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Morning Coffee Sept 3

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With Bryan Colangelo finally finished for the summer (unless the meaningless Marcus Banks deal eventually gets done), we can finally look towards the season. Still, even with a full roster in place, the kind of team we’ll see in Toronto is anybody’s guess. With that in mind, I asked my friend and fellow-fan Paul a whack of questions about the 2009-2010 season. Feel free to disagree with different answers:

Scootover7’s NBA Blog

7) Toronto-   The Raptors adding Hedo Turkoglu is sure genius by GM Bryan Colangelo and also brought on was point guard and Bosh teammate in Georgia Tech Jarret Jack.   Will Turkoglu and Jack be enough to keep Bosh in Toronto when he become a free agent?  I’m not sure but I see Toronto getting back to the playoffs again in spite that i see them knocked out in the first round.

Zan Tabak Herald

The stars are now beginning to align and it appears the likelihood of a Bosh extension this summer is as close to happening as it has ever been.  If Bosh is wise he will sign now while he can still make max money and if he doesn’t the raptors can still offer him more than anyone else can next summer.

The thought of Bosh in another uniform has been a scary thought for Raptors fans for the last year but their worries could finally be all over.

Jurassic Hoops

There will be no shortage of minutes for Jarrett Jack.  What does that mean?  Well, look at it this way:  Jack put up an efficient 13.1 points per game in 33.1 minutes per game with the Pacers in 2008-09, but in the 22 games where Jack eclipsed the 40 minute barrier he averaged 18 points per game.  The guy can score when he’s counted on to do so.

The one area where Jack may see a significant dip in his numbers is in rebounding.  Raptors’ fans know that rebounding has never really been a strong suit with their club, but Bryan Colangelo has done a decent job in solidifying that glaring weakness.  There might not be enough boards to go around for Jack to match the 3.4 per game that he grabbed last season.  Still, he has increased his totals in each of his four NBA seasons so he’ll grab when he can.


DeMar Derozan: He’ll be somewhere in the Raptors rotation at some point, but Bryan Colangelo needs to remember that you can have indeed too much depth. So don’t bring in any more two’s now, Bryan.

Heels On Hardwood

The option of leaving $30 million (approx.) on the table would only come into play if the team regresses to a point where he loses faith in the direction the team is going. If this is the case the likely destinations mentioned are New York and Miami. Both teams can give him a max contract (albeit less than what the Raptors can), but would be handcuffing the team by doing so.


Chris Bosh – The Raptors forward joins Don and Gord on the Morning Show from Johannesburg, South Africa where he is doing charity work with the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders Program

Dino Nation Blog

The outlook should Bosh amazingly sign an extension would be drastically different in some ways. This team and Bosh would not have the distraction of the Bosh Free Agent Circus coming to town everywhere the Raptors played on the road. It would allow this team to be focused on Bosh’s main goal to win. It would also add to the summer in which Bryan Colangelo has made the impossible become possible. Bosh is spending time in Africa right now so it is not like this will happen tomorrow or next week. But the fact we are even having a conversation that it could blows my mind.


If the Raptors don’t win more than 39 games and they fail to make the post-season … we will all be worrying about or talking about much bigger issues than ESPN’s prediction coming true!  Heads will roll.  Missing the playoffs is not an option for Toronto this season and with the talent that Bryan Colangelo has brought to town this summer, I’d imagine that anything under .500 would be considered a major disappointment by those in the organization.

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