Statophile, Volume 3


Is Bayless performing that much worse than Jack? For all the knocks on Bayless’ inability to pass, his assist percentage isn’t that far behind “pass first” PG Jose Calderon. Problem is his turnover percentage is quite high. Does Amir’s contract looks better than Drew Gooden’s> Just how hot was Andrea Bargnani this week in our three wins?


Are Raptors Fans Delusional?


Being apart of many forums over the years I’ve often heard people mention Raptors fans as being delusional. What do you think? Some think we are and some don’t. Perhaps to some its delusional, but I think to most its the passion for our team that shines through. That isn’t is a bad thing now,… Read more »


Raptor bigs beat down Celtics


The Boston Celtics are a vastly different team without Rajon Rondo, but all credit goes to the Toronto Raptors, who had another gutsy effort in squeaking out a suprising victory at the ACC Sunday afternoon. They played with an 8-man rotation, which they have now had to do, with great success, twice.