Sound-Off: Raptors 120, Cavaliers 105

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Raps beat Cavs, Devlin calls it.

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  1. These recordings are nice Arse man… keep them up and let the Roll Calls come in later.

    Can Julian Wright get more playing time for F#$^ sake?

  2. I’m not going to super-vouch for Julian to get 30+ playing time considering we are playing the worst team in the league. But otherwise I will have Triano fired if they only play Julian for less than 15 minutes.

    Anyways.. GO JUNIOR CANADA!!!

    • [email protected]#% Russia won it 5-3. I’ll give you guys an analysis in short:

      Foligno accidentally injured a Russian player with Foligno’s shin hitting the Russian forward’s head. The Russians are assuming that it was Canada’s fault for the injury or they focused and played hard 200% for the injured player. When that injury happened, I knew the Russians were a completely different team.

      Give credit to this Russian team, they played like a team and fought Canada like a team. Something that Ovechkin’s team in 2005 never had done. I believe the entire Canadian team and fans thought the game was over before 17:40 was remaining in the 3rd period.

  3. gz i sure am glad we have Bargnani, otherwise we would just be a bunch of stinkin cavaliers lol. The cavs are by far the worst team in the NBA i dont care what the standings say.
    They have horrible attitude and are constantly whinning. Cavs have no future for a long time and its time they start blowing up. anyone think the raps should try and get varejao?

    • Whats the point? We already have four good hustling bigs (Evans, Johnson, Davis, Dorsey) and Alabi’s getting no playing time as it is. We need an SF before another big man. Maybe if Varejao? (not sure how to spell it) was a seven footer or great shot blocker, but he’s not really needed on the team I don’t think.

      • Im just giving an idea. Varejao is like a Noah IMO. Him and jamison were the only two players that showed any effort tonight. I think Varejao and jamison could be had for some kind of combo of TPE,Reggie, and stojakovich(or hawever u spell it lol) Jamisons got a large contract but it might be worth the risk and they could put him at the 3( he can clearly hit a 3 pointer)

      • If Dorsey was 6’11”, shoots +75% FTs and had the same motor that he does, he’d not be traded to 3 teams. Dorsey might be traded as well if you are to acquire Verajao.

        • Varejaos a hustle guy who provides little offense, hes not a great rebounder and a good defender. Hes a solid 10 and 10 guy with 30 minutes of playing. I’d say all our PF could do that for the exception of Reggie Evans, because that guy can never be counted on for points. Jamison is a beast, I have a lot of respect for him as a player and a leader, but he deserves better than a team in rebuilding mode. Cavs should send him to a winner and give him a shot at a ring. They don’t really have anything I think we could use, and giving up Reggie and Peja for guys like Jamison and Varejao would most likely put us in the playoffs this year but is kind of pointless. We need young talent with potential.

          I have no idea why Dorseys been shipped so often. He has the ability to be a double double guy with good defense if given the shot, but just never found the right situation I guess. Look at Dejuan Blair. If a team needs rebounding off the bench, guys like this can be invaluable. Just needs to find the right team, and if we plan on trading Reggie anyway, might was well keep him for now. The only guys I would look to trade are Barbosa, Kleiza, Peja, Reggie and maybe Jose if we were to get enough in return.

          • Dorsey’s trades in past have been said to be mostly a result of his behaviour. In Houstion, his ‘work ethic’ was mentioned, in Sacramento his complaining about playtime and ‘clownish behaviour’ appeared in the media. I think he even managed to forget about practice once a while or so.

            It might sound strange based on his acts in Toronto (or maybe not, I don’t know), or maybe he’s matured meanwhile.

    • hmmmmm, tempting, but that means Reggie Evans WILL be traded, and Stojakovic will be traded with some trade exception since they need/want salary cap relief. Soooo Anderson Verajao will be the starting center, and Bargs will be PF. Amir and Ed will be the bench front court players.

  4. Raptors have to play Julian Wright( min. of 18 minutes) for either DeRozan or Klieza, whoever is not giving it that day!! I would give Dorsey 10-15 minutes just for the effort he puts in.

