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DeRozan: Raptors fans are ‘some great f—-n’ fans’

Our pal Josh Lewenberg is in Las Vegas for the USA Basketball minicamp and passed along a great quote from DeMar DeRozan that I’m sure Toronto Raptors fans will appreciate. After noting that he hasn’t spoken to Masai Ujiri since the trade and does not intend to, DeRozan was asked about the fans he’s leaving behind after the deal. His answer was profane, sincere, and showed great appreciation for Toronto.

DeRozan and Gregg Popovich are already getting to work together, by the way.

Kyle Lowry did not speak to media but will do so Friday, his first public comments since the trade that weren’t on DeRozan’s Instagram story.

I know some of you are tired of the DeRozan/Ujiri quotes by now, and I may not pass along anymore, but I thought DeRozan’s comments on the fans were worth passing along.

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