Starting center. Let’s say for a second that Valanciunas takes only two years of NBA experience to develop into a starting caliber player, it’s an optimistic estimate because according to Colangelo foreign big men take five years to find their game. I’ll assume Valanciunas is somehow fast-tracked and is ready sooner. Now, let’s for a second assume that Bargnani is not traded and is given his wish to play the power forward, which would leave the Raptors looking for a starting center. They could move Solomon Alabi into that spot next season, however we all know that’s being generous to him despite David Thorpe’s praise. The other option is to shift the 6’9″ Amir Johnson to center. If he could play the position that would mean Davis and Bargnani could play a majority of their minutes at the four, with Bargnani combining with Alabi in helping out Johnson at the center part-time.

The above is the ideal scenario if the playing times of all involved need to be maintained or increased. The problem is that Amir Johnson has not played nearly enough center for this to be a viable solution (2009-10 and 2010-11 positional numbers). Maybe this isn’t even a problem because the goal isn’t to win games right now but to develop, and maybe developing Amir Johnson into a center is on Casey’s agenda. I don’t know, this is pure speculation but the idea of Johnson being a Wes Unseld type center doesn’t sound right. If the Raptors choose to properly address this little problem, they’ll have to bring someone in.

We created an exhaustive list of available centers a little while ago and scanning that list, if I had to pick one guy not named Chandler, it would be Gasol. Since we now have Valanciunas, that doesn’t make sense anymore (right?). If we’re looking for a stop-gap defensive measure until Valanciunas gets here, how about Greg Oden or Kwame Brown? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m very well aware Brown sucks and Oden is as fragile as an egg. Brown will never be an offensive player, but he knows how to play defense because every coach he’s had ends up realizing that’s all he can do and focuses his attention to that side of the ball. Oden is young and suffers from foulitis and a host of other actual physical problems, but is a good rebounder and a low-block defensive presence.

Kwame Brown is 29 and is entering the twilight of an underwhelming career, and I can see Colangelo passing on him without blinking. But what about the 23-year old Oden? He’s got an $8.8 million qualifying offer which is likely to be tendered. Portland’s not red-hot on him because they passed up the first chance to do so when the season ended and could re-sign him to a one-year deal. If the Raptors stepped forward with a two or three year deal (maybe front-loaded), it could sway potential suitors away. The length of Oden’s contract would align with the timeline of Valanciunas becoming a legitimate NBA center. If Oden works out by then, the Raptors have a massive defensive frontline which Dwane Casey can ogle over. If he doesn’t, oh well, we got Valanciunas.

I mean, is Greg Oden a lock to be a Hall of Famer? It’s debatable. Top 50 all-time? Maaaaybe. Worst player in the NBA? Hmmm. Unable to chew gum and walk without getting injured? Jury’s out on that. Is he a big, young, defensive player with “upside”? Definitely yes.

Check out the poll in the left sidebar.

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  • Lawrence Moten


  • JW

    I was thinking the other day, where can we find a player who’s one leg is shorter than the other to throw our cap space at.

    LOL, this guy will have problems for the rest of his career, he is already breaking down and Portland the team that should be the sweetest on him is not.  Uneven wear and tear on the joints means serious problems for a man of this size.

    Depression, coupled with pain meds. I think I am good with Andrea for now.

    • Maleko

      Of course Bruce Lee had one leg 1 or 2″ shorter than the other, he seemed to be ok.

      • Ihatehaters

        Bruce Lee hasn’t been “ok” since 1973…

        • Maleko

          Perhaps a little lighter over time…

      • JW

        Bruce Lee was an actor.

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    The 2011 version of Sam Bowie? No thank you.

    I wish him all the best but not with the Rap’s.

    Sam Dalembert or try to trade for Kaman (if he’s healthy).

    Btw- any projected Rap’s team with Bargnani still on it is a fail as Bargnani’s lazy ass gets the ‘Gas Face’   from me!!!!

    • Nilanka15

      I actually agree with the Dalembert idea.  Not sure what kind of price tag he’ll come with, but a 2-3 year deal for a Canadian player, who can still rebound, block shots and protect the paint seems to fit pretty well, while Valanciunas gets his act together.  I mean, here’s a guy who averaged 8ppg, 8rpg and 1.5bpg in just 24mpg, and has only missed 2 games in the last 5 seasons.  Not too shabby at all.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Sam stays healthy for the most part.

        And if told his role- rebound, defend, protect rim, get shots off of offensive rebounds- and he accepts it then he would be a fine addition to the Rap’s plus he’s Canadian!

        The Heat want him (Sam) as well but BC can offer more money to intice Sam than the Heat, I believe.

        Might as well target the TDot’s Jamal Magloire (Heat aren’t brining him back according to reports) as the 3rd roster center/veteran influence as this team needs to add some Canadian flavor to it ASAP after 15 years in the NBA!!

        • Dalembert is defensive player and one that Casey would be very excited about. Veteran C starting for 25mpg is just what we need.
          4 years 35M would be fair. 40M would be pusing it but I would still do it

  • LinuxFTW

    Is this for real?

    • Arsenalist


  • Bigbalboski79

    Oden?  lets count the many ways this is a stupid idea:  one of his  legs is shorter than the other? major, and i mean major health issues, related to said legs? has yet to play a full season? substance issues???   Seriously.  u got to be outta yer mind.

    Being that dallas will keep Chandler and Memphis will keep Gasol, our real options are:  Sam Dalembert (2010, $12.2m), DeAndre Jordan(2010, 800K) or kwame (2010, $1.2m).

    i’d go after Jordan,with Dalembert as the fallback. Jordan was 7ppg 7reb, 1.7blk in 24 min last yr. he started over 50 times. and he is 23.  Dalembert was similar, 46 starts 8ppg 8reb 1.5blk.

    i like jordan because he is younger, less ‘tude issues and he is aint coming off making 12.2m last year. he made 800k.  sam has had probs with insubordination and lazyness. not sure i really want his smart mouth around our kids if we can find other options.



    • mountio

      Jordan would be great – but thats a total pipe dream. If the Clips dont resign him, there will be MAJOR interest from other clubs.
      Dalembert is brutal, whether hes healthy or injured.
      I like Oden if you can get him on a short contract because a) what else are you spending money on, might as well take a flyer on some upside and b) if it doesnt work out, you arent hamstrung.
      I see Sam as a stop gap, unproductive solution who wont be around when the Raps turn the corner. Oden MIGHT not either, I know .. but at least there is a chance.

      • Nilanka15

        But a stop-gap is exactly what we’re looking for in this situation.  Someone to plug the hole while Valanciunas prepares for 35 minutes per night.

        • mountio

          Disagree. Everything we do this year and next should be with a view to the future. Plugging holes is something we do not need to do at this point. We have enough “servicable” big men in Ed, AJ, AB, SA to get by .. to me, anyone else added to the situation should be addtive either in terms of a) long term potential or b) presence in the locker room / ability to teach the young guys. I dont think Sam brings either.

          • Nilanka15

            I know what you mean in theory.  But I don’t think it’s realistic to aim for a roster of 15 young players, all signed to 5-year deals, who are destined to peak in 2013.  Every team needs gap-fillers, veterans, and specialists to round out rosters (even the basement dwellers).  That’s the whole reason we define “core” players vs. non-core players. 

