going forward and — with Toronto apparently determined to avoid any accidental success in the Atlantic Division — is said to be happy to surrender veteran point guard Kyle Lowry next.

The priority in Toronto is clearly finishing as high as possible in the lottery with Canadian sensation Andrew Wiggins and several other top prospects expected to be available to teams picking at the top of the June draft. Lowry is in the final year of his contact at an affordable $6.2 million and believed to be eminently available because he’s not part of Toronto’s future plans.

If Stein is to be believed, then the tank is on.

As Tim Chisholm pointed out this morning, the Raptors did actually improve in the Rudy Gay trade, so if the ‘tank’ theory is to be believed then massive changes are coming because as it stands, the Raptors are in line to make the playoffs in the East.

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10 Responses to “Marc Stein: Toronto looking to avoid “accidental success”, says tank is on”

  1. Rick

    I don’t care what they do as long as derozan is not traded especially for a first rd pick! Because the team that gives up a first rd for dd is gonna be a playoff team meaning raptors would be stupid to give up young talent. We mold them then we trade them? Don’t think so. I also think if derozan stays raptors are making playoffs. We have a more efficient passing team. We probably a lot better on defense now. I hope there’s no tanking involved in this year. There’s to many teams tanking. But if so, then that’s fine but not at the expense of dd or jonas!

  2. AxlT

    We’ve seen how bad this team is without a vet PG, I think it’s a no brainer to make this team bad, Lowry and Vasquez have to go. Then we can keep everyone else.

  3. Rozon3022

    massive changes in the horizon, in Masai i believe. Trying to think of a team that’s dumb enough to give a first rounder for Lowry ? too bad new yorks are spoken for in 2014. theres so many directions Masai can go and if this article is an indication of things to come i hope he sticks with Derozan ! he’s a player with a lot of upside and actually wants to be here in Toronto, which is rare! plus imagine a core going forward of Derozan, Val and a possible top 3 of either randle, jabari or best of all WIGGINS

    • Bye Bye Rudy

      Lowry is not worth a top 10 pick in this draft, but to a contender he’s absolutely worth their mid-late 1st round pick

      • Rozon3022

        yeah i’m thinking a mid 1st rounder but if we did decide to move derozan that on the other hand would likely be a late top 10

        • Ion66

          Why on earth do you trade a lottery pick guy, who you have spent 5 years developing into something special, for someone who is an even later pick that will still need years to get as good as Demar is right now, if ever? I’m not for this “tank for whatever we can get in the draft.” stuff. Once the season nears an end, the really bad teams will out bad us, and the teams that are desperate enough (either by way of making the playoffs, or trying to make the lottery and dump talent) , may be willing to make a deal that’s more of a bargain to us. This “Trade Demar for a late first round pick, or just outside of the lottery pick.” is like dumping your hot girlfriend because your buddies and you are going to a bar where you heard the girls might be slightly hotter than the girl you have/had. This is stupid….Unless Masai comes up with it….Then it’s genius, and I know nothing.

  4. Scott Baird

    We’re not tanking, the Kings are! Clearly Masai turned a bad team around by getting rid of the “star”… Just like in Denver.

  5. Dr. Scooby

    At 6-12 Time of trade), this Colangelo roster mess was ‘on’ the Tank long before Masai took over.

  6. Alex Vostrikov

    derozan will stay put… he is tide to a few more seasons… why trade him???!!!
    lowry must go. don’t think he is worth keeping after this year. 1st rounder???? you wish. if you do get one, you will have to take same salary back… which is gonna be another 30+ yrs old salmons.


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