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Morning Coffee July 17



Toronto Sun

DeRozan improved from the first to the fifth game and ended up with impressive statistics — 17.0 points per game on 49% shooting, along with 4.8 rebounds, though he made just 10 of 20 free-throw attempts and only 1-for-5 on three-point attempts.

Douby, fighting for a roster spot, led the team, averaging 18.0 points and 3.8 assists.

Globe and Mail

Toronto president Bryan Colangelo intends to offer Bosh the extension but has indicated he will wait until after he has filled out the Raptors’ roster for next season.

None are expected to sign — they can re-up for longer and make millions more by waiting a year — but the agent for Bosh and Wade will study them.

“I will just say that I will evaluate everything about any extension offers they receive,” Henry Thomas wrote in an e-mail. “It is simply an option that will be evaluated and considered.”

Raptors vs Bucks highlights

DeRozan finished with his usual 20 pts, 6 reb, 3 ast. He can be lethal in the open court, however his free throw shooting is a concern. He finished at just 50% over the 5 games. He didn’t force much today and also had a couple of nice passes that weren’t converted.

Chicago Bulls Insight

I can’t see Chris Bosh staying in Toronto because I think he wants to return to the states. Even though the Raptors overpaid Hedo Türko?lu to keep Chris Bosh happy will that be enough assuming they are done this off-season and keep as it is? While I could be wrong about Chris Bosh wanting to return to the States, I’m pretty sure winning will be another factor that will help Chris make his decision. Last week I posted a voting poll asking you the readers who do you think will the Bulls sign or have a strong chance to sign in 2010. Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade were tied with the highest percentage on the poll at 38%.


He’d be behind Jose Calderon and Jarrett Jack (assuming Jack becomes a Raptor) at the point – and probably Roko Ukic too.

But depending on what goes down with Carlos Delfino and/or any other free agent target that could come into the mix at the two, Douby might just have a shot at getting some burn here and there … trying to find some minutes amongst a crowd that will at least include DeMar DeRozan and Antoine Wright.


DeMar DeRozan: moving well off the ball. In the second quarter against the Bucks, he made a beautiful back door cut to the hole from the weak side the instant he recognized that the defense was sloughing off him a bit. The result? A perfect lob pass from Quincy Douby, and a vicious slam by DeRozan. He was also undeterred by tight coverage from Jodie Meeks at about 15 feet off the left block. Even with Meeks on top of him, DeRozan managed to get remarkable separation and elevation on his jumper under pressure. Coming hard off screens, DeRozan easily got free from Jodie Meeks.

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