#TheShotChallenge is what you need in quarantine

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What is #TheShotChallenge? (get a peek here) It’s what happens when quarantine collides with a historic moment. It’s also what we all did at some point over the last year. You know, go to the corner of the room, take a crumpled piece of paper and aim for a half-filled cup of team on the dresser. As we shot it, we crouch on the ground seeking a line of sight to whether the piece of trash actually went in (it didn’t, it never does, except that one time but I don’t have it on video but I swear it did go in). It’s a story to tell years from now – where were you when the city exploded? It was the moment that, at the time, eclipsed all other moments.

Back to matters at hand, Coors Light is encouraging Canadians to recreate ‘The Shot’ in their own creative way, whether they are shooting a ping pong ball into a cup or shooting an apple into a produce bin. Canadians can enter the challenge by posting their recreation of ‘The Shot’ on social media, using the hashtag #TheShotChallenge and tagging @CoorsLightCanada before May 26th. The best part is, the winner of the challenge will win Raptors-related prizes, including the chance to sit Coors Side at a future Raptors home game! And no, I don’t mean watch a game via Zoom or on TV, I mean at an actual game.  I know that seems a distant dream but it’ll happen.

So go ahead and try out the #TheShotChallenge. Maybe Fun Guy will take notice, but I doubt the dude even has internet so chances are low on that. But you could win some pretty cool prizes.

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