Navigating the Gong Show – Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast – OSBF253

With all the increased media attention because of Durant, how are the Raptors being discussed?

Is the media giving the team the respect it deserves now or are they still being viewed as a place for banishment?

RAPTORS: Because of the KD talk, the Raptors have been in the news a ton. What’s the major takeaway from how the Raptors are discussed? What’s the most interesting summer league storyline for the Raptors?

NBA: The NBA is looking to eliminate the “take foul” with a new penalty that will be a free throw and the ball. What rule should be added, changed or removed?  Who will be the breakout regular season team AKA the Memphis Grizzlies of last year?

With Elisa Nobrega!

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