With the glitz and glamour surrounding NBA All-Star weekend, we thought we’d use this moment to drop some fresh extra flavour to 'the game' by releasing the premiere episode of our new RRTV original weekly series called LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!

The Official Return of RAPTOR FAN FRIDAYS

Our very own Raptor Fan Fridays is Toronto’s original Raptors game party and this season RFF has been promoted to the proverbial premier league of local venues with our move to the famous Sports Centre Cafe.

Raptors Beat Hornets Resoundingly

With their resounding 107-90 win over the Hornets last night, the Raptors showed that they are now staring to gel as a team and are developing the kind of chemistry to begin achieving their expectations this season. With all of the veteran players seemingly in the prime of their careers, they came together as a ... Read more

Top Ten Goals For Reggie Evans Next Season

As you can see, the boys from the home office in Athabasca, Alberta are super excited about Reggie Evans joining the Raptors and they have prepared this list in his humble honour. The category is Top Ten Goals For Reggie Evans Next Season.         10. Bring his grandfather’s “whooping belt” to the first ... Read more

Understanding Chris Bosh

Last week Chris Bosh was in Toronto attending one of his off-season publicity obligations. When confronted by a scrum of local media reporters he made two official announcements that came to no surprise to the Raptors fan republic or the greater NBA community. First, he announced that he would not be signing a contract extension ... Read more

Another Wacky Win in Washington

We couldn’t D Jamison so Jamison D’d himself. Raptors 97, Wizards 96 From the middle of the third quarter to the final 30 seconds of the game I kept expecting something wacky to happen and sure enough, the Raptors and Wizards gave us some high drama for the third consecutive year in Washington. Although Chris ... Read more

I Ain’t Mad At Cha

In what could be considered one of the most fun games to watch this season, the Raptors suffered a 100-98 buzzer-beater defeat against the worst team in the Eastern Conference. What was interesting about the game was the fact that neither team chose to tank. Check out the box score. The Wizards went with Caron ... Read more

Raptors are gamers, Knicks are tankers

For those of you who want to fully enjoy an old fashion back-to-back, home-and-home weekend mini-series against our favorite and forever hated divisional rivals, the New York Knicks, than start by imagining that the Raptors and the Knicks are both engaged in a season-long heated battle for the 8th and final spot for the playoffs. ... Read more

Best we’ve looked all season

Roko loves the rim so I love Roko. Finishing this off for a distraught Arsenalist who is down and out after KU’s defeat. The Raptors are like a medieval army that’s returning home after losing a war. On their way back they stop by little towns and villages plundering, pillaging and collecting booty. These same ... Read more

The Bucks are Back

Who do we have on the schedule tonight? Ah, we’ve got the good ol’ Milwaukee Bucks back in town ready to throw down in another showdown. Does anyone remember the last time the Bucks came to town? I do. It was a Friday night back in January. I was at Philthy’s with a group of ... Read more