            In this situation, I don’t think Arse was suggesting finding a core centre through free agency this summer.  The idea is that we already have our core centre in Valanciunas, and while he gets ready to take on that role, we need someone to fill in temporarily.

            Regardless, if we follow your mantra, there probably isn’t an available centre that fits your description.  We’re better off going with the bigs we currently have.

            • mountio

              Agree that he wasnt necessarily suggesting we look for a core center .. but to me, might as well take one that at least has a chance to be that. In the end, our performance this year for sure (and maybe next) doesnt really matter .. its how we set ourselves up to succeed after that that does.
              The other route would be a good vetern locker room guy (not sure I can think of one) of the Oakley ilk that maybe doesnt have a long term future, but could help the other big men with defensive principles, work ethic, etc.

    • Arsenalist

      Good luck getting DeAndre Jordan. Think realistic and go with Kwame.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        DJordan is MOST LIKELY staying in LA next to Blake.

        Kwame’s hands are too small for a big man thus his looses alot of balls and has trouble handling passes at times plus he’s paid in full no desire to get better or compete over 82 games in my mind. He has too much in common with Bargnani.

        I’d like to see Rap’s explore a trade for Kaman or target Sam Dalembert hard other than that there’s not much out there in relation to quality bigs.

      • Bigbalboski79

        why is jordan a pip dream?  because the clips have a history of paying for talent?  ah, in fact they dont.  they can be outbid. remember they already have a ton of acash invested in kaman at the same position.

      • Kwame is an okay choice except for his attitude.  I like Joel Przybilla for this stage.  You take a guy like him for 2-3 years, develop the other young guys on your team.  If the other pieces are ready, go sign another veteran C.  All Joel does is his job and he’ll never be a distraction.  He plays solid defense and rebounds. 

        When the rest of the team is ready 2-3 years from now, on the cusp of greatness, you go and sign that veteran C that puts you over the top.  Again I have to stress that developing your own C is waste of time and money.  Let someone else do
        it.  Look at teams like the Mavs (Chander), Celtics (Perkins), Heat (Shaq), Spurs (Oberto), Pistons (Wallace) — none
        of these teams used a home-grown C to win their respective championships. 

        The exception is the Lakers, but Bynum averaged less than 20 mpg during their two championship runs.  It was all about Pau Gasol, a player the Lakers did not develop.  You have to go all the way back to 2003 to find a home-grown center who won a championship — David Robinson at age 37.

      • ValtheMan

        Exactly, Some fans here really need to check their heads and also read up on other team and understand that no team is going to give up assets like that if they are not run by a  year old GM.

  • Dogshit

    tabloid journalism at its finest. all the sleepless nights compliments of the new baby has you delusional and retarded. what the hell has happened to you arse? you used to be somewhat credible. you were the only writer on the staff here worth reading….now you pander to the fuckwits…..good luck with that.

    • guest

      Whats with the personal insults?  

      forget “tabloid journalism” at its finest your comment is trolling at its finest

    • Statement

      How much do you pay to use this site?

      • ak

        except for espn insider you do not really pay to use any website. a reader is entitled to express his appreciation or disgust simply by being a reader.

        • Ihatehaters

          You disgust me.

    • Boomer

      I really don’t understand the ignorance.. Greg Oden would be an interesting experiment, without question. If he doesn’t work out? Great, seeya after 1-2 years. If he works out we would get a defensive powerhouse, for next to nothing. 
      Forgive the heads of a pro basketball site spitballing ideas over the summer.  Would you rather a recap of last nights game? Oh.. wait.

      • Nilanka15

        I wouldn’t consider $8 million per year “next to nothing”.

        • Boomer

          I didn’t mean it that way. I meant that, in all likelihood, he’d be signed as a free agent, meaning we wouldn’t lose an asset. 8 Million per year for 1-2 years.. that’s still not a ton.  Provided, of course, the lockout doesn’t fuck everything up, money wise. This team is definitely not against spending money, so the 8 million wasn’t a huge issue to me.  Now if we traded a first rounder or Ed or something to take this risk? Absolutely not. As it stands, he’d just take up a roster spot, which considering what we have wouldn’t be the end of the world.

    • JESUS

      Anyone trying to suggest that someone else is losing their credibility should stay away from from dropping h & f bombs, lest there opinion be negated by their own lack of credibility.  Also feel free to start a thread w/ an article of your own.  

      • phdsteve

        thank you Jesus for the sage and peaceful advice.  I mean it, no sarcasm intended.  Once again, you got to think before you type wwjd.  As for Arse and his credibility, what would the city of Toronto do without him? no, really.  He is the reason all of you viewers and fans have daily content 365 raptors related.  you should thank him or else feel free to go elsewhere.  No one else in this city is half as committed as him to the cause.  And he does it for free.  SHAME on you.

        • hateslosing

          Sometimes we may not agree with what Arse writes but I think everyone who visits this site regularily appreciates the effort he puts in to keep us going throughout the year. He truly is one of the best and most consistent raptor writers on the internet. In fact I think all of my top raptor writers are republic guys.   

  • Starting center? Do you buy into idea to try and play Bargnani at PF?
    Essentially killing Amir and Ed Davis?
    Either Bargs goes back to his 2010 shotblocking self at C under Casey (when everyone admitted that he was good man-to-man defender) or he is benched or traded.
    If we need a stiff to fill in at C, Alabi and Ajinca will be better bang for the buck than Oden and Kwame.

    • East Coast

      even then, he only really blocked the guy he was guarding.  Even when he gets charges, it’s always his own man.  He’s not got the quicks, hops or instincts as a help defender, and as well, Raps may not want their leading scorer risking picking up a foul each time a someone get’s beat by their man. 

    • Deadallus

      Don’t EVER say Ajinca is better than anybody, I almost threw up my breakfast.

      • He’s taller, alright? 🙂

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Ajinca aka Bargnani Light is garbage.

        I don’t know why BC thought that he could pair the walking bean pole Ajinca with Barg’s in the 1st place?

        Is there not anyone to stop this mad man- BC, from making BullChit transactions as Raptors President & GM?

    • ak

      totally agree on davis/johnson at power forward. that is the only bright spot on the team.
      andrea has to suck it up and man the 5. if you need a temporary/cheap solution, resign dorsey. 3 bodies equals hard 15 fouls at the very least.

  • OneLuv

    I would vote for Brown; at least he is long and can rebound. Maybe he’s ready now to play bb and working with Casey…who knows. If AB is to play the 4, I say let him play the 4 for a season and see what he can do, without switching him between 4 and 5.  I think one of the problems with AB is that they tried to get him to do too much, too soon; let him do what he does best, shoot the ball, and cover for him on defense for a season and see what happens. He would not be the first pure offensive player in the NBA. And 20 points per is nothing to sneeze at.

    • Nilanka15

      Bargnani isn’t the 1st pure offensive player in the NBA, but he is the first pure offensive 7-footer in the NBA, and 7-footers are damn near impossible to “hide” on the defensive end.  Hence Bargnani’s career-long problem. 

      Playing him at PF for a full season won’t make a lick of difference.  He’s gotta go.

