The only thing worse than watching a pre-season game, is writing about one. The Triano era was one of such poor coaching acumen that the team wouldn’t have been any worse off if Arse was running the show. That said, it was great to finally see some Raptor ball, and Dwayne Casey…I really like the guy:

Are there going to be mistakes? Yes, but I want them to be hard mistakes – Dwayne Casey

Even though Casey was treating this game as a practice of sorts, he still couldn’t help but spit fire throughout the game. My favourite moment was in the 3rd quarter when Rondo and Daniels burned Davis and Bayless on the give-and-go; Casey jumped to his feet and called a timeout before the ball hit the ground, and Davis was sitting on the bench after the timeout. Haven’t seen that in so long, it brought tears to my eyes. I was paying attention to a few things this game: 1) defense 2) Bargnani 3) the new guys.

Defense really is a focus of the team this year. While Triano paid a lot of lip service over the last couple seasons, Casey was able to do more in one week than Jay ever was. This actually really angers me. I mean, at the end of the day you are paid fat stacks to do your job, and nothing. He was as effective in getting this team to play defense as Leo is as a commentator. I question having Triano serve on this team in any capacity at all.

How did Casey get people to play hard you may ask? Hold them accountable; simple is as simple does. Let me ask you this, have you ever seen Bargnani play so hard on defense in 6 years? I’m the first person to piss on the guy, and I counted exactly two defensive mistakes he made all game; only one of which resulted in a basket. We are witness to a new epoch; the Bargnani era. I’m serious, and not being facetious at all. This is what I saw him do defensively in crunch time:

  • With the Raptors on a 16-5 run, Bargnani defended the pick-n-roll like a champ jumping out on Avery Bradley, recovering and blocking Brandon Bass at the rim. On the ensuing break, DeRozan hit a layup cutting the Celtics lead to 70-69 with 4 minutes left in the game
  • After cutting the Celtics lead to 1 with 40 seconds left in the game, Bargnani hedges defending the pick-n-roll, forcing Bradley to throw the ball to Johnson who took an absolute brutal shot (brick off the front of the rim)

These were two of a few solid defensive decisions he made on the floor. I can’t express how excited I am this happened in a pre-season game. Effort people; Casey got Bargnani to give a shit and play as hard as possible. You have to take what happened with a grain of salt, and he’ll need to repeat this effort throughout the season to shake his reputation, but it’s very encouraging to see hustle in a game that meant nothing.

…Impressed with him; he hit the boards and gave effort on the boards…he competed and got out and impacted the ball – Dwayne Casey on Andrea Bargnani

As far as the new kids on the team, Forbes and Butler really grew on me. Forbes in particular really stood out and could be a key reserve for us going forward. He showed nice flex on defense, hit his open shots and generally hustled. He’s a James Johnson with offensive touch; have to like that. Magloire is really a donut, at this point he’s big body for DeRozan to practice tea bagging on in practice; a turnover and a foul in 8 minutes of pre-season action against a teams B-squad is nothing to write home about. Looks like the center spot will be split between Amir and Gray with Magloire being used sparingly when either of those guys are injured or out of pity.

I’m going to finish with one thought: as bad as Calderon is defensively, and as much as he get called out for it, Bayless is equally brutal. I counted three times he looked lost and out of place defending the high pick-and-roll (the third time he actually didn’t do anything at all – just stood there and prayed the shot would clank off the front of the rim; luckily it did). I expect that will change, but just an observation I wanted to put out there especially since Calderon had a pretty good defensive effort today.

TL;DR – Bargnani the defensive anchor in a 1-point loss to the Celtics; Casey already leaving his mark on this team.

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  • Börg

    André Börg lives?

    • howlonghowlong

      now let’s not get too carried away.  yeah bargs played better than when we last saw him but he was by no means great defensively.  He left KG wide open on at least 3 different plays (two of which KG knocked down).  He sometimes forgets where he is on the court and took too long to get back.  Allowed at least one layup in the first half, where I though he should of took a hard foul.
      Nontheless, much improved based on one preseason game.  He had a few hussle rebound that really made me smile.  The one that really disappointed me was Derozan.  He was sub-par on both ends of the floor, but nice to see the 3pts though.

