I’ve penned enough tirades this year about Bargnani, but not after this game. I mean it’s hard to get a rebound when the other team doesn’t miss. It’s hard to get a rebound when the game is called BASKET-ball, not REBOUND-ball. It’s hard to get a rebound when you know that nothing will change if you don’t. Absolutely nothing. Heck, I guess I’d be the same way, wouldn’t you?

Unless you have this annoying little characteristic called pride, which Julian Wright unfortunately has. Apparently Jay called his number and Julian refused. Mere speculation, but the guy’s probably not happy with the way he’s been treated recently after busting his tail earlier in the season, and then wasn’t too enamored with the idea of being thrown a bone. Maybe Jay didn’t like his defense, which only happens after teams score 110 points after 3 quarters.

Well I guess what Julian did is not very professional, regardless of how things are going, but Jay mentioning it in the post-game is petty and reeks of distracting everyone from the actual stinker of a game.

I like Julian Wright’s game. He can defend and keep his man in front of him, which is essential on a team that has horrible team defense. Yes, he doesn’t have a great shot and won’t make great individual plays, but he actually handles the ball well and can get by his defender, and has the vision to find the open man.

The Raptors might come down hard on him, because off-the-court conduct like that is a lot worse than not giving 100% on the court, which Wright does while some other players on this team clearly don’t.

And what’s with labeling guys like Wright, Amir Johnson, Reggie Evans “scrubs who hustle” ? What is that? Hustle is a talent. it wins you games. You don’t think great NBA players don’t hustle just because they a skill set? Jordan hustled so hard on D that he won the Defensive Player of the Year award. I’d rather have a guy who hustles then a guy who can shoot. Unfortunately on team its one or the other.

The Raptors scored a 100 points last night and had one of their worst losses in franchise history. But, but Jose didn’t play? Isn’t he like a pylon on defense? Amir Johson didn’t play, but he’s undersized and gets pushed around easily. Reggie Evans is out, but he’s just a rebounder. BASKET-ball remember?

Defense is the problem, always has been since Rasho Nesterovic was no longer our starting center in 2008. This team could be at least 10 games better just by having more conviction on defense. This is kind of sad for a team that plays in the National Basketball Association.

It’s because there’s guys in this team that don’t play it, but the coach chooses not to address it.

The last guy who did address it got fired for it. On a night very similar to this.

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  • Dinaj


    • KJ-B

      How does Jay still have a job is beyond “beyond”…

  • Stu Jackson

    Jerry Sloan please

  • Milesboyer

    NBA teams are a tenuous balance of chemistry and skill. How does one explain the Raptors beating the Mavs, Celtics, Bulls, Magic, Hornets and OKC twice? Their talent isn’t consistent and I bet their chemistry is average at best. Good to great teams have very defined roles for their players and they also enjoy playing with each other – I’m not sure the Raptors have either of those in enough quantity to win on a regular basis (not to mention their lack of talent). Julian Wright is as good as Weems and James Johnson but it’s been a carousel of seeing which mediocre talent might rise to the top. At some point you’ve got to play people and give them significant minutes – Wright has never gotten that chance and I’m sure he’s pissed about it since this isn’t exactly the greatest rotation going.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Those upper echelon teams just most likely overlooked the Rap’s as most teams do when they play the weaker teams or they played down to their (Rap’s) level.

      Not to mention injuries, back 2 backs, match ups and the like that add to said game’s particulars.

      Jay aka Mr No Acountability is a puppet doing as BC instructs ie BC consensus.

      Also, Ed hitting the rookie wall was just the latest BC pr media spin to trick fans into thinking that is why Reggie is getting his minutes (Jay was coaching to win not develope as has been media hyped by BC) yet that’s not true as Ed hit the BC/Jay wall with them trying to save their jobs with a few late season fool’s gold wins.

      As well, I recall Jay saying in the GS presser that- we, restricted Ed’s minutes- who is we? He said it twice not- I, but we. We =’s BC’s orders to Jay?

      • Nilanka15

        “we” could easily mean Triano plus the rest of the coaching staff. Such an explanation isn’t far-fetched.

  • Fire Colangelo Now!

