Let’s not even talk about it man.  Oh well, if you insist – with Steve and Will.

Grab the iTunes feed or check us out on Stitcher on Android. There is also the plain old feed. You can also download the file (48:09, 46 MB). Or just listen below:

6 Responses to “Unedited Podcast: Game 6 Reaction”

  1. Saud

    Why would we start GV and salmons and take away our “big’s” advantage . That is just asinine. Love the podcast, the host is really annoying though. I think you put in GV and keep the same lineup. Definitely got to get JV more touches close to the net.

    • guest

      you post a new “Nets in (fill in the blank)” after every single game ……

  2. Wes mantooth

    OMG Steve you’re so stubborn!
    Playing intense isn’t the difference when the game isn’t being called the same way. The refs are a major factor! U can’t get into a rhythm like that.
    The answer is getting public like j Kidd and getting some technicals. I’ve never seen so many steals in a game from swipes and reachins. JV gets called for doing less then what kG does.
    Not saying the raps played well at all and I agree with Zarar about our terrible offense! That’s why I’m never confident going into a game because of this, but getting “more intense” with these refs will get our stats on the bench real quick


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