Statophile, Volume 1


Welcome to a new idea here at RR. The goal of Statophile is to produce a weekly summary of advanced metrics – to analyse beyond what’s beyond the basic boxscore. We will also address a few perceptions from readers each week and look to confirm or bust them.

Kyrie Irving

Sooooo Ya, How ‘Bout Them Raptors?


Well, 6 games in and eventhough the record isn’t what most of us would like to see, I’d have to say I’m not as disappointed as I thought I’d be. Moving forward, what do you guys think needs to be done? We’re not looking for “Fire Jay” or “Trade Andrea for Mike Sweetney” answers, but… Read more »

Josh Smith, Amir Johnson

Streak’s Alive, Raps Hopes Not So Much


So the road trip ended the way most of us expected, but the Raps put up a good fight, you could argue, in each and every one of the four games. Even the Chris Bosh versions didn’t fare this well, or maybe thats what we’d all like to believe.