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Colangelo’s thoughts:

Paraphrasing unless it’s in quotes:

“This is not the kind of season we wanted to have.” Had playoff aspirations which were derailed due to injury and lack of talent.

Changed the priorities of the season by focusing on the youth movement and attaining cap flexibility. The “reality called for us to rebuild the team and we embarked on a plan…nice to see things develop this year, I know it’s hard to digest losing so many games…have gotten all kinds of positive comments (from season seat holders) about the youth on this team”.

“This is the painful part of rebuilding, you lose a lot of games.” Says players have developed, states importance of top five pick, says “these players want to play in Toronto and that in itself is a victory”.

Lot of people doubted DeMar DeRozan at the end of last season, “If he now becomes the full package which would entail him becoming a three-point threat and becoming much better defensively, and [improving] rebounding, he’s got a chance to be a [very good player]”. Colangelo uses Kobe Bryant, Monta Ellis as comparisons to DeRozan’s potential.

Ed Davis “proved that he belongs…is a night and night double-double player in the NBA for years to come”.

“If you did the last two drafts, DeMar DeRozan is drafted much higher than #9 and Ed Davis is drafted much higher than #13…congratulations to scouting department…”

Credits Jerryd Bayless’ scoring, says he “answered the call” on the leadership front.

Says Amir Johnson “responded” to the critics who said he got “too much money”. Johnson will see “foot and ankle specialist in the states to get a second opinion”. “More than anything he learned how to stay on the floor…averaging 26 minutes in a game was a feat in itself for a player who had difficulty staying on the floor”.

“James Johnson added toughness…was a little bit of a wild card, added some spice and pepper to the lockerroom and personality as well”.

“The enigma of all enigmas” is Andrea Bargnani, “he has gotten better offensively, has proven to be a legitimate 20-point scorer in the game. Clearly, he has not done the things that we all like him to do, which is defending the ball and getting rebounds….He’s far from the perfect player and is a valuable asset to the organization”

BC was in New York to get a second-hand opinion on Barbosa’s wrist, is currently considered a “non-operative” injury.

“Linas Kleiza provided a lot of things we were looking from him…..surgery derailed his season…we anticipate that when healthy he’ll be a contributor to this team”. His recovery is progressing very nicely.

Question time:

What area are you looking to upgrade?

“We have good depth across the board….but clearly we want to address a few glaring needs. The biggest need in my opinion is that we have not paired a legitimate five next to Andrea Bargnani who is a four and has always been that, he’s versatile enough to play different positions”. “We need a bigger, better” big man who can play better defense because “Andrea Bargnani is not a good help defender…defending his rim is not his forte”. “That’s probably the biggest weakness [in the team]”.

Blogger summary: He’s basically saying that we need to make up for Bargnani’s weaknesses by getting other players in, specifically a true five.

“We need to address three-point shooting”. Kleiza and Bayless helped but that needs to be addressed, some of that will come “organically” from DeRozan, hopefully, but it needs to be addressed.

Lockout, no contract, how do you plan?

Says that possible sale of team will also impact his dealings. Is looking at possible free-agent signings, right now it’s “business as usual”. Says, “I want to be back, I’m committed to Toronto and the country of Canada, I’m committed to the organization in the highest way.”.

Are you committed to Jay?

“It’s safe to say that until my situation is unresolved, Jay’s situation will also remain unresolved…my situation will probably be resolved before Jay’s (deadline of some sort in mid-June).” Triano did what was asked of him. “To a man…everybody (the players) thought Jay Triano did a great job”. “[Triano] faired well based on early prognosis and if I’m not here, he deserves consideration for the head coach”. “My status is unchanged, it’s pointless to speculate where I’ll be”.

Not many fives in top three, considering trading the pick?

“We’re not married to the third pick, but trading away a third pick is not an easy proposition”. “I don’t think anybody on this team is untradeable…I think we need to take the best available talent and let the dust settle….talent equals other possibilities (referring to trades)”. Refers to the fact that there might be too much youth on the team. “Right now we’re stockpiling assets, stockpiling flexibility and stockpiling talent that will yield a better team next year”. “Lot of the guys listed [in the draft] as fours can play three”.

How much faith do you have in his potential to grow as a defensive player?

“What we have right now is a considerable asset for this organization.” He has been “mis-cast as a five because we don’t have anybody to man that position”. “Big guys take longer [to develop] than most…I don’t know if he’s ever going to be a better defensive player than he is right now….can he be a better rebounder? Absolutely, but he’s not [focused] on it….he’s not going to be a good rim-defender…anyway, you probably don’t want a guy like that jumping up and down at the risk of picking up injury.” “He is a matchup nightmare of every team we play night in and night out and I guarantee that he’s the #1 [target for defenses]”.

Are you getting a defensive five to overcome Bargnani’s deficiencies or would you get one anyway?

“Probably both….I had that guy last year in Tyson Chandler” “Lot of people want to make the Andrea situation about me and that’s nonsense”.

Says that the organization changed their mindset from trying to compete right now to rebuilding midway through the season.

“I didn’t make any assurances to any of the players in the exit-interviews because of the uncertainty surrounding the draft etc.”

“9.026 million dollars are left [on the Bosh trade exception] and we have till June to use it…but we are unlikely to use it because now it becomes chewing into cap flexibility”.

Blogger’s opinion: What?!?? So we traded Bosh for nothing?

Says Chris Bosh led him on that he would be open to re-signing with an open mind and never gave any indication that he was going to outright leave. Says Chris Bosh’s value was not high during his last season and a trade wouldn’t have yielded much.

“Jay Triano has a team-option for next year” (June deadline).

Colangelo is stressing that the Raptors have enough assets to make some noise this summer. No promises of making playoffs next season, but the focus is on building a contending team.

Given uncertainty with coach and GM, what can you really do?

The media is throwing him softies now. Nothing to report really, just asking him how tough it is to deal with uncertainty. Colangelo says “this is the life I’ve chosen”.

What struggles have you had attracting free-agents?

“If there’s a chance to play in one of the major markets in the States, like Chicago, LA, I don’t think we’ll ever win that….26 other teams face that concern”. Says you have to compare “apples to apples”. “Whether we can convince [players] that it gets as cold here as in 15 other NBA cities is a matter of perceptions…tax is not an issue“.

Colangelo is talking about the financial flexibility he’s created. Says acquiring players via trade is a known commodity and that you always overpay in the free-agent market.

“Last year was a mess because we had some issues in the locker-room, this year we didn’t have those issues”.

Why is the locker-room better?

“Character of the room is better…there might have been competing agendas that could have been surmountable…the Chris Bosh situation, the acquisition of Hedo, when things didn’t go right, they started to splinter”. This year “we had a group of guys who genuinely liked each other…sometimes we played as individuals (not as a team)…and at some point we didn’t have the talent and experience” to continue.

