Let’s not even talk about it man.  Oh well, if you insist – with Steve and Will.

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  • Saud

    Why would we start GV and salmons and take away our “big’s” advantage . That is just asinine. Love the podcast, the host is really annoying though. I think you put in GV and keep the same lineup. Definitely got to get JV more touches close to the net.

    • arsenalist


  • Andrey

    damn people got pissed

  • Gary Gill

    Nets in 7. Pretty much in the bag now.

    • guest

      you post a new “Nets in (fill in the blank)” after every single game ……

  • Wes mantooth

    OMG Steve you’re so stubborn!
    Playing intense isn’t the difference when the game isn’t being called the same way. The refs are a major factor! U can’t get into a rhythm like that.
    The answer is getting public like j Kidd and getting some technicals. I’ve never seen so many steals in a game from swipes and reachins. JV gets called for doing less then what kG does.
    Not saying the raps played well at all and I agree with Zarar about our terrible offense! That’s why I’m never confident going into a game because of this, but getting “more intense” with these refs will get our stats on the bench real quick