    • Borg

      Borg – the wishfull thinker:

      I hope so and I`ll take this teams result and effort like todays game all season.

      Lets see if AB keeps this up for a few more games at least 🙂

  • cesco

    Andrea improvements on defense were already visible during the friendlies and the 5 games Italy played at the European championships . In other words he was ready for what was coming with Casey .

    • Statement

      I’m glad to hear this.

      If he keeps this up, no more ragging on him from me.

      • cesco

        He might surprise you and make the all-NBA defensive team … got to have a little bit of fun with you . His shooting was bad though , perhaps too much time spent practicing defense .

      • KJ-B

        Uhmm…guys this is just the PRE-season.  If anything, I give Dwayne Casey credit for scaring the living daylights out of him with a little word called ‘passion’…

    • Gradgrind101

      Sure maybe so but Bargnani was caught day dreaming when Steimsma? scored the winning basket. I’m sure he is going to see the video tape over and over tomorrow. What was he thinking following his man out of the paint and letting Steimsma through without rotating to cover him? Somethings are slow to change… 

      • AmirFan

        step by step …. 😉 for now, enjoy his improvement and pad him on the back for showing some hustle…

        • FAQ

          FatAmir will turn things around in the paint… everybody will slip on his greasy sweat …!!!

          • sek99

            Pretty sure Amir got the basket that put us up by 1. . . just saying.

          • Nilanka15

            From the Toronto Sun:

            “As for the bigger body, Johnson said it was the result of a lot of
            work in the weight room, not the result of two months where his movement
            was restricted.

            “It’s good weight. It’s all muscle,” he said. “My body fat percentage
            is still probably around zero. I’m pretty sure I will lose any weight I
            gained (with the upcoming hectic schedule), but I want to try to keep
            that muscle I added so I’m constantly in the weight room before and
            after practice.”


            Amir is anything but fat.

        • Gradgrind101

          In fairness Steimsma’s screen on Burke was late but because there wasn’t a lot of contact it wasn’t called. He picked Burke just enough to give an advantage to his player…

  • Tay

    James Johnson was great today, 4 blocks in 10 minutes of play. A lot of hustle for a preseason game. Nice to him get up like that. 

    Derozan looked flustered offensively but was fighting harder than I’ve ever seen him fight defensively. I hope he didn’t get too used to playing pickup games all summer…

    • skeptical

      Getting 4 blocked shots is great, but 4 turnovers makes that a wash (at best). Cut out those mistakes and maybe he could’ve stayed on the floor for more than 10 minutes. 

      Wish I couldn’t seen the game instead of just checking boxscores after the fact.

      • howlonghowlong

        He was solid defensively.  Him and Amir were the best on the floor.  That said, his offence was atrocious.

        • John

          Amir was best on the floor in which department tonight ???

          • FAQ

            Amir gained weight and it’s all {{{FAT}}} …. watch him waddling down the floor dragging his fat ass behind him.

            • The Guestmeister

              No one cares, you fucking faqqot. Go kill yourself 🙂

  • Tonnus

    the defensive effort was there but the overall flow of the offensive seems a little off.

    • Sam Holako

      Agreed, offensive was off and Casey spoke to that in the post-game interview. The Raptors need some more offensive talent though to make that happen. We’ll see how it shakes out.

      • cesco

        Too many turnovers (21) kept the offense stalling times and times again .
        They spent too much time practicing defense and they forgot how to play offense .

      • Sassyrebel08

        Don’t worry about our offense, it’ll come eventually

      • DanD

        Don’t worry about our offense, it’ll come eventually

      • FAQ

        …. which begs the question: “Where are the Raptors going to find more offensive talent?”.

        Certainly not in this bunch of proven scrubs.

        So now they have to find an offense as well as a defense… because they can’t seem to combine the two.

        I feel pity for Casey, and if the Raptors win 20 games it will be a major miracle.

        • Sam Holako

          They might have to go out and find a guy or two; lord knows we have the cap space and assets to make do.

          • FAQ

            BC won’t spend good money in a lost cause, because this season is strictly treading water.  The true rebuild starts next season… believe it.