    JuJu can’t shoot and he had his chance (however brief it was) before the James Johnson trade to show whether he can be a serviceable NBA player. He’s really just another one of the Colangelo cons and two years from now we’d likely confuse him with forgettable Antoine Wright. I agree with your comment that Jay showed how small he was to point out JuJu in his post game comments. Amazing how some people under the gun and in survival mode will resort to distraction tactics to cover their own coaching failures.

  • voy

    I understand Julian’s frustration. The way he’s been treated by Triano is certainly unfair. This being said, there is such a thing as being a professional. I dunno, though, maybe he’s already, previously addressed his situation with Triano in private discussions. Maybe he’s already asked for a trade. Maybe this refusing to go in was his last option. Tough to be critical on the guy when I dont know the entire story (and when I already dont like JT).

    Of course there is nothing wrong with hustle guys. Hopefully though the hustle guys will have a modicum of skill (but I certainly wouldn’t call Amir a scrub or any guy who can last for the number of years that reggie has). The idea is to put together a collection of guys – some who need to throw themselves on the floor or dive in the stands going after lose balls in order to get more possessions for the team – and some who have the skill set to make those extra possessions count by scoring, in my view. You shouldn’t have to choose one or the other.

    Laslty, Rasho Nesterovic?!?! Wasn’t he getting 8 mill a year to impersonate a giant human sloth (what a jackpot for him). I’d say he had little to do with any defensive success the team may have enjoyed that season. If Rasho was playing yesterday, the team’s fate would have been much the same in my opinion.

  • RapsM

    Julian Wright is still on this team? I didn’t watch the game cause i don’t have sn1. 🙂

  • Bo

    Jay Triano is perhaps the worst at manging rotations and benches in the league. He takes guys out at the worst times, and puts guys in at the worst times. Julian Wright has a right to be angry, what does it say about him when he can’t even play a few minutes for a team as bad as the Raptors, except during a bad blowout.

    Forget about the rest, Jay Triano has to go, and I’ve been wanting this ever since the midway point of the season Mitchell was fired. The guy just isn’t an NBA calibre coach, he’s more suited to coach a junior girls team.

    • Boomer

      The worst part is he doesn’t have the simple trait of common sense… if a two point deficit goes to eight or ten points in 90 seconds, most coaches would call a time out. maybe someone like popovich wont. but he’s greg popovich! triano lets it go and won’t call a timeout till the deficit is at 22.

  • raapptor

    Jay triano is to afriad to give defensive minded playesr lots of minutes. His too worried about scoring thats what his problem is.

    • Statement

      Scoring dominates player evaluation in the NBA, from coaches to GMs to fans.

      People think scoring = good player.

      That’s why ppg is such a highly displayed stat, it’s easy to understand and it’s easy to see people put the ball in the hoop.

      Triano and Colangelo have the same bias, I’m convinced of it. Colangelo seems to be in the same mould as Isah Thomas as a GM (hey lets get francis, marbury, curry,etc because PPG!!!)

      Guys like Julian Wright should play minutes, especially on this team, meanwhile guys like Weems should not. Plain and simple.

      • Nilanka15

        YAY POINTS!!!

      • KJ-B

        THANK YOU Statement…

    • Bo4

      The problem is that JT (& BC!) doesn’t sit O-players when their D is worse than normal (for them, that is).

  • barenakedman

    I have to totally agree that Triano mentioning Wright after the game shows what little class he has. That isn’t something you air in public. I bet that if Wright coached the team for the rest of the season they would get a better winning percentage than what Jay has this year.

    • KJ-B

      That was a killer zinger right there–Triano is an excellent coach in the International game where teamwork overcomes individual deficiencies BUT sucks with balancing a team where a couple guys are immensely more talented than the rest… Honestly, DeRozan, Davis, Johnson & Johnson are the only pieces on this team worth keeping….

      I have no problem sacrificing Julian to expedite JJ’s growth curve but there should’ve been some sort of communication beforehand as to how and if he’d be used between the two…Triano that was very Estrogenius of you–you’ve officially lost the locker room–GO AWAY wit ya boy BryCo…very far away from the T-DoT!

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    Sam was fired at 8-9 for this BC sponsored manifestation of Raptor basketball?

