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The “When does the season end?” edition:

Ajinca: He reminds me of a bigger Loren Woods with even less coordination.

Alabi: Ajinca is already ahead of him in the rotation. In fact, so are you.

Barbosa: Wondering if that $7.6M option is worth suffering through this for another year.

Bargnani: 10 shots in 37 minutes. Impact on game: zero. You want the ball? Ask for it. If Jose looks you off, take him aside in the huddle and threaten to break his face next time he doesn’t pass it to you on the wing.

Bayless: Played 14 minutes after a near triple-double performance, makes about as much sense as Enter The Void. Had to wait a full five minutes at the bench before being subbed in and didn’t look happy either. Even he was impressed how hard the Raptors are trying to showcase Calderon. Didn’t pick up an assist because he never was in the game, Triano was better off just giving him the night off.

Calderon: 38 minutes chasing Jrue Holiday and Lou Williams, did pick up 13 customary assists but couldn’t keep a lid on anybody. I hope for his sakes we trade him to a good team where he can finally reap the rewards of his skill. He’s being showcased, make no mistake.

Davis: What kind of a rebuilding year is it when your top pick on a 13-33 team plays 17 minutes? Makes. No. Sense.

DeRozan: Is that a jumper? I believe it is. Dunkin’ DeMar was poppin’ tonight, 28 points, 10-10 FTs and 50% shooting. Did Iguodala torch him and D him up at times, of course, but that’s Iggy being Iggy. At least DeMar showed up tonight, that’s more than I can say for anybody else.

Dorsey: He bench-pressed the bed he was conceived on.

Evans: In a recent tweet he spelled ‘tired’ as ‘tiered’. No, that wasn’t a spelling mistake, that’s how he actually thinks it’s spelt.

Amir Johnson: The best interior defender had his handed to him, he tried to make up for it with his offense which wasn’t bad (15 pts, 7-10) but the man-defense was missing and the help was even worse. He’s not entirely to blame for the 56-30 points-in-the-paint drubbing, but how about a hard foul or two to set the tone and send a message to those Philly guards. He’s disappointing me as a potential leader of this team.

Trey Johnson: Short looking guy that makes me miss Sundiata. Signed because Colangelo wants everybody to know just how injury ravaged the team is that he’s resigned to signing D-League product.

Kleiza: Keynote speaker at the “Undeserving players who Bryan Colangelo has blown mid-level exceptions on” conference next month.

Weems: My boy!!! -15 in 14 minutes of play! Didn’t even know it was possible, hit a jumper (I think) and ran one down on the break for a layup prompting Devlin to praise him for taking care of his back. He’s about as much a part of the future as I am a Backstreet Boy.

Wright: They sagged off him and he bit. It’s hard to pass up a shot when the defense is tempting you to take a wiiiiddeee open 8-footer and you got a qualifying offer which doesn’t look like it’s going to be picked up. It’s getting to that part of the season where even team-players like Wright start looking to next season and where they’ll end up.

Driving The Bus: DeMar DeRozan

Under The Bus: Sonny Weems

Game Theme:

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  • weaponsgrade

    How dumb is this coaching staff. Bayless has a great game the night before as a starter
    and tonight they bring him in later in the game. I like Jose but no significant upside compared to JB. It is very hard to understand their thinking. IMHO

    • Nilanka15

      Like Arse eluded to, it can only mean they’re showcasing Calderon. Trade deadline is just around the corner. As Raps fans, it’s all we have left to look forward to.

      Now, if only Cleveland can start winning some games…

      • tom

        Thing is, if they really want to showcase Calderon, they should limit him to 25-30 min/game. That’s when he’s at his best…

  • Statement

    Brilliant game theme,

    Colangelo the happy 4 million dollar corporate shill.

  • RaptorFan

    Is Amir Johnson the worst Power Forward in the league when it comes to dribbling the ball and having post up moves in the paint ?? I think his lack of movement is really slowing down our offence. Also, what is up with him getting blocked that easily under the Basket !!

