Raptors Roll Call Jan 11 vs Pacers

The “well, that was embarrassing” edition. Banks – I’d be faking a cold too. Bargnani –  statistically a monster game from Andrea with a 12/17 night. He was just as disappointing as anybody in the second half, though, including a shot late that looked like it would have landed in the 30th row if the… Read more »


Podcast, Pacers, rebounding, and that guy TJ

I’ve lost track of how many times the C**tics have pissed in my cornflakes. They stabbed us a long time ago and now they just twist the knife every time we play them. The part that both hurts and soothes me is the knowledge that they are clearly and without doubt the far superior team,… Read more »


Rajin’ Rondo leads C**tics to victory

Hot off two impressive road victories this past week, the Toronto Raptors were humbled on their own homecourt by a well-oiled Boston Celtics squad. It doesn’t matter who the Celts trot out on the court, they just always seem to have the Raps number. Last time, they had Rajon Rondo, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett… Read more »