Aaron Gray. Sounds like one of those obscure colors you’d pick from some fancy palette to paint your basement walls. In a question to find out what this man is all about I turned to Synergy Sports to get a scouting report on the guy. I didn’t have time to create defensive videos, so what you see below is him in two situations: post-ups and pick ‘n rolls. Make of him what you will, from what I could see he’s got something resembling a jump-hook, and isn’t entirely useless when involved in two-man games. His jumper always seems to resemble a floater when he gets the ball back from the guard, and he likes to roll to the rim. He’s got a biggish body that is effective in setting screens, and he moves around quite well for a lumbering-looking guy.

He’s like David Andersen but without the range, instead he’s more paint-oriented and where Andersen used to sweep out to the three-point line after setting a screen, Gray goes to the rim. I predict that his name will be cited by Leo Rautins in sentences like the following this season:

“Aaron Gray’s a blue-collar guy who brings the lunch pail everyday and just goes to work”

“Andrea Bargnani needs to take a page out of Aaron Gray’s book”

“Instead of blocking the shot out of bounds, Aaron Gray needs to control it and keep it in bounds”

“Aaron Gray did well to pick up the charge”

“Aaron Gray should’ve stepped in to pick up the charge”

“Aaron Gray’s got to pass that ball instead of shooting”

“Aaron Gray’s got to shoot that ball instead of passing”

“Does anyone know if Aaron Gray is single?”

“Aaron Gray’s got to fake the shot, step in two feet, and then pass the ball”

“What a great Colangelo-signing Aaron Gray turned out to be!”


Pick ‘n Roll Play

Other big white dudes who have played for the Raptors:

Primoz Brezec
Eric Montross
David Andersen
Zan Tabak
Tim Kempton
Rasho Nesterovic

I’m sure I’m missing a few…

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44 Responses to “Video Scouting Report: Aaron Gray – Offense”

  1. Steve

    Fun fact: Aaron Gray once had 19 points and 22 rebounds in a game. Guess who it was against….  the Raptors of course!

  2. Edgar

    looks to me like a guy who’s a classic 2nd string center who makes a 5+ year career by simply being 7 feet tall.  Not that that’s a bad thing for us – I hope he has much better defensive IQ than offensive, because he sure as hell isn’t athletic enough to climb a ladder to get blocks.  Based on what I’ve seen of Magloire last year I’d much rather see him start at C (although they likely go small).

    As for the Thabeet comment – In all honesty I’d love seeing him here assuming the attitude/expectation was right.  BC has had a good record in finding serviceable young players that never got a chance (Bayless, Johnson, Weems, etc)

    • ppellico

      in fact he is really boh defensive and offensive.
      He will defensively keeo everybody ot of the paint…and get tons of rebounds.
      Offensivey, he is a wall of safety from which guards will shoot from behind. He will get you offensive rebounds and keep the game in your hands.
      He will get the ball and pass out whenever he sees a better opporunity.
      I whish he would shoot himself more often.

      I have seen EVERY game the kid played and am his #1 fan.
      I do know his shortcomings…
      NO outside shot…but never really given chance to earn it.
      Fouls stick on him like lint. But refs give him every touch foul they can. Plus he gets the call even though somebody runs into him.

      He needs to earn some respect.

  3. AB7.38pt.on.cb4

    Arsenalist just got wrong. Shouldn’t be about scouting report a DEFENCE Aaron Gray ? Or it’s only about Defence just when is Andrea Bargnani .

    Talk about Defence – De-fence – De-fence

  4. Nilanka15

    On paper, I like all the moves BC has made so far. But my only concern is that these free agents are expecting big minutes on a shitty team to ressurect their careers. If Magloire, Gray, Butler and Carter signed with us hoping for big minutes, then problems could arise.

    Given Gray’s relative youth, I think he might be the biggest concern of the bunch.

    • 511

      With so many games jammed as close together as they are, we might need all those bodies to play more minutes than what we would’ve, normally. 

  5. c_bcm

    Seems like he is rushing every move he makes. Especially with those hooks. He tends to release the ball before he looks at the basket. Nice thing is that its correctable. But you can’t correct awkward lumbering bigness. aye.

  6. whatwhat

    My GRAYDAR is going off!  By the power of GRAYskull, this guy will be a monster! Aaron gets a passing GRAYDE!
    There are no colours in the palette of winning, just SHADES OF GRAY!    

  7. ppellico

    this team is showing like 5 centers on it’s players list without the addition of Gray.
    Now, not having seen many Raptors games, how does this work???

    Are there going to be some left off when the season begins?

    Very confused….

    • Nilanka15

      Depending on who you ask, Bargnani and Davis are PFs (although either one of them could spend the bulk of their minutes in the middle).

      Alabi, for all intents and purposes, is a rookie, and may not get too much burn.  Although, it would be wise for management to get an accurate reading on what his abilities are, and the only way to do so, is to play him.

      Magloire and Gray will battle it out for backup minutes.  Neither one is considered a piece of the core moving forward.

      So to sum up, we have no idea who our center is, lol.

  8. Brandon

    I remember watching him in a couple of Bulls games and I thought he was a decent post scorer, but not much else.

  9. Oasis511

    Despite what that first video shows, Gray is a very efficient offensive player, shooting 57% from the field last year and 51% for his career.  

    But what the Raptors are really getting is one of the best rebounders in the league.  Gray has a career rebound percentage of 18, which compares pretty well to Dwight Howard’s career 20.9% rate.  Gray also has a higher offensive rebounding percentage than Howard, which makes him an excellent addition to a team filled with shooters.  His career rate of 3.5 rebounds for every 11 minutes played translates to nearly 8 rebounds a game if he can get even 25 minutes of playing time.  Toss in 6 or 7 points and you’ve got a definite upgrade at center.  

