Raps Suck in the Swamp and Drop Below .500 in the East

Toronto Raptors 90, New Jersey Nets 99

Well that was even worse. How do we keep laying eggs like this? We give up easy baskets and play pretend D, you know the kind that’s just enough to make it look like your getting out to a shooter but not really. Never put a decent foul on anyone. Carter came back to play, just to stick it to us and blows kisses to the fans at home, and we don’t put any lumber on him. They put a small on Bosh because they figured out he can’t really dominate if he’s not being fouled be a slower player. And the smaller guy can still get him off his spots. Frank, pwns Sam, frankly. And Sam hates it. He goes off like in post game interview like a man about to break. Who could blame him? It’s obvious the cookie jar is bare. It sounds like as far as he’s concerned he was given a team of jump shooters who can’t hit jump shots. He may have a point. Even If Sam is a problem, he’s far form the only one. But it also seemed like Jersey was a step ahead and knew exactly how to play us. There’s a reason they got their looks and we didn’t and it’s because they were better prepared. When Bargs was in they adjusted. They couldn’t stop Rasho, who again was awesome but they planned for everyone else, and had them covered. It was sad but refreshing to hear coach Frank talk about a pre planned adjustment based on the opposing personal. It’s so much better that the “if you think your so much better then me go talk to the fifteen teams not in the playoffs”.

When Bosh went out Rasho filled in for him and he hasn’t given the conch back yet. Rasho’s has been awesome; Bosh has not been impressive when it counts and was uncharacteristically bad from the line tonight. He looks shook and he looks tired. His numbers are misleading in this game. However he could have had a triple double if we could make shots.

On to the Game:

We started the first quarter playing bad defense. Nets shoot 65% in the first.

Raps come out in the second with the white wash. I’m sure it did a lot for the spirits of the NBA’s minority’s, but it didn’t do a whole lot for the score board. The bench sucked tonight. Bargs took only three shots, yet manage to make one of them the worst of all time. Jose had four fouls at the half. Delfino was taking bad shots, and Kapono…well…

Another first half with no threes. That’s not Raps Basketball. It makes it hurt even worse given how bad we are at defending the three point line. We need the three’s to help off set that, but we couldn’t make shats.

3rd Quarter and Chuck rings it up from Fredericton, NB. I’m thinking it’s me, but it’s not. Just add it to the disappointment.

4th Quarter, cue the meltdown. Nothing out of the ordinary. We just play bad basketball. Bad defense, miss threes and look foolish and cause the watching audience at home to question our desire and manhood. But it’s the NBA so the beauty is there’s always another game. Wonderful. Can’t wait. Eventually we will get some bad team who’s already out, who rests everybody, and get a W and we can go on to pretending like we aren’t a team that sucks in the crunch and can’t adjust or find its identity. That’s what Sam and Bosh think the team needs. A W. I think they need to start playing and planning better, but whatever. I always hated that, there’s always another game line. it’s a mentality that obviously does not bode well for playoff success. They will only have three tries to use that line the playoffs though. Will Sam freak in his interview if we’re swept, there’s a reason to watch.

Next time you get that Salami and Cheese from the fridge, think twice about eating it. It’s been in there for a while now.


I’m out.



  • Bosh is not matching his rhetoric. He should shut up until he plays better.
  • Bargs, awful. He only took three shots; looked like he didn’t want to take any.
  • Rasho was awesome. Again.
  • Are we reaping what we sow with Carter, should we have just ignored him when he left?
  • Carter is a catch 22. We hated him because he didn’t always play hard. Now he hates us, so he plays hard against us….
  • RJ, again, just does whatever he wants. Prances all over us with no recourse.
  • Something is up with this team.
  • We’re lucky the rest of the East has been so bad, because we could easily have been on the outside of the playoffs.
  • It took a long time but they managed to suck all the fun out of being a raps fan.
  • I doubt BC sits on his hands.

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