  5. Arsenalist …. Nice segue out …
    Sluggish 1st Quarter. I have to like the pairing of Wright with Bargs – it’s a balance that seems to work well. And Wright is a decent passer, so he can help facilitate Andrea’s offense.
    With 1:29 to go in the 1st Quarter, and 2 free throws about to make it the biggest margin for Cleveland (up 15), Julian came into the game. Bargs also entered for his 2nd shift – he was -9 at this point. Ending up +29 for the night, that’s a 38 point shift. In the remaining 37.5 minutes Raptors played 101 to Clevelands’s 71. Looking at all this, begs the Question: “How does Wright affect the 5 man unit?”
    Reality is, it might be time to start the 23 year old. Wright offers a perfect balance to an Starting group overloaded with “score first” mentalities. We’re one Kleiza too many. Worse that can happen – Julian plays crappy. So you yank him. This might motivate Kleiza to play a little better defense.
    The only reason Cavaliers stayed in this game, was their hot perimeter shooting. Raps needed better coverage – as Cleveland made their first 4 from the perimeter. Once Julian entered, Cavaliers went 6 for 15 in the long bomb after that (still too high though). Perimeter coverage dramatically improved, which coincided with low points in the paint by Cleveland. Well …. I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.
    All that being said, if BC has thoughts on moving Kleiza, I’d rather Linus start. He needs his blanket (Starting) to keep him happy. That could cost us some development (probably not), but his value needs to remain good for any possible trade – that Brian somehow has the knack for these days.
    I’m not a big fan of +/- stat, as it’s value does little more than reinforce a belief (or subjective perspective), never-the-less Julian was +32, and Andrea was +29. That has to tell you something. Jay?

  6. I dont understand all this love for Julian Wright. Hes an energy player and good for short bursts but the longer he plays the less effective he is. He has no offensive skill. Its not like hes an all star if you play him 35 mins a night. Hes good for 15 min. and then gets tired. BTW, kleiza sucks. He cant dribble at all. His skills are the exact opposite of Turkoglu. Hes good at catch and shoot but cant do anything else.

    • I’m not going to suck on the Julian willie. Cleveland sucks balls ever since Lebron emasculated them and made Julian look like the next coming of AK47 via 2003, but his lack of jump shot is compensated for his craftiness and court vision to find open players around the paint. I like his defense too, but Julian has consistency issues like this whole team so he might lay on egg vs. the C***ts on Friday.

    • .
      I agree – 35 minutes is too much. But prior to this game, he averaged 12.2 minutes. I have no problem with Julian getting 22 minutes a game. If we need more minutes, then we get two Julians – so to speak.
      As for Kleiza, he’s like Turk (but not the attitude). On another team – say a Contender – he’s someone off the Bench who will give you a good 15-20 minutes. Or he doesn’t play – that’s why they’re Contenders.
      Wright is a sleeker, elongated version of Reggie, but one who can dunk contested shots, to go along with pretty decent defense. For the most part, he’s not someone to foster Offensive support (aside from OReb), but strictly defense orientated. A ying to the Offense’s yang. The caveat is, any deviation from that balance (like Antoine of Wright), will just mean more pine shining.

  7. I’m not saying that Julian Wright is a Shawn Marion, but he defends and rebounds. Remember how well Marion played with Bargs (and of course Bosh). Lets see more of that dynamic. Just say no to Kleiza.

  8. i like the trade varejo for evans and stojakovic. The raptors would be a better team with varejo. Make that deal anytime.

    • There’s nothing Verejao provides that we don’t already get with Amir and Davis. Acquiring him would create further redundancy in our roster.

      Our trade chips would be much better used to acquire a young, starting-calibre SG or SF, which are easily our weakest positions at the moment.

      • Exactly, followed by a decent 10, 10 tough center to play alongside Bargnani. Those three would actually make us a good team

  9. Varejao brings tso many intangible its not just his 10 and 10, lik ei said he is a noah type and will pump everyone up on d and be agressive and always hustle. did you hear how much leo praised him throughout the game?

  10. why would Cleveland want Evans and Stojakovic? They need the same things we do – young talent to build around. Evans and Stojakovic fill niche roles that a contender might find interesting to make a run in the playoffs. That’s it. No one else will want these two before the trade deadline.

    Great game by Julian, Calderon and Bargs.

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