      • sleepz


        If “Bargnani is not traded and is given his wish to play the power forward”, I’m done until he’s gone. Been watching this team since inception in ’95 and I have never had such a distaste for a player on the team outside of Nate Huffman.

        Nothing personal against Andrea, I just don’t like watching players that don’t really love the game and don’t respect their teammates with lack of effort.

        Colangelo would be ill advised to continue to force fans to watch this dude.

        • Soft Euro

          I know someone who frustrated me more: Milt Palacio. Come on man, it’s an lay-up, there is no one within 3 meters! Again and again. But maybe I was more frustrated because I watched more games back then.

          • Theswirsky

            and there is a significant differences between Milt Palacio and Andrea Bargnani:

            Future Plans

          • sleepz

            Palacio might have to be a close 3rd for myself but an argument can definitely be made for him thats for sure.

            Shout outs to Lamond (no shots a bad shot) Murray, Zan Tabak and Jerome Mosio. Andrea my friend, you’re keeping some fine company.

            • Juicey

              Rafer used to frustrate me.  Every play seemed to follow this progresssion:
              1. Drive to the net
              2. Drive back to the three point line
              3. Pass to no one
              4. Chuck up shot

              Man was that annoying to watch.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            At least Milt tried hard. lol

            No one thought he was even a NBA player coming out of college but he stuck around for a few years with Vancouver, Toronto, Utah, Boston, Phoenix & Cleveland.

        • cb

          +1 ditto

        • You liked Araujo over Huffman? GASP!

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

          Hopefully ticket buying fans will stay away post lockout and the ACC will look emptier than at the end of this past season!

          Or BC should cut all tickets prices half price during his so called ‘rebuild’ so the fans aren’t support ‘losing with a purpose’ BullChit!!

          • vino

            hopefully, you stop posting stupid ideas and go chill out for a bit. seriously.

            • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

              Another fan.lmfao 

        • JESUS

          I’m in the same boat but vowed I would never watch another raps game until VC was no longer on the team.  He still owes me two years of basketball that I missed on his account.  I really don’t see bargs at the PF being any different and I really think it means a step back for Amir & Davis, the strongest two way position we had last year (minus injuries).  I won’t mail in my membership if we play bargs at PF for a whole year but I certainly won’t think it will be a good idea.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Whether at PF or Center Bargnani will still float on both offense & defense leaving Amir/Ed or whomever he is paired with to crash the boards and battle down low alone.

        Bargnani is a 2011 Brad Sellers.

        If Barg’s wasn’t 7 feet tall and around 6 feet tall I really doubt that he’d have ever played basketball to start with.

        • Ihatehaters

          What if he was 8 feet tall?

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            He’d be in the circus!!lol

  • Balls of Steel

    If this rebuild were to continue, I’m fine with Andrea at Centre. The stop-gap solution of getting Oden here for 9 mil per season makes me cringe. Heck, even a healthy Alabi is better than an iffy Oden.

  • cesco

    Davis and Andrea will be our starting front unit this coming season .

    • mountio

      No doubt at all. Call one 4, the other 5 (who really cares), but these guys will be the starting frontcourt for sure.

      • Barngnani seems to care and most of the fans according to the vote.
        Fact is, if he is a bigger and slower of the two big men, he should be going against bigger and slower guy of the opposing team. Thats where his matchup is best on offense. And on defense he is capable of guarding Howard. Or was capable.

        • Beaverboi

          Casey to Bargs before first game “You’re right. You have been playing out of position. You are now our starting “power forward” (makes air quotes with fingers) No go out there and guard Dwight and try to get a board or two.”

          • JESUS



  • East Coast

    Do we have the money for that with Barbosa opting in. 

    I say, either look at Haywood, with the TPE, knows Casey’s defense, and that will be big from the C position, and it will give us some depth.   Hiss contract is long, but if he can play for the duration, it’s not so bad.  he seemed to be a good teammate last year.  It would allow us to bring JV along slow. 

    And with Barbosa opting, in I say we look at Brown.  Good defender, big body, could help and might not be too expensive.

    I think we still need some FA money to get a three point shooter on the Roster.

    • Beaverboi

      How about Kapono?

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      BC is most likely not going to use the remaining CB TPE (just over 9 million dollars) to acquire any more talent so CB never got properly replaced by BC unless you accept JJ, Bayless, Ajinca & Jonas as equal value for CB.

      CB TPE- Do you know me? (Naughty By Nature OPP)

  • Deadallus

    What a great choice.  Why didn’t I think of that?  He can easily play 15-20 games a season for us.  Brilliant.

  • Kreza23

    I would actually welcome Greg Oden. I know he’s expensive and he’s ridiculously injury prone, but if the guy were to ever pan out, he is a top 5 center (at the very least). The guy is a game changer and Tyson Chandler dominant on D, with the potential for a great inside offensive game. Yes, he fouls a lot, but that’s something that can improve with experience (yes, I know there are no guarantees that he’ll be healthy enough to get that experience).

    Before getting injured, he was shooting over 60% from the field, over 75% from the free throw line, and averaged 11.1 pts 8.5 rbs and 2.3 blocks in only 23 minutes a game! He controls the paint. And honestly, with the money we would spend on him, who else would we be able to sign? The opportunity to sign a young potentially dominant player doesn’t come often. And if he were to get injured again for the season (or has a career-ending injury – knock on wood), I’m pretty sure there are rules that enable a team to get a salary cap exception to sign other players.

    I just think that considering the state of the team, this would be a high-risk/high-reward move where the risk isn’t actually as high as it may seem at first glance.

    • mountio

      +1 agree completely. People need to understand that you get what you pay for. Of course we would rather have a guy whose less injury prone and more or a sure thing, like even D Jordan. BUT – those guys will get locked up to long term deals at pretty decent money. Oden COULD be totally underpriced if he pans out. He also could be a complete waste of money. One way or the other, its worth the risk, because what else are we spending our money on?
      Kwame accomplishes nothing .. if 2-3 years, hell at best be a servicable piece who is not a good locker room guy. Oden actually could be part of the future here.

      • deebee

        +1 absolutely. and a team like the raptors might be just what oden needs; since we’re not trying to contend for a seed in the western conference, we’re more likely to dedicate coaching effort to ensuring that he develops at a sustainable pace. not saying the guy’s going to turn out, but if the end-game for this maybe-season is to get another high draft pick, i’d rather use that time to also give oden a shot rather than joey dorsey. if he turns into something – gravy. if not, i’m not gonna moan about a good reason for a terrible season

    • JW

      Okay so we put a guy on our roster, who we can’t count on day to day, who may not be able to handle 82 games, or the playoffs.  Rack up those wins, and roll in the mud when we win 42 games and are out of the playoffs.

      Whats with these kooky ideas?  Trying to hit a homerun with JO, than Hedo, now Oden…  what happened to building a team the old fashion way?

      Why do our fans always want these stupid gambles?  There is no ONE MOVE. A little patience, please.

      • Kreza23

        You think if we added Greg Oden we would be a .500 team? I certainly don’t, but if we are, I don’t see the negatives in adding a 23 year old center that would allow us to do that.

        I just don’t see what harm this could do. We would be spending money on a very young center, who has shown flashes of dominating games with his defence and has a pretty good low post offensive game. The money would otherwise be spent on a veteran stopgap. Why go for a veteran stopgap on a team that’s going nowhere this year, when you could get a young player instead with the potential to be a tremendous player.