Talks about the competitiveness of the team and that the Raptors need to address the problem of “too much individual play”.

How optimistic about the fact that there will be basketball next year?

Won’t answer, cites Phil Jackson situation, and asks reporter to contact league office.

How do you sum up your time in Toronto?

“Maybe too much success too early…unfortunately we have not followed through where we started” Cites injury to Garbajosa, Bosh situation and how building around him failed, says, “I take my share of the blame”.

Are you deserving of a new contract?

“Can’t say on a W-L record” but based on dedication to organization, commitment to the team and the foundation he’s laid, yes. “I’m pretty comfortable knowing that I do a decent job at what I do…I’ve made some good draft picks, I’ve made some bad draft picks. I’ve made some good trades, I’ve made some bad trades….I’ll say that continuity in this business is very important…I feel like I’m capable of doing this job and am still pretty young at it.”

Says he’s got a meeting and will avoid the scrum process and will take a couple questions.

Did you say ‘no’ to a deal this season?

“Yes…at various points throughout the year I could’ve made a deal that could’ve put the team in a position to make the playoffs, but it would have been short-sighted…there were at least two deals that we could’ve made that would have put us in contention for the playoffs but it would’ve been short-sighted”.

Says no draft talk makes any sense until we know the players who will be in it. Does say that players appeared to be going back to school “for the right reason” (academically, not because of lockout)

Thanks for joining, that’s the end of that.

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  • Mediumcore

    “these players want to play in Toronto and that in itself is a victory”.

    It goes to show what an up hill battle it is for a GM to get talent to play in Canada. Might be why BC keeps going after european players. Not because he necessarily wants to, but because he has to. If they can ball I could care less who is on the roster, but it’s a reality that fans who have an issue with Euro players need to deal with.

    • Theswirsky

      2nd GM in Toronto to say something like this….. wonder when fans will start to believe it.

      • Mediumcore

        Harrison Barnes has made the announcement today that he will be returning to UNC for another year. There are fewer and fewer good American players now in the draft and more and more European players are the best options. Can you see the headlines in the American media if BC picks another European player?

        • Nilanka15

          Our big board should now look like 1) Irving, 2) Williams, 3) Kanter.

          • Mediumcore

            I dunno about taking a player in Williams because he’d have to play at the small forward spot. Can he make the switch from power forward? He’s one of the more intrigueing players in the draft ’cause he’s a beast at 6’8″, 240 but super athletic and mobile. Once he gets his feet wet he would have one of the better bodies to guard the Lebron’s and Melo’s of the league (not saying that anyone can, but he’d be equipped to do so). It’s at the offensive end that I’d would have any concerns with Williams.

            • Smushmush

              He is actually excellent offensively – ridiculous numbers from college 3 point land, gets offensive rebounds and goes to the line, he will be more than ok in the league – has no red flags, I know of (Perry Jones is a red flag and risky for a Top 5 pick imo).

          • Milesboyer

            We’re getting Derrick Williams……..my spidey sense tells me, and he’s going to make a great small forward.

            • points

              We’re getting CARDIACT KEMBA……….my spidey sence tells me, and with King Bargs, gang rebounding like when we had ANTONIO DAVIS, LENNY WILKENS . I have watched CP3 and the way his team does the gang rebound ,watch how they all are in the paint ontil the ball is secured maybe because they have CP3 to set up playes for the TEAM they don’t have to worry about fast brakes. Next, fire Jay he has been here under about 3 different head dummies LW,MAD GUY,SM and hasn’t learnt a shit about defence. gang rebound every back , got their man under control like ED tries to do even if he can’t get the ball ,Jose stays if we gang rebound like N.O does .

              spidey sencce is tinggling.

    • tonious35

      I much recent bias I have against Euro players, these Euro players have to be talented in a various role and be able to take punches in the face from anything.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Didn’t CB re up once in the TDot?

      JO loved the TDot!

      Didn’t Jarrett Jack want to play in the TDot before being traded away?

      VC wanted out because of management not the city.

      This past summer- Barnes? Chandler?

      Look what this franchise is currently offerring- an overhyped Ivy League procuct in BC & the 1st Canadian NBA head coach Jay ie BC’s puppet. As well, players here don’t earn anything they are handed rotation spots as BC sees fit ie contracts over talent.

      Also, American college players go overseas all the time to play in Europe, China, Philippines or down to South America if they can’t make it in the NBA- do some folks really think players don’t want to play in Canada or is it that they don’t want to play for a losing Franchise in Canada- do the full math.

      Don’t buy into that hype as I’m an African American and I love living in Canada & so did the brothers on the Grizzlies (save Steve Francis).

      • RapthoseLeafs

        “Didn’t CB re up once in the TDot?”

        As did all the others from that class – Bosh was here, not somewhere else and then signed (with us).

        “JO loved the TDot!”

        At 20 million I would too.

        “Didn’t Jarrett Jack want to play in the TDot before being traded away?”

        Jack saw his chance to start. No such luck in N.O. I have no stats in saying this, but I’d imagine there’s a 99% chance Jack would come back if he knew he could start.

        “VC wanted out because of management not the city.”

        Actually, his mother wanted him out. lol.

        “Also, American college players go overseas all the time to play in Europe, China, Philippines or down to South America if they can’t make it in the NBA- do some folks really think players don’t want to play in Canada or is it that they don’t want to play for a losing Franchise in Canada- do the full math.”

        Europe is where guys go who can’t make the NBA. Or are offered ridiculous contracts as a marketing concept. Eventually they want back in, cause the NBA is the real deal.

        “Don’t buy into that hype as I’m an African American and I love living in Canada & so did the brothers on the Grizzlies (save Steve Francis).”

        This isn’t about colour, race, or creed. It’s about Canada – a country I love, but understand how its’ viewed at times. It behooves me to know that we’re one of the safest countries in the world, yet immigrants always wanna go “to America”. That’s just the way it is.

  • sleepz

    So Bargnani is clearly a 4 now and was ‘miscast’ as a 5?hmmmmm. Wonder who ‘miscast’ him?

    The plan to rebuild came during mid-season you say? So BC thought they could win with this roster (+J.Jack and D.Andersen) at the start of the season?

    Not going to use the TPE because it’s going to chew into cap flexibility? I thougt that was an ‘asset’ to be used as preached when it was acquired?

    When will they stop letting this dude flip-flop on issues to preserve his skin?

    • Bendit

      The tpe is definitely a flipflop. I can see however that he has been told to keep payroll down in advance of the sale.

