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Halloween Costume Ideas For The Toronto Raptors

Who likes great photoshops?

DeMar DeRozan: He’ll want to go as something really scary, as seen in a video Norman Powell shared earlier this week.

However, there’s a reason he got that urge out of his system early and it’s so he could fully commit to his real costume—DeMar DeFrozen, a person his daughter made up that’s an amalgamation of her favourite characters from the movie Frozen.

Kyle Lowry: A real life version of his own self-portrait.

Norman Powell: Either the Piano Man (Billy Joel) or a piano, man (a piano).

Pascal Siakam: A traditional wizard.

Lucas Nogueira: ‘Nowitzki’s Bebe’—a talented little demon that starts out a bit recklessly but eventually matures into a reliable 3-point shooter.

C.J. Miles: ‘A basketball player’—the most dadish costume possible, thrown together by putting on what’s just lying around at the last minute.

Jakob Poeltl: Arnold Schwarzenegger dressed as Hermann Maier for a biopic that’s had four directorial changes and is now being filmed on a sound stage in Ajax, instead of on the Austrian Alps. Nobody gets it but to be fair he’ll be wearing a bodybuilding leotard with ski goggles. It’s a little cerebral, Jakob.

Delon Wright: ‘Wright’s Flight’—a great history reference conjoined with a subtle nod to his penchant for dunking. There’s some heavy construction involved in this one but I’ve got no doubt that he can pull it off under the wire.

Fred VanVleet: The only thing that scares me about Fred and Halloween is the idea that he could get hurt in a rogue apple bobbing or haunted house accident. So, no costume for Fred this year, Fred’s gonna stay in.

OG Anunoby: A mummy made out of headbands.

Jonas Valančiūnas: A composite of all the haircuts he’s ever had, affixed to his body. So like a werewolf coming out of a strip mall Supercuts.

Serge Ibaka: Dwane Casey in Hawaii during the pre-season.

Bruno Caboclo: Terrence Ross (he doesn’t quite get it).


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