Rapcast #97: The Doctor Is In – The Dead Simple Big Board

The Big Board isn’t rocket science by any means. In fact, it’s dead simple.

Kyrie Irving

Harrison Barnes

Other topics:

  • PFs in the draft, the issue with drafting tweeners.
  • The Raptors “Big 3” – DeRozan, Davis and Bargnani and “Tier Drafting”.
  • The Raptors two positions of weakness and whether they are addressable in the draft.
  • Is Linas Kleiza a core component moving forward and how does that affect the Raptors drafting.
  • Will Kyrie Irving declare? Is the PG position the Raptors most urgent need?
  • Harrison Barnes as a Top 5 pick.
  • Are Barnes and Irving a class apart?
  • Scouts evaluations of late first-round picks and what it doesn’t take into account.
  • Not having lottery talent does not mean you can’t draft solid components.
  • Revisiting the “Top 50 Talent” argument from last week.
  • Win total and conference position projects for next season.
  • The difference between being active and actually getting it done.
  • Boston re-tooling on the fly with Jeff Green and Rajon Rondo and the salary cap freed up by their Big 3.
  • Andrea Bargnani – a great second or third contributor on a good NBA team.
  • Colangelo suggesting the TPE is still in play and that trades are to come. Raptors tradeable assets that are attractive to other teams.
  • Leveraging a Top 20 player into getting other Top 20 players – NY, MIA, NJN?
  • Who is out there that the Raptors can acquire via trade that is a top 10-25 player?

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Note: The Rapcast is a day late because Arsenalist is a lazy editor.

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