    By the way, where are the fans that called Bayless an ALL-STAR here on this site ?

    What was our record before the departure of Jack and what is after the arrival of Bayless?

    • cole

      in terms of your AJ criticism, i thought he played well, his shot from outside was falling, he had a couple nice hook shots, and he is able to find perimeter players for an open jumper. Dont really see what youre saying…

      • Pesterm1

        +1 Raptorsfan, what were you watching… i understand the loses are hard but dont loose faith, this team is about the future. were now 4th last in the league . just look forward to the draft. How ws jack any better then bayless :S , jack had no future on this team and he has been gone for a long time now…. get over it .

    • Brasky

      Far from it.

    • Sek99

      AJ is the only one who plays defense consistently on the starting lineup. I have to disagree with this article. He contested without fouling, got a block on the opening possession, has some of the nicest hands I’ve seen in some ridiculous catches hes made, hustles, and has a decent mid-range jumper. Hes a pretty solid PF, if only we had a centre who was willing to bang with him to make up for his size/weight, we wouldn’t have the differential in paint scoring.

      • Cal S

        I also love how when he fouls, this site flips a shit, then today in the roll call it asks him to foul. make up your minds. he played fine last night

      • KJ-B

        AGREED. The Worst play I’ve seen this season besides the Weems go coast to coast and dribble the ball off his knee on the break backing Nov/Dev was last night at 10:15 of the 3rd Q — I BROKE OUT IN FITS OF LAUGHTER AND I KNEW THE GAME WAS DONE:

        #7, aka numero Siete, tracked the flight of the ball in the air from a shot on the wing and JUST STOOD THERE TO SEE AMIR FIGHT THREE GUYS IN THE PAINT FOR A REBOUND: JUST STOOD THERE!!!!!!!!! wOw–he’s gonna look hellacious on tape today..You might remember the result of that play, Louis Williams got the rebound, made the J, Jay called timeOUT + the rest was history!!!

        OHHH YAAHHH, funniest “Raptors Post Up” comment I’ve heard in a while was “Yeah, like I said, I credit the defense for denying me the ball, I only shot it 2 or 3 times in the second half–which is like a season low.” – Credited to, you guessed it, #7!!! This guy DOES NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE OFFENSIVE GLASS to create offense for himself when he’s getting fronted like that…DOES NOT EVEN KNOW (if it were up to me, and it’s NOT, he wouldn’t have got 1 shot in the 2nd half after selling out Amir LIKE THAT!!!)

  • Dookielove

    Bargnani would shoot 6 for 10 from the floor — going 1 for 2 from downtown — and converting all four of his foul shots. The big man added two steals, three blocks, two assists, five rebounds and finished with 17 points….he’s so shit.

    • bargs_fan_forever

      lol freal.

      also, hes playing with sore knees, the flu, and a jammed toe.

    • Statement

      I thought Bargs played a pretty good game.

      One big weakness was that we were abused on the offensive glass. That falls on Bargs (expected) and also Amir (less expected) who only had 1 more rebound than Bargs.

      • Statement

        Also Jose is partially responsible as Holiday had 3 offensive rebounds himself.

      • KJ-B

        Amir was playing 3-on-1 in the post… If you watch game in an hour, you’ll notice that most of #7’s rebs were of the uncontested variety…

    • Pesterm1

      Id prefer bargnani had game more like this plus a few more rebounds. its nice when he gets touches, but when he gets to many and his shot is off it really hurts us. i think demar should be the number one option then bargs(depending on the matchups of chourse

    • Brasky

      And some of the worst interior and P/R defense I’ve ever seen.

      • arsenalist

        He was actually not too bad today I thought. Overall, he made the rotations OK, rebounding was poor as usual. Definitely not bad enough to warrant any more attention than Amir Johnson.

    • KJ-B

      did U see the 2nd Half????????????????