    Jay is a Bush League puppet coach and him pointing out JuJu’s situation was more proof of that- shouldn’t that be handled in house? Jay wouldn’t shake CB’s hand but he shook Nash’s- do the math.

    I remember Jay getting mad last season when players (Jack, Wright, Turk) were questioning his coaching particulars via the media thus another high roster turnover- see it believe it achieve it.

    Since BC has taken over Raptor basketball as both President & GM it has become very cult like ie BC consensus (yes men) with those who speak their own minds are subsequently removed ie Sam, Wright, Jack, Turk.

    Players don’t earn anything here they are given starting/rotation jobs as BC see fits via Jay. Sonny, JW have a right to be mad when JJ comes in and is handed a starting spot- the Bargnani treatment, which hasn’t led to more winning but more divisiveness under Jay in my mind. Dorsey sees his minutes go to Ajinca- another soft jump shooting Euro center. Ed sees his minutes go to a guy that most likely won’t even be back next season in Reggie. Bayless sits on the bench while Jose plays a majority of the minutes- young player development?

    It won’t be a true rebuild until BC, Gheradini, Jay, Jim Kelly, Matt, Jack, Barg’s & Jose are gone from the TDot- you don’t gotta go home but you gotta go.

    • Bendit

      “Sonny, JW have a right to be mad when JJ comes in and is handed a starting spot”

      Considering that JJ was just traded for with around 20 some games to go, that Sonny and JW have had ample opportunity to strut their wares (Sonny more so than JW)…and have been found wanting…is it not acceptable/logical that JJ be given an opportunity to show what he is capable of? This is not btw an endorsement of JT’s body of work as coach of the team.

    • Bo4

      The key is the BC-AB connection … it warps everything else about the team. I don’t even like to watch AB’s scoring anymore. All I want to see from him is some D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michael Campbell

      First one of the reasons why Sonny is on the bench is because they need his energy coming off the bench, and also because he is out of here next season because why hes hurting DeMar’s development both players are basically the same just DeMar is really the future for this team and Sonny isn’t. Bayless is the back up to Jose that was the whole purpose of getting rid of Jack. For Andrea you can’t be mad with him im proud of everything he is doing this season you have to remember this is his first season out of the past 4 where he has to lead this team he was always a back up for Bosh so yes it will take a bit for Andrea to get into that position that Bosh left behind but over all im proud of this team this year they are doing a lot better then most people thought they would be doing and their future is a lot better

  • Seeten

    I’ve stopped getting fired up about who said what or whatever about 90 games ago. I’m basically just going through the motions as a Raptor fan at this point.

    I am guessing we’re 5-7 years away from legitimately contending for even a playoff spot, let alone a first round win.

    • Jose

      “I am guessing we’re 5-7 years away from legitimately contending for even a playoff spot, let alone a first round win.”

      Agree. The East is getting much better every year, while the Raps keep regressing. This organization is one big mess. Nice work Colangelo.

      • Smushmush

        Well, the contending for playoffs time could be shorter if BC, MG, Triano, Jim Kelly are not resigned. Just saying :). I thought Raps fans on this forum wanted an extension for BC, right? yeah, I thought as much. If BC gets that extension, real basketball fans like I am, should kiss goodbye to this team and support another NBA team (I’m actually thinking Portland Trailblazers or post-Melo Nuggets 😀 – spoilt for choice, I tell ya lol).

    • KJ-B

      Uhmm… it feels bad but we’re a Kemba Walker away from making the playoffs–just as long the New GM/Coach tandem get rid of #7 and Jose… It’s time to start over.

  • bista

    “Well I guess what Julian did is not very professional, regardless of how things are going, but Jay mentioning it in the post-game is petty and reeks of distracting everyone from the actual stinker of a game.”

    Jay was asked why he didn’t play Julian, and responded. he didnt go out of his way to point out julian didnt want to play. stop making shit up to support your argument.

    • Theswirsky

      so he couldn’t have said “no comment”, next question etc?

      • KJ-B

        Jay is all about Jay, BryCo is all about BryCo, two egocentric folk that have a man crush on each other and couldn’t care less about actually building a winner if it messes up with their suits! JT is gutless and I’d have a problem working in the same office with a guy going to the press about office shenanigans in paled attempt at distracting the world from his own inabilities!

