#BrunoWatch – Bruno Caboclo Plays 4 Sad Minutes for Mad Ants vs Austin (Sad Video Included)

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This was not good.

Bruno Caboclo played 4 minutes and below is what the play-by-play reads en route to his 0-3 with a turnover. The coach executed a mercy kill and benched him for the second half after realizing that Bruno was basically shooting every time he got the ball and playing little defense to go along with it.

Whereas the first game was promising, this one was not. Video follows.

03:26 - Jones Substitution replaced by Caboclo
03:05 - Caboclo Jump Shot: Missed
02:27 - Caboclo Turnover : Lost Ball (1 TO) Steal:Murphy (1 ST)
02:13 - Caboclo 3pt Shot: Missed
00:45.9 - Caboclo Foul: Shooting (1 PF) (1 FTA)

11:00 - Caboclo Jump Shot: Missed
10:49 - Caboclo Foul: Personal (2 PF)
10:49 - Caboclo Substitution replaced by Jones

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