      • RapthoseLeafs

        Yes … BC is not calling the shots on the TPE. That accountant causing all the shit probably is.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      So Bargnani is clearly a 4 now and was ‘miscast’ as a 5?hmmmmm. Wonder who ‘miscast’ him?

      Bosh did …. lol

      • sleepz

        You seem to be like BC and tend to put the blame on Bosh when all other explanations fail. When in doubt, blame Bosh.lol

        Bosh didn’t play here this year. The Chandler deal fell through but if BC firmly felt he was a 4 he should have either ensured he played the position regardless of that deal going through (find some other options to man the 5 spot) or when he had a better 4 in Bosh should have explored options on trading one or the other to avoid huge roster redundancies instead of sticking a player in an unnnatural position for 4 years.

        All of a sudden the talk is that Andrea is a natural 4! I hope some team finds a way to play him at his ‘natural position’ so they can see that it doesn’t make a difference to his game as he would just be guarding the tougher offesnive option on most teams. What will the excuses be after he’s moved to the 4 and he plays the same game and defends the same way? Do you really think him playing the 4 will transofrm him as a player? In case Andrea was unaware you do have to rebound and defend at that position as well. I know it’s nice to assume the center will do it all for you but it doesn’t work that way.

        A whole bag of excuses on this squad from top to bottom.

        • RapthoseLeafs

          It was a joke sleepz.

          Relax. Too much crap going on here these days. Hell, we don’t even know if they’ll be a season.

          • sleepz

            I don’t know if the NBA can handle the fan blowback from a year of no basketball.

            I know the issues are serious but neither the owners or players can afford that.

    • Pesterm1

      They said they werent planning a rebuild but now they are thats why the TPE was flip flopped and they still used it for other deals this year. also said that they may still use it if the right piece comes along.

      I tihnk Bargnani is being called a “4” al of a sudden because if they kepe calling him a Center teams might not want him as a Center on their team. stating he was played out of possition gives fans and other teams the idea that he was just playing out of possition but coan still improove in the right setup.

      • Raptoronto

        That how I saw it as well…all the Andrea comments were fodder for utilizing him as an “asset”. Time will tell.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      So CB was playing next to another finesse power forward under BC all that time in Bargnani- hmmm, no wonder CB left BC’s bullchit basketball vision- has BC ever played competitive organized basketball or even rec league? Or is he a product of nepotism- my daddy owned a NBA team and gave me all the credit for the player transactions/on court success his team had.

      The whole “REBUILD” thought process was nothing more than a BullChit pr media spin on losing games & player injuries but alot of people swallowed that bait hook, line & sinker even though actions (playing Jose over Bayless/playing Reggie & a visibly hurt Amir over Ed) didn’t add up to those media hyped up “REBUILD” words.

      CB TPE- do you know me? (OPP Naughty By Nature)

      So in the end CB was traded for JJ (2011 Miami draft pick #28), Ajinca, Bayless & whomever the Rap’s draft 3rd (Barnes is going back to NC- probably talked to Ed about BC & Jay lol).

      The fact is BC lost a top line player in CB and failed to adequately replace him so now he tends to blame him for his own professional shortcomings instead of recognizing that Riley schooled as the Rap’s President & GM was working for Riley for free ever since the JO/Marion deal.

      Furthermore, BC talks like a politician (shrewd & cunning) politicking always spinning the latest Raptor related particular as he sees fit via his TDot media puppets- image over reality. The more BC repeats his lies, deception, half truths the more some people tend to bind to it ie REBUILD/Blame CB/TPE is an assest/etc.

  • hateslosing

    Well, I will say I’m pretty interested to see what magic BC works to bring in a center. I’m almost hoping they keep Andrea and get someone at the five just to see if it makes a difference. Would end a lot of the silly debates we have around here. Good to here they are being realistic about his defense, kind of sucks they don’t seem to see it as a big issue.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Raps chances of getting a defensive Centre are slim to none. At least someone with talent. If BC pulls that one out, he’ll have done his job despite all the roadblocks.

      With all this talk about snagging Gasol, I think some people need to read the box scores from the LA game to know hell will freeze over before we EVEN have a chance at him. True defensive Centres (aka Noah, Chandler, Howard), are like gold in the NBA – yet some people think we just go out and get one. Add the Canadian factor, and you might as well take a different route (then free agency). Any trade would have to be lopsided. And if you get a Centre, then you have to deal with potential injuries.

      Better to build one within the organization. The draft takes too long (Demar will probably be gone by then), so Davis is about the only one I think that can make the grade. If he did bulk up, and move to the 5 (ala J.O.), then Bargs can take the 4, and Amir can back-up. We’d still need another quality Big at that, so don’t think this Front Court is anywhere near resolving.

      • hateslosing

        I would rather do almost anything other than move Davis to the 5. This is the main reason I don’t want Bargs here: even if he is a four, we already have a guy who has the potential to be a top 10 four in the league. Why would we keep Bargs to play a position we are already good at without him, especially when he might not even work out? If it comes down to either moving Ed to the five or moving Bargs, I think you move Bargs every time. The only way I think we keep Bargs is if we sign or trade for a good center, then you can have a four man rotation of Amir, Bargs, Center X, and Davis. We’ve now moved two good players in Bosh and Bargs away from their “natural” position at the four, let’s not due it with a third guy.

        I agree about the Gasol thing, it’s fun to throw out that he might be available but Memphis would have to be insane to let him go. They already gave away one Gasol, losing out on the other would be a franchise killer. I’m really hoping that we can sign someone, even if we have to overpay a lot. Like you said, a good defensive center is just about the most valuable piece that exists in the NBA. If we have to pay way above market value for one, well at least it will be done with. I’m kind of hoping we can get DeAndre Jordan somehow, but that doesn’t seem likely. Oden is an option, but he won’t be cheap.

        If we’re feeling really crazy, we could take a shot at Yao Ming (lol)

        • RapthoseLeafs

          My point was, the odds of a quality Centre coming here are not good.

          That’s why the Chandler trade could’ve been a stroke of genius, had it worked out. That being said, it still wouldn’t guarantee that Chandler would stay – which is the crux of my argument. We are at a major disadvantage as the only non-American team (who operate in a cold climate). That disadvantage is only magnified when it comes to Centres.

          Oden is a gamble. And the roadblocks (demand, team option, free agency) would create such an inflated value, that he could be an albatross for the team going forward. I’d rather not take the chance.

          Say you move out Bargnani, but don’t find a suitable Big as a replacement. Then what. And this dream about swapping Bargs for a quality defensive Centre, just strikes me as fantasy. If you’re on the other side, why would you make such a move. There would be teams knocking at their door, offering more value back. And that’s not to say Andrea doesn’t have value, but with the way he’s been ostracized by our media and fans lately, do some people think that helps our cause.