            • CJT

              So if you know this, why are writing stupid posts about finding more offensive talent.  Everyone has been posting on here that they want the Raps to lose to secure a top 3 or top 5 pick and then complain when do exactly that in their first PRE-SEASON game.  Which is it?  Make up your minds

  • Brian B

    annnnd…. down the stretch Boston’s scrubs outplayed our starters… at some point, you hafta have talent.

    • cesco

      You should have watched the game . With 7 minutes to go , when Andrea replaced Amir , they were behind by 9 points , they went ahead by 1 point twice and lost by 1 point at the end . Who outplayed who in the last 5 minutes ? .

      • FAQ

        Amir has gained weight, but it’s all {{{FAT}}}…!!!!!

        Watched him waddling down the floor dragging his fat ass… it was pathetic.

        Amir is sooooo slooooow nooooow …..!!!!!

      • Brian B

        I did watch, it was ugly… and you make exactly my point – our regulars were in til the end. Boston was playing scrubs(mostly guys without guaranteed contracts – Stiemsma, G Brown, Moore). If our regulars were any good, they should have gone ahead & stayed ahead. AB had two turnovers and  four missed shots. Two missed layups. 4 for 14 shooting. And, oh, Bayless – more turnovers than assists. Butler, the “shooter”? Zero points. Forbes looked promising.

      • blindhateH8R

        Ya i dont get the “they lost to a bunch of scrubs” arguement…We got in an early hole in the FIRST GAME with a bunch of young guys after an extended lockout and a short training camp against a couple of the longest serving players still currently in the NBA, not to mention future hall of famers. And when the Celtics BENCH went in, our starters performed how they should and closed a twelve point gap… as they should… why this is shocking to some and so hard to swallow for others i will never understand.

      • sek99

        Lets be fair, the team Boston put out at the end was D-League rotation at best.

  • Homer2004

    All i have to say on AB:
    hell, It is about time

    • FAQ

      Bargs must be trying harder so he can get traded…. just like Bosh did…!!!

  • Dwayne2099

    you mean I can watch them with out the fear of throwing my chair at the TV? This is bringing tears to my eyes

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    My observations:

    1. Casey got Bargnani that interested in D and rebounding in two weeks?  Wow!  If that effort can carry over for a full season, consistently…

    2. Bayless is horrendous.  He looks utterly lost and out of control, like a poor man’s TJ Ford.  He’s definitely not a PG; the entire team’s offense was non existent when he was on the court.  Please draft a pass-first PG for Calderon to mentor next season!

    3. I like Forbes.  I could see him easily assuming the backup SG role, once Barbosa is traded by the trade deadline (hopefully for a late first round pick)

  • FAQ


    There is no “go-to” player on this talentless team… not Bargs and certainly not DD.

    DD looks body soft.  This summer he should have been pumping iron instead of pumping poon.. plus some GHG therapy and he would be a man… instead of a flake. He’s not half the man that vince was… not even close.

    The new players are a joke, and poor Casey has got an unenviable rookie coaching challenge… and he knows it too.

    It takes years and a mature team to play effective team defense, and this bunch of D-league all-stars has neither.

    This has got to be the absolutely worse Raptor team ever… and the future doesn’t look good either.  Thank God for the stupid tribal honking fans.

    • FAQ

      Ooops…. make that “HGH” therapy … not GHG (GreenHouse Gas) flatulent therapy… but maybe that would help too …LOL

    • Ryan-v

      Just love havin that glass half empty don’t ya? If it was full you’d have nothin to bitch about…

      And now look what’s happened I’ve enabled you just as you hoped… Congrats on being the skidmark of Internet society …

      • BlindhateH8R

        Don’t like what you see ? Don’t watch… And better yet , don’t post.

        And in following my own advice, dont like what I see, I won’t read…

    • KO

      No need to cry about it.

    • krimzon

      You are really pessimistic and annoying… shut up.

  • Rpsfan95

    good to see Bargs mouthing off at KG, I hate the Celtics

  • Erin

    i think some of you fail to realize its just a preseason game. you can criticize them but hollyyy…its gonna take time for the offense to fit in…@3e1972f081bac99c9380624f4a28178f:disqus its just a preseason relax

  • YuDarvish

    Bargnani post game:
    “I’ve got to be a better rebounder for my team and myself, so I’m going to try to be a better rebounder.”

