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Report: Raptors sign Jodie Meeks to 10 Day Contract

Jodie Meeks is set to join the Raptors on a 10-day contract according to reports.

The Raptors continue their hunt for depth pieces after the Marc Gasol trade that sent out 3-for-1, and have found their newest experiment in the form of Jodie Meeks.

Meeks brings just one NBA level skill, shooting. Which is coincidentally the skill the Raptors need the most right now.  Meeks shot 34.3 percent last season in 77 games with the Washington Wizards (although he did shoot 40+ percent each of the previous two years).

What makes this a particularly large flyer is that Meeks has yet to play an NBA game this season at the age of 31. He was initially suspended for the first 25 games of the season due to a failed drug test, and was promptly cut by the Milwaukee Bucks shortly after the suspension ended.

He is highly doubtful to be in NBA game shape after the extended absence, but there are worse ways to use a 10 day contract.  Best case scenario Meeks works out and the Raptors keep him around for the remainder of the season, but there is also the possibility that he is just an added body as the Raptors wait to see if any bigger fish join the free agency market.

(Note: Raptors Republic does not endorse the use of performance enhancing drugs, especially if it doesn’t actually make you better.)