Touching Base On Comments

Things in the comments section have gotten out of control. The volume is great, the quality could be better, and it’s not for the lack of basketball insight and opinion that the comment section has become a little too painful for even the people who run the site to read. This has always been an open forum, we don’t require you to sign up or even post a real email but that practice has been abused too often for us not to be concerned about it – people are posting with multiple handles and we can’t even warn them about it since we don’t have their email.

We don’t want to censor anything and we also don’t want to moderate anything, nobody has time for that and frankly, we shouldn’t need to.The discussion in the comment section should be primarily basketball related and things should never escalate to the point of personal attacks. Some users have tried to hijack the threads through different means including excessive comments, one-on-one personal attacks, repetitiveness, by instigating other users etc. We’ll be keeping a close eye on pointless posts and deleting them accordingly, I’m sure nobody will miss an ill-conceived one-liner which didn’t add anything anyway.

We don’t have a great issue with foul language when discussing basketball, but when it is directed at other users it has the potential to be a problem resulting in the discussion getting off-track. There is a fine line between “ripping someone a new one” by countering their basketball points through reason as opposed to just swearing them out. The latter is what we’re looking for. We understand that certain posters bring the wrath of others upon themselves and we promise to keep those situations in check.

We appreciate every single reader and commenter but as this site continues to grow, we need you to make it easier for us, not harder. We promise to keep the content flowing at a very reasonable rate, just don’t make us work extra-hard because at the end of the day we’re all doing this for free, for the love of the team and we all want to have fun while doing so as we contribute to the Raptors fan community.

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