  • Wright hasn’t gotten minutes because he has had no chance of being re-signed from day one. I would have liked to see him play, but what would be the point really?

    • Maleko

      And what is the point of playing Reggie Evans again?

      • I wish I knew… Though I would argue he has more chance of being re-signed…

      • KJ-B

        I was wondering that exact question….Ed Davis was notably starting to regress and Amir was forcing his way back from injury to “maintain his place” in the pecking order–stupid stuff… I suppose, they’re “being nice” because the Reggie experiment didn’t quite work out and he moved his fam North of the border–hopefully that kindness is not weakness and it comes back to them in the form of drafting Kemba Walker!

  • slaw

    Rather than obsessing about a bench player who hasn’t played in weeks refusing to go into a game, can we focus on the fact this team gave up 84 points in a half? Don’t be distracted by the Wright nonsense and some pointless discussion about whether it was morally justified or not.

    • Statement


      GS is an offensive team that plays at a fast pace, the raptors are the worst defensive team in the league playing on a west coast trip,

      ’nuff said.

      Talent evaluation is obviously the issue in Toronto.

      I really don’t want to turn this into another Bargs thread, but he really shouldn’t be the 2nd highest paid player on the team. He should be a bench player with a modest salary IMHO. That is all i will say about him.

      Demar derozan may have made improvements in his jump shooting game, but he is still a horrific defender and has made little progress since last year. He is looking like another Bargnani.

      Demar has to improve his defensive intensity and willingness to rebound. He has to if he wants to be considered as part of the core.

      I look at this team and I see 2 legit NBA players, Calderon and Amir and even Calderon is a turnstyle.

      The rest I’m just not sold on (though I like Ed Davis).

      • Statement

        The best overall (read offensive and defensive) player that we have on this team is Amir Johnson, IMHO.

        People shouldn’t bitch about his salary, bitch about the truly overpaid players (Bargs, Jose, Leandro).

        • Statement

          If Rogers bought MLSE, do you think that they could bring Anthopolous over to run the Raptors?

          • Jose

            Whoever they bring cannot do any worse than that, I guess. What is there to lose?

      • 511

        It’s hard to disagree with anything you said here, but … to offer a word in defense of DeMar — and really, anyone else on the team — a lot of it has to come down to how the team is coached. To my mind, anyway. I’m not a coach or an expert on how all-things-should-be on an NBA team, but as I see it, consistently good defense HAS to begin with a defensive team-strategy that is implemented from the coach. And there just isn’t any consistent defensive strategy that I can see, with the Raptors.

        To compare, for example, I haven’t seen a lot of Bulls games (though I’ve seen a good handful or so), but from what I have seen, there’s a difference in how that team plays defense all around, compared to last year. I also wonder about the 76ers. I’ve seen even less of them, but from their improving record, I’ve gotta figure that they’re playing SOME kind of team defence that’s helping to get them to where they seem to be going.

        What I’m thinking (in other words) is that if you put DeMar — or even Bargnani — on a team that is COACHED to play with a specific defensive strategy that is insisted upon and absolutely expected … we’d see a lot more of what we’d all like to see: some consistent and cohesive defensive effort.

        A young team like this needs substantially more than to be given a few offensive plays to run … and a lot more than to be just told to try to keep their man in front of them. They need to be coached. Properly. And I really don’t think they are.

        • Bo4

          I beg to differ … it doesn’t matter what the defensive scheme of the moment is … D is a fire inside that refuses to be extinguished … something too many Raptors lack. A good defensive team can switch from one scheme to another every play, driving the other team crazy, as they use up seconds trying to recognize what they’re up against, and then figuring out how to beat it, and then implementing it before time expires. Individuals on the court usually do that, not the coaches on the bench. The coaching comes in before the game starts.

          • bind

            “D is a fire inside that refuses to be extinguished…..” pleease give me a break!

            • Bo4

              You all O, aren’t you ? … You wouldn’t know a D from an F.

          • 511

            To your last sentence, I say, exactly. ‘The coaching comes in before the game starts’.