    • Matt52

      Brings a tear to your eye, no?

      • YuDarvish

        It’s a beautiful thing.

    • FAQ

      Bosh improved his rebounding in his last season too… wonder why?!

      • Matt52

        Because he was in a contract year?  Bargnani is locked up through 2015 if the Raptors choose to keep him.

      • You’re Boring.

        If you really want to understand why Bosh left town.  Ready your posts. 

  • RenaldoSugarbush

    What always made me crazy about Jay Triano is that he would harp on Andrea to play D but there was never the attempt to teach him how to do it. Casey is a teaching coach which is what this team needs.

    Bargs looks fit and played with some attitude. It’s only pre-season but I liked what I saw.

    • You’re Boring.

      Good point.  I like that Casey has put measurable and realistic goals for him and the rest of the team.  To simply say “play better defense” doesn’t cut it.  2 rebounds every quarter and to more that will hopefully fall in his lap etc.  I like it.

  • AmirFan

    I just feel bad for all those Bargnani haters who waited all these years hoping that this year, he will fail and will be traded 🙂 yes, TimW from the message board, I am talking about you.

    I bet they are sitting in the corner of their room, crying and rocking back and forth and praying that this was just a fluke and AB will go back to his old habits or will not have the physical fitness to play like this every night . Rock back and forth, back and forth …. 

    I feel bad for you. I really do 😉

    • Bearvon


      i was impressed w/bargs hustle THIS game…but its gonna take a lot more than that to replace the YEARS of atrocity on that end of the floor.

      if he keeps it up, and can play more efficient offense, i doubt anyone is going to have a tough time eating crow.

      • You’re Boring.

        I hope he does keep up the effort.  I understand the comment about offensive efficiency, but in fairness he has been heavily relied upon to take the majority of shots for the team and as was the case in game one, how many times did we see the offense stagnate only to give it to AB in a short clock situation where he has to force up a shot. 

        • p00ka

          Stat freaks don’t accept that there are other factors that lead to poor stats. You’ll be called a fanboy, which is so often the retort to such logic.

          • CJT

            I am fine with that.  I am a fan, I don’t blindly admire the team no matter what, but I support them win or lose.  Especially after the kind of effort we saw on Sunday.  How times did I read posts about defense winning games and who cares about offense.  That tune changed pretty quickly didn’t it. 

            • Nilanka15

              Actually, that “tune” still applies.  Defense is much harder to learn than offense.  And the league is littered with players who would salivate at the opportunity to increase their scoring production, but you can’t say the same about defense.

              • CJT

                I understand that it still applies, I am all for changing the culture here to a defense first one.  My point was that the minute the offense struggles despite a very solid defensive effort the same posters who were calling for the team to forget about their offense and focus soley on defense are the first ones to point out how crappy the offense was.  You can’t have it both ways.

    • cesco

      Only if he makes the all-NBA defensive team will they stop their harping , well I think Statement will , the others I don’t know .

      • j bean

        He went 4 for 14 and missed a game winning shot from five feet. He looked better on D but that’s only because of how poor it usually looks. Really it’s too early to start jumping up and down about any one player but there definitely where positives to take from the game.

      • sek99

        Really? It’s one preseason game man. Bargnani played very well on the defensive end for One. Preseason. Game. Doesn’t change anything yet, and I hope its a glimpse of whats to come. And AmirFan, nobody whose an actual fan wants him to fail. I want Bargs to be a decent defender so he can actually help the team. If he does that, than fantastic. But I hope you guys aren’t gambling men, because just because you got one blackjack doesn’t mean every other hand is gonna be just as good, ya dig?

        Also, last year we won by like 40 points on the suns. Pretty sure they beat us every game last year. Preseason doesn’t mean shit.

    • Joey

      This article is the kind that makes all the Bargnani-haters on this site cringe. I bet you they couldn’t watch the game seeing Bargnani play great defence and shut off the television and broke the remote in frustration.

    • FAQ

      Amir has gained weight, but it’s all {{{FAT}}}…!!!!!

      Watched him waddling down the floor dragging his fat ass… it was pathetic.

      Amir is sooooo slooooow nooooow …..!!!!! 