          Cue the Vinny scenario.

          • Nilanka15

            That’s something that most overlook….that if Bargnani is traded, it doesn’t have to be for a defensive centre. If there’s a piece offered that’s a good fit with our roster (regardless of position), then we might as well consider it.

            And if obtaining a legit defensive centre is next to impossible this summer, you roll with the current roster as-is and hope for the best. Perhaps a trade will present itself once the season starts, when circumstances change. Worst-case scenario, we stink another year, and collect another high pick in the 2012 draft.

            • Theswirsky


            • Mediumcore

              Since we’re throwing out the idea of stinking for another season, why don’t the dino’s just trade their top 5 pick (unless it’s the first overall) to a team that is guaranteed to suck next year in exchange for thier 2012 1st rounder. That way we’ll have two top 5 picks in next years draft which one would think would have to be better than this years.

              • Nilanka15

                I wouldn’t be against this idea. Although, if we landed the 2nd pick, I would still love to draft Williams.

              • barenakedman

                A team that knows they are going to suck for another year is probably thinking along the same lines and would rather have a top pick next year too.

            • mountio

              One way or the other … we will stink for another year. And thats just fine (probably preferred because at least then we will have two top 5ish picks to add to whatever is left of DD/Ed/AB).
              As to the defensive center .. I agree with the above .. that we essentially have the makings of that in Ed. He needs to gain a little weight, but other than that, hes a 5 both offensively and defensively. Would I take a Bynum/M Gasol/DH type if we could get him? Sure … but in the more likely event that we cant, we should not waste our time with a plug like Dalembert .. develop Ed to be our C of the future. Whether or not we have AB is almost irrelevant to that plan from my perspective.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              Some people hate Dalembert (UFA) up in here but he is a defensive center that protects the rim & rebounds plus he’s Canadian.

              Jamaal Magloire may become available this off season to be the 2nd or 3rd big man off of the bench- he’s Canadian.

              LAC’s may have to decide between Kaman & Jordan leaving one or the other potentially available.

              TChandler, a defensive minded center, is an unrestricted free agent this summer.

            • XanderZ

              Agree.. high pick on 2012, and then…. I think D.Howard is available on that year no?

          • hateslosing

            You’re right that we would be selling low on Bargs and probably wouldn’t be able to get anything of equal value back. I actually wouldn’t mind giving Bargs another season to prove himself, it’s not like we’re going to be good anyway and maybe he can add some rebounding to his game. The main problem I see with keeping him is that the front office now seems bent on moving him to the four and I don’t like where that puts Ed. If they can find a way to keep him without moving Ed to the five or reducing his minutes I’m all for it.
            Oden would be a massive risk, but if he worked out we’d be set as a franchise for the next couple seasons. I also like to think that the show of faith after all his injuries might make him a bit more loyal to Toronto. Given how well Stoudemire and Griffen have performed after their surgeries, I don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that Oden can be an impact player in this league.
            One of the reasons I like Oden for us is your going to want to keep his minutes down at first and that would give us a way to keep Bargs without cutting into Amir and Ed’s playing time. Oden for 20, Davis and Amir for 25 and Bargs for 28. Then we get another season to decide where we want to go with the front court.

      • Pesterm1

        hahaha are u serious? you know theyre talking abot Marc Gasol and not Pau Gasol right?


        “With all this talk about snagging Gasol, I think some people need to read the box scores from the LA game to know hell will freeze over before we EVEN have a chance at him. ”

        • RapthoseLeafs

          my bad … I was thinking of Memphis playing against LA, instead of their real opponent – SAS – who they beat. Point is still the same though.

      • jimmie

        I’m not sure whether the Raps could land Gasol or not, but I’m also not sure Memphis can afford him. They just re-signed Randolph, which I think brings them to about $51M for 11 players. Gasol will get in the range of $10-12M per, I would think, so they may not keep him…

        • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

          no way gasol is going to command that much $ under a new agreement.

          perkins didn’t even get $10M per year.

      • Massspike

        He had a talented center at 17th pick $’s, Roy Hibbert, for about 2 seconds before he traded him.

    • Milesboyer

      There’s no debating, that after five years, Bargnani’s effort on defense is hugely lacking.

    • Sean P

      picture tyson chandler playing along side bargs. im still hurting over mj pulling the trade off the table after we all thought it was a done deal. that basturd. we would have still had j. jack and no jose would have improved our d tremendously.

    • Htothearmo

      They’re going to draft that Turkish centre Kanter…enjoy

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Bismack Biyombo is rated higher than Kanter (bad knees) by alot of draft services as Bismack is currently the media hyped pre draft board riser due to a strong Nike Summit Game- see ESPN Lottery Game/DraftExpress/NBADraftNet.

  • Nilanka15

    Nobody is considered “untradeable”, which is probably the 1st time I’ve ever heard that from any Raptor executive.

    Also interesting is that he doesn’t need to “sell” on wanting to play in Toronto. There are many people who believe that Toronto just can’t attract American athletes (which is total BS), but when it comes to draft picks, they don’t have a choice. It’s up to the player to sell themselves to the team, NOT the other way around.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Then share with us all those free agents we’ve managed (in our recent history) to bring up to the Great White North.

      You’re not thinking right, if you believe it has minimal effect. When Bosh said the air smelt different, that wasn’t just some silly statement.
      As for draft picks and Bigs, that’s always been a gamble. Plus they take 5 or 6 years to develop. Demar could be gone by then.

      • Nilanka15

        I see 6 Canadian NHL teams littered with American players, the Blue Jays, the entire CFL, etc. There isn’t some universal hatred that suggests Americans would rather be in hell than playing for a Canadian city.

        What makes attracting free agents tough for the Raptors is our constant instability in terms of ownership/management/coaching, plus the constant losing seasons. We haven’t been able to shake the “expansion team” tag (with the exception of maybe 2 of our 16 seasons to date). Our franchise has a reputation of being in chaos evidenced by the 7 head coaches to date. It’s the METHOD at which this franchise has been run, NOT the location, which has been our problem.

        Money and winning are the 2 greatest contributors to free agency. With penny-pinching owners, our only shot at improving this team enough to attract impact free agents is to hope for continued development within, combined with great drafting.

        “Demar will probably be gone by then” – Why would he leave if we’re battling for home court advantage year after year, and we’re paying him slightly above market value?

        • Theswirsky

          “I see 6 Canadian NHL teams littered with American players, the Blue Jays, the entire CFL”

          NHL is a totally different beast. Hockey IS KING in Canada. You want to make the real money (ie. endorsement deals) in hockey, why wouldn’t you want to play in Canada?

          CFL is the last opportunity to play football for those players.