            As for the ‘fire inside that refuses to be extinguished’, well, that sounds all well and fine (though it might need some music to accompany it) but the coaching that comes in before the game starts … is where it all begins, where it’s all set up, where the fire and fury is all pointed in the right direction.

            • 511

              PS: didn’t see bind’s post before I posted. But … +1 anyway.

    • Theswirsky

      this team gave up 84 points in the half because they played no defense.

      Julian Wright did not play in the half and he provides defense. He is then asked to play when the game is, or all intents and purposes, over.

      These two ideas do relate.

  • whatwhat!

    you need to start editing your articles more

  • Seaniedee

    Isn’t the Bargnani rebound-ball comment also “mere speculation”? I’ve yet to see any confirmation of this quote beyond some kid on RealGM and some mass hysteria. I know you guys aren’t journalists, but I would imagine you have aspirations to quality writing.

    • A-Dub

      You just may be right, but what else could explain his aversion to rebounding except for that fact he doesn’t think it’s an integral part of the game, especially for a supposed center?

      Well it could that he knows he needs to rebound better but he’s ridiculously lazy, what would you it rather be?

      As far as the journalist comment. At least when it comes to the Raptors, a lot of these “journalists” like the great Doug Smith may be excellent writers compared to the trash we spew out here, but at least we say what we feel without aversion. It’s my opinion that that these guys spare the Raptors real criticism, especially management out of fear of ruining their cozy relationship with the organization and all the perks, press passes etc. that come along with it.

      I don’t know man, last time I checked a journalist is supposed to be fair and impartial to a fault. I guess some of us here at RR are on the other end of the spectrum where we’re too critical of the team, and that’s just the passion and emotion of a team I’ve followed since Day 1 getting the best of me.

      For that I apologize.

      • Nilanka15

        Fuck man, don’t apologize. The fact that RR isn’t afraid to tell it like it is, is what makes this site so appealing.

      • Seaniedee

        I’m sure Bargnani is a better rebounder than Doug too. You’re always going to have someone around who you can say, “At least I’m better than him.” If you guys aspire to that level, good luck. I’ve started reading some of the other ESPN basketball blogs and really, this one is basically five fans with a computer compared to most other teams’ blogs. Plus the other ones rarely have mistakes as opposed to this one, which, I mean, we’re talking basic mistakes that says no one at RR could be bothered to check their work, probably because you’re too passionate and emotional and can’t wait to hit post. I used to read RR daily, but these days I mainly skip the stories and go right to the comments.

        • barenakedman

          I’m looking at other teams blogs all the time. Usually before and after the game I visit the opposing teams blogs. I think this site, even though there are blemishes, is by far the most entertaining place I’ve found. It’s full of passionate fans that see things from every perspective. There are excellent basketball minds that offer in depth evaluations and there are fans that just want to say”lets go Raptors”. The grammatical errors and occasional mistakes in an article really don’t bother me. It may actually enhance and add a distinctiveness that separates RR from a growing number of sites that are too similar for my liking. Wish someone would start a forum thread on the best nba blog.

  • Cecil

    It’s funny that, in the wake of the worst loss of the season, the conspiracists seem to come out in full force.

    Fire Triano, Fire Colangelo, Fire Richard Petty, fire Richard Petty’s dog, fire the team janitor, fire the ACC popcorn guy, fire, fire, fire, fire, fire. Call the Fireman!

    • Jose

      No, I don’t think so. I know that many people have been saying the same thing for couple of seasons now. This organization is a mess, plain and simple. And, I guess many fans can recognize that and they demand better. Nothing wrong there, IMHO.

    • Bo4

      Cecil, two stinkers in three games IS cause for concern.

      No excuses … The NBA is a PRO league.

      Status quo when you’ve won less than three games out of ten is highly unlikely. Somebody’s gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      BC has got to either correct his AB error or get out of town.

      We need a real C (to help AJ & ED).

      We need a real 3rd swing in the rotation (I like JJ & DD).

      We need a pass-first PG for the future (a change-up to JB).

      And we need to fire JT (I’m Canadian, but …). I’d promote PJC (He “led the Blazers to the playoffs in each of his three years as their head coach, setting team defensive records in the process.”)

