Alice Fine She Aint: Raptor Fail

“Yes Dwight, it does feel tighter”

Grab the Opening Tip.

Sorry Dinosty, don’t mean to bastardize your family tradition here, but duty calls. I sat down to write the Pre-Game for Orlando, when I realized it was a waste of time (I’m still gonna do it, don’t worry). If the Raptors got Bucked by a Milwaukee team that just lost Redd for the season, on the heals of a 3 game winning streak, what hope is there against the third best team in the league that is sporting thee All-Stars? The answer is none.

Don’t fret, this game should be entertaining. Bosh always gets up to play his BFF. There will even be points in the game where we will all think that the Raptors can pull it out, but they wont. I probably lost all credibility calling a win against the Bucks, but it was an educated guess, humour me…

  • I was assuming the Raptors were feeling good about themselves, as three wins in a row (the first since the first three games of the season) in such a solid fashion should have spilt over on Friday;
  • Redd was out (he dropped 35 the last time they played);
  • Bogut was inured and questionable;
  • Ridnour was injured and questionable;
  • Home game;
  • All that big talk about making the playoffs bla bla bla
Hola mamacita 😉

Still drunk on the Kool-Aid? Ok…

The Magic are 35-10 on the season, 17-6 on the road, 17-6 against the East (1 of those losses were to the Raptors), 8-2 in their last 10, +8.2 scoring differential, 3 All-Stars…good coach……management team committed to winning………better weather…………they just beat the Cavs, so the taste of blood is fresh in their mouths……………the clincher: they wont lose 2 in a row to the Raps.

The worst part about this game is that it isn’t in Orlando, and we wont be able to see their dancers, which are phenomenal compared to the Bucks’. It was actually a tough choice for me, but I have to go with Danielle, dark haired girls (I’m not really into blonds-maybe the bias comes from the fact that they think I look like a terrorist) with a tight body…is-a-good!

Injury Report

Toronto Raptors
Kris Humphries

Orlando Magic
Some guy named Mike Wilks

The Match-ups

Calderon vs Nelson
The Edge: Nelson
The kid is legitimate. I was afraid of him last year in the playoffs when everyone said Forderon would destroy him…how wrong they were. Fresh off his All-Star nomination, he will have something to prove, and JC/AP/Rokoman will be the victims.

Parker vs Lee
The Edge: Lee
For no other reason then Parker will be doubling down on Howard, and Lee will have the pick of the litter on how to hurt the Raptors the most.

Moon vs Turkoglu
The Edge: Turkoglu
There is a case to be made for Hedu to be an All-Star too. He has been a thorn in our side, and will continue to be. Welcome to Pump Fake City, population: Moon.

Bosh vs Lewis
The Edge: Bosh
Lewis had 20pts 9asts 6rebs last time out, so it wont be easy, but Bosh will be motivated to show his BFF that he has game. Lewis will be tough on the defensive end though.

Bargnani vs Howard
The Edge: Howard
VL should have a good game. He would have had a great game the Bucks, but Triano had a brain-fart and didn’t play in the 2nd quarter whe he was hot (where the Raptors also lost the game). Howard had 39pts last time, I expect about the same this time around.

The Line has it Orlando -6.5, I think that is generous.

The Prediction

lol…2 losses in a row for the Raptors.

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