      • Jae

        Ok, now you’re just trolling. Go back under the rock you came from, better yet, find a heavier one.

        • FAQ

          Since when is the truth “trolling”…???  Perhaps only when the truth gores you with reality.  Raptors are Rubbish.

          • Jae

            How do you know that all the weight he’s gained is just fat? You don’t. Objective views are welcome here, but you’re just spamming your negative views and have said the same things over and over and over again. You just like to hear yourself talk.

            You’re just a cynic, a troll, and a word of advice, if you didn’t care about the Raptors you wouldn’t be here. 

          • thatpeterguy


  • Matt52

    Good write up, Sam.  

    • Sam Holako

      Thanks, Matt.

  • ccs -rg

    fantastic right up bro – I’m all about the positive vibe around Raptors land!!!

  • Blasted

    I Didn’t get to see the game today and was wondering how ED looked.  10 and 10 and a high shooting percentage looks pretty solid.  But there was comment about him getting benched?

    • CalgaryRapsFan

      I watched the entire game and am surprised to hear Ed’s 10 & 10 stat… aside from a couple nice put backs and a block, it was an invisible 10 & 10!  As quiet a game as he appeared to have, I would still rank him ahead of Amir on the PF depth chart…

      • minks77

        Strange I thought it was very visible and the hustle from Ed was sweet too, chasing down balls, hedging, recovering, getting his body on his man. Special Ed looked like one of the best players out there today without a single play being called for him.

        I still hate Andrea. Despite his wonderful effort in today’s preseason game I’ll need to see a full season of it before I start “rocking back n forth in a corner”

      • Mediumcore

        I agree. He looked a bit lost at times and blew a couple defensive assignments, but he’s got natural rebounding instincts. He’s always in good position to get boards on the offesnsive end for those easy put backs. I would put him ahead of Amir as well.

    • Nilanka15

      That’s the thing about Davis’s game in general…it’s quiet. He doesn’t do anything flashy, he doesn’t take many shots, but the stats just come to him.

  • Milesboyer

    Butler is growing on you?  Must be the damage he did today 0 pts, 0 ast. and 1 reb.  Joey Graham or Julian Wright bring more to the table if you ask me.

    • Sam Holako

      He definitely didn’t do anything that appeared on the box score; just like how you was acting physical on defense. Forbes did much to garner my support, though.

      • sek99

        Have to agree with Milesboyer. Butler was by far the worst on the night, even more so than Bayless and that’s saying something. It just went more unnoticed because he’s not really an actual piece on this team. Also, James Johnson, for all his blocking, was not very good in any other aspect. What I saw last night was a shifting from a good offensive team with bad D, to a good defensive team with bad offense, but its early and hopefully it will all be sorted by the end of the season. Need moderation in this goddamn city; not too soft, but you still need to be able to shoot 3’s and keep them honest.

        • You’re Boring.

          He also was instrumental in creating a few turnovers.  I was happy how JJ was able to pressure the Celtics on defense.  Doesn’t show up on a stat sheet though.

  • hateslosing

    Enjoyable game. Would have been nice to win, but our offense is clearly still in the developing phase. Player of the game to me was Ed Davis, when he was on the court he dominated. Bargs also played well but he needs to be better on both ends, he missed a lot of shots he has hit in the past and even though the defense and rebounding were 100% better, he is still not where he needs to be. Still, for the first preseason game this was a great showing, when it was the Celtics starters we hung with them and when the second unit came on we were a missed tip away from victory. 

    I really like Forbes, he is a good offensive decision maker (after one game). 

  • FAQ

    Enjoy Bargs this shortened season because BC is gonna trade him next season for a bunch of first round picks… that is if he improves his rebounding and maintains his shooting stats.  Jose is gonezo too …. believe it.

    Can’t rebuild the Raptors if the top salary players are a Spaniard and an Italian…!!!

  • ad

    I know its been only one PRESEASON game but i already hate more than half the players on this roster. If Colangelo brought in any more scrubs you’d think its the local community rec team. He pretty much brought in the worst nba players at their positions. Magloire, Gray, Butler, Carter. Sooo many scrubs. I know its part of the “plan” but its painful to watch. They better be better next yr.

