Roll Call

Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Cavaliers Jan 5

The “attack of the unlikely edition” edition:

Alabi: 3 minutes seems to be his limit. His rebounding PER if off the chain, though.

Barbosa: passion and hustle made a return tonight. Concerted effort to move with the ball, including some nice slices indeed.

Bargnani: the big puff pastry played well tonight while wearing the bottom half of Leandro’s body armour. Certainly seemed more comfortable, but winded late. Bella.

Bayless: sat in the back seat of the Jose/Jerryd mobile tonight. Well deserved rest.

Calderon: I love when he is hurt or hurting because you know for at least his first game or two back he is going to play well above his capabilities. Kind of like Hugh Hefner. 20pts, 17 assists, some absolutely beautiful setups and, for once, pinpoint shooting. Great night for him.

Davis: getting excited for him again. Yes, his fouls are an issue, but rather than mope about his performance last night, he tried to redeem himself. Love the kids quiet business like attitude and am holding out hope that the Young Foolz don’t sink their claws into him.

DeRozan: not going to dance on his corpse because he’s earned a day of reprieve. Problem is, this average game of his tonight used to be a good one for him. He has raised expectations now….can he deliver?

Dorsey: a quick in and out for him. With Andrea and Ed playing well, Joey just needs to remember where Brickbreaker is on his Blackberry.

Evans: Dupree is gone……replacement/addition for Reggie coming soon?

Johnson: spirit is a good thing and Amir is showing it in spades lately. Something has happened to Amir and DeMar and it’s good. Earlier this season no way was Amir as active as he was tonight. Satisfying to see.

Kleiza: his game tonight was like that pair of plaid socks your grandmother gives you for Christmas: ugly and unwanted.

Stojakovic: one more roster spot open..tick tick tick!!

Weems: nobody is looking forward to Sunday more than this guy. Backs are tricky, but hopefully this extended cautious time off has helped him prepare.

Wright: game changer indeed. What a way to demonstrate how to put a team on your defensive back and fight hard to come back and steal a victory. If you could type it out, it would be the ideal textbook.

Driving The Bus: Julian Wright

Under The Bus: Linas Kleiza

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