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Toronto Raptors Roll Call vs Pacers Jan 31

The “barkeep, make it a double” edition.

The “barkeep, make it a double” edition:

Ajinca: here’s a guy that has arms the length of Italy, hands that could wrap around the top of your head, and the intimidating look of me looking at you reaching for the last chicken wing……and we keep him nailed to the pine against a team that was running drills on us early.

Alabi: nobody more excited than him when it comes to new video game releases.

Barbosa: spent the game reading the instruction manual for his snow plow.

Bargnani: the guy has a couple of bad games and he’s hated more than the “no touching” rule in RapsFan’s bedroom. He had another game that he won’t write home about, but he kept is attempts under 20, his rebound number was almost half his point number, and he barely broke a sweat so no need for a shower before heading out into the cold. What’s not to love?

Bayless: had to check him for clown shoes after that over the shoulder circus shot. Not a bad game from the little one…he was making the Pacers work and he at least made the illusion like he was trying to get his team moving.

Calderon: heavy minutes with diminishing results. Never a good thing when your point guard plays almost 40 minutes and you barely notice him. Still would love to see him get the ball into Ed’s hands after a drive and kick a lot more than what happens now.

Davis: stellar first half that brought his team back into the game. Not to sound overdramatic, but he WAS the Toronto Raptors in the first half, seemingly everywhere doing everything. I’m sure when the team heads to the bus tonight it will still have the shine he left on it after cleaning it at halftime.

DeRozan: poor shooting night that was offset a little by him grabbing some boards, but not offset at all by making it to the line. His aggressiveness has been taking a break lately and it shows in our poor results. Time to find it again.

Dorsey: he may be healthy but he’s as played out as a Katy Perry song.

Evans: he don’t need a snowplow he just yells at the snow as it falls and it goes back up.

A. Johnson: nothing like a night where he has one less shot attempt as Andrea. Another hard fought effort rewarded by him being the leader in points & rebounds tonight. Fought off a twisted ankle and remained the posterboy for everything heart and hustle represents.

T. Johnson:  using his Torch to see if his PPG lead is holding up. Be back soon Ma!

Kleiza: preparing his best snow angel outfit.

Weems: that halftime interview almost made me sick. Quit your whining or, better yet, donate the money you made for doing nothing for 2 months to a charity. You are “healthy” now so hit the gym with DeMar and do something productive for your team…while you are still on one. No trips to the line, 5 turnovers and the voice of a cartoon character. Give me a break.

Wright: those jumpshots of his reminded me of The Tourist. Pitiful, revolting and never to be seen again. But, hey, he is a hell of a defender and a dead ringer for someone that could be in the next live action Fat Albert movie.

Driving The Bus: Amir Johnson

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

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