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Julian Wright approves this message

I’ve penned enough tirades this year about Bargnani, but not after this game. I mean it’s hard to get a rebound when the other team doesn’t miss. It’s hard to get a rebound when the game is called BASKET-ball, not REBOUND-ball. It’s hard to get a rebound when you know that nothing will change if you don’t. Absolutely nothing. Heck, I guess I’d be the same way, wouldn’t you?

Unless you have this annoying little characteristic called pride, which Julian Wright unfortunately has. Apparently Jay called his number and Julian refused. Mere speculation, but the guy’s probably not happy with the way he’s been treated recently after busting his tail earlier in the season, and then wasn’t too enamored with the idea of being thrown a bone. Maybe Jay didn’t like his defense, which only happens after teams score 110 points after 3 quarters.

Well I guess what Julian did is not very professional, regardless of how things are going, but Jay mentioning it in the post-game is petty and reeks of distracting everyone from the actual stinker of a game.

I like Julian Wright’s game. He can defend and keep his man in front of him, which is essential on a team that has horrible team defense. Yes, he doesn’t have a great shot and won’t make great individual plays, but he actually handles the ball well and can get by his defender, and has the vision to find the open man.

The Raptors might come down hard on him, because off-the-court conduct like that is a lot worse than not giving 100% on the court, which Wright does while some other players on this team clearly don’t.

And what’s with labeling guys like Wright, Amir Johnson, Reggie Evans “scrubs who hustle” ? What is that? Hustle is a talent. it wins you games. You don’t think great NBA players don’t hustle just because they a skill set? Jordan hustled so hard on D that he won the Defensive Player of the Year award. I’d rather have a guy who hustles then a guy who can shoot. Unfortunately on team its one or the other.

The Raptors scored a 100 points last night and had one of their worst losses in franchise history. But, but Jose didn’t play? Isn’t he like a pylon on defense? Amir Johson didn’t play, but he’s undersized and gets pushed around easily. Reggie Evans is out, but he’s just a rebounder. BASKET-ball remember?

Defense is the problem, always has been since Rasho Nesterovic was no longer our starting center in 2008. This team could be at least 10 games better just by having more conviction on defense. This is kind of sad for a team that plays in the National Basketball Association.

It’s because there’s guys in this team that don’t play it, but the coach chooses not to address it.

The last guy who did address it got fired for it. On a night very similar to this.

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