      As a long time fan, I’m allowed to have these thoughts, so if you don’t want to fire anyone in the Raptors organization, my question is, “Do you even want to win any more games?”

      • Cecil

        We’ve gone through many management changes, personnel changes, trades and the like. Nothing has changed, yeah I want to win more games, but history shows us that firing hasn’t got us anywhere what make’s you think this time will be any different? The one thing that hasn’t changed is ownership, and that’s where the problem lies. We need a passionate owner like Mark Cuban, someone who actually gives a shit about sports, more so than money and sales.

        What did you really expect coming into this season?

        • Bo4

          Damn history. You get new people, you get new results. A change in ownership would be great. A change in GM would be great. A change in head coach would be great. A change in the second & third most expensive players on the roster (AB & LB) would be great. Eventually, a change in the most expensive player (JC) would be great. Then we’ll have a team worth watching, as long as we get the best available person to replace them … . I like watching AJ, ED, JJ, DD & JB play, and grow, and learn … but I’m human … I wish the entire process was faster. It just isn’t …

  • Kevin Oppella

    Don’t worry everyone the season’s almost over hopefully most the coveted draft picks stay in college another year and there is no NBA season next year and the season after we can get a very well developed high draft pick. Hey! If there’s no NBA next season we wont have to experience another BC team overhaul haha! But for now let just cruise to the end of the regular season and then start focusing on:

    The Leafs (who play tonight) and are chasing 8th
    Toronto FC who played today and won and need to turn there season around (already)
    TO Blue Jays whos season begins in April

    • KJ-B

      Every1 is saying they’re “staying for another year” but that money is just too much to resist the closer and closer the draft gets–Tristan Thompson is being reported to have taken an about-face and signed with an agent foregoing his remaining eligibility…

      In the infamous words of LeBron James b4 the 2003 draft as to why the time was right he said wisely, “when you’re hot you’re hot”.

  • I’m confused, I just watched the Triano post game interview on the raptors site and to me it sounded like Triano was asked about Julian Wright not playing any minutes. It wasn’t a topic that he brought up himself.

    Then when questioned further about it he seems to try to cover for Wright, saying ‘I know he went to the washroom just before that, I’m not sure if he wasn’t feeling well or what…’

    So I got a different impression than what’s in the writeup. Was there a different interview broadcast where Wright came up?

    • raapptor

      thank you jay triano was asked about julian wright…still i feel bad for jw because for a team that cant play any D why isnt he playing. Thats exact question his probably askin himself..

  • AwesomeGuest

    Damn A-Dub, really really hit the nail on this one. Absolutely real talk and I agree with everything you written, except for the part where you said that Triano brought up the Juju issue in the post-game interview. Triano didn’t bring it up. He was asked a question and gave a semi-professional answer talking about Juju going to the washroom before he had called on him, so Jay blamed it on the possibility that Juju wasn’t feeling well.

    • Jose

      If all of a sudden Jay is saying that there was a possibility that Julian was not feeling well, that seems like a cheap cover up by Jay. I mean, if Julian was not feeling well, he would have told that to Jay, right?

      Jay has lost this team, he knows it, and he wants to cover things up IMO.

  • kuzzybear

    Mitchell got fired because he wouldn’t play AB enough to suit BC.
    On any TEAM when players don’t earn their minutes you have a disaster at some point because others think- :what’s the point in trying?
    Derrick Williams and Brandon Knight -please please please

    • KJ-B

      For some reason I think Barnes and Irving are going #1 and #2 and it’s gonna be hard to win with the 5th worst record–we might even move back 2 or 3 spots to 7-8… I like Kemba Walker (no toe issues puhleez which can end careers quickly) + Vasely (size and versatility at SF playing 3/4 with JJ and Special Ed as our small lineup in the front courT).

  • 905

    we need a new gm give trianno another year and see where it goes. But as for a gm he as no clue on how to build a team and is too stubborn. AB is not a franchise player and needs to be traded he does only on thing good and that is score but still is too much of a volume shooter

  • 511

    On another note … I sure am curious as to how this team is gonna look tonight. Among other things … will Jay and Julian play nice together? … (or) are Julian’s days now numbered? … (or) are they gonna finesse the whole thing, saying it was ‘a misunderstanding’?

