Roll Call

Roll Call – Jan 11 vs Celtics

The “who snuck the can of Raid into the ACC” edition

Bargnani – he has had a great shooting touch the last few games. So, what do you do? Not pass him the ball, of course. Early foul trouble took him out of his much-needed rhythm. Like the rest of the team, he turned it on late and saved some face.

Bosh – I’m beginning to think  his folks used to yell “Hey Chris, don’t play in the paint” when they were painting rooms in their house…how else to explain his fear of playing in the paint as an NBA player? He had a horrible shooting night and was on the receiving end of some donwright horrible passes, but when he did have the ball, he needed to drive it. Smart move by Jay to hold him out in the fourth.

Calderon – for at least the second time this season, he failed to take advantage of a hurt defender. Common sense dictates that if you see a hobbled guy wearing a jersey that isn’t your own, you feed it to the guy he is guarding. Instead, Einstein here goes in the complete opposite direction and it ends in a horrible turnover. Can’t blame the hammy on that. Hunger and desire will take you far as an NBA PG. I’m beginning to wonder if Jose has either.

Graham – The only real spark all game long. Literally went face to face with Bonner Jr. and should be pointed to as the spark that lit the comeback fire. Keep playing like that and they’ll name a sandwich after you at Shopsy’s.

Humphries – seriously, what the hell? Did Santa come to your house and eat all your cookies or something? I have no idea what you were doing on the floor today, but I’ve seen better moves in my bathroom mirror after a shower.

Jawai – the Big Ticker needs someone to show him the way to Stitches so he can pick up some new threads. That dark jacket ensemble is just getting a bit too old.

Kapono – never let it be said he doesn’t play the game with passion. He’s never committed a foul, nor has he never not had one committed on him. I love how he looks at his arms after each faux-foul as if someone just whacked him on his million dollar arms and he will no longer be able to provide money for her.

Moon – very active today with a couple of nice blocks. Certainly made Rondo think twice a few times. It’s bizarre that you can almost tell by looking at him what kind of game he is going to have. If he has that goofy grin on his face, it’s all about the Jam Man. If, however, he cuts that crap and comes out with a game face, he can alter a game.

O’Neal – I was one of first to question why he wasn’t on the bench and now I think it’s deserving of a full-out investigation. It’s not like the $20mil mistake had surgery. If he can’t sit, he can stand in the tunnel. Where the hell is this piece of garbage? You come in preaching team and unity and nobody is bigger than the team and you pull this? All you HO jockers out there should be given an explanation.

Parker – so I heard Ray Allen was on a poor shooting streak. Amazing how that all ended by about, oh, 1pm Eastern.

Solomon – have to be honest, the way the floor was opening up in the fourth, I have to wonder if Will wouldn’t have been better suited out there than Roko. Think the smart move would have been to sub him in along with Bosh….

Ukic – ..because while Roko might get some credit for being around when we made it close, that ill advised three as well as an inability to feed the ball to an open guy on a few occasions stood out like a sore thumb.

Voskuhl – quite the line..4 minutes, 3 fouls, nothing else. Literally. Nothing. Else. Wonder how Jose feels about getting him on the roster with some of the money he deferred. Maybe Mr Slanteye has an ulcer and not a hammy injury.

Driving The Bus:   Joey Graham

Under The Bus:    Kris Humphries

Game Theme:      Easy

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