          MLB it was JP Riccardi himself that said the Jays have problems attracting American players, and thats why they were looking toward Latin players.

          • Mediumcore


          • Nilanka15

            I dunno man. I’m not saying there isn’t a stigma, I’m just saying it can’t be as bad as people make it out to be.

            Hockey is king in Canada, but if it was such a deciding factor, you would think every good player would rather play for a Canadian team, thus making the 6 teams amongst the best in the league, year after year. But winning combined with big paycheques probably paint a more accurate picture.

            As for the CFL, sure it’s seen as the NFL’s D-League, but there is the arena league (with 18 teams) that you would think would be a better option for the CFL’s best players. Don’t you think Anthony Calvillo would’ve bolted years ago?

            Give an American player a chance to win, plus pay him top dollar, and he’ll come to Toronto with little hesitation.

            On the other hand if you don’t believe in the power of winning and money, then the Raptors might as well fold and move to Seattle because to the average American athlete, Canada will never be seen as an equal.

            • Milesboyer

              It’s like a bar – if it’s cool, people will go no matter where it is. In fact a remote location for a “cool” bar can bring cache. Being a Raptor will become cool when they win, plain and simple and a winning team will attract the cool kids.

            • sleepz

              I simply compare the Raptors to other teams. Are Milwaukee, Sacramento, Indiana, Charlotte, or Minnesota basketball hotbeds that players flock to?

              Not unless they are winning.

          • mountio

            Exactly .. the NHL and NBA couldnt be more different with respect to attracting American players. The TV situation/ contract, endorsement opportunities, perception on the street, background of players (small town vs. city, warm weather vs. cold, black vs. white).
            As BC mentioned, there are a few cities that have a natural advantage vs all others (NY, Chi, LA, Miami, Boston) .. all the others are playing catchup, Toronto included – but Toronto has to deal with the “Canadian” thing as well.
            You can try to deny it (I love TO and Canada having lived in NY and SF as well – but Im Canadian) and whether we like it or not, Americans have a different mindset. Chuck Swirsky (Canadian lover who went to the trouble of getting his citizenship) and Antonio Davis both bolted so their kids could go to school in the US.
            Does winning help? Of course it does. But, last I checked, Denver was winning and Melo bolted outa there as fast as he could. Even Cleveland was winning (mostly due to LBJ, but none the less) and he bolted from there.
            Anyways – Im not saying we are doomed forever and should hang our heads in shame for being Canadian .. but just dont be blind to the fact that that we face some challenges (and, that as a result, the thesis of bringing Euros here, who want to be here .. isnt a totally crazy thesis .. of course you have to find the right players still, no matter where they come from).

            • Bendit

              Thats a new one on me…the Swirsk left because of the school system?..omg…lets start American focused schools!!

              I think the debate in this thread has excluded important differences between the leagues re the hard/soft/no cap positions, age at which free agency occurs and more importantly the number of players on a team which exacerbates an unwanted departure or a failed acquisition even more.

              • mountio

                Im pretty sure thats the reason. He described it as something to the effect of “its a personal matter .. my wife and kids have to take the priority” .. but connect the dots .. he goes from being a lead TV guy to a radio guy … a demotion by any definition of the word as his kids were getting older.
                Im pretty sure he had his arm twisted (likely by his wife) .. since he certainly sounded like he was leaving reluctantly when he left. I remember thinking it was a little ironic, because Chuck had hacked on AD for his comments on wanting his kids to learn “American history” as opposed to “Canadian history”. Can anyone back me up here?
                Anyways – the point remains .. Americans have a bias .. even the best, most well intentioned Americans still have families and other considerations in making their decisions.

                • Nilanka15

                  Regarding Chuck, a LOT of speculation there. His “personal reasons” could’ve been absolutely anything. Perhaps there was a death in the family, which needed him to be closer to his family. Maybe his parents or in-laws require immediate care. There are probably a million reasons why Chuck left that could fall under “personal reasons”.

                • mountio

                  I know it COULD have been anything .. no real brain wave there. Im wondering if anyone actually heard / confirmed the real story.
                  I could swear I remember hearing that it was about his kids school at the time .. as i read through the articles, many references to wanting to raise his teenage kids in Chicago .. not much more specific than that.
                  He did specifically raise his wife AND kids a number of times, so, that leads one to believe that it was more them than a death in the family, etc.
                  And .. the Leo theory fits better than all of this, I agree 🙂

                • Theswirsky

                  I think you may be thinking of Antonio Davis and the metric system (ie. he says he didn’t want it taught to his kids in school).

                  I believe with Chuck it was family was in Chicago.

                  I still think its because he didn’t want to work with Leo… and thats not a hard sell.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      On that issue of playing in Canada, I believe Hedo was the biggest signing we’ve had since Bosh was a rookie. Someone correct me, if I’m wrong.

      • Theswirsky

        biggest period… unless you count an over the hill over priced useless Hakeem……

        • mountio

          Biggest American FA signing? I really have to rack my brain on that one .. just flipped through back to 2002 (thats all they have on espn.com).
          Its either Jason Kapono or Tony Parker (who was playing in Italy).
          Not exactly a stellar record of getting high quality US players to come up here …

          • Nilanka15

            You can add Mugsy Bogues and Jarrett Jack to the list, but again, nothing special.

          • mountio

            Oops .. meant to type Isreal for AP ..

  • Maleko

    I was concerned with his comments on Andrea for a while until he made the statement: “whether he is here or not…”

    • RapthoseLeafs

      he also said everyone is tradeable – no one is untouchable (although Davis would strike me as the closest thing).

  • C.d.G.

    On August 4, a year AGO, I wrote as it follows:

    “What we have on the team, now, is a hundred shooting guards (and just like last year, none of them overly effective), no real point guard (as Jarrett Jack is another combo, and Calderon is either leaving or a half a player), no true centre to couple with Bargnani, and no actual slashing small forward. The level of defence? We don’t have any clue to evaluate it as going up. Right time to go out for holidays, and think about something else!”

    Shooting guards apart, how does all the rest sound right now? Quite appropriate, no?

    • Bendit

      Very well done CDG. Now let me know what the lotto nos. are for the weekend 🙂

      • C.d.G.

        Sorry, I don’t give numbers away for free!

  • Valit

    To me, it was a very interesting press conference. Couple of things that jumped right out of it:
    1. THERE IS a problem attracting the American players and the fact that this organization is in turmoil will affect further down the road. Either we like it or not I do, personally) some Euros will be part of this team. They better finda way to harmonize this group.
    2. If there is a truth about possible deals that were refused during mid season, I can assume there were a lot of conversations between MLSE, BC and maybe Jay regarding the future of the club. To me, they took a righ risk by selling this development year. They better be right because I know lots of fans will be really pissed if they will be fooled twice.
    3. I like the idea of bringing a tough 5 ( easier said than done) but to think DD and Kleiza and JB can resolve your 3 point flaws is kinda absurd.
    4. If you want to have some veterans around these young guys, keep Calderon and Reggie. They can be good mentors.
    5. It seems that BC is kinda desperate to hold his spot. Makes you wonder is the actual ” decison maker”?