    However the world turns … it sort of feels like we might be witnessing Jay’s last days … doesn’t it?

    • Jose

      They’ll probably try to cover things up, in hope they can win few more games. They may even attempt to finish strong to sell hope to the season ticket holders for the next year. We have seen this scenario before.

      Personally, I would not mind seeing this team totally falling apart (if it is not already). That might be the only way to see complete change of the culture within the organization top to bottom.

    • 511

      Something I’ve been thinking the last few minutes, after watching the first minutes of the Clippers game … as much as I sort of respect Julian Wright’s position on what happened last night, it is kind of messed up that he’d just choose to ignore the coach’s request that he go out on the floor … really, no matter what. He is a player on the team and like it or not, his role is whatever the coach says it is … and I’m sure he does cash his cheques that the Raptors give him every two weeks … so … while I haven’t heard what’s going on with him – if the announcers mentioned it tonight, I missed it – if he’s been quietly suspended or sent home because of refusing to go out on the floor last night (if that’s what happened), it would only make sense. No matter what anyone says or thinks about Triano, he is the coach … and if the tail does start wagging the dog … it really is over. If, on the other hand, the whole thing gets ‘ignored’ so to speak and nothing changes with ole Julian … well, that might be even worse for Triano. And the team.

      • 511

        annnnnd … then again … after seeing that JW’s there on the bench like nothing ever happened … maybe … everybody’s just gonna ignore the whole thing until the off-season. At least it’s a game tonight.

  • Jayso

    If Raptors fall out of the top 3 (Irving, Williams, Barnes), we need to draft Kemba Walker or Brandon Knight, don’t eff this one up BC and co.

  • RapsM

    I saw the box score and saw it said Bargnani had 0 rebounds. I thought it was a typo. Then I remembered it was Andrea Bargnani.

  • Another effing train-wreck

    last nites loss really highlites how awful this team, this organization is. as i said in my last post, nobody should be considered untouchable. nobody. we need some vets with toughness for next year because this team is so soft. so gutless.

    pretty clear by now BC is letting this team free fall as far as possible. its too bad the only iompact players in this draft are irving and williams, and they’ll both be gone by the third pick. we’ll get someobdy good at the 5th pick but nobody that can help this team next season. trades and FA r the only real way to improve.

    i want BC gone (like everyone else) but if they keep him, any extension should be tied to trading away AB. and while some guys may want PJ to coach, i stil like mike brown as the best guy avail.

    • 905

      just because we are 5th worst team doesnt mean were automatically getting the 5th pick it doesnt work that way. Last time we had number 1 pick we were the 5th wors team

      • Rex

        It doesn’t where we pick. As long as we pick someone that suits our needs. Also, PLEASE DON’T pick another Bargnani.

    • Mhm

      You mean like 36% of the people on this site.

  • Mike D

    Bryan Colangelo is the gift that keeps on giving.

    At the end of the first half, with Golden State on pace for 168 points, I kept hoping they would cut to an audio clip of him “negotiating in the media” for his contract extension. Either that or at least a show a shot of him buying some more of his custom-made Italian suits from Kory’s Clothiers. Pretty slick customer, ol’ BC….lotta snakeoil being sold there.

    • Tank

      There is no denying that Colangelo is the best-dressed in the industry, that old dog. Let’s not forget about Sam Mitchell, that old bastard had some great taste, only he could pull off Miami White Linen and make it look chic, boy I miss the Smitchster.

  • dfmcilroy

    If you were Triano, why would you ever ask Wright to go into a game again? Why bother? He wouldn’t help you out on a night when Evans and Johnson were out, Calderon got hurt and Bargnani was sick. Why would you bother with him again? Give him the rest of his 2.8 million dollars and say good-bye. See you in the D-League….

  • Bo4

    I was curious, so I looked up the players on the Blazers team that Carlisimo last coached … Arvydas Sabonis 32, Kenny Anderson 26, Rasheed Wallace 22, Gary Trent 22, Isaiah Rider 25, Cliff Robinson 30, Jermaine O’Neal 18, & Stacey Augmon 28. 1 oldster, 2 in their prime & 4 doing on the job training. Hmm …

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