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Raptors Roll Call Jan 11 vs Pacers

The “well, that was embarrassing” edition.

Banks – I’d be faking a cold too.

Bargnani –  statistically a monster game from Andrea with a 12/17 night. He was just as disappointing as anybody in the second half, though, including a shot late that looked like it would have landed in the 30th row if the backboard didn’t get in the way. Still, he defended his man very well the entire game, just needed some of his 10 missed shots to find the bottom of the net. 6 of those were 3 point attempts.

Belinelli – never let it be said he is afraid of shooting. Never let it be said he is better than, say, Troy Murphy.

Bosh – 27/10 but an incredible 20 visits to the free throw line yielded 15 of those points. Hibbert only played 7 minutes, leaving Murphy, Jones, Hansbrough and a bevy of other Pacers to double up on Chris when they could. Bosh needed to be aggressive amidst the comeback…instead he looked like he was being punched in the gut.

Calderon – one of the few Raptors that was consistent throughout the game.  In a game like this, though, that’s like saying you are the most consistent undertaker in Toronto.

DeRozan – started off very well. Ignited the team in the first quarter with his leaping ability and was on the receiving end of a beautiful pass by Hedo. Then, as his is style, he took over the role of Houdini and disappeared into the night.

Evans – calling his doctor first thing in the morning tomorrow to say he is starting to feel a sharp pain in his foot.

Jack – came out with the passion you’d expect to see from a guy playing in front of his old home crowd. Then, for no apparent reason, he turned into TJ Ford. His shot went AWOL, he was pleading against every call, he committed silly fouls, and he probably threw a tantrum in the dressing room later.

Johnson – no rebound, half a block and 4 fouls in 13 minutes. That is not how you help your team.

Nesterovic – all he did was come out, nail all 3 shots he took, grab 3 boards, block 2 shots….all in 4 minutes. The Pacers crowd was actually cheering for him. So what does Jay do? Sits him.

O’Bryant – his team left him behind when they landed in Indy, so he was forced to get a lift from someone else. One love.

Turkoglu- no denying he had a fair first half. That pass from his hip was nice, that reverse drive to the hoop was sexy, his 6 rebounds were good. That second half, though, was straight out of choke city. I sure hope the Turkish community in Toronto knows how to comfort one of their own because they are going to be called into active duty pretty quickly.

Weems – nice passion. Didn’t back down against Granger, resulting in a T,but one we will take. He remained very active, chasing loose balls and (literally) tearing down a rebound. That passion in a Triano based system, though, only gets you one thing: the bench.

Wright – well, at least he made it on to the year-end highlight reel with that 3/4 court shot at the half. Just before that, though, he had a ball trickle off his hands out of bounds, so he was due.

Driving The Bus:  Andrea Bargnani

Under The Bus:  Hedo Turkoglu

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