  • Fk900

    BC should have been canned or resigned. To wait until now to mak a decision, where the GM has no time to scout is just foolishness by Teachers Union.

  • Theswirsky

    I thought this press conference was pretty interesting. Finally some admissions by BC, and some support to what alot have been saying for a while:

    “these players want to play in Toronto and that in itself is a victory”

    ““If there’s a chance to play in one of the major markets in the States, like Chicago, LA, I don’t think we’ll ever win that….26 other teams face that concern”. Says you have to compare “apples to apples”. “Whether we can convince [players] that it gets as cold here as in 15 other NBA cities is a matter of perceptions

    But Toronto is the 4th largest market? And he is saying there is a perception about Toronto? That the TRUE major markets attract players first? Huh who would thunk it.

    “[Bargnani] he has not done the things that we all like him to do, which is defending the ball and getting rebounds….”

    which begs the question though… why no accountability?

    “Andrea Bargnani is not a good help defender…defending his rim is not his forte”. “That’s probably the biggest weakness [in the team]“.”

    Sorry whats that? Its not everyone else?

    “I don’t know if he’s ever going to be a better defensive player than he is right now….can he be a better rebounder? Absolutely, but he’s not [focused] on it….he’s not going to be a good rim-defender”

    Not a suprise.

    But my questions regarding BC? How does he possibly say Bargnani is a 4 while having played miscast at the 5, while he had him playing there since his rookie year? and “Lot of people want to make the Andrea situation about me and that’s nonsense”. Wonder is Sam Mitchell feels the same way? Wonder who its about then, Jay? Did MLSE go behind his back and offer AB a contract?… I doubt it.

    Nice to see some, if even indirect, admittance of failures. First step into fixing mistakes. Andrea as an “asset” instead of a player is encouraging…. really hoping that means trade.

  • photoman

    No way should they can BC. People just don’t get that we need some stability in this organization and give GMs the time to build teams. It doesn’t happen in a year or four unless you’re VERY lucky.

    1995-98 We had a first-time GM in Isiah had two first-time head coaches in Malone and Walker.

    1998-2004 with Grunwald another first-time GM and three coaches in O’Niell, Wilkens, and Carter. Both O’Niell and Carter were first-time head coaches.

    2004-06 we had the Babcock era and again a first-time GM; plus a first-time head coach in Mitchell.

    2006-Present in the Colangelo period he was forced to keep Mitchell on because of his COY award even though he wanted the available D’Antoni. After the Mitchell firing we promoted Triano; another first-time head coach.

    So in my opinion it’s as much about the constant churn in this organization as the “Canada” factor. While I will admit BC’s had many ups and downs but there are only 30 such jobs in the world. I don’t want another first-time GM “learning the business” with the Raps.

    Ainge has been with Boston since 2003 through many bad seasons before hitting the homerun with Garnett and Allen 2007.

    Krause has been with Chicago since 1985!! Through the very highs in the Jordan-era and lows and now back to the highs with Rose.

    Kyrie Irving… welcome to Toronto 🙂

    • CalgaryRapsFan

      I agree completely.

      Add to that the fact that BC was successful doing what most fans wanted done this season: trade Turkoglu without taking a bad contract back, cut payroll heading into CBA uncertainty and stockpiling young players with potential that will be fulfilled in Toronto or used as trade-bait, let the young core develop (ie: DeRozan, Davis, Amir, Bargnani)…

      I think BC is on the right track and has a solid plan for both the short and long term future of this franchise. Not every move is going to be perfect, but I like the fact that BC won’t simply stand still and is not afraid to correct his own errors.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Yes, we need the “stability of stagnantion” that BC brings- NOT!

      He had 5 years and his time is up- see ya buddy & take your Euro Raptor basketball vision with ya!!

      • photoman

        It’s that knee jerk reaction that’s made the organization unstable in the past. People who know anything about basketball know it would be foolish to kick BC to the curb. Who’s out there that’s better, more experienced, AND IS WILLING TO COME HERE?

        People who were calling for Ainge’s and Doc Rivers’ head when Boston really sucked for 3-4yrs until 2007… now they think Ainge and Doc are one of the best combos in the league.

        As far as Euro ball is concerned I think BC’s seen the light that it’s not going to work.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          5 years knee jerk?lmfao@u

          There are alot of folks out there willing to take on the Raptors President and/or GM job- BC isn’t irreplaceable- far from it- don’t believe the hype!

          Hopefully new ownership (or MLSE) will bring in new minds to lead the Raptors into the future paradigm of the NBA.

          Ainge/Doc got NBA All Stars KG & Ray Allen in that same off season to add to NBA All Star PPierce.

          Rondo developed quickly into a top 5 NBA pg (Rose, Paul, Rondo, DWill, TParker) & a NBA All Star.

          Perkins, who has been traded for Green/Kristic, developed quickly into a top line defensive force in the paint next to KG.

          Boston has won a NBA title and have competed for one ever since the Rap’s won the Atlantic Division in BC’s 1st year- a Division that Boston currently owns.

          Who’s the best player on the Rap’s again? Bargnani?

          I have seen the light and BC, who has this team back in Babcock territory, is not going to work as the Raptors President & GM- who was the guy who drafted Barg’s over Aldridge & hired Jay again?

          • photoman

            Okay name me ONE guy who would be better than BC?

            Secondly Ainge hit a once in a lifetime homerun… his 2007 deal was amazing but not the norm.

            Sure BC has hung to AB longer than he should have but trying to build around CB4 each year was the wrong approach… but he didn’t have much choice because trading away the franchise would have been suicide.

            He’s given AB a chance without CB4 to see if he can step up. Now you’ll see him move AB in the off-season.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              First off BC is doing 2 jobs- President & GM , for the Raptors.

              Personally if it was up to me I would make Julius Erving the Raptors Team President & name Chris Mullin (ex GS GM & NBA All Star/Hall of Famer/Olympic Team) the GM.

              Ainge hit it though- fact. Just like Miami did this year w/ BC’s help .

              BC hung on to AB- says alot about his talent evaluation, so he has to go along with AB- str8 up & down.

              This past season AB took more shots per game, 17 plus, on average than CB ever did as a Raptor- wow??!!??!!

              Hopefully another President or GM will be moving Bargnani come that time as there will most likely be a lockout this summer ie no transactions, as the Vegas Summer League has been cancelled by Stern.

