Raptors Extra Weekly Podcast – The Top of the East w/Dave DuFour

Host Samson Folk brings on the prolific podcaster and newly minted member of The Athletic, Dave DuFour.

4:30 – Why the Raptors won’t beat the Bucks

9:40 – How the Raptors can beat the Bucks

11:55 – How has DeMar DeRozan been accepted by San Antonio

13:55 – Dave’s favourite players

15:05 – The most exciting teams to watch this year

16:35 – Raptors vs. Nets in the playoffs/Guarding D’Angelo Russell

20:55 – Why will the Celtics lose in the first round

24:00 – Read on OG Anunoby’s inconsistent rookie year

26:30 – An outside opinion on Kawhi’s year with the Raptors

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