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Rapcast #102: The Doctor Is In – GM, Coach, Playoffs, Draft, Free Agency, Cap

Joined by Sam, the topics of discussion are vast, varied, vindictive, viscous, vehement - all delivered in very, very velvetine voices.

Joined by Sam, the topics of discussion are vast, varied, vindictive, viscous, vehement – all delivered in very, very velvetine voices.

The GM

  • Donnie Walsh heading out in NY and the idea of Colangelo as his replacement.
  • Will Colangelo get renewed? Should he?
  • What about Walsh and Colangelo trading places?

The Coach

  • Stan Van Gundy out in Orlando? If so, should the Raps target him?
  • Adelman is out in Houston, hmmm.
  • What about some excellent defensive coordinators and former coaches like Dallas’ Dwayne Casey?

The Playoffs

  • What the playoffs have made possible.
  • Will Spurs look to rebuild? Any interest in Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili or even Tim Duncan? At what cost?
  • Does Memphis’ run make Rudy Gay expendable, is his exit necessary to move in order for them to keep Gasol and Randolph. Would you trade your 1st round pick and use the Bosh exemption for Gay?
  • Will Lakers look to rebuild? Any possible moves here? How about Calderon to LA, Gasol to Raptors?

The Draft

  • Chad Ford has Kanter to Toronto at #3 and Derrick Williams to Toronto #2 or #1. Under no scenario does he have Irving coming to Toronto.
  • What is the best strategy for the Raptors?
  • Ford has Irving going #1 to Minny. Would you trade #3 to Minny for Rubio?

Free Agency

  • What is the biggest need?
  • Would you take a run at a guy like Yao? Tay Prince? TJ Carl Landry? D. West? JJ Barea? Kirilenko? (All Unrestricted)
  • Remember Rodney Stuckey? Thaddeus Young? Aaron Brooks? Greg Oden? (All Restricted)

The Cap
If Raps renounce their rights to Wright and Dorsey and let Weems and Evans walk, they will have 11 guys under contract for approximately 47 million: Calderon, Barbosa, Bayless, DeRozan, Kleiza, J. Johnson, A. Johnson, Bargnani, Davis, Alabi, and a cap hold of roughly 3.5 million for the #3 pick. Twelve guys, 51 million. The cap this year was at 57 million and its expected to go down. But if it holds, it leaves the Raptors approximately 5.5 million and the mid-level to spend on 1-2 roster spots.

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48 thoughts on “Rapcast #102: The Doctor Is In – GM, Coach, Playoffs, Draft, Free Agency, Cap”

  1. Does it make sense to go after Gay and Oden this summer and keep Calderon, Bargs, Demar and ED.

    I would get excited about this team again if there’s any way to pull that off.

      • so you bring in Oden, give up Bargs. Then Oden goes down with injury and you’re left with….?

        I’m ok with Bargs coming back to start the season. If no strides of improvement are evident, then i’d look to move him mid-season.

      • By the way. Hyperbole has its place. But when it over takes discussions, as it has on this site for the past year in regards to Bargs, it becomes destructive to discourse. It’s much more productive to use hyperbole to make a point when it is sandwiched with rationale and calm ideas.

      •  of course it would bargs is a great 2 or 3 option. he just cant be the go to guy. he is better that oden and 50% of centres i the league. always a matchup problem. trading bargs is a trade we would regrret. at 10 mil bargs is a steal

    • I think the Raps should keep their pick. If they end up with Kanter, say, then they should offer Bargs plus some of the TPE for Gay. The Grizzlies might actually be able to use Bargs – they need 3 point shooting and he would be happy to work on improving his 3 point shooting I’m sure.

      • I don’t think you can package the TPE like that. You can use part of it to buy players, but not to top up salaries in a trade situation.

        But i’d be ok with this for a mid-season trade. I want to see how Bargs responds to last season where he was the #1 option on offence. I’d love to see him come back with a chip on his shoulder and shut up all the haters. But if he doesn’t…can his ass.

  2. i enjoy listening to these podcasts but you guys really dropped the ball on this one.

    all i am hearing is aahs and ums and a whole lot of shallow comments. “carlesimo? umm, idk man. i mean what has he really done this year? not too crazy about him.”

    wtf man?! complete waste of my time.

  3. His name wasn’t mentioned, but any thoughts on trading for Andro Igoudala? It would require that Demar be moved to the SF spot which I’m not a big fan of because he’d be giving up his size advantage at the SF spot. Also this may spur a would AI make DD reduntant thread, but the idea of two super athletic wings is enticing.

  4. wow, you guys are on a different tip …. bayless is better than barea … yea we would like rudy, but why would we want a a p.f … and if we get oden we would not play him with area but rather ed … whos this new guy he doesnt know what hes saying … i like the rubio trade snerio though …

    • pretty sure rudy gay is a long athletic and defensive-minded SF. Pretty much exactly what this team needs. I’d much rather give up trade picks for him than Rubio, but either is a good scenario.

      • i like rudy, but ‘defensive-minded’ isn’t exactly an accurate descriptor. he has the body & athletic ability to BECOME a solid defender, but he’s not close to being one yet…at least consistently.

        • I dunno man. Gay did pretty well on the defensive end. Maybe saying “defensive-minded” was giving him credit for deliberately preforming well on defence when it was more “accidental”, for lack of a better word. Wasn’t he #1 in steals before he got injured (ended up 1.7 STG-good for top 10)? If I remember that correctly, than it would indicate a generally high IQ for reading offences. That coupled with innate athletic ability and length tells me he’s good on defence…if not defensive-minded.

