50 = Bad

Even a half-french-half-nelson can’t stop CB4.

It’s been a minute, but I’m back. Sadly, not a whole lot changed while I was gone.. The fortunes of this team have remained the same. Regardless of how we got here, the fact of the matter is that this team is worse off right now then when BryCo took over. That’s all I’m going to say (you forgot how I ramble didn’t you?). Whatever, it’s done. Team sucks, we understand, moving on…

To call this season a disappointment would be an understatement of epic proportions. Not because BC claimed it was the most talented team he has assembled in Toronto, but because of the inroads we were making over the last few years:

2005-2006 – The BryCo saga begins – 27-55
2006-2007 – First year of an era – 47-35
2007-2008 – The Horford raped us year – 41-41
2008-2009 – The most talented team on paper year – 32-50 or 33-49


You bet your azz. Is this team better or worse off then when BryCo took over the reigns? I’m just putting it out there, but I have to ask.

It looks like the Bulls have something to be playing for tonight. They are a game out of 5th and if they can win, and Miami loses to Detroit, they can sneak into 5th and face the Hawks in the 1st round, which is the best 1st round match-up for them, IMHO. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Hawks are a better team, but they are missing Childress and Marvin Williams is injured…could be a sleeper situation for Da Bulls.

Also, the Bulls have the added motivation of avenging that thrilling loss back in April in OT. You remember that one, Parker splits a pair of free throws that could clinch the game, Ben Gordon comes back down and pops a jumper in Bosh’s eye to tie it up at the buzzer? Fortunately, Bosh/Bargnani/Marion stepped up to steal back a game after a furious comeback by the Bulls. Twas an exciting game, Arsenalist even put aside his Twit-stalking of @taylorswift13 to curse out Parker then anoint Bargnani as the future.

Your milkshake would bring me to the yard.

The Raptors on the other hand have nothing to play for, but they have a knack of winning when the games don’t mean anything and has actually cost them draft position. Was I the only one who thought it super classy of Bosh to come out and do Colangelo’s job for him on Sunday? Taking it on the chin for the team? This is the guy you don’t want to resign to a max contract? This isn’t a leader? Sure he isn’t an offensive first choice, but the guy is elite. Short of trading him for Roy, Paul, Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Carmelo, Dwight, or Joe Johnson, they wont even come close to good value and the Raptors become the laughing stock of the league and never ever get out of the first round for the foreseeable future. Don’t worry Chris, I still love ya. You piss me off from time-to-time, but you’re the man.

Why am I making such a big deal of this now, with a game to go before the playoffs? It is easy: the Raptors are a game away from 50 losses, and Bosh is the only player on this team who can make sure that doesn’t happen. Simple. We need Bosh to avoid 50 losses as much as we need him to retire a Raptor.

Our cheerleader of the day is Shannon, currently Miss. Illinois. I actually don’t have anything witty to say about her because not only is she beautiful, she is educated (Masters from Depaul), ambitious (ideal job is as an educational advocate traveling the world speaking on the improvement of education) AND seems like that kind of girl that all your buddies secretly pine for, and get all ‘school-girly & giggly” when she’s around. Still, the dirty things I would do to you. If you are reading this, hit me on twitter, @rapsfan, and we can make some arrangements to hook up, I’ll be in Chicago early May, could be magical…


Raptors – who cares
Bulls – who cares

What the Raptors Will Have to do to Avoid 50 Losses

Bargnani – Keep Noah away from the rim, if nothing else.

Bosh – Keep doing what you do.

Calderon – Push the ball and look for Marion on the break.

Marion – 20/15.

Parker – Hit your flippin free throws.


It was a truly disappointing season, but Bosh will send us into the summer with less of a sour taste in our mouths (until the shiznak hits the fan as soon as the playoffs are over and LeBron is holding that trophy). Raptors by 6.

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