So the Raptors worked out Enes Kanter in Chicago yesterday. Anything can happen to the draft stocks of players like Kemba Walker, Brandon Knight, Jonas Valanciunas and Nohands Pier from now until draft day, and in no scenario whatsoever I see Enes Kanter being available by the time the Raptors select at five. Colangelo doesn’t have any sort of history for trading up in drafts, and he’s not going to start now. Is he? NBA executives seem resigned to an Irving/Williams #1/2, and the sweepstakes for this draft appear to be for Minnesota’s pick at #2 (apparently they want DeRozan). The next logical line of thinking is something like DeRozan + #5 = #2. It’s a reach, and as I said in the linked thread, I don’t see the Raptors giving up on DeRozan for a guy who is a question mark at best.

Kanter will be taken in the top three, only because he has enough intrigue in him to tease any GM into picking him. Historically, big men have always swooned GMs, and this draft is no different. Between 2001 and 2007, big men constituted 6 of the 7 top picks, and in only one case (Dwight Howard) can you say that they were the best player in the draft. The thing going for Kanter isn’t just his high skill level, it’s that he’s perceived to have a very good motor, a trait you don’t often hear associated with imports.

Enough of me blabbering, let’s get to some quotes. First up it’s Jim Kelly, he’s of course the man we only hear from this time of the year. Soon after the draft ends he goes back to his regular job of doorman at Center Sports. For now though, let’s see what he’s dropping on Kanter:

“We went out last night, we had a nice face-to-face meeting,” said Raptors senior director of scouting Jim Kelly via telephone after the workout. “We met the staff, we met him, met the people that are going to be working with him. I thought that went excellent. We had a great discussion last night and followed it up with a workout today.” Kelly said that Kanter is “probably as strong as any five in the draft right now,” but was not ready to project him as a centre at the NBA level just yet. “I wish I could tell you I have enough of a handle and experience watching him play enough [to say] exactly where that I can put him in on the floor there,” he said. “I think we have the hope that he can play the five, but we really haven’t seen him in enough games on this level where you can actually be really 100 per cent sure.”

Up next is Raptors assistant GM (or is it assistant to the GM?), Marc Eversley talking about draft strategy:

“We know if they can play by now. Now, you’re looking at the intangibles. We get more in-person interplay with them.

“That’s just the way it is right now (Knight and Walker not working out against each other). I think the kids would work out against anybody, I don’t know if they’re making all the calls. “You want to see how they’re handling the process, if they’ll compete and work hard the whole workout. You look at their bodies, see if they’ve been working out and how they’ve been doing.”

In case you missed it, here’s the workout schedule.

Maybe I’m not giving enough credit to the whole process of what the Raptors have been doing pre-draft under Colangelo, but can you really blame me? When was the last time the Raptors did anything remotely unpredictable or exciting with their selection under Colangelo. Never, have a look:

2006 – drafted Andrea Bargnani, decision was made a month before the draft.

2007 – traded away the pick.

2008 – traded away the pick (Roy Hibbert) in Jermaine O’Neal deal.

2009 – DeMar DeRozan, fairly obvious choice at #9 after Curry was selected two picks before.

2010 – Ed Davis, fell into their lap after he dropped (didn’t even work him out).

I’m not expecting excitement from the draft and the last few years have been anything but. This year does seem to be different because the Raptors’ pick is “no man’s land”, not high enough where you can take the obvious best player available, and not late enough where you can take pretty much anyone and you won’t be criticized if things don’t work out. It’s the first time since the 2005 draft when the Raptors selected Charlie Villanueva that there’s a high degree of uncertainty as to what they might do with the pick.

Of all the stories that have come out over the past month, there’s been one that has really and truly caught my eye. It’s the one about the Raptors taking Brandon Knight out for dinner after the combine. My gut feeling at this point is that any maneuvering the Raptors might do will be to make sure the Jazz do not select Knight with the third pick. The Jazz depth at point guard reads Devin Harris, Ronnie Price and Earl Watson, 29, 27 and 31, respectively. Check that, decent, career backup, and aging veteran, respectively. Not to mention that Watson and Price aren’t even signed for next year, so the Jazz have one point guard!

If the Raptors do like Knight, they have to hope that the Jazz settle their point guard issues before the draft via trade (as this Yahoo story hints at). If the Jazz are set at PG, they could opt for Kanter, and I don’t see Cleveland picking up another point guard at #4, which leaves the Raptors free to pick Knight (or Walker). If the Jazz enter the draft without a point guard, the Raptors will be forced to maneuver in order to get the point guard they want. If they don’t, they’ll have to settle for a prospect like Swedish center Smelji Onderver.

I got the day off today, think I’ll go for brunch.

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  • dougsmithsahomer

    i absolutlely hate the idea of taking kanter. big men always seem riskier, and who knows if this guy can play the 5.  i say take the more surer thing, which is a PG or wing.

    kemba at the 5 is a smart, safe pick.  all these trade scenarios involving the 2nd pick and DDR seems risky.  can we afford another step back on a colangelo reach?  and trading DDR for a younger guy? how long must we wait for a winner?

    i think you take knight or walker or leonard.  then you look at free agency for another player, and then see what amir or andrea can bring via trade.

    • Nilanka15

      It’s possible that Jim Kelly’s blowing smoke about Kanter’s uncertainty to play centre.  Perhaps he’s very subtly trying to lower Kanter’s value in an effort to have him available when the 5th pick rolls around.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Jim ‘Blind Melly Jelly’ Kelly?

        I don’t trust his talent evaluation skills at all.

        Isn’t his Raptors contract (Director of Scouting) up for renewal June 30th?

        Let him walk- please, and hire Alvin Williams as the new Director of Scouting- that’s a winning plan!!

  • Balls of Steel

    Brandon Knight will be drafted and be Harris’ back-up. Utah has been known to always have a good point guard in their history. There was talk that perhaps the franchise is preparing to draft based on Okur not coming back. Huh? Has the guy even played a full season? I think them hinting at drafting Kanter is merely a smokescreen. They get Knight and hopefully we get Kanter, plain and simple.

    • Theswirsky

      I just don’t see Kanter falling to 5.  Either Utah takes him or Utah takes Knight and then Cleveland takes Kanter.

      The only possible way I see the Raps getting one of the “preffered” picks in the draft (Irving, Williams, Knight, Kanter) is if Utah selects Kanter…. in which case Cleveland may pass on Knight.  But then again I can see draft and trade happening if thats the case (ie. draft knight and trade him).

      Right now I think the Raps are in the worst possible draft position… that is, out of range of the better (I use that loosely) draft picks, and the top pick of ‘the rest’. 

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Didn’t BC say something to the effect of that it was good that the Rap’s fell from 3rd to 5th in the Draft Lottery as so the Rap’s save that salary difference between the 3rd & 5th picks($600,000)- ‘Losing with a purpose’ (BC voice), huh?

        And some fools on here agreed with it fully.lmfao

        If the Rap’s had the 3rd pick in the draft as their regular season record indicated that they would have then the Rap’s could decide on which player they want after KIrving/DWilliams instead of having to wait on other teams (Utah & Clev) to make up their minds 1st.

        I still like either KWalker or KLeonard at #5 plus I’d take Walker over Knight. Just say no to Kanter if he drops to #5!!

        Clev- KIrving
        Minn- DWilliams
        Utah- BKnight
        Clev- EKanter
        Raps- SWalker or KLeonard

        • Nilanka15

          Leonard’s been growing on me a lot, but the thought of having both him and DeRozan at the wings, makes our 3 point shooting cringe-worthy.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            I agree.

            Unless DD aka Gym Rat improves his 3pt shot over the off season plus if our pg’s can hit 3’s it might make it easier to play a Leonard type at SF w/ DD at SG.

            Leonard & DeMar are potential defensive stand outs on the wings as well if coached that way.

      •  BC has an eye on Kanter if he had more years on his contract…but since he doesn’t, he’s going to pick someone who can contribute right away to help his objective (which is to win now for the short term so in 2 years he can get a bigger extension).  He might pick Kemba since he’s a proven winner despite not that much potential to improve his game…remember, this kid is a junior while other PG are younger than him…BC then might trader Bargnani for serviceable big men or 2 guard who can play now…look for a guy in his late 20’s who’s at his potential…MLSE made a mistake by giving BC a 2 year deal…cause now BC will do whatever to win now and scarifice the future….winners are built slowly (unless it’s Miami).  Toronto will be a lottery team in 2 years time because of this quick fix approach.

        • Nilanka15

          I find it amusing when people talk about Walker being 21 years old as a negative.  Are we to believe that 21 year old players aren’t capable of improving? 

    • Nilanka15

      If Utah picks Knight at 3, Cleveland could very easily pick Kanter with their 4th pick.

  • Marz

    “When was the last time the Raptors did anything remotely unpredictable or exciting with their selection under Colangelo”

    So then you would prefer unpredictable Rob Babcock selecting Hoffa over Iggie? Sorry, but I’ll take predictable old Colangelo for this draft.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Stop the Babcock draft LIES!!
      The seeds of the the Araujo pick were sown in the previous year when Lenny Wilkins was fired.  Dick Peddie decided that the Raptors needed a fiery defensive-minded coach and basically over-ruled GM Glen Grunwald to select Kevin O’Neill as the man for the job.  Grunwald ended up taking the fall for the debacle that was the 2003/2004 season and O’Neill went with him.

      Given the opportunity to install his own basketball management team Peddie waited. 

      And waited.  And waited. 

      In the meantime all the other teams moved forward with their draft analysis and scouting.  Still Peddie wanted to make sure he got the right guy for the GM job and less than 3 weeks before the draft finally selected Rob Babcock…  the very same person that Raptor consultant Jack McCloskey had touted for the job nearly two months earlier. 

      At the same time, Peddie was not including Vince Carter in the decision-making after promising him to do so, thus alienating the team’s star player and noted sucky-baby.

      With no time to evaluate players Babcock is left to make a decision based on McCloskey’s recommendation. 

      That recommendation is Utah centre Rafael Araujo, despite the fact that Araujo was rated about 10 to 12 picks below the Raptors spot at #8. 

      But Araujo was the pick. 

      The fans showed no mercy. 

      I should know as I was there on the ACC floor that night and just moments after the pick Chuck Swirsky walked by me and gave me the quote that proved he has a soul.

      “That was a biiiiiig reach.” END

      Rob Babcock didn’t select Hoffa that decision was made on Jack McCloskey’s recommendation to Babcock due to Dick Peddie waiting to long before the draft to hire Babcock (3 weeks before the draft). 

      • sleepz

        What many feel to realize is that as bad as the pick was the Raps had no centers on the roster. Arajuo was a huge stretch to say the least but there was a dire need for a 5 on that squad. 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Need over talent selection.

          I always like to select talent over need as talent can be traded as an assest to acquire a need.

          Still Hoffa was pure garbage any NBA talent scout should have seen that 1.

          • uh huh, I knew it was a fail when i felt like Loren Woods was a better option   :p

      • Marz

        There was a reason that “The fans showed no mercy.” It was because everyone and their mother knew that Igoudala was the right pick. McCloskey’s recommendation or not, Igoudala was the right pick. And that’s not hindsight.

      • why bother

        sorry bro but u do not have any inside info on what goes on inside a GM’s head…. Babcock made a bad decision because the decision was his to make. why bother defending a categorical failure of a GM on some mind-reading bullshit

    • Rpsfan95

      also its 2011, time to get over babcock hoffa

      • I dunno about that….that was ridiculously wrong.

  • Matt52

    This draft will be anything but boring or ordinary.  Heading in to the new CBA I would expect just as much if not more player movement at the draft as there was at the trade deadline.

    As for Kanter not being available at 5, I would not be so certain.  At this point it is all speculation but with CLE having Jamison for next year, Hickson, and Varejao drafting Valanciunas might not be a bad idea and then have him play another year in Europe.  Utah has been linked to Knight since before the lottery – O’Connor loves him supposedly.  Who says the CLE/MIN/DET trade does not happen?  Many mocks have Kanter slipping down to 5, 6, 7, 8.

    There are so many unknowns right now, who knows what will happen for certain.  Despite the lack of supposed talent in this draft, I am anticipating it more than any in recent memory due to expected volume of transactions.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Jonas Valanciunas will most likey be over in Europe for 2-3 more years due to complicated buy out particulars, I don’t know why he is even in the draft if he’s not coming over right away.

  • I, too, want to get Brandon Knight
    And yes, Utah stands between us.

    I hope the potential savior is Minnesota. If they don’t draft Derrick Williams (because they already have Beasley and Love) to grab Kanter, Utah will have no choise to go for Williams instead. Then Cleveland will not draft another PG and Knight will fall to us.

    Backup plan for us is Valanciunas. He is a C without a question.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Brandon Knight (nor KWalker) currently isn’t any better than Bayless and there’s no guarantee that he will become a better NBA player than Bayless.

      Valanciunas is as much a NBA center as is Kanter- I can see the lay up lines forming now against the Rap’s interior defense if either one of those 2 are protecting the rim for us.

  • Nilanka15

    I really don’t understand the fascination with Knight.  I admit he’s got a lot of great attributes (quick release, quiet leader, coachable, good size/length, good defensive player), but he’s NOT a point guard….and we NEED a point guard.  It would be an absolute blessing if Knight’s selected by Utah.

    According to a Kentucky Wildcats insider, Knight’s weaknesses are:
    – Weak left hand.  Can finish left, but weakly.  Does not go left well off the bounce.
    – Good, but not great floor vision.  Can turn the ball over a lot, does not see the weak side defender that well.
    – Tends to shoot too quickly, and will often take the first open look.
    – Not a true point guard, and had a scoring mentality that often works against his position.

    So….why are we interested in Knight to be our POINT GUARD?

    • Matt52

      I recall many of these things said about Westbrook.

      Knight is one year removed from high school and is a far from a finished product.

      His size and quickness are things you can’t teach and his defensive ability is something some guys never get.

      If he is there at five, I don’t think it would be a bad choice.

      • Nilanka15

        Westbrook turned out to be a great player…but he’s NOT a point guard, as evidenced by OKC’s god-awful offensive execution down the stretch of close games in this year’s playoffs.  Westbrook is a shooting guard who happens to bring the ball upcourt. 

        • Matt52

          You know he is 22 and just averaged 22 points, 8 assists in his third NBA season, right?

          He might not be the greatest pure point guard but he is not finishing growing or developing yet either. 

          • Nilanka15

            For every one player who defies the odds and overcomes the weaknesses in their game, there are many more players who don’t.  I agree that Westbrook is one stud of a player, but his success has no influence on Knight’s eventual pro career.

            Westbrook represents an absolute base-case scenario for Knight.  I personally think there’s too much risk there, and don’t see it happening considering the many current flaws to Knight’s PG game. 

            I would much rather see the Raptors draft Kanter or Walker (if available) before Knight.

            • Pesterm1

              westbrook just made the western finals in his 3rd year too… wtf u talkin bout man lol.

              • Nilanka15

                Yeah, and they’re already thinking of trading him for a real PG because he’s taking the ball out of Durant’s hands.
                Regardless, this discussion has nothing to do with Westbrook, and everything to do with Knight.

                • Dan

                  LOL, Who are they ?? Show us one link that OKC is thinking about trading WestBrook ??!!!

                • Nilanka15

                  Do you really need a lesson on how to use Google?

                • Dan

                  LOL, Yes, show us one article or just STFU 😉 How does that sound for using google  😉

                • Nilanka15

                  So you haven’t heard any of the Westbrook for Chris Paul rumblings?  Not surprised you’re unfamiliar with anything non-Raptor related….or Google for that matter.

                • Dan

                  LOL, Can not provide even one article and reliable source, can you ?? Not surprised at all, since most of your posts are product of your imagination to begin with 😉 😉

                  Better Luck next time.

                • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                  Yes, the rumors are out there in relation to a potential CP3 for Westbrook swap.

                  Would make alot of sense for OKC & the NBA.

                  Doesn’t the NBA still operate the Hornets?

                  Could probally mean that the Hornets might be on the move sooner rather than later IF this trade manifests itself?

                  Maybe the KD beef with Westbrook- on the court, is realer than real- time will tell.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              KWalker > BKnight

        • Juicey

          If the upside is Westbrook (and yes I assume that is a stretch), then with this team and the lack of talent existing, you take him.  Questions of pure point guard vs. shooting guard who plays the point can be resolved in the future.  Right now Toronto needs to find talent and they can work it all out from there.

          • Nilanka15

            IMO, there’s more upside in Walker.  Plus he’s ready to contribute from day-1.

    • ak

      why do you think he is not a point guard and what is a point guard to you?

      • Nilanka15

        A point guard to me is a coach extended on the floor.  A quarterback who knows how to run an offense, creates looks for his teammates, can read different defenses, etc. 

        I realize Knight is young and has “potential”, but in an ideal world, Calderon’s replacement would be someone who has these attributes come naturally to them, as opposed to Knight, who would have to learn how to play the position properly. 

        In my opinion, we’re better off sticking with Bayless than drafting Knight.  I see more “PG skills” in Walker than Knight.

  • Jeff

    I think you are all crazy. 

    (a) Knight would be drafted somewhere between Patrick Patterson and Eric Bledsoe (NOT IN THE LOTTERY), if this were last year’s draft. 
    (b) Kanter can EASILY drop out of the top 5, as GM’s begin to evaluate their career dissipation potential, and decide drafting a complete unknown euro big man might not be the best of ideas

    Let me be the voice of reason:


    • Mediumcore


  • East Coast

    Arse, sometimes you can be the best basketball writer, not just blogger, in the city.   This write up is a great example.  Good writing, sourced speculation,with some dry humour and personality.

  • Charlz

    DeRozan + #5 = #2 = bwaahahahaaaa ah ahahhaha ahahahaha

    • Daniel

      I’d made this trade in a millisecond. An SG who can’t shoot, defend or pass for Williams or Kanter? Where do I sign? We desperately need a C or SF and we have Barbosa at SG. All this hype for DD is a good descriptor for the the sad state of our franchise. I’d be ecstatic if we get an SF and a C in exchange for players like DD, Amir, JJ or Bayless.

      • Jeff

        You would give up a valuable asset like DD to move up three spots in an extremely weak draft? This is the reason you don’t manage a professional sports team. 

        While i agree with you that DD’s value is likely higher among Raptors fans than what it is in actuality, he is nonetheless young with potential and shouldn’t be given up on for what may/may not be a marginal gain. 

        The great teams are the ones turning one asset into two assets, of equal value. In this proposal, you would be giving up two significant assets for Derrick Williams.

        If there was a trade between these two teams, that included DD, you would see other players come back and not just the #2 pick. 

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        If Bargnani (or Jose) isn’t traded away first over others by BC……..

        DD is a gym rat while Bargnani is just a rat.

    • Maleko

      Colangelo isn’t Kahn, and Kahn wouldn’t fleece another GM so well.

    • Triano?

      The fact that this trade is even suggested is sad.  There is absolutely no chance Colangelo would not even consider trading Derozan for #2, let alone Derozan + #5?  Derrick Williams is shit.

      • Triano?

         *no chance Colangelo would even consider

  • I’d rather go with Kemba Walker, rather than Brandon Knight, not that it matters, since Knight will be gone.

  • Mediumcore

    Golden state and Philly are talking about swaping Ellis for Iggy. Those were two of the teams that I was hoping the Raptors would be trade partners with.

    • Nilanka15

      I don’t see that trade making either team better.  Change for the sake of change.

      • Jeff

        That would make GSW significantly better, in my opinion. They need some defence all over their roster, and this would be a good start. They can make up the points elsewhere. 

      • Marz

        It makes Golden State better for sure. They’ll actually have someone who can defend the 2-guard spot.

      • Mediumcore

        Really? I think getting rid of Ellis immediately makes them a better team because he is a player that requires the ball in his hands at all times to be effective and theres no point in that when you have a budding pg in Curry. You replace him with a bigger A.I. and it solves their defensive woes having to smaller players in Curry and Ellis for the last few years. Iggy is also effective as a slasher without the ball, and has a much more well rounded game than Ellis.
        On the other hand you have Ellis going to Philly which has been starving for a stratight up scorer since Iverson left. Not sure if it makes them better, but maybe a change of scenario does them some good and coach Collins has a history of getting the best out of his players.

        • Nilanka15

          Are you suggesting Jerry West knows more than I do???  I call Balderdash on you!!!

        • Theswirsky

          Iggy is a legit starting SF.  Not the best in the league but likely top 5 or so.

          Ellis should be a 6th man of year candidate if GS (or any other team) would actually use him as such.

          Bad trade for Philly if they start Ellis, good trade for both teams if Ellis comes off the bench.

  • Gquick17

    If Utah passes on Kanter at 3 cleveland wont at 4
    B.Knight seems like the best fit giving us the biggest backcourt in the league with as well leave us with to starting positions to fill (Centre,SF) with trade bait in Bargnani (High interest) ,A.Johnson (if need be),Calderon (in a package), and around 6 mill in cap space depending on the new CBASide note: What are your thoughts on offer Marc Gasol A Max Contract or a Joakim Noah contact (10-11mil) to force Memphis to either trade away pieces or let him go?

    • Jeff

      There are many in the business that think Valanciunas will be the #4 pick, and has much higher upside than Kanter. 

  • Jerry Sloan

    don’t forget utah needs someone to replace okur and kanter can be the pick

  • Jeff

    Regarding Mac Gasol, yes, he would address Toronto’s most pressing need. So would Nene and Chandler. I think all three of those teams sign lucrative extensions with their current teams.

    When Barbosa declines his option and with Reggie Evans and Julian Wright moving on, the Raptors will have something like $25mm available this summer. 

    If they wanted to make a bold statement, they might consider an offer to unrestricted Free Agent DeAndre Jordan. 

    My thinking is, something like 5 years and 37.5mm wouldnt be overpaying much (he is 23, well liked, can grow with this group, has potential to improve his rebounding and shot blocking). I also think the Clippers match that. 

    However, if the Raptors were to give Jordan the maximum allowable signing bonus (17.5%) as well, payable in 7 days, i have a feeling that would give Sterling and the Clippers some pause.

    • Nilanka15

      Has Barbosa said he won’t be picking up his option?  I would assume that the $7.6 million owed to him next season, would be better than testing free agency in the first offseason following a new CBA.

      • Juicey

        Agree, I think we are stuck with Barbosa for next year.  He wont get $7.6 mill anywhere else.

        • Jeff



          It is quite likely that he doesnt get 7.6mm per year elsewhere, but he will get an offer (depending on the new CBA) in the 30mm plus range. Heck, look at what Josh Childress got last summer. 

          He is reaching that age, and like all players, is one injury away from his career ending. In a summer where there are tons of teams with space, a weak free agent class, and a team known to for sign and trades  (toronto), he will opt-out. 

          • Nilanka15

            Last summer was the greatest free agent class of all time…it’s the only reason why Childress was offered more than a bag of peanuts.  And this year is expected to be the most conservative free agent class of all time (due to the upcoming new CBA agreement).  You can’t compare anything that happened last year to this year.

            Barbosa is highly unlikely to opt-out of his contract, especially coming off two consecutive injury-riddled seasons.

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Bargnani, Barbosa & Alabi 


          Felton, Chandler (or JR Smith) and the Nuggets 2011 1st round draft pick #22 or their 2012 1st round draft pick.

          Bargnani reunites with Italian brethren Gallinari & Barbosa reunites with his Brazilian brethren Nene.

          Makes sense for both teams- call Masai Uriji ASAP since his recommendation to BC brought Alabi to the TDot.

    • Mediumcore

      “If they wanted to make a bold statement, they might consider an offer to unrestricted Free Agent DeAndre Jordan. My thinking is, something like 5 years and 37.5mm wouldnt be overpaying much”
      LOL, man that made food come out of my nose.