  • voy

    jeezus how is carter only 36 old.  dude looks like he’s 136.  anyway, its been so long since we’ve seen a raptors coach actually coach I had to fight off erections all game long. 

  • j bean

    I’ve watched three games so far this preseason and nobody has looked like a well oiled machine. On the plus side for the Raps they looked as good as anyone else I’ve seen and fought back from down 12 to get within the last shot to win the game. The caring attitude on D was evident and for me that makes it much more enjoyable to watch even if a win may only come once every three games.

  • ppellico

    Stop with the fag crap!

    While I agree that this should not be so negative, it is also pretty stupid and absolutely boring to just speak the team cool-aid talk!
    However…for everybody…TRY to be basketball minded.
    This was a FIRST game.
    As such it means very little.
    Every player cannot be jus=dged by this single, or a few games, especially after just forming the team.

    I grow weary of the emotional analysis of such an early game. Please….it is early and the team doesn’t know each other or each others moves or expectations in a live game.

    I am hopefull they can gel by the 3rd week…let alone the first preseason game.

    And those bashing Gray or any new player this early should be horse whipped.

    • FAQ

      This “team” will never “gel”… so get that through your tribal honking brainlet … Raptors are Rubbish.

  • ppellico

    I was referring to an earlier idiotic name calling eply above that seems to have been deleted by the forum…Thanks!!!

    glad to see they took off that remark and name calling earlier.
    absolutely no place for this when talking basketball!

    keep it cool and talk like we have some cells in our heads.

  • Bigbalboski79

    if Bargani and Davis play this well, i think we may see them on  the floor alot together this season, regardless of the fact that neither is a centre.  looks like we actually have a real nba coach.  and a good one at that.  and i may be in the minoritym but i see the SF position as up for grabs.  i wont be surpirsed to see forbes steal the job from johnson.  JJs lack of range means that he wont be able to help spread the floor and create space for DDR to drive.  i think forbes is a more well rounded and has some range on his shot. his line in just 14 mins was impressive.

    on the downside, we are tewrrible at PG.  a real mess.  we need to either draft a PG or we will need to package assets to aquire one. not sure who’s avail, but i see this as the most pressing need.

  • John

    What I like about Davis is his serious demeanour and professional attitude. The man is a True blue collar player but also is talented to create his own shot. It seems like he bulked up pretty good as well over the summer and if he continues his development like this and also AB continues his improvement in defence, then their paring is match made in heaven. This will really make Amir the Odd man out next year specially with arrival of the Big Val. This is no knock on Amir as BC should be easy able to change him to 1 or 2 first round draft picks for next year ( of course, late first round). With the deep draft that is coming up, having 2  first rounder + Val can make things very interesting and put us in the right direction.

  • FAQ

    What is truly pathetic on this forum is all the tribal honking fans trying to justify this rotten Raptor team by boosting the retreads and rejects into something they can never be.

    It’s like drowning people clinging to a sinking raft…. because this season is a washout, a wipeout, a looming disaster of epic proportions.  The true rebuilding begins next season… believe it.

  • Bendit

    Anyone catch Garnett trash talking AB? Someone needs to shut that guy up and teach Bargs the ropes on that bs. 

    • Thecaptain2000

      AB did it by himself. if you look at the end of that sequence AB just blows by KG, I can’t think of a better way to shut him up

    • Nilanka15

      ‘You look like a cancer patient. Oh wait, no. What I meant to say is you’re a cancer to your team…yeah…that’s it”

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!

    I liked DD’s ability to hit the corner 3- he looked confident taking that shot.

    Ed Davis should start at PF and get 30 minutes plus a game.

    Jose needs to be the back up and deal with it- start Bayless in this lost season to see what we really have in him.

    Not sold on JJ as the Rap’s starting SF. Btw- Norris Cole Miami had 8 pts 8 assists vs Orlando.

    Bargnani is a center he needs to stfu up & guard the other team’s center- point blank, his bitching and crying is taking away both Ed & Amir’s PF development, rotation minutes- is this team called the Toronto Bargnani’s or Raptors?

    Btw I listened to the Rap’s post game on RapsTV and Jack said something to the effect that AB’s 4-14 game shooting stats had to due in part with the fact that he was really trying to play defense (just now in this his 6th year) and that it was taking energy away from his offense.lmfao

    Will Barg’s ever make a game winner in the pre or regular season?

