Raptors 67, Sixers 92 – Box

This game fell apart very quickly in the second half. Even though the Raps are a young team, the straw that has been stirring the drink this year for them, yes I’m talking about Jose Calderon, didn’t have much left after chasing Deron Williams around the night before. Without him generating the offense, you do not have another player that can create offense like that. In fact, the Raptor’s haven’t had someone like that since you-know-who. But you all knew that. And you also know that if you’re relying heavily on Jose Calderon to be your offensive messiah, you’re in for a long ride.

Andrea Bargnani, bless him for showing clear improvements in almost all areas this year, did have a 20/10 game. The rebounds are great, but the kind of offense he showed tonight kind of took a step backward. What I’m trying to say is that their was an exciting trajectory that we are witnessing this year where he’s attacking the rim and even creating opportunities for others by drawing extra defenders. Kind of like a point-forward role, but it wasn’t there today. We’ll give him a flier because of the unfavorable schedule, but there’s going to be a lot of crappy scheduling this year. It’s almost unfair to be asking this of him, but when your actual shooting guard and small forward lack in these skills, you need to find them somewhere.

So right, this brings us to the real topic of tonight, DeMar DeRozan.

I’m a big proponent of the three year “theory”. There are exceptions to this rule, as with any rule, but here it is: You know what you have in an NBA player by his third year. Forget All-Star caliber players, even competent starting NBA guards do not have consecutive games of 3 and 8 points. With that much time on-court and pretty high up on the offensive pecking order.

I hate focusing solely on point totals, because there’s really a lot of different ways one can contribute to winning a game. That’s why Bargnani was such a polarizing figure at least at the beginning of last year, because of the fixation of his scoring average and almost nothing else. But DeRozan the player, that’s all he does. Hate to simplify like this, but he’s not good at creating assists, he isn’t noteworthy as a rebounder, his defense leaves a lot to be desired. So if he isn’t scoring and efficiently at that, he becomes a major liability.

There’s two things to highlight here. What he can do to get out of this little early season funk and the bigger issue of whether he’s reached his ceiling. He’s getting to the line 3.4 times this year compared to 4.9 last year. He’s attempting almost 4 times more three pointers than he did last year. Looks like he’s starting to fall in love with the perimeter shot. Personal choice, or discouragement due to so many thwarted drives to the bucket? He does see to get more than his share of offensive fouls and no-calls near the rim.

Only DeMar knows, but I think a DeRozan who is averaging 15 – 20 points with an aggressive approach is preferable to a guy who falls in love with shooting and more prone to streaky performance. The improved range is great, make sure you avoid the long two’s and maintain the aggressiveness approach. Averaging 5 free throw attempts a game should be the minimum, especially as a player builds a reputation for taking it to the rack.

What more to say about this game, other than Amir Johnson had a good game and can still get better. So much talent there. The shot could probably be a little quicker.

That’s a lie, it could be a lot quicker. He could also probably face-up and learn to drive on most bigs if he ever concentrated on that part of his game. Maybe it’s just me, but the dude has great hands and body control, the sky is the limit, truly.

Leandro Barbosa, if he didn’t come as such a nice guy, you’d think he’s a selfish prick with the way he plays basketball. Pure tunnel vision and questionable shot selection. But he’s still so quick that he somehow created offense for himself. This is the exact kind of player a veteran playoff-bound team needs and a rebuilding team like the Raptors does not. He takes away touches for other guys who may be part of the long-term plan. In this context of team-building, all he does is score some points off individual efforts.

Which might even help this team win a couple of extra games that maybe they wouldn’t without him.

That would be bad. It’s going to be a fun year, where wins can be enjoyed in the present and losses can be enjoyed as an investment for the future. Such is life in the Association.

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  • Timboe73

    Wow it didn’t take long for DeMar to become last years Bargnani, or the year beforehands Hedo. Now for the I told you so.

  • Brian B

    I’m regretting having overused the word “ugly” to describe games last week, because they were gems compared to this travesty. Biggest question was why Casey left Jose & AB in so far into the blowout, with 5 games in seven days coming up- it is obvious there is no depth, so we need to ride those two to win any games, and pray that DD finds his will to drive to the rim. Trips to the foul line can win close games, so DD & AB need to draw fouls, It really IS that simple.

    • cesco

      It is not easy to make trips to the foul line when the other team has more depth and they can zero in with two players on Andrea or DD on the wing . DD seems hopeless with two players defending him and that is why the offense ( with the starters ) is sputtering . Andrea has increased his trips to the line from 5.3 last year to 6.0 , DD has decreased his from 4.9 to 3.3 .

      • 2damkule

        fwiw…there aren’t a whole lot of players who excel when being double-teamed.  that’s why passing out of the double is such an important skill (esp. for bigs).  not at all saying that DD’s struggles are because he’s seeing a lot of double-teams (because he isn’t), he’s simply not being assertive (and doesn’t have the skills – yet, hopefully – to create for himself).  it’s no secret that while casey is a good defensive coach, his offensive play-calling (at least so far) leaves something to be desired.  being unable to draw plays that take advantage of his best offensive players’ abilities…well, that’s going to take some time. what i fail to understand is why their offensive is so stagnant…very little off-the-ball movement, screens (cross/down, etc) to free up shooters or cutters.  the entire offense seems predicated on jose dribbling at the top wing (33 ft from the hoop) for 6-8 seconds (after, of course, using 8 seconds to get over half), then dumping into either bargs or DD (who’s covered), and hoping they can exploit a mismatch.  imo, they should be PnR’ng/PnP’ng every time down the GD floor with one of ’em.

        • OneLuv

          Agree except I won’t blame Casey. Teams seem to be challenging the Raptors to find shooters other than AB. I was at  Friday’s game and gave up counting the number of open looks the Raptors missed (DD included and surprisingly Barbosa). Jose took up the challenge but other Raptors did/could not. The Raptors definitely need more scoring from the wing to stay more competitive; maybe Kleiza and Bayless when he returns will help here. All in all, the team has been playing better than many of us predicted (they are already half-way to the 6 wins many predicted).

          • Pizzaman

            I agree and also cannot blame Casey. While his offense definitely needs more time and more polish, it’s hard to blame him when guys like DD, JJ, Butler, Forbes, Barbosa take all kinds of shots and make almost none. These guys are all pretty hopeless including Derozan who now fancies himself a shooter because he’s managed to get some lucky shots to go in. All you have to do is watch Derozan shoot open or covered to see that his mechanics are so piss poor that when they drop he’s got some luck with him, and to understand that his shot is not to be relied on. I am not the only one who cringes every time he jacks one up with teammates in better scoring position looking for the ball under the hoop.
            A-Bud wrote”you’d think he’s a selfish prick with the way he plays basketball. Pure tunnel vision and questionable shot selection”. 
            Unfortunately this quote could just as easily describe Derozan. 
            I think that management realizes this is a tank no matter how hard Bargs, Jose and Amir play because they know there’s no NBA ready talent after them. Of course management is likely hoping Derozan turns into a top talