Video Scouting Report: Aaron Gray – Offense

Aaron Gray never got so much ink.

Aaron Gray. Sounds like one of those obscure colors you’d pick from some fancy palette to paint your basement walls. In a question to find out what this man is all about I turned to Synergy Sports to get a scouting report on the guy. I didn’t have time to create defensive videos, so what you see below is him in two situations: post-ups and pick ‘n rolls. Make of him what you will, from what I could see he’s got something resembling a jump-hook, and isn’t entirely useless when involved in two-man games. His jumper always seems to resemble a floater when he gets the ball back from the guard, and he likes to roll to the rim. He’s got a biggish body that is effective in setting screens, and he moves around quite well for a lumbering-looking guy.

He’s like David Andersen but without the range, instead he’s more paint-oriented and where Andersen used to sweep out to the three-point line after setting a screen, Gray goes to the rim. I predict that his name will be cited by Leo Rautins in sentences like the following this season:

“Aaron Gray’s a blue-collar guy who brings the lunch pail everyday and just goes to work”

“Andrea Bargnani needs to take a page out of Aaron Gray’s book”

“Instead of blocking the shot out of bounds, Aaron Gray needs to control it and keep it in bounds”

“Aaron Gray did well to pick up the charge”

“Aaron Gray should’ve stepped in to pick up the charge”

“Aaron Gray’s got to pass that ball instead of shooting”

“Aaron Gray’s got to shoot that ball instead of passing”

“Does anyone know if Aaron Gray is single?”

“Aaron Gray’s got to fake the shot, step in two feet, and then pass the ball”

“What a great Colangelo-signing Aaron Gray turned out to be!”


Pick ‘n Roll Play

Other big white dudes who have played for the Raptors:

Primoz Brezec
Eric Montross
David Andersen
Zan Tabak
Tim Kempton
Rasho Nesterovic

I’m sure I’m missing a few…

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