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Free Agency

Bryan Doing Work

Reports claim he has been living on Red Bull and Twinkies the last couple

The shot-clock is expiring, and Colangelo has put in more work over the last few days then he has all season, I can feel it. His Teflon is wearing thin with whispers that his job could be on the line. Needless to say, the man is motivated to field a solid team to start the season, win a lot of games (45+) and hopefully get into the second round. At the least, he needs to build a team that Bosh believes in, to re-up.

Lon Babby (Hedu’s agent), has an artificial a deadline of Thursday to get a contract drafted and signed. Needless to say, in hopes of not having the Hedu signing go to waste, B.C. needs to do something ASAP to put a couple more guys around DeMar and Hedu at the wing spot, or risk having Douby and D-League pro-stars round out the empty 2 and 3 spots.

Hopefully this pic made you as happy as it made me…

In order to sign Turkoglu, Colangelo had to renounce the rights of Delfino, Marion and Parker so that their ‘cap hold’ comes off the books, actually freeing up the salary cap space we have because of their expired contracts. Depending on where the cap lands, the Raptors can have little to no room to round out the roster. Meaning that if B.C. stands pat, and does nothing, we run the risk of losing those three assets which WILL cause the Hedu signing to be worse then it already is (potentially eating all your cap room to sign a player who is a sick player, but wont help that much if you only have three wings on the team).

I tried researching the CBA, to make heads or tails of what the options the Raptors have, but lets face it, it is a complicated mess. The issue that arises is with our expiring free agents. Apparently, we can sign and trade our guys for help, AND sign Turkoglu … BUT, we have to do the S&T before inking Turkoglu. That’s where the deadline of Thursday starts to get sticky. Teams, that are well versed in the CBA, know that the Raptors have their backs to the wall, and will rape on us any deal. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that one out.

Looks like Leo found someone to go clubbing with…

Obviously Marion is the most valuable asset we have at the moment (as much as we like Parker and Delfino, they just wont be bring back equivalent talent in a trade), and the current rumour has him being signed and traded to the Mavericks for Jerry Stackhouse…yea…doesn’t seem like the kind of move that someone with his job on the line would make. BUT, it isn’t that bad either. We get some cheap veteran (and I mean veteran, Stackhouse will be 35 when the season starts) leadership coming off the bench and mentoring DeRozan (although I’m not sure I want Stack mentoring our kid – sorry for the brackets).

Another rumour floating out there is Humphries and a pick (presumably our 2011 1st rounder) for anyone. Although this deal does clear up some of the logjam on the front-court AND serves to save me heart burn every time Hump makes a move to the rack with the ball, it is bad. First of all, I cringe to think what Hump and a pick will net us; second, we can’t keep trading away our draft picks, that is one of the reasons this team has very little young talent. I mean, had we bought a 2nd rounder this year and drafted another wing, I wouldn’t be so nervous to give up another 1st rounder…but I digress.

You have to believe that BC is working every angle to get some wing help and veteran leadership, but I wont hold my breath that it will be quality help. If Marion seems to only be able to land us Jerry Stackhouse, I don’t even want to know what Parker and Delfino can get us. Fortunately, we will all know what kind of this team will be for the 2009-2010 season within the next couple days. Good to see that Colangelo has his big boy thinking cap on this summer. I’m sure he can do better than Jerry Stackhouse though (thanks Chris).






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