        • Theswirsky

          how can you possibly call 5 years and allowing his contract to run to duration a “knee jerk” reaction?

  • Bendit

    Is there a blog or news outlet in the gta universe which has been as unvarnishedly vocal about the state of Raptor affairs? Some of these admissions are quite stunning. Even those here who scream about the vanilla kool aid statements from BC seem a bit muted on that score today.

    Someone at Raptor hqtrs. must be either reading RR or getting independent feedback similar to the many discussions here that mirror some of BC’s answers. In either case, kudos to the collective here. Admission is the first step….

    • Raptoronto

      Fact – BC does have staff monitor blogs and articles by main stream media.

      • Toshmon

        Of course, its his job. How else would you know the pulse of the fans? Doug Smith? the National Post?

        I wouldn’t doubt that players read this site too.

  • tonious35

    Just to add to the Bargs debat;, I just want to say that Gregg Popovich doesn’t care if Duncan is paid $20 Million a year, he still will be in Duncan’s grill if he blows a rotation. Our coaching and GM better, and I mean they freaking better, support the practice of giving Bargnani the shit treatment on the bench and on TV if he blows a rotation due to omitting, ignorance, laziness, or reluctance. That’s called fair accountability and trust.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Too late to hold Bargnani accountable as the season’s over.lol

      BC, Gheradini & Jay have coddled Bargnani even firing Sam to appease Barg’s and yet this lackadaisical half ass still doesn’t get it- defend, protect the rim & rebound.

      Did BC really say that he doesn’t want Barg’s jumping up & down protecting the rim because he might get hurt?lmfao

      No wonder King Barg’s never dives on the floor for to battle for loose balls- he might get hurt.lol

      • Nilanka15

        “Did BC really say that he doesn’t want Barg’s jumping up & down protecting the rim because he might get hurt?lmfao”

        I couldn’t believe he said that either. So ridiculous.

        • Smushmush

          @Nilanka, it is called the egg treatment of Bargs lmao, infact, Bargs must not even lose a finger nail playing basketball lol.

        • sleepz

          Shameful comment and not the type of attitude or player wanted around these parts.

    • Bendit

      Not gonna happen. Popovich is the man in the Spurs org. Top dog and banana. He is more than just the coach and hired Buford who has the GM title. So, anything P wants he gets and the players all know this. At the very least what needs to happen here is that a bad ass coach is brought in who BC gives full authority to. This has not been the case so far. The way they all handled the Wright case says something…soft with a view to maintaining the image (for the agents mostly I think) as a cordial org. to play for. Another example is how the Peja situation was handled. Pops has nothing to prove as well and at this point he’s not in it for a career or the money or to make friends. Sloan is another example.

      • tonious35

        I believe Pop and Sloan still make friends, not because they yearn for it, it’s because ladies and even manly men will praise the fortitude of their family jewels and sense of duty that will result in success and thus resulting into being rewarded with good friends.

  • barenakedman

    Colangelo is saying everyone associated with the team thinks everyone else is doing a great job and if they just keep to the status quo and add a few key players they will be contenders.
    Maybe there isn’t much else he can say at this stage of things.
    Overall it was an uninspiring message and was the first time I’ve noticed his body language not being completely at ease.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    The way BC did Sam dirty is coming back to haunt both him & Jay- karma.

    We got to rid the organization of this bad karma that BC & Jay have manifested with their deceptive actions ever since Sam was prematurely fired and move forward with new energy, ideas & structure.

    • photoman

      “…this bad karma that BC & Jay have manifested with their deceptive actions ever since Sam was prematurely fired…”

      smitch is that you? 🙂

    • Nilanka15

      Sam wasn’t a great coach. In hindsight, he seems better than Triano, but at the time of the firing, there weren’t too many people complaining about Sam getting the axe.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

        Sam got the most out of the Bullchit rosters BC fed him then smelling his own self hyped up to 50 win seasons.

        The 2008-09 Raptors roster that BC put together & got Sam fired:

        3 Hassan Adams *Not in NBA
        3 Marcus Banks *Not in NBA
        7 Andrea Bargnani *Raptors (starting c/pf?)
        4 Chris Bosh *Miami Heat (starting pf)
        8 Jose Calderon *Raptors (starting pg)
        5 Quincy Douby *Not in NBA
        14 Joey Graham *Cleveland Cavs (non rotation bench player)
        43 Kris Humphries *NJ Nets (average 10 ppg 10 rpg)
        21 Nathan Jawai *Not in NBA
        24 Jason Kapono *Philadephia 76ers (non rotation bench player)
        31 Shawn Marion *Dallas Mavericks (starting sf- CButler injury)
        44 Pops Mensah-Bonsu *Not in NBA
        33 Jamario Moon *LA Clippers (non rotation bench player)
        13 Patrick O’Bryant *Not in NBA
        6 Jermaine O’Neal *Boston Celtics (staring c- injured all year)
        18 Anthony Parker *Cleveland Cavs (starting sg)
        5 Will Solomon *Not in NBA
        1 Roko Ukic *Not in NBA
        77 Jake Voskuhl *Not in NBA

        Not to mention that Sam got fired after one of the historically tough Nugget blowout games in Denver- check the achieved Raptors game records.

        Sam fired @ 8-9. Jay goes 25-40. Do the coddle Bargnani math.

        Sam wasn’t the problem as time has proven that true as at the time it was his handling of Bargnani that got him fired ie failing to follow BC’s orders to coddle King Barg’s, unlike Jay aka Company Man does.

        That 1st Canadian NBA head coach was a smart fan pacifying move by BC but one I saw through just like his current rebuild propaganda.

      • sleepz

        I was and still am. He had taken the team to the playoffs the 2 previous years.

        I don’t know about Sam as an x’s and o’s kind of coach but he knew chemistry and he also knew that you weren’t going to play if you didn’t do the things expected of you which I respect more than anything the current coach offers. Accountability.

  • BCistheMan

    “Had playoff aspirations which were derailed due to injury and lack of talent”

    Who is he taking us for ? We were derailed from Play offs due to injury !!! yahhhhh, right !!

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Yeah, a healthy Kleiza & Reggie were going to take us to the playoff promise land even though BC never replaced the departed CB.lol

      Maybe to 30 wins but all NBA teams have dealt with injuries ie Portland, next excuse. Oh, the youthfulness & inexperience.lol

      BC talks in the deceptive tones of a condescending speaking Ivy Leaguer.

      • jlongs

        I think you guys missed the “lack of talent” part. And hey, he could have been talking about the coaching staff too.

  • BCistheMan

    “The biggest need in my opinion is that we have not paired a legitimate five next to Andrea Bargnani who is a four and has always been that, he’s versatile enough to play different positions”.

