Below happened in the second quarter (Direct: GFY, GIF). He continued playing on it till the end of the half and didn’t return. Tonight, when you go to sleep, make sure to lie in the fetal position and pray to the the Gods, both the old and the new. And also to the Red God. Valar Morghulis.

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Update from the official:

Update from Dwane Casey’s post-game presser (video will be available on the dot com soon enough):

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15 Responses to “[GIF] Kyle Lowry Injury, X-Rays Negative, Will Reevaluate Tomorrow”

  1. Truth

    Man you gotta love this guy. Only know a few players in the NBA who would jump in front of the moving freight train that is LBJ or as clueless Rod Smith calls him “LJ”…Hope it’s just a small bruise and nothing more.

    • Tanks-a-lot

      I missed the blatant travel when I saw the incident cause I was so pissed off that the blatant push wasn’t called.

    • truth be told

      Or maybe a loose ball foul on Lowry. You know……when you go up for a rebound and the opposing player tries to get underneath you, they typically call that a loose ball foul, on the defence. You have to let the player land. Kyle didn’t and get jostled out of the way. Play on.

      Don’t let Devlin trick you into thinking Lebron did something wrong on that play.

      • Lucas

        I was going to say the same thing. They likely ruled the play a “play on,” where Lowry’s loose ball foul technically caused Lebron’s travel. They rarely let that kind of situation play on, I find, but I wouldn’t say that’s unfair.

        Bottom line, though: dear god Lowry better be fine! We REALLY need to win at least one of the next two, and possibly both, to hold on to the third seed, so hopefully he’s ready to go against Houston. Dude should be living in an ice bath for the next day.

  2. GoingBig

    If Vasquez has to drive the bus as the PG starter, hope he slows down enough to make some actual passes. That bench energy is good but we have a group of starters that need to be fed passes. He did it in New Orleans; I hope he adjusts here.

  3. camanda

    KLow7 fears no one, not even a ‘roid infested opponent. Too bad the refs don’t have the same backbone. Get well, Kyle.

  4. Brian Gerstein

    Drives me nuts how we have to wait until just before gametime for a medical update on Kyle. In the NFL teams are mandated on a regular basis to update, for betting purposes mainly, I get that, but regardless, it is at least transparent, medical updates with %’s allocated with them i.e. doubtful is 25%, questionable is 50%, probable is 75%. The point is fans are not kept in the dark.



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