    I’ll admit, I’m biased because I’ve followed Gray since he was a rookie in Chicago, but I’d like to see Toronto give him a chance.  Ed Davis is going to be a solid big man, but at 250 pounds he still doesn’t have the size to take on some of the league’s bigger players.  

  10. FAQ

    Raptor Roster?::

    G — Jose/Bayless/Carter

    SG – Demar/Barbosa/Butler

    SF – Kleiza/Forbes/?

    PF – Bargs/Amir/Davis/Johnson

    C — Gray/Magliore/Alabi

    …… something doesn’t ad up here… too many big, slow guys…..!!!!!

    Does Alabi go to the D-league and Amir or Davis drop down to C…???

    • Guest

      Clearly Johnson is slotted in as our interim SF not a PF even though he could play PF in a raptors small ball line up. I think Alabi does end up back in the D-league for another year of growth. 

    • Nilanka15

      It probably looks more like this:

      G — Jose/Bayless/Carter

      SG – Demar/Barbosa/Butler

      SF – J.Johnson/Butler/Kleiza/

      PF – Bargs/Amir/Davis

      C — Gray/Magliore/Alabi

      Forbes isn’t “official” yet.

  11. tonious35

    One thing I really like about Aaron Gray is that he plays with consideration of his weaknesses, and will not jack up a 3pt, like some French people do.

  12. Sheptor

    Jose Calderon – Will be moved before season`s end if Bayless shows any sign of progress. Most likely to a contender in need of a veteran back up PG..Maybe Knicks, Mavs, Heat, etc.

    Aaron Gray – Will be the Raptors Starting Centre before season`s end if given the chance. He will be like Rasho a few years ago. Start, but may not play in crunch time. He will surprise people and a one year contract and a crowded frontcourt are motivators.

    Amir Johnson – He may also be moved by season`s end hopefully for a young 3 and a second rder.

    Bargnani – Will make the all-star team or be in strong consideration, even more so than last year (if there is one this year) 21-23 ppg 7-8 rbs and a block and Raptors will be a .500 team. He knows its business time with Casey and I`m sure Casey will sit this Italian if he doesn`t play hard for Amir and Davis. I don`t care what anyone says the Raptors will be fighting for 8th and probably end up 10th. Either way I suspect the 8th seed will always be in reach during this shorter season.

    DD – Won`t reach the heights many think he will in his 3rd year. Expect near the same scoring production 18 ppg, better steal numbers, and god knows he can only go up from distance. The real improvement he`ll show will be in shot selection (fg%) and defense. Will still get burned by most 2`s but it will be better.

    James Johnson – Will be the Raptors most improved player this season. Forget Butler, Keliza and whoever else Johnson will have the 3 spot if he wants it bad enough by Feb. and the remainder of the year. Butler will be a Kapono with a bit of d but not our main 3. I don`t care if I`m wrong on this one but I don`t care.

    Magloire – Gets injured for most of the season uses it as an excuse for letting his team and country down and never plays in the NBA again.

    These are my predictions for these players for the upcoming season and you can all mark it down and check back later to see I was right. Raptors play  near .500 ball for most of season but lose the important close games to teams like Sacramento, Philly, Milwaukee  in the latter months and eventually play their way to out of PS and finish with a 26 – 40 record. Not 17 wins like Arse and company predict…..More accurate player predictions once the season gets rolling but these I pretty much know are gonna happen.

    Oh yeah..Bargs is traded after the season for a first rd pick and a few pieces to a non lottery team.

      • cesco

        He is saying that the possibility is there for him to be an all-star with 21-23 ppg , 7-8 rebs and 1 block . What is wrong with that ? . He has all the tools to achieve those goals .

        • Truthkiller

          Keyword: tools

          He’s been in the league 5 years, never has averaged over 6.5 rebounds a game BTW happens to be 7 ft tall, only way he can get some votes is if he starts scoring 30+ ppg for like the first 6-8 weeks of the Season and comes out blazing. It would be awesome to see that but history shows it usually only lasts a week.

      • Sheptor

        Bargnani was nearly an all-start last year. But winning championships is what counts. And after 6 seasons mostly losing seasons and a year shed of his contract with a deep draft. Expect him to be traded at seasons end while his value is high.

        • cesco

          To win a championship you have to make the post season first , then win a first round , then win a semi-final  , then you have to beat a team with two , three all-stars to go to the championship . Stop dreaming the impossible dream . Not in your lifetime this will happen .

          • Sheptor

            Didn’t you agree with me that Bargs could win an all-star? Listen folks I’m saying Bargs will be in contention for an all-star this year, he was last year too. I’m saying the Raps MISS the playoffs. Then I’m saying Bargs contract will be a year shorter he will have high stock because of his all-star calibre year, and with a deep draft and 6 years of Bargnani and no hope of winning anything with him they will finally trade him at seasons end…..it sounds like you’re implying i’m saying we’re winning a championship with Bargs this season? Look again guy.

  13. FAQ

    Sonny Weeems is a monster scorer/rebounder in the Euro League.

    Bring back Sonny and Val for next season…. ya think??!!!

  14. Jonas

    Looks to me this guy needs to learn a couple counter moves. Based on the post ups vid he just goes straight up after a spin move, regardless of where on the floor in regards to the basket he is. Defensively I think he’ll def make a bigger impact clogging the middle compared to jello-ani. Maybe Amir could further cut down on his fouls since he won’t have to take on the 5s with gray on the floor?!

  15. SR

    I concur with the above comments; this was a GRAYt signing by BC.  I just bumped his off-season GRAYd from a C- to an A+.  Can’t wait for Boxing Day.  Time to get GRAYzy!!!  Pound the rock!


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