  • WhatWhat

    Calderon and Bargnani is such a huge defensive clusterfuck. Calderon always needs help and that’s primarily supposed to come from Bargnani, but he never helps. Bargnani needs good man-to-man defenders because he never helps, but Calderon can’t stop a nosebleed. Then Triano INSISTS on playing them both 37 motherfucking minutes today!?!? They both really need to be traded.

    Why do they get so many minutes? Because Calderon can run the offense “well” we should ignore that he makes EVERYONE(!!) around him better. Because Bargnani is our best scorer we should completely ignore that his guard become almost as good on offense as he is?

    What kind of message does this send to Bayless after getting a near triple double to see Jose playing so much after being a complete pylon today? Pretty much that he needs to allow more points to be scored on him.

    I’m sick of our worst defenders being played so many minutes. I don’t care if their being showcased (And they better be!), it’s just not acceptable.

    The lineup to end the game should’ve been Bayless/DD/JuJu/Amir/Davis and if you’re thinking about where the offense is going to come from, you’re REALLY missing the point here.

    • Nilanka15

      It makes sense that Calderon’s being showcased. But it’s highly unlikely Bargs get dealt this year, being a base-year compensation player…

      …which begs the question, why is he not being disciplined for his brain cramps on the defensive end?

      On another note, is Alabi really that bad?!?! If only any of us had a clue what Triano was thinking (sigh)…

  • we getting closer to KYLE IRVING I PRAY TO GOD WE LOSE EVERY SINGLE GAME so we can keep getting closer

    • Guest


    • Pesterm1

      wtf ?:S first who is kyle irving and second i do not want to loose every game man thats just pathedic lol

      • Nilanka15

        Dude, I think we reached “pathetic” levels a while ago. 5-22 in our last 27 games. There aren’t many adjectives to describe that.

  • Blind Man

    Not really sure how you can criticize someone’s spelling mistakes. Especially considering how many factual errors you made in a very short roll call.

  • tough game to watch…bayless at the at demar at sf

  • Balls of Steel

    I never realized how much I love the game of table tennis until I watched every Raps game this season. MMMM, ping-pong balls. I should rename my profile name as, “Balls of Ping-Pong”.

    I don’t understand why Ajinca went ahead of Alibi. With Speights raping our forwards, why was Dorsey sharing fashion tips with Barbosa at the end of the bench? I’m starting to think that Triano is merely following instructions from the “tunnel”. I mean it just makes so much sense not to put him in right?

    • Pesterm1

      I though Ajinca did pretty well in limited minutes considering her has not practiced with the team or had anytime to learn the plays. you could tell he was in all the wrong spots and was getting in demars way. He has such great length and really made it tough for philli to make those usual passes inside. I bet he will start getting consistent minutes later on, something liek 15 or so. he could be really good with some developement and lifting lessons from joey.

    • KJ-B

      Couldn’t agree more–starting to think that Triano’s about to get fired!!! He’s not pulling off his end of the bargain in press conferences, he openly criticized Ed Davis last night, whom he chose to not give any PT, the guy who’s already our 2nd best big, unfortunately Ed never really got into the flow… Watching these games are painful.

  • James

    I thought Amir Johnson is suppose to be a defensive stopper and he was spanked like that by Speights ???!!! Damn, That was BAD Amir.

    • WhatWhat

      You’d be completely right if Bargs wasn’t guarding him for most of the night.

      • C.d.G.

        Weird, whatwhat!
        Every time there’s someone torching the Raps inside:
        it must be Bargs’ fault = it cannot be Amir’s fault
        he must be Bargs’ man = he cannot be Amir’s man!
        Jeeesus, this Amir Johnson is more untachable than Al Capone!

        And to Arsenalist (that normally I like more): do you mean, by now people are wrong even for not receiving the ball? That’s new, man. So, I can go to Bayless and say. “Why don’t you fuc… stand up and break Triano’s face for not inserting you on the floor?”

