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In the year 2010…



…Barack Obama will have cured poverty, racism, and hiccups. You’ll be able to drive to work in your cell phone. People will still be waiting for “Darko’s breakout year.” And Raptors fans will be holding their breath in hopes that Chris Bosh, their future Hall of Famer, decides to “keep it Canuck” and sign a   …Continue Reading

Step 1: Don’t get killed. Step 2: Stay close till the 4th. Step 3: Give ball to Bosh.


Kyrie Irving

Download the Opening Tip here. It’s the Lakers tonight and Jermaine O’Neal is ready to play. Is he 100%? I don’t know but if he’s not then he should sit. The last thing anybody wants is aggravating an injury and a player playing with a ready-made excuse to not play well. No offense to O’Neal   …Continue Reading

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