        If he ends up getting injured again, then we get a good draft pick in a strong draft class. If he plays well, we’ve got a 23 year old center as a building block, or at the very least a very valuable trade asset.

  • What’s going on with this site, is DNS down?  It goes straight to an IP address ( for me, while all other sites work fine.  My problem or yours?

    Oh and Greg Oden?  Great example of a center who will have much longer NBA career than he deserves, just because he was a top draft choice.  We’ll see something similar in JV, but hopefully not as long.

    I don’t mind him though. He’d be a monster upgrade over Andrea Bargnani.

  • Tbihis

    To naysayers, read this first –

    I think the major issue with Oden was he was rushed back into action way earlier than expected. And its fairly obvious how bad Portland’s fitness trainers are, a lot of their players have been suffering recurring injuries. I think with the proper fitness regimen and maintenance therapy, Oden can be injury-free for a long period of time.

    • Nilanka15

      If our medical staff goes above and beyond their usual service when evaluating potential players, and if Oden passes all those tests, I would be ok with taking this risk.

      • Beaverboi

        Make sure the medical back gets him stretching his back pre-game. Wait. They don’t do that….

        • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


          Just ask Sonny who wasn’t required to stretch/warm up before participating in any type of on court activities leading to his back injury that caused him to miss alot of games last season.

          Our Training Staff in part help to cost Sonny a chance at a nice contract due to his back injury.

          Our Training Staff must be Bush League.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Fuck no to Oden!!

        Didn’t fans learn anything from the JO experience?

        Let’s target healthy players not players coming off of major injuries!!

  • Mediumcore

    If a stop gap is what you’re looking for then why throw big bucks at Oden. Go for the no name brand like a Dan Gadzurich (?) or if you want to atleast look somewhat competetive then maybe a Chuck Hayes. Hayes is way undersized but plays like a beast.

    • Soft Euro

      Dan Gadzuric might be a little old to play like hé used to, but he is the total anti AB; no offense, intense rebounder, good shotblocker. And if we take Elson as well, we can go double-dutch. I’d like that:)

  • Did no one catch that this is tongue in cheek? It is, right?

    • Marz

      Yes, it is.

  • Eddy

    Why would Toronto want to add players who might help them, if losing is now the prime objective? I would think they would want to stick with the 22 win team from last year?

    • Soft Euro

      Start Alabi at pg?

      • Eddy

        Leaving Bargnani there is probably better from a tanking point of view.

  • barenakedman

     Read what micofracture knee surgery involves and you’ll see why there isn’t a long lineup willing to sign Oden. This is Odens second such surgery.

  • optifan

    I’ve got an idea, forget about free agency altogether and find a way to trade for Robin Lopez from Phoenix, who has been on the trading block recently. With our glut of power forwards, if Phoenix was willing to take A. Johnson in a deal it would solve the problem. Lopez would be both a stop-gap and part of our future.

    • hateslosing

      I’d be all for this. Amir for Lopez would be great for both teams and I think Lopez can be a very productive player in the right situation.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Anyone wanting to trade Amir (especially before Bargnani and/or Jose is traded away 1st) is stuck on stupid- str8 up & down this ain’t the circus but you still sound like a dumb downed clown!!

        Just say no to RLopez!

        The Rap’s PFs should be Ed & Amir for the next 5-10 years.

        • optifan

          I love how the knee-jerk reaction on this site lately seems to be “AB sucks”, “trade AB”, “It’s all AB’s fault”.  Now all we hear is that Ed and Amir are the future, coming from the same fans who bitched incessantly last year that we overpaid on Amir’s contract.  I guess the intense AB hate is just the flavour of the month on a site that sometimes lacks objective viewpoints.

          I agree Ed is part of the core and should not be traded unless the offer is too good to pass up, but people acting like Amir is not more expendable than Bargnani are delusional.

          I have to echo a few recent comments on this site lately that I’m really starting to get sick of the constant AB bashing.  I realize he hasn’t lived up to potential, I realize it’s been 5 years, I realize he should rebound and defend better, but he is not the only problem this team has.  Let’s give it another year with a REAL coach and see how it goes.  There is really nothing to lose in doing that.  And despite what many of you think, every other team in the league would be salivating to add him to their roster at $10M a year.  Even two recent podcasts featured unbiased scouts from other markets commenting more positively on AB than anything you see on this site.

          And yes, I would trade Amir before Bargnani, in a heartbeat.  Bash away…

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            Bargnani had 2 double doubles (rebs/points) on the season while both Ed (12) & Amir (11) each had more double doubles than AB plus they play the game the right way- hard.

            Btw- Ed played about half the total game minutes as Bargnani did and still had more total rebounds on the season.

            Bargnani is a 7’1 250 pound lazy piece of shit- point blank!

            Potential gets most people fired- recognize.

             AB has been coddled by BC, Gheradini & Jay into a lethargic half ass indifferent basketball snob who believes the dirty work is for peasant not King Barg’s aka the Pope 5 years after the fact of his acquisition.

            AB had 5 years- he cost Sam his job- fuck him and the Rap’s if he’s on the roster next season!!

        • hateslosing

          I like Robin Lopez, I always have. He’s an effort guy that has a lot of potential that was never maximized by the Suns. I truth he brings a very similar game to what Amir brings, he just does it at the center position. As we have lot’s of power forwards and need centres I like the trade.

    • barenakedman

      Robin Lopez has fallen out of favor with the Suns for good reason. He was given the starters role, couldn’t handle that at either end of the court and now they think he isn’t the best option even as a backup.  

  • hateslosing

    I’d take a shot at Oden. This is unlikely to be a productive season so why not take a shot at someone who has a chance to maybe be a very good player. I like the 3 year deal option, that way he will come off the books right around the time we’ll be resigning our guys and targeting free agents to take us over the hump. Having Oden around on a short deal would be preferrable to signing someone like a Dalembert who is too old to have any chance at helping us when we are ready to contend. 

  • dribbles

    If Jonas is projected as the franchise 5, I don’t see BC targeting any of the
    big names. It doesn’t look like there will be money for that anyway. My guess is
    they look for a vet who can start for the next couple of seasons and then hand
    the keys over. Dalembert actually looks like a real possibility to me since he’s
    probably the best shotblocker of the bunch and the Canadian connection can’t
    hurt. Maybe he wants to play in TO and will take a bit of a hometown
    discount. Przybilla, Kwame, and maybe Nazr Mohammed also look like potential
    targets. I’m guessing Dalembert.

  • Arsenalist

    C’mon guys, Oden is great. Remember, he was a #1 pick.  That means he has to be good!

    • hateslosing

      I know you guys have trouble finding stuff to write about this time of year, but why would you take the time to suggest we might go after someone you think is rediculous to chase? Couldn’t you have, I don’t know, written a break down of the defensive scheme Casey used in Dallas? I’m sure lot’s of fans would enjoy that. You folks could even make it like a weekly thing where you look at how Casey’s old system worked and how the Raptors can use similar concepts to get better. It would be nice for those of us who didn’t see too much of Casey outside of the playoffs.