      • Greg

        I think you need to watch the game again. Amir was getting dunked on ALL NIGHT LONG. He was incapable of boxing his man out and defending the rim.

        • Jay

          I agree. It amazes me how Amir does not even have one decent post move for a guy who has been in the league for 5 years now !!!

          He is young but if the last 5 years are any indications, Amir has reached his ceiling and his Basketball IQ is not allowing him to learn few new tricks.

    • smushmush

      maybe the bad defense from Bargs and Jose is getting contagious through

  • rc

    at 2 and a half hours a game, i have now spent almost 83 hours of my life watching the raptors lose this season alone. it may be sacrilegious to say, but i found myself missing vince carter today. during that 2001 season, we were actually a relevant team, bordering on special. don’t even remember what that feels like anymore. i know we’re rebuilding, but so, so much losing since that missed shot in game 7 against philadelphia.

    • arsenalist

      Like when they showed that clip of his draining that three. I don’t miss Vince, I miss those times where there was hope.

  • Dkoop10

    Is there any way to be put in suspended animation to avoid having to watch the horror and be woken up when the draft arrives?

  • Warpjv

    how many of you people realize that many of our players are playing at 60 per cent of capability due to injury? Sure, drive people under the bus, but what good does it do longer term when we al know this year is a write off.

    let’s stop playing the blame game until we have a good (and heatlhy) team.

  • little off topic, but i was watching the game online and apparently we aren’t the only team that has gotten screwed over by refs while playing the hornets. Andre Alridge talked about it at half time and said a lot of teams have made complaints to the league about the calls going to the hornets

  • TheRawth

    When you look at the stats, Bargs had a decent game, 60%FG (only 10 shots though..) 3 blocks and 2 steals is pretty good to see from him also. He plays well when he takes more particular and fewer shots, as we know he can make them on most nights, this gives him more focus on other areas (though only 5 rebs). Tbh, i do prefer Demar being the 1st offensive option, and his recent consistency is great , love his improving jumper also!

    • KJ-B

      The Raps are sooo bad, and DeMar getting so great, that the Sixers didn’t even assign their best defender to him in AI9, but left him to cut off #7–they essentially, let DD get his, knowing if they stopped #7 he wouldn’t fight back!!! That guy killed this team by letting MAREESE SPEIGHTS BE HIS DADDY AND ELTON BRAND HIS STEP DAD!!!!

      (WHY BLAME #7???? HE’S THE STARTING CENTER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, have ppl forgotten that??? Forgotten what a STARTING CENTER is supposed to do??? Have they forgotten Marcus Camby, Keon Clark, ANTONIO DAVIS, heck even “The Dream” in his rocking chair visit to Toronto was better than these guys)… At this rate, I’d give Ajinca, Davis, Johnson all the run in the world…I’m sorry I DON’T CARE ABOUT #7’S TRADE VALUE ANYMORE: just can’t stand the losing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • C.d.G.

        this is a NEW sort of perverted thinking.
        In a normal world, coaches tend to try to cut away from the game the player they fear the most. In a normal world, if Doug Collins fears Demar Derozan the most, and wants to minimize his impact on the game, he ask his players to go out and double just HIM, not Andrea Bargnani. If the Sixers decides they want to contain Andra’s numbers, it’s just because they can leave with all the EVENTUAL damage Derozan might do.
        This is called: normal, straight thinking.

        • KJ-B

          Huh…did you see the San Antonio game??? Who’s really the best offensive player on this squad at the moment? Coaches, I think realize, DD is gonna get his,scoringwise, 1 way or the other, in your face or @ the line–what options does #7 have when the defense gets aggressive, besides cry for his mama mia??? If I were the opposing team I’d strategize to stop #7… The reason this works because there’s not a 3rd option available right now (i.e. BARBOSA, and on a less consistent basis Kleiza and Chucky Dub)…

  • it’s kinda funny that they were struggling for a bit and started going on this win streak ever since the league took over the team… just another reason why i stopped watching nba basketball 3 years ago…just focus on my beloved raptors now

  • i don’t know about you guys but i’m hoping derozan backs out of the dunk competition and doesn’t get pick for the rookie game…reason being is because the american media an guys like chris bosh will fill his head up with crap and he won’t be a raptor in 2 years…hopefully by then we are a playoff team so he willl wanna stay

    • Jackie Moon

      CB to Derozan “Dude, you should come to south beach. The shorties totally dig ugly ballers!”

