Raptors on Parade w/ Kai – Raptors Weekly Podcast

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Courtesy of Raptors.com

Host Samson Folk brings on basketball content creator, Kai (Twitter, YouTube) to talk about the Raptors season so far.

Here’s his video on Scottie Barnes.

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1:03 – No longer booty, the Raptors are good

1:49 – Fred is HIM

3:28 – The Raptors/Bulls matchup

5:30 – What are the Raptors shortcomings this year?

6:30 – The surprising starting lineup

7:15 – The lovable Scottie Barnes

9:45 – Are the Raptors carving a new futuristic playstyle?

11:19 – Positive thoughts on the Raptors defense

13:00 – Wanting more creativity on offense

15:00- Stealing Raptors for a playoff run

16:15 – DeMar DeRozan’s season

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