    I guess he is NOT done with AB and is going to try to pair him up with real center and since the next season is a rebuild anyway, see where it takes him.

    That is bad news for Tim 😉 🙂

    I wonder who we are going to ship out to get that center !!! It is probably Amir Johnson since we have an upgrade in his position in the name of Ed Davis. Damn, What is Liston going to Do next season !!

    • photoman

      “I guess he is NOT done with AB and is going to try to pair him up with real center…”

      That’s EXACTLY what he’s selling… to the potential buyers (i.e. GM’s of the other 29 teams). 🙂

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      I wish BC would have paired CB up with a real quality NBA center instead of Bargnani.

      Fuck Barg’s- point blank, as he had less total rebounds than Davis even though Davis only logged around half the total season minutes as Barg’s did.

      Hopefully both BC & AB are gone sooner rather than later.

  • Balls of Steel

    Right, Drea is a 4 and BC has been unable to get a true 5. So, if he does get a 5, where does that put Davis and Johnson? That’s really long-term thinking right?

  • Balls of Steel

    Right, Drea is a 4 and BC has been unable to get a true 5. So, if he does get a 5, where does that put Davis and Johnson? That’s really long-term thinking right?

    • BCistheMan

      Say Bye Bye to Amir. BC needs to move either Amir or Ed to have the talent and room for a trade.

      • Balls of Steel

        Let’s say that Amir was moved. That means Ed Davis will backing up Andrea
        for the duration of his contract. No wonder no one wants to play here.

      • Nilanka15

        As mentioned above, Colangelo is just trying to sell his biggest “asset” by claiming Bargnani can’t be blamed for his shortcomings because he was playing out of position. It’s a smart move on Colangelo’s part to raise Bargnani’s trade value.

        On the other hand, if Colangelo fully admitted that Bargnani is one of the league’s worst defensive centres (in all of history), I doubt he’d get many phone calls.

        If Bargnani isn’t traded, we’ll all very soon know what it sounds like when a home crowd boos their starting centre.

  • Mike D

    I’m glad BC is measuring “victories” by the number of players on the team who want to play here. Perhaps, if he continues to overpay players at the current rate, there will be many more “victories” for us in the near future. Amir Johnson, anyone?

  • Smushmush

    So this BC guy is still continuing with this “Bargs is a 4 nonsense, we need a legitimate 5” – it clearly shows that the Toronto raptors are going to be a joke in the league for a long, long time smh. If you are a big man whether you are a 4 or 5, you are expected to provide help defense and rebound, no excuses there. At least, Portland Trailblazers, Memphis Grizzlies and the Denver Nuggets are there to be supported – spoilt for choice, I tell ya :D.

  • Bo4

    Bryan didn’t mention his swings situation much. Are we really going to depend on DeMar, who’s actual total performance is that of a marginal starter/sub right now? Are we really going to depend on James, who is a sub, period, just like Leandro? BRYAN, WE NEED A REAL SF STARTER! TAKE THE BLINKERS OFF REGARDING ANDREA! HE’S GOING TO COST YOU THE GIG! TRADING AMIR, INSTEAD, IS NOT THE WAY TO GO!

  • jd4

    Wow, with Harrison Barnes staying at UNC, this team needs some good luck to get the #1 or #2 pick. There are only a handful of players who might become real good NBA players. Kyrie Irving, Derrick Williams, and maybe Brandon Knight and/or Kanter. If you can’t get one of those guys, might be time to look at trading the pick along with roster players to upgrade. I’m very surprised that Barnes decided to stay. Next year’s draft will be much stronger, his stock could fall, and I’m sure the NBA is looking at some sort of clawback on rookie salaries. He’s likely giving up a ton of money.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

      Just think if Irvimg &/or DWill pull out of the draft?

      Kentucky’s BKnight & TJones are not sure bets to enter the draft either.

      April 24th is the deadline for underclassmen to declare for the draft.

      May 8th is the last day for draftees to to pull out of NBA draft.

      The Raptors so called tanked (as per some fans wishes) and received a high draft pick during a lockout year that sees alot of top level NCAA draft talent going back to college for another year.

      Barnes probably doesn’t want to end up in Clev, Min or Tor although there is a good chance that these same 3 teams could be in the same draft position come the 2012 NBA draft. Winning at NC sure as hell beats losing with the Raptors, Cavs or TWolves for another year- as is.

      • Nilanka15

        Even with an impending lockout, “tanking” is a much smarter strategy long-term than winning 30 games.

        You’re win-now-at-the-expense-of-our-future approach sounds a lot like BC speak…

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

          The thing is that the Rap’s aren’t guaranteed to be winning (over .500) in the future. The future is now after 3 years of no NBA playoffs in the TDot.

          Tanking is never a smart strategy unless you rationalize like a true spin master as- losing with a purpose.

          But when there aren’t any KDs or LBJs in said draft how smart a move is it really to so callled tank?

          Win now for the fans fuck a BC.

          The thing is that the Rap’s currently have the assets to go after both DHoward & CP3- will they? Now that would be a team with DHoward in the middle & with CP3 running the point- you can build around those 2.

          • Nilanka15

            What assets could the Raptors possibly offer that would land either Howard or Paul (that wouldn’t be bested by any other team’s offer)?

            In reality, we have little to no chance of landing either of those guys via trade simply because there are 28 other teams that could offer better assets than what we’ve accumulated.

            PS – Even in a draft without a clear cut LBJ-type player, there are plenty of players that can improve a team down the road.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

              You never know until you try.

              I never thought that DWill would end up in NJ.

              I tell you what if CP3 and/or DHoward somehow miraculously ended up in the TDot players would line up to come here ala Miami.

              PS- how long is that road?lol

    • sleepz

      Not only that but if you look at UNC’s incoming freshman class particularly with the McAdoo kid and Hairston (who are both swings) I’m shocked he stayed as his playing time might be cut into and he probably won’t get as many shots.

      Then again, can we knock a kid for staying in school?

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    BC is a media pr spin master ie a liar & deceiver- str8 up & down!!!

    The truth is that over 5 years BC’s collective player transactions & coaching decisions have fucked up Raptors basketball and set this Franchise back into Babcock territory- plain truth no media spins end of story.

    BC- “this is the life I’ve choosen” well then in the words of Donald Trump- “you’re fired!”

  • points

    MR. BRYAN COLANGELO ,please draft CARDIACT KEMBA the next
    IVERSON and gang rebounding you will be EOY an of the year and JAY T. yes JT COY, just give KEMBA the ball at the end of the game and let him go to work ,get him BC and you will look good going forward and your ” mr. I’M A PF ” will shine.