      • Likeadungeondrago

        LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO thats hiliarious

  • Sek99

    We never play defense. They literally passed the ball twice each possession, and got easy layups/dunks. Than when they missed, it wasn’t too big of a problem because without Reggie we don’t have anyone with the size to box out most other bigs in the league, except for Il Mago who can’t be bothered. This team would be so much better if we played defense. We can score, we’ve actually never had a problem with that, its just that our whole entire team mindset and philosophy has been scoring over defending, which doesn’t get you anywhere unless you have Steve Nash and Amar’e Stoudemire.

    I think we’re now officially out of playoff contention, so we might as well start sending guys away for picks. Claderon, for one, needs to go. He doesn’t fit with the team and it’s better to try and develop Bayless, who’s game I prefer more. I like Jose’s passion, but he can’t defend, and isn’t a threat to drive on the offense. I understand he’s an assist guy, but even then his assists don’t impress me. Getting a guy a moment of daylight for a jumpshot is way different than say a Steve Nash pass where the guys either uncontested and open, or on his way to an easy dunk.

    Bargnani needs to go to. On the right team he may be able to fit in, but right now his offensive production is void when we get out-rebounded and outscored in the paint every game. While someone might say that Davis and Amir need to rebound too (which is true), they can’t guard centres. Just like a pg can’t guard a sf. They give up too much size. They can get away with it against pfs, but against legit C’s, they don’t stand a chance. Derozan is more exciting to watch IMO anyway. I’d say DD is just as good as Bargnani right now, while I see his defense improving game to game, Bargs is same old same old. I’d trade Bargnani for Favours and picks, if that deal could be done, or just picks in general. Time to go into full rebuilding mode. Also, if their is justice, Triano and Colangelo will be fired within the next 2 years. Won’t happen, but a man can dream.

    • Claudio Digiuseppe

      Sure. You are just the tenth million one to suggest that Jose and Bargs must go. Not sure this kind of witch hunt will bring some positives for the team. What I’m sure of, is that Jose and Bargs will be frankly relieved being somewhere else! More, if I’m one of them, I get up tomorrow and ask to be traded!

  • Raptors bench, Davis. Bayless, Weems, T. Johnson, Ajinca, outscored by Speights 23-17, not to mention Williams, Turner, and Young adding 35 points for a 58-17 slaughter.
    No way the Raptors can match up with that kind of depth with the current “D” league bench, including Bayless, the supposed great back-up PG who had 0 ast and 2 points in a usless 14 minutes, and people expected him to play more! Why? If he was effective he would play, if not why play him ?
    Do not expect the team to be able to do anything more than compete, and lose, until they return to health and able to hold practice as a team. With 7/8 healthy bodies there is no margin for error, everyone must play to their full talent level teamwise, at all times or forget it.

    • Nilanka15

      Using last night to judge Bayless’ value is hardly accurate (or fair). He’s a project, just like every other young player on our roster.

  • kaine

    Top 3 pick, we are coming!

    My hope for the future: see the Raptors playing with 5 starters…

    when does this season end?

    I want to see more Davis : he’s good or just average?

  • LinuxFTW

    “Trey Johnson: Short looking guy that makes me miss Sundiata. Signed because Colangelo wants everybody to know just how injury ravaged the team is that he’s resigned to signing D-League product.”

    Johnson is 4″ taller then Gaines and he didn’t look half bad tonight.

  • our bench really needs barbosa