The Bucks are Back

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Who do we have on the schedule tonight? Ah, we’ve got the good ol’ Milwaukee Bucks back in town ready to throw down in another showdown.

Does anyone remember the last time the Bucks came to town? I do. It was a Friday night back in January. I was at Philthy’s with a group of friends ready to enjoy a very rowdy Raptor Fan Friday game party. The place was packed! Everyone was hyped because the Raps were playing at home; they were riding a 3-game winning streak and were only 1 game out of the 8th seed held down by the Bucks. This was the game every Raptors fanaddict expected the team win. Plus Milwaukee had just lost Michael Redd for the season. This was a supposed to be a no-brainer win for the Raps. Inside the bar, we were chanting “BEAT THE BUCKS” early and often. Than the game started. (Let’s get it on!) And what transpired over the course of the next two and a half hours epitomized the season.

Two months later, we’ve got the Bucks are back in town. (Oh joy).

This Bucks team has performed like a typical “fighting for a playoff berth down the stretch, but just don’t seem to have the necessary tools to make it this year”. Although they currently sit a mere two games out of the 8th seed, they are coming off a season-long 6 game home stand in which they went 2-4. They have also lost 11 of their last 15 games. Their current slump is due to the fact they’ve shot .417% over the past 10 games. Even though they’ve slumped in March, they still have a chance.

The Bucks still have a chance. After losing their two best players mid-season, they still have a chance. That’s nice.

As for our once-beloved Raptors, I find it funny how the players (Bosh) and coaches (Triano) were talking about making a playoff run after beating the Clippers, which happened to be only their second win in their past 11 games. Kids, playoffs and futility don’t mix. Even NBATV have dismissed the Raptors chances by not including them when discussing the race for the 8th seed in the East. “Now that’s real to a brother like me baby”.

Here’s a poignant fact. Both the Bucks and the Raps share the same road record 11-24, but at home, the Raps are 14-20 while the Bucks are 20-16. “If you don’t win at home, you don’t deserve to make the playoffs”.

Before we get into our match-ups, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Quincy Douby’s 10-day contract. If you don’t know much about his game, just think “fluid jump shooter”. But if you want to know more about the man behind the game, check out this 2-part documentary of him after being drafted from Rutgers.

I’d be guilty of even more remission if I forgot to add that Bango is out with a torn ACL.

The injury report is thin but substantial for the Bucks: Redd and Bogut are out.  On our end Banks and Humphries.  Matchup time:

Calderon vs Sessions
The Edge:
Calderon Even though Sessions lit it up the last time we played and scored 40+ in a game about a month ago, I expect Calderon to continue his effective play making his lateral passes to our jump shooters and scoring assists from baskets made outside the painted area. That’s how it is.

Parker vs Mbah a Moute
The Edge:
ParkerParker’s playing for a contract now, so it’s time to the league that your off-balance 360 fade-away baseline jumper is money in the bank against even lesser competition! I don’t know much about MBah a Moute’s game, but I’m sure the fact he’s starting is a reason the Bucks are shooting less than 42% in their past 10 games.

Marion vs Jefferson
The Edge:
Jefferson Every time Marion has matched-up against an equally skilled opponent, he’s fizzled out. I’m looking for Jefferson to repeat Gerald Wallace’s performance. Sure he’s got a high standard to live up to, but I don’t expect Marion will be in formidable headspace to outplay RJ.

Arse’s pick – Bishara

CB4 vs CV31
The Edge:
CB4 Nicknames, Twitter and baby-momma-drama issues aside, this is the match-up of the night! CV31 loves playing in Toronto. He always comes out hard in the first half of games, but back in January he played a complete game. Because I’m counting down the remaining days I expect to see CB4 in a Raptors uniform, I’m giving him my nod for the rest of the year.

Bargnani vs Elson

The Edge: Bargnani Bargs is the team’s future franchise player and it’s players like Elson he has to beat on offence. Elson doesn’t have the tools or the talent on offence to have much on an impact. Look for Bargs to continue his strong play with another 20-6 game.

The line has the Raptors laying 3.5  I’m picking the Bucks by 5 – Sessions and CV31 take it to us again.

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