Kyrie Irving

Roll Call – Season Wrap up


The “I told you so” edition Adams – possessed the characteristics you look for as a general manager of an NBA franchise: a fire hydrant with a headband. Hassan brought as much value to our team as would rap lessons from 50 Cent given to Jake Voskuhl. Banks – at least Hassan isn’t costing us… Read more »


Linkage for Apr 21 8am to Apr 28 11am


Linkage for Apr 21 8am through Apr 28 11am: TSN2 situation not done messing with Toronto-area basketball fans just yet – Posted Sports Dino Nation Blog: 15 Years Ago Was A Lot Different NBA Free Agency 2009 – Looking Ahead | Hard-nosed Athenian may be answer to Raptor need for toughness Gazing Into A… Read more »