    • AB7.38pt.on.cb4

      Are you a Raptors supporter ?

    • Guest

      Davis clearly had endurance issues playing 20 minutes

  • Nilanka15

    I have to admit it was nice to see Bargnani’s effort on D and on the glass. Is 1 preseason game going to outweigh the previous 367 regular season games? Fuck no, but it’s a nice start nonetheless.

  • Triano?

    Did Bargs put in the effort?  Yes.  Was he still terrible on the defensive end?  Yes.  Was he efficient on either end of the floor?  No.  Is he a horrendous basketball Player?  Most definitely.

  • Nilanka15

    Keeping in mind it was just the 1st preseason game, I was still disappointed in Bayless’ outing.  He doesn’t seem to have improved his decision making, or court vision, and he picked up his dribble early far too often.

    • sleepz

      He’s not a 1. He’s a 2 in a 1’s body.

  • p00ka

    Good piece Sam.
    Is there a way to stop this FAQ guy? really
    Nobody should be too up/down or even too analytical about this game. It’s a bloody exhibition after a week of camp, following a double long layoff and a new coaching staff installing a new focus. The whiners will whine no matter what, but what a waste of human flesh some are.
    Personally, the only thing I expect to see this entire season is improvement in each player’s areas of weakness. Admitting that I was mostly focused on the bigs on D, initial observations from that game:
    – Bargnani was the best defensive big, by a country mile. Of course he has to keep it up, but very encouraging.
    – Davis played his usual “all business” game, continues to have a good nose for rebounds, but his defense was atrocious.
    – Amir showed the effects of a long summer downing too much Canadian beer.
    – DD- encouraging to see him knock down 3s, but he shows no signs of having worked on his handles.
    – Bayless was exactly what he was. He’s not a PG.
    – I look forward to paying more attention to Forbes. He looked good at both ends.

    • What the

      the pot calling the kettle black

      • p00ka

        you have a problem with black?

        • What the

          saying the guy is a waste of human flash because he state how he feels about  his team and wanting him banned if you don’t like what he’s saying don’t read it arrow down

          • 2damkule

            it’s one thing to state how one feels.  it’s something else entirely to re-post that same message over & over again.  i mean, not merely re-stating that message, but copying & pasting a previous comment, just so as many people as possible will see it, and take the bait.  and that’s what it’s about…baiting people into silly arguments that detract from the story & only serve to lower the level of discussion.

    • Nilanka15

      “The whiners will whine no matter what, but what a waste of human flesh some are.”

      You do realize that by making comments like this over and over again, that you’re whining, right?

      • Theswirsky

        p00ka has never been one to realize his hypocracy.

        • p00ka

          You are correct sir! Well not exactly the “never” part, but I certainly have found my way over on your side of the aisle a few times.

          • Theswirsky

            you’ve come to realize that Bargnani is an overpayed liability to an NBA team?  I doubt that.

            • p00ka

              Thank you for sharing that. It warms my heart that you doubt me on anything.

      • p00ka

        Yup. I’m a real beatch toward people who repeat tired old lines over and over about my team, and proud of it.

        • Nilanka15

          Ok, just making sure we’re on the same page 😉

          And I should also mention that we’re all fans of the Raptors here…even the habitual whiners.  Regardless of whether you see the glass half full or empty, we all want to see this team compete for a title one day.

      • What the

        ARAB SPRING!!! What would happen if those protester just came out one day and make a lot of noise and then go back to there house sure there would be changes right .If you want change you’ve got to be persistant and it mybe the the only way the guy knows how to get fhe change he wants but to call him a waste of human flesh makes me feel that if you had a GUN you would go out and shoot him to keep him quite (KADAFI)

  • 2damkule

    even though it was a pre-season game, and even though i didn’t watch it, i think we’re far enough along to make broad, sweeping general statements about all things raptor-related…

    • Sam Holako


      wouldn’t be fun otherwise

  • alibaba

    No doubt, it was only a pre-season game. But honestly AB improved his defens 1000%. This is a poor team, but we have 2 really good players, mayby 3: AB and Davis and DD. Forget the others.