      • Jeff

        (1) I meant restricted.
        (2) He will get paid. He is solid now, 22 yrs old (will be 23), good rebounder, will improve. 

        He is a better player with higher upside than Amir Johnson, without question. 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Barbosa’s not declining his contract option.lmfao

      2 words- Sam Dalembert.

      • Jeff

        If you are referring to this off season, without doubt his agent already knows what other teams are preparing to offer. 

        If there is a team with considerable cap space (one that is unlikely to be effected by new CBA), ready to offer him a 4-5 year deal north of 25-30mm, he will decline his option. 

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Dalembert is the rim protecting Center that the Rap’s are missing plus he is a Canadian- BC hyped up Jay because of that fact for 2 3/4 seasons, & it would be nice to see a quality NBA Canadian player in a Rap’s uniform since the coach stunk it up so badly.

          So, you see that scenario taking place over the next 20 something odd days? I don’t. lol

    • Dan

      Why would Barbosa decline his offer ?? No way in Hell that will happen.

      • Jeff

        Because he will get more guaranteed dollars in a long term deal. What do you want, 7.5mm guaranteed, or 25-30mm.  You Watch. 

        • Dan

          When there is No CBA ?? He will get more !!! Keep telling that to youself. I think he has to either accept or reject the offer by End of the June and I willing to bet anything that he will accept it and will not risk being a free agent on the eve of new CBA and possible lock outs.

          • Jeff

            They will know what the new CBA will look like. The agents will. They are closely involved, and the framework is in place (they are meeting in Dallas today). 

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      Do you remember the Raptors draft room the year DeAndre Jordan was drafted?

      BC brought up his name to his draft room consensus crew at the time and then laughed hysterically at the thought of selecting him in the 2nd round as per the Raptors behind The Draft special that year.

      BC’s talent evaluation is shot!!

      How time

      • Nilanka15

        But wouldn’t that indicate that BC himself has an eye for talent evaluation?  I just blew your mind, didn’t I?  😛

      • Jeff

        Not sure what you mean?

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          BC laughed aloud at the thought of the Rap’s drafting DeAndre Jordan at the time.

           If he would have drafted him instead of laughed at him (as a 2nd round draft prospect) he would may be on the Rap’s roster right now instead of the Clippers roster.

          • Jeff

            Ill see if i can find that video online. 

  • Sheptor

    Derozan, Calderon, Bargnani, #5 pick, should all be considered for trade this year. If I’m Colangelo I listen to every trade a team throws my way, and trading the pick and drafting no one, has been done before as pointed out in this article. And when I say ALL I don’t mean all at the same time, but def. 2 or 3 out of the 4…leave Bargs, or Derozan….but the rest…cya! If the trade deadline last year is any indication teams with legit chances are looking to stockpile with assets due to the increase in talent amongst the top 5 or 6 teams in the league. I see a very busy draft day and the Raptors should try and be part of any 3/4 team trade scenarios selling Bargs/DeRozan at high prices.

  • Dan

    This will be the order of the Draft:

    1) Irving
    2) Williams
    3) Knight
    4) Kanter

  • Rpsfan95

    lets just hire Isiah Thomas as head coach and draft Isaiah Thomas, how could this not work out ?

  • KuH

    I love the fact that we are now picking #5, and that Kanter and our first pick PG aren’t available … it makes it easier to pick Biyombo.  🙂

  • Carbon Jones

    No way the Raptors trade DeRozan for any pick in the draft including the first pick!

    Please check out Carbon’s Drafted 3 audition

    Go Raptors!!!

  • Matt

    Latest Trade Buzz:

    AB to Dallas 
    Jason Terry + Beaubois  to Toronto

    There might be trade picks involved too. More will be coming out soon ….

    • Nilanka15

      I find it hard to believe that Dallas is in trade talks during the finals. 

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!

    RealGM: I heard that your height is almost 6-foot-9 right now and you are still growing. Is it true? How much did you grow in the last two years?Valanciunas: Without shoes my high (*height) is really 6-foot-9.

    • Matt

      Is This for real ??

      IS VALANCIUNAS REALLY 6’9″ Without SHOES ???????????