Reviewing Bryan Colangelo’s Trades, Part I

This three-part series looks at Colangelo’s wheelings and dealings.

June 8 2006: Traded center Rafael Araujo to the Utah Jazz for forwards Kris Humphries and Robert Whaley.

People love giving Rob Babcock credit for finding Jose Calderon and passing up on the Gerald Green hype to select Charlie V. For a brief period we even had people singing songs about him for unearthing Roko Ukic before the latter melted away to obscurity. All that is trumped by him passing up on Andre Iguodala and Danny Granger (twice). Funny thing about Hoffa was that he was one of those players that you just know sucks without even having watched him dribble a basketball. In that respect he’s a lot like pretty much any Jim Carey movie. Personal thank you to Bryan Colangelo for getting us something for nothing. Humphries didn’t amount to much in Toronto but it was still a good deal.
Grade: A
Team impact: Minimal, but positive

June 21 2006: Traded forwards Matt Bonner and Eric Williams and a 2009 second-round draft pick to the San Antonio Spurs for center Radoslav Nesterovic.

Great trade for the Raptors because Rasho was a central part of the division-winning 2006-07 team. He was a great positional defender and added a timely scoring punch while spacing out the paint. His character traits were spoken of highly by his teammates and his influence was so positive, that he was brought around for a second run through the bi-annual exception, although the second stint wasn’t nearly as memorable.
Grade: A
Team impact: Very positive

Draft 2006: Traded the draft rights to forward Edin Bavcic to the Philadelphia 76ers for cash.

Edin Bavcic now parks my car when I eat at Keg Mansion.
Grade: N/A
Team impact: None

June 30 2006: Traded forward Charlie Villanueva to the Milwaukee Bucks for TJ Ford and cash.

If Rasho was central to the division-winning team, then TJ Ford was at the epicenter of it all. He led the point-guard tandem as the Raptors dominated the position that year, too bad things fell off rather dramatically for TJ soon after. Villanueva to the day is an erratic player who is about as reliable as Chinese pacemaker.
Grade: B+
Team impact: Very Positive

February 22 2007: Traded guard Fred Jones to the Portland Trail Blazer for guard Juan Dixon.

Half-decent player for crap really. Dixon was the better player, the only good thing Jones did was win the dunk contest, and that was before he came to the Raptors.
Grade: B
Team impact: Minimal, but positive

June 15 2007: Traded two future second-round picks to the Detroit Pistons for forward Carlos Delfino.

Drafting second-rounders is a lot of work, you have to do research, scout, and all that other mumbo-jumbo which Colangelo sucks at (Jawai, Tucker etc.), so he played to his strength of trading away picks, this time it worked and he nabbed Delfino. A good defender and a serviceable point-forward with a streaky scoring punch, all in all not a bad player. He played one season in Toronto and was a mediocre player on a poorly constructed team.
Grade: B
Team impact: Positive.

June 28 2007: Traded a 2008 second-round pick to the San Antonio Spurs for the draft rights to forward Giorgos Printezis.

After bumbling his way in the European leagues for too long, any irrationally high hopes Raptors fans were had for Printezis faded away. He was much, much later traded for Alexis Ajinca.
Grade: N/A
Team impact: None

February 21 2008: Traded guard Juan Dixon to the Detroit Pistons for center Primoz Brezec.

Where Dixon was a serviceable backup who could handle the ball and nail an occasional shot, Primoz’s game resembled a blindfolded guy trying to play musical chairs without any chairs around.
Grade: C
Team impact: Minimal, but negative.

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