          • steals are – perhaps – the most inaccurate barometer of whether one is a solid defender. it could simply mean that the player in question leaves his defensive responsibility to roam passing lanes. again, i like rudy as a player, but at the moment, he’s much more heavily weighted toward the offensive side of the ball. i do see him becoming a solid defender…it’s more a mental/attitude thing with him. i think there were definite signs this year that he was becoming much more well-rounded.

  5. 1) Drafting Derrick Williams (before trying to trade for Rudy Gay) just has common sense written all over it.

    2) And someone has to get JC or JB from us before we trade for Rubio.

    3) I don’t like the Greg Oden idea at all. Getting a C with D looks like the least likely outcome.

  6. By the way, phdsteve, ‘the doctor’ should listen to the entire podcast again, specifically counting the number of times the interviewer interrupted the interviewee. What was the point of having the guest at all, if that’s what you’re going to do to him? If it was me, I’d never accept a request from you to be interviewed again. Being the victim of such rudeness isn’t something to look forward to.

    • uh, i think the ‘interrupting’ was due mainly to the tape lag…there was a pretty clear delay between the two of them, so i don’t think it was a case of steve interrupting sam, merely a consequence of the delay. yeesh.

  7. “Aaaa, humm, *pause* ssssss, IIIIIdunno maybeeee…”

    Sorry but listening to Sam was even more painful than Steve interrupting all the time to avoid dead air.

  8. I don’t think Wright, Dorsey, Evans, and Weems are coming back! Colangelo would rather take a chance of getting Marc Gasol, Big Baby, Kris Humphries, and Belinelli.

    Why would the Raptors hire a new coach if they have Triano? This guy knows his game, haters gonna hate. Didn’t you guys see the Raptors in review on NBATV. He knows his game… And oh, changing a new coach won’t solve this Raptors’ problems.


    You want that zombie-like GM coming to Toronto? Forget it. MLSE would rather get Pritchard or Liston perhaps if that faggot cockblock Silvestri will veto Colangelo’s extension.

  9. WOW where do i start this guy wants to trade the whole team for chris paul are you nuts trade the whole tema for a 1 r 2 year player great move then he sayd the suns would trade nash for billups cause billups contract is expiring by the way so is nash’s and finally the most stupid thing i heard im hoping i didnt hear this right is it would be good for the rasp to gett he 3rd pic cause they would save 1 mill on there cap wow you really want the 3rd best player so you can save 1 mill wow wow wow im hoping i didnt hear that rigth anyways the few smart things i heard was making a play for rudy gay i like it but would rather go for granger maybe andrea and bayless and even a 1st rounder top 10 protected for granger and signing a top center like chandler or jordan from the clippers and oden to be a back up i dont know but hopefully lets get lukcy in the ping pong balls so we can get irving now imagine irving derozan granger davis and chandler wow i think we could make a run at a title if a year or 2 if we gte those pieces.tell me whta you think

    • No to Granger. I think he’s hit his potential. Gay on the other hand is still showing signs of improvement, is longer, and I think has a better attitude.

      • You make pretty good points but what i like about granger more then gay is hes a better 3 pointer shooter and i think the raps need that defense is a bit better i think and i like defense that with all my players and plus if you’ve been watching the playoffs you’ve been hearing how memphis all season long been playing better without gay and that scares me and granger  contract is cheaper by  a few million and winning changes attitudes.

        • Dunno about Memphis playing better without Gay. I think that’s mis-information that’s being spread around. Remeber they started the season like gang-busters, and Gay played a huge part in that. When he went down to injury, they faultered which lead to them sneaking into the playoffs by the skin of their teeth.
          I think Memphis’ performance this post-season is more a testament to the character of the players and the coaching staff than it is an indictment of Rudy Gay’s abilities.
          Granger on the other hand has been “the guy” on Indiana for 4 seasons now, and nothing of substance has happend. At least Rudy Gay had his team competing with and beating the best in the West.

  10. Your Rudy Gay trade idea isn’t feasible. His salary is 13.6 million, which is greater than the remaining 9.06 million of the TPE we acquired for Bosh. So a trade for Rudy isn’t possible unless we’re sending them one or two of our bigger contracts (which defeats the purpose of dumping Gay’s deal to clear salary).

    Also, if we utilize capspace to sign a free agent, we can’t also utilize the MLE (which is an exception only available to teams that are OVER the cap)

  11. The trade exception cannot be combined with a player off the Raptors roster to make a trade. However, you can use the trade exception with the salary from the 3rd overall pick to obtain a player of Rudy Gay’s status. If we get a top 2 pick, we draft, if we get the 3rd pick or lower, we trade it with the trade exception.

    • Does it work if we bring a 3rd team in? Like say Minnesota?
      TPE to Memphis, pick to Minni, we get Gay, Memphis gets a player from Minnie that balances out the salaries? 

  12. You guys should phone eachother next time to get rid of the lag. The one ear speaking drives me nuts.

    Otherwise, another great listen

  13.  Love the trade idea for Rudy Gay. 

    PHD and RapsFan, I did not understand your position on Kanter and if Raptors should draft him or Not ??

    • If we get the third pick, and he’s on the board, go for it, but I’m not excited by the kid. In the front court, the Raptors need a compliment to Bargnani who plays defense and rebounds. Kanter doesn’t seem to be able to do that.

      • Thank you Sam. I am not sold on Kanter as well and don’t understand the fascination of Raptor fans with him. I wonder how many of them have actually seen Kanter play and how many game they have seen of him !!! This is piece from NBA.Com today on the very same issue:

        “”To take a kid that high who essentially hasn’t played in a year and a half, and the last game he played in was a JUCO game, it will take a very strong GM to draft him,” a Central division personnel director said. “I don’t know how many of the GMs with top 10 picks have ever seen this kid play. At the end of the day, he might be a riskier pick than Valanciunas.”


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