      • Bendit

        Having a suggestion “box” for the readership re ideas for posts would be nice. It must be difficult trying to come up with meaningful topics especially in the dog days.

        • barenakedman

          That’s what the Forum is for.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        I want to know what the fuck is Casey’s ‘Flow offense’ aka playoff offense really about?

        It sounds like some Fantasy Island BullChit to me- the flow boss, the flow.(Tattoo voice)

        I have heard of Flex, Motion, Michigan, Triangle, Yo Yo, Dribble Drive, High-Low, 1-3-1 Cutters- types of offenses before but never have I heard of a ‘Flow Offense’.

        Maybe it’s new as I have never come across it during my basketball travels?

        • hateslosing

          When I first heard I thought he was talking about just having the guys go out an ball with no scheme. I am really hoping that is not what he meant but I have yet to read anything that indicates he intends to put an offense in that has any sort of set pattern.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            I hope Casey hires an offensive minded lead assistant and lets him control the offense while he sticks to defense because what he has said ‘Flow Offense/Playoff Offense’ sounds alot like some str8 up BullChit especially after hearing Mark Jackson   talk about his goals, schemes for the Warriors in so much more detail.

            I just hope that Casey isn’t Jay Triano in blackface only from the defensive perspective ie a puppet coach.

            I don’t think that BC likes coaches who question his vision ala Sam too much.

            As well, BC needs to signify defense to the fan base so he’s all image- hire Casey (BC was going to draft Bismack if Val was selected by Cleveland) yet the truth won’t come until Bargnani starts missing defensive assignments to see if Casey will really sit him over an extended period of time (it makes me sick to my stomach to even have to consider the fact that AB might still be a Raptor next season).

            And if Jose is the starting pg along w/ Barg’s at PF come next season then defensive makeover will be more image over reality from BC just like his ‘rebuild’ hype as you can’t call a ‘rebuild’ until both Jose & Andrea are traded away 1st- point blank!

            Time will tell.

            • Superjesusman

              Jay Triano in blackface? WTF man??

              • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

                I meant that Casey is just a black Triano ie BC’s new ‘Yes Man’ head coach, who is a defensive specialist while Jay was all offense.

                BC tends to go to the far end of the spectrum in order to deceive fans with visions change when in relity everything remains the same- image over reality.

        • sleepz

          Lol, the ‘flow’ offence what was Casey described as multiple pick and rolls.

          Not sure how that works and when comparing the personnel running it in Dallas (multiple skilled ballhandlers and decision makers) to the personnel that would be running it in Toronto I’m curious to see if it breeds the same results, but thats how he described flow offence.

          I’m with you in that I don’t know what he’s referring to specifically, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

          • barenakedman

            Casey also said it was much harder for the opposition to prepare against it because it is less structured. 

    • Theswirsky

      I think the number of different people that statement goes to (even if they don’t realize it) is impressive…. and cover things that have happened both a few days ago and 5 years ago.

    • Soft Euro

      You’re right. But because he has injury problems throwing 6-8 million a year at Kwame seems more prudent. Only negative both have in common is not being a Euro.

  • GermanWunderkind

    LOL when i read this blog i’m not sure if some people really looks the games. AB is responsable for everything. AB cannot play. Uh AB is mayby a terrorist? Amir, Alabi, Ajinca, DD are better players as AB. Pathetic.

    • ak

      ab is not very good at defensive rotations and rebounding.
      he is very good at shooting the 3 ball, but has a tendency to pump fake, get inside and shoot the long 2.
      he is also averse to playing in the post, any physical contact and hard work.

      ab is responsable for everything, because in the nba players are judged based on their skills in proportion to their salary, not just ability alone.

      • GermanWunderkind

        LOL ohhh an Amir? loool

        • Nilanka15

          Amir is a role player.  He’s our 1st big off the bench.  He knows his role is to hustle, rebound, draw charges, challenge shots, and only take shots when the defense gives it to him (which he makes at an incredibly efficient rate).  Amir embodies exactly what every player should emulate…understanding your own abilities and limitations, and maximizing your time on the floor.

      • Bendit

        AB shills for bad pasta sauce. 

        • GermanWunderkind

          Little rassist at work? Don’t eat pasta, eat seal.

          • Bendit

            If English isn’t your first language please dont make assumptions on context.

            • GermanWunderkind

              Please explane what you mean, didn’t understand this.

              • yertu damkule

                bargnani is a spokesman for a pasta company (no, i shit you not).  he stars in what is, arguably, the worst commercial of all time (still doesn’t beat any commercial with that fuckhole galen weston, but whatever).  i assume that the commercial doesn’t air outside canada.

                • cesco

                  I guess like most Maritimers you are a meat and potato guy with cod stew on Friday , beer a plenty . We like our pasta and a bottle of wine , to each his own .

        • GermanWunderkind

          Ok sorry, i didn’t know this commercial.
          By the way, try gnocchi with butter and sage or ravioli with ricotta cheese and spinach, a glas Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay..

  • ValtheMan

    To all those here who think AB is traded before the start of the season: DREAMMMMMM ONNNN.

    AB is here at least till trade deadline and will ONLY be traded then if both BC and Casey give up on him 100%. But they will give him all the time he needs till then and WILL play him at PF and yes, Starting PF.

    So you might as well stop nagging, bitching about this because it is getting quite OLD to read your moans under every single article on this website.

    If Anything, the draft for Val showed 2 things about BC’s mentality at this moment:

    1) He does believe AB is a PF and hence drafted a Defensive Center that can eventually play along side him.

    2) He does still believe in European big men and thinks they can be a success in this league.

    So it is Time for you to move on 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 

    • Nilanka15

      You know what else is getting old?  Watching Bargnani play basketball.

      He’s not a center, fine.  But he’s not a PF either.  He’s simply a big man who doesn’t play big. 

      Players who lack fundamentals that define their position are continually exposed (just like PG’s who can’t pass, or shooting guards who can’t shoot).  It doesn’t matter what other skills these players possess…they always do more harm than good.

      If it takes until the trade deadline to trade him, I can live with that.  But at some point, both Colangelo and Casey will come to the realization that Bargnani is completely set in his ways, and will not change 6 yrs into his career.  He might have a few solid games to start the season, where he rebounds, and rotates well, and where all the fanboys will be as loud as ever, only to watch the Raptors lose 14 of their first 20 games….and see Bargnani lose motivation and go back to his previously lackadaisical career-defining ways. 

      Write this off as nothing but a “hater’s” rant, if you will.  I call it the inevitable.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        I’m tired of seeing both Jose & Bargnani in a Toronto Raptors uniform- the 2 roster constants under BC since his TDot arrival in 2006. (*I know BC tried to trade Jose away but he is currently still here starting at pg).

    • Statement

      Unfortunately Val,

      I agree with you.  Bargs is likely here for at least a little while, so lets see how it all plays out.

      • optifan

        Finally a bit of common sense.  Let’s see how it plays out plain and simple.  Everyone needs to relax.

  • Nilanka15

    “The good thing about our situation is we do have flexibility in our budget,” said Casey.  “We have some excellent free agents out there that I can’t talk about now that we are planning to target.  We talked about that and there is a plan in place for that center position.”

    Whether or not this article is intended to be real, the Raptors have legitimate plans to plug the hole at center via free agency.

    • POINTS

      got to be CHANDLER and he already  got what bosh,wade and lbj is chasing now it’s time for the money and side kick for demar,if he stays in dallas it’s going to be hard for him because teams are going to be playing harder against them just ask bosh,now playing for the raptors he would gets to go after other teams or fake an injury with BC   approvel if there is a season

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        Cuban will pay Chandler- point blank!


    I think the player to use as center through this rebuild for at least two years is a player like Jamal Maglore that canadian guy,he would bring that “not in my house” kind thing to help us through the sufferin and he could also be here coming off the bench when we  make the playoff

    • Jamal Magloire has not been an effective NBA player for about 5 years now. He’s done.

      • POINTS

        That’s why he would be right for the job during the rebuild something for the home team or now that Tyson Chandler has a ring he wants to go after the money

        • And who would play the other 40 minutes of the game?  

          Jamal Magloire is at the tail end of his career. He’s not going to take the league minimum to play for a team that will be lucky to win 30 games this year.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        He grabbed 20 rebounds against the Rap’s last game of the season.

        He played in the playoffs some or the Heat as well.

        He would be excellent as the 3rd roster center to add a veteran influence in the lockerroom plus he’s from the TDot!!

        • It was 19, and that was a meaningless final game of the season where Amir Johnson, Reggie Evans and Bargs were all out.

          He played 18 minutes for the Heat during the ENTIRE playoffs.

          Yes, he’s from Toronto.  That’s about all that he has going for him.

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            19 rebs in 29 minutes.

            A NBA game is still a NBA game or the fans would get in for free.

            Heat sat DWade, CB, LBJ, Miller Haslem was out as well.

            More than you or I or AB.

            Plus he’s good in the community- but you wouldn’t know that my TDot brethren.

  • Are the forums down?  I’ve been getting a message saying “Maintenance will take about 15 minutes.” since 9am this morning.

    • arsenalist

      They’re alive and well.  Try deleting your browser cache.

      • I thought that might be it but I’ve tried that with the same result. I’m still getting that message, and I even tried switching to a browser that I’ve never used before. (I just installed Chrome on my work computer to try). Also, the IP keeps coming up instead of the domain name ( instead of (

      • Yea.. I even tried restarting my computer, thinking my certificates had expired.  No dice.  It’s still telling me that they’re in maintenance mode. 

      • I can finally get in, but I can’t log in.  When I do it just goes back to the login page as though I didn’t type anything.  I guess no more RR forums for me.  Also, the DNS is still down, I’m still getting an IP Address.

  • octothorp

    It’ll be fascinating to see what Oden’s value on the FA market is. Right now, that 8.8 million salary doesn’t look too bad, because he’s dominant when he’s playing, and when he’s injured, the team can gain an injury exception (and is likely insured against his salary). Portland received an exception for Oden last year, but I don’t think they actually used it. 

    However, there’s talk about how the new CBA will clamp down on exceptions, which could make that contract a lot scarier (especially if combined with a lower cap). As well, he’s a guy who makes perfect sense for a performance-based bonus situation (based on number of games played), but we’ll need to see how the new CBA handles that, too. 

    Let’s say, hypothetically, that we could swing a sign-and-trade where we fit him into what remains of the Bosh TPE, we get him on a contract with a heavy games-played incentive component, and can still get an exception if he ends up being injured. In that situation, it seems pretty low-risk, but that is an awful lot of ifs, especially when there are some reasonable veterans who would make much more sense as a stop-gap until Valanciunas is ready. 

  • i know this is probably gonna come across as ignorant, but isn’t the whole ‘qualifying offer’ talk a bit premature?  i mean, unless i’m gravely mistaken, the concepts of QOs & minimum/maximum salaries etc., are all the product of a CBA that’s about to expire.  won’t whatever oden is due (in terms of min/max salary) be determined by the next CBA?  so yes, his current QO is ridiculously high (based only on his injury history; based on talent & talent alone, he’s clearly worth every red cent), but won’t it be different under the new CBA? 

  • GermanWunderkind

    I really hope that Bargs is going to be traded. This team is so amazing incapable.

  • Kevin

    Its too late for us to get Kwame Brown Minnesota is signing him

  • Multipaul


    • Yeabwoi


    • POINTS

      after hooking up with dimebag and smoking some cush multipaul has finally come to the realization that barny(i love you,you love me) is garbage

  • JW

    In the middle of rebuilding the team from the top down, you want to take the Oden risk?   Why?   What is it going to do for us give us 10 games?     Are you people serious?

    I can’t even begin to say how dumb this is.   We did the JO thing already.  Do we need to do it again? Can we be conservative, we don’t need a grand SLAM in one at bat, which is how we got into this mess in the first place.

    Let some poorly manged teams take a chance on Oden. I don’t see any logic or need for this RISK, NONE, for a team in our predicament. It would be like changing course on this vessel back to the old dumb course.

    • If you’d read the whole thread (I’ll admit it’s a bit long), you’d know that this post was tongue-in-cheek.  I guess Arse had better things to do  😛

      • JW

        Don’t really have the  time to check where Arse’s tongue is.  …so in your opinion, we are getting toyed with for the traffic?  Hrmmm…    whatever floats his boat.  Eventually good people will lose their patience, and he will just have the tools left.

        • They don’t gain anything from traffic.  It just promotes good discussion.

    • Kreza23

      This is the way I see it. Because we’re rebuilding (and not fine-tuning our team), we actually have the luxury of giving this guy a shot without disrupting what we’re trying to do. He’s only 23 years old. It’s not like we’d be signing a veteran player to take away minutes from a youngster. He’s younger than Amir Johnson, and only a year older than Ed Davis. We would just be adding a young piece that has the potential to be a core member of the team. If he gets hurt, then that means more minutes for Amir and Ed. If he doesn’t get hurt and plays, we would be giving minutes to a talented 23 year old center. I would much rather us sign him and fail miserably than see him sign somewhere else, realize his potential and regret not going after him. It’s not like he’s been a bust when he’s played. He’s played well when healthy.

  • Gradgrind101

    I would bring in Jamaal Magloire on a 1 (or maybe 2) year deal. He’s not likely to make a major impact but he will give you 10 minutes (could be stretced out to 15 minutes) per game. If he has anything left in the tank he can play more minutes and improve his chances of landing a better contract. His presence on our team isn’t going to hurt us. and he has endured good and bad at the nba level and would be a calming influence on this squad. I would love to see him in here and he if he chooses he would be able to wind down his career here in T.O. At 33 he is not going to get too many offers and ours may be the most appealing. 

    If we land Jamaal, we need to cover off the remaining 33-38 minutes. Alabi defaults to 5 minutes (until he shows us something). That leaves us with 28-33 starter minutes…Tough luck AB…We tried but there you have it…You gotta play 5.  If he doesn’t like it then we still play him at 5 until we find him a better situation either here or elsewhere. Playing AB at 4 will force us to dispose of partially developed assets which would set us back plus we would still need to find a starter at 5.

    • yertu damkule

      re. magloire: if he wasn’t canadian, would any raps fan even fathom the notion of him becoming a raptor?

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        If Jay wasn’t a Canadian would any Rap’s fan have considered him for Head Coach?

        Jamal would be a solid signing in my mind and the 1st Canadian Raptors players in its history, correct me if I’m wrong?

        I would like to see:

        C: SDalembert JMagloire SAlabi (had an injured knee last season)

        PF: AJohnson EDavis JDorsey

        as the Rap’s 3 man depth chart at  C & PF in 2011-12.

        No 7’1 250 pound pussies allowed!!

        • yertu damkule

          re. jay – i really don’t know if there’s an answer to that, since if he wasn’t canadian, he likely wouldn’t be in the NBA in the first place (as an assistant), nor would he have had the opportunity to work with the US development team (which was awarded based partly on his time as an assistant with the raps, his connections made via that relationship, and his international experience as coach of team canada…which is what got him hired as a raptors assistant in the first place).  

          as it were…i’m not really sure there were many fans actually clammoring for him to be hired in the first place, despite his citizenship.  if there were, it wasn’t an overwhelming majority, at least to my recollection (but i’ve had a kid since then, so my memory is completely shot).

          but again, you trot out magloire & sammy D…i’m simply curious how you’d feel about either joining the raptors if they weren’t canadian?  i’ve seen dozens (if not hundreds) of posts from you railing against the swindler (BC) & his BullChit, but to me, bringing in guys simply because they’re canadian seems like an empty PR-only move to me…a BC move, if you will?

          • mountio

            Well said. There is some rationale towards having cdn players (as they would re-sign here more likely than American players) .. similar rationale to Euros, I guess.
            BUT – that should be a minor consideration vs their skills and fit with the team. Sam and JM are simply not good players any longer .. thats why I wouldnt bring them here. Yes, they’re black, yes, they’re Canadian .. but thats not enough for me on its own (can’t speak for BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!! )

          • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

            I trot out?

            Or are Sam & Jamal 2 of the best big men available this off season that is Hollywood thin on free agent big men & just happen to be Canadian citizens as well?

            Sam is a UFA- recognize, we could potentially sign him outright- no trade needed.

            A potential 3 man big rotation of Sam, Amir & Ed is not to shabby as long as Sam knows his role- rebound, defend, set screens, protect the rim, get shots off of offensive rebounds as the #5 option on offense- and accepts them it would be a very solid free agent signing in my mind. 

            Jamal is a veteran NBA big man who has been an all star and battled against the top bigs in the NBA from Shaq to Duncan plus he could fill a leadership void in the lockerroom as the 3rd roster center.

            I hear alot of fans call out for off season pipe dream additions like at center like MGasol or TChandler each of whose respective teams have stated in the media that they plan to re-sign both into better current basketball situations than the Rap’s have to offer them as free agents.

            It is what it is… 

            • Gradgrind101

              I agree with you 100%. Which decent marketable NBAer would want to come here with the prospect of a 60+ loss season? Let’s stop the bleeding and get pointed in the right direction. Miami got to the finals with an unspectacular center who does his job. All we need is some solid defense from our centers so guys like Ed Davis can begin to hit their potential…There is nothing worse for ED’s development than to have to worry about rotating to cover guards who have slashed through shabby defense while at the same time have to look over his shoulder to make sure his center is where he should be.

              I am sure you will agree that if the raptors can win 45-50 games and are considered to be up and coming (will take at least 2 years) big name players who can provide us with that missing ingredient and who want to win will strongly consider T.O. Otherwise forget it…We will peak at 40 wins and players will leave and so the cycle starts again…

        • cesco

          The combine scoring of these 6 players for the past season is 31 points/game for a combine playing time of 100 minutes .  Andrea 21.4 points over 35 minutes . You think the defense of these 6 guys will prevent the opposition to score no more than 80 points ? , because that will be necessary if the Raps want to win even 10 games  . The Magician is going nowhere for the next 6 years (his contract will be renewed) .

          • Gradgrind101

            You can’t do that…Those are garbage stats…Otherwise by the same logic you can project someone who played 4 minutes and scored 2 points to project to average 24 points per 48 minutes…

      • Gradgrind101

        Isn’t that part of the point…Jamaal Magloire is Canadian. HE LOVES THIS CITY…AGAIN I SAY HE LOVES TORONTO. He spends 2 months of his off season here. If he wasn’t Canadian I would still want him because he knows what winning basketball at the NBA level is about. He is a respected solid character guy. Also he and players like DeMar DeRozan love being in this city. Isn’t that important when going after free agents? Who really wants someone that is here only because we offered them more money. How do you build a championship team with that type of player. Those guys are here and gone and as they leave they have nothing good to say about T.O.

        The raptors are free falling and we need players who can help establish a solid foundation of professional pride and toughness of spirit. We can grow our team with that as our foundation. Maybe a Canadian or two is the penecillan the raptors are sorely in need of …We are in desperate need of a culture of players who love to be here and play for this city. HAVE I MENTIONED JUST HOW MUCH JAMAAL MAGLOIRE LOVES TORONTO?

        • Why would he know what winning basketball at the NBA is about? 

  • Raptoronto

    We already have our stop gap center until Val is ready…Andrea Bargnani.  

    • POINTS

      no he want to play his natural pos.

  • GermanWunderkind

    God please help me.. Some people are really comparing Amir or DD with AB and they say Amir (or DD) is the better player… Help! Jesus, Mohammed and Buddha please help me stop laughing!

    • yertu damkule

      what would you like help with?  understanding how not to look away from the action when the raps don’t have the ball?  there are two ends of the court…

      • cesco

        I close my eyes when the wingers from the opposition like Allen have the time to tie their shoe laces when they take a 3 point shot . I hope you do also .

  • Multipaul


    • Multipaul

      yeah, obviously i did not post this

      Bargnani World Order
      King Bargs
      NSN- no stats needed – DUnkin youstill on this site dude??

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    BC is building the Rap’s around Bargnani- point blank, he is the Franchise Player, the Team’s star player in the minds of BC, Gheradini, Jay & Casey as the try to turn the Rap’s into an International NBA experimental Euro team for Stern’s future expansion plans into Europe- Rap’s fans wake up!!.

    That end of the season presser BullChit was all staged drama to get Bargnani into the PF slot in fans minds- and when he fails at PF then what- SG?lol

    Potential 2012-13 Raptors?:

    PC: Valanciunas
    PF: Bargnani
    SF: Kleiza
    SG: TBA (Rudy Fernandez?)
    PG: Calderon

    • POINTS

      he’s a good passer and he is 7ft maybe point guard he can pass the ball over everybody

    • What’s PC? Pansy Center?

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!


  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    BC is building the Rap’s around Bargnani- point blank!He is the Franchise Player, the Team’s star player in the minds of BC, Gheradini, Jay & Casey as the try to turn our Toronto Raptors into an International NBA experimental Euro team for NBA Czar Stern’s future expansion plans into Europe- Rap’s fans wake up!!That end of the season presser BullChit was all staged drama to get Bargnani into the PF slot in fans minds- and when he fails at PF then what- SG?lolPotential 2012-13 Raptors?:PC: ValanciunasPF: BargnaniSF: KleizaSG: TBA (Rudy Fernandez?)PG: Calderon

  • D-Money

    Oden??I Say We Bring Back The Junk Yard Dog From Retirement…Arr Arrrrr

  • Raptor4Ever

    Some of the fans here need to get a dose of reality and understand that FAs like Chandler, Gasol, Jordan and even Kaman are not coming here. 
    Our choice is limited to Dalembert, Pryzebilla type centers at best and even that I am not sure if we can do it.

    Now, with these sort of centers, you know exactly what you are getting but with Odom, if stay healthy, the Sky is the limit. Now, before jumping up and down that Odom can not stay healthy, think about all those NBA big men who came back after few injury prone seasons and managed to Play big in this league, ex: Big Z and Tyson Chandler.

    At the stage that Raptors are which is 3-4 yeas away from competing for anything, we can definitely take a chance on Odom.

  • ValtheMan

    I think this is the Realistic list of the Centers that Raptors can go after and MIGHT have a chance of getting:

    Brown, Pryzebilla, Collins, Oden

    That is it. The rest are all off limit and there is NO WAY that Raptors can get any of them unless they trade away DD or Davis.

    • POINTS

      what if we trade our star that doesn’t shine

  • Greg Oden plays basketball?  Huh. Who knew?

  • The_Truth

    Aaron Gray is my guy. He is a great rebounder, and can make some decent passes in the low post. I think he will be cheap coming off the leg injury he had in the playoffs. Plus, he came from Pitt so he has to be awesome.

    • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

      AG is a solid although unspetacular back up 5 that should come at a low dollar amount- is he a restricted or a unrestricted free agent?

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!
    Ever since the NBA season has ended, Bryan Colangelo has been steadfast in his goal for this offseason: Get a centre and move Andrea Bargnani to his natural power forward position.

    He believes that last Thursday he got his centre of the future when he drafted Lithuanian big man Jonas Valanciunas fifth overall, but as has been reported again and again, Valanciunas won’t be playing next season (assuming there is a season to play) in the NBA.

    So how committed is Colangelo to moving Bargnani to the four immediately?

    The day after the draft Colangelo was still telling all who’d listen that bringing in a centre NOW is the team’s highest priority this offseason.

    He’s said it could be via free agency, he said it could be via trade, but it would certainly appear at this point that if the Raptors were to open training camp without a new man in the middle that this offseason would be a failure by Colangelo’s expectations. END

    BC’s end of the season presser when he went hard on Barg’s was all just for show- imagine that?lmfao

    Barg’s cried for the PF position and it appears BC is going to give it to his Golden Child in another slight of hand to the intelligence of the collective base of Rap’s fans.

    BC pisses- (some) fans call it rainwater- Raptors basketball 2011!!

    • I don’t understand this.  It has been 5 years of no rebounding or defense, and not only that — he has not even *tried* to improve in these areas.  Changing positions or adding a new coach will not change this.  There is absolutely no reason to build around this guy.  It’s kind of like if the Championship Chicago Bulls decided to build their team around Steve Kerr instead of Michael Jordan.  It makes absolutely ZERO sense.  ZERO.

      • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

        It shocked me as well that we are building around AB even last season it was apparent that BC was building around AB even though he said otherwise in the media but when AB is named as 1 of only 2 guaranteed starters (the only other one was Kleiza solely based on his FIBA performance as per BC & Jay) in the pre season the others starter have to fit around him (them).

        I gain more respect for Chris Bosh’s decision to leave BC’s madhouse organization every day as BC intended to ride CB into the ground never attempting to get him a legit NBA center to play next to other than a past his prime Rasho or a legit all star caliber wing man to slash & drive while it appears he is going all out to accommodate his Euro pet project the lazy ass Bargnani aka King Barg’s aka The Pope aka Defense aka Mr. Rebounding Is For Peasants!

        It won’t be a true rebuild until both Andrea & Jose are traded away until then it’s just more BullChit pr spins in the wind from BC & his ‘CON’sensus crew of organizational & media minions (Gheradini, Jay, Casey, Jack, Matt Devlin aka Devil, Leo, Sherman Hamilton, Jonesy, David Amber, Akil- RaptorSpace, Doug Smith, Eric Smith, Chisholm, RR, REALGM, RaptorsSpace, RaptorsTv, Sportsnet, TheScore, etc).

        Heck, after I saw both Matt & Jack promoting the poisonous Corexit contaminated ‘Gulf Seafood’ to Rap’s fans to eat during the Hornet’s/Rap’s broadcast I knew that they were just some more Corporate empty suits who will say & do anything BC requires of them.smdh

        • POINTS

          now we need prime time BOB MACOWAN FAN 590 to step upto the mike and ask BC some serious question

  • BCGheradiniJayGots2Go!!!

    BC might as well rename the Franchise as the ‘Toronto Bargnanis’ as much as he caters to Bargnani’s aka Spoiled Brat every need over the betterment of the Franchise.

  • Bigbalboski79

    25 minutes a game from a vet who can clog up the paint, and open up driving lanes will make a world of difference on a team that has no outside shooting (aside from the “centre”) and relies so heavily on dribble drive layups and 15 footers… 

    if it were up to me?  dalmebert looks to my eye, like a guy who’d thrive under casey.  a poor man’s tyson chandler:  shotblocker, rebounder who can run the floor. he has no outside game, but will score with putbacks and alley oops. if we could get 10/10/2blks i;d be happy, and i dont think it unreasonable expectation given what he did with a terrible sacto team.

    more than any other move, getting a legit nba centre who plays some D will be the biggest factor in improving this team.

  • GermanWunderkind

    “Qualifying Offer Extended To Weems”
    Is this for real??? Really??? Really really? Not a bad dream??? OH MY GOD, please please someone has to send shortly a little bit brain to Toronto (not for the people of Tor., only for BC and Gherardini). I don’t like DD but i admit that he has a good capability (is this the correct word?) but Weems is simply terrible!

    • I don’t understand wheres the problem? Weems is very serviceable backup and a good teammate. Triano was using him wrong, but under Casey he will flourish.
      The QO is so tiny we are getting him for free basically. I suspect someone will offer him 3M per and we should still match it

      • GermanWunderkind

        “but under Casey he will flourish”
        Hope you’ll right!

      • Can you give some examples of players who were “used wrong” and then flourished under another coach?  I’m not trying to trick you, I want to know.

        • POINTS

          jason kapono use wrongly in toronto
          ukic that little point gaurd ”  ”   ”  toronto
          red rocket was used ”   ” toronto

          • Gradgrind101

            My 2 cents on these players…

            Jason Kapono needs to be on a great defensive team where his inability to close out could be hidden. He wan’t mismanaged here…He was just expected to be a more complete player. He’s done squat since leaving here.
            Roko Ukic is the player I am most sorry to see go. He showed me a flash of brillance against the celtics (yes it’s only 1 example – see here for box score – ). I was watching the Celtics broadcast and I think it was Heinsohn (Celtics analyst) who was amazed that Ukic beat Rondo 1 on 1 repeatedly and got the basket and scored with ease against one of the best ball defenders in the NBA. This was a close game that went into overtime…For Roko that was really something. Over his short career when he played 20+ minutes he average around 23 mins and 10.8 points (47% shooting) and 5.2 assists – Not bad for a bench player. He was also definitely a workable talent who could have also been directed to play better defense.

            Bonner is what we saw. No better…No worse…Prefer Bonner over Kapono…