Roll Call – Apr 8 vs Pacers

The “worst game of the year” edition

Banks – him chilling in Vegas rather than be seen with this team is telling.

Bargnani – thanking his lucky stars that he was selected to suffer the rotating fake injury tonight.

Bosh – Triano can’t even do this right: Bosh was one board away from another double double. Classy, Jay…real classy.

Calderon – really stepped his game up against the guy he hates, huh? 4 pts, 6 assists, one truly boneheaded turnover that led to a TJ assist. His game had Bird feeling he made off like a bandit. Again.

Douby – in a game full of reasons to question going on living, the Q did another passable job. Not worthy of a contract, but worthy of a long look in replacing Roko after I hit him with a car.

Graham – pulled a Chris Bosh and fought his way to the free throw line to pile up some much needed points. His brother out-flashed him tonight which shouldn’t sit well with the (supposedly) better brother.

Humphries –       

Kapono – broke up that intense taunting match between Foster and Pops. Thank God for that, could have been embarrassing.

Marion – 2 of 8 for 4 points. At least now I know why he as laughing on the bench.

Mensa-Bonsu – if you are a diamond in the rough, you take a game like this and turn it into an audition. You played as many minutes as almost everybody else on this team tonight and….you didn’t stand out. Not good for your future. 

O’Bryant – one of the few that played with passion tonight. Eventually fouled out, but 2 of the calls were outright wrong and he rode the refs the entire way. Give me that over what Pops has been bringing lately.

Parker – better than last night, but still far off his better games. I think he is the embodiment of someone that has checked out.

Ukic – I’d love to see this guy doing his Christmas shopping. He can’t make up his mind to save his life….his idea of “making it happen” late in the shot clock is to just keep it himself…he is being outplayed, still, by a guy that wasn’t in the league a few weeks ago….and he’s a pig farmer.

Voskuhl – 5 minutes, 2 fouls, and thankfully the end of this roll call.

Driving The Bus:   Patrick O’Bryant

Under The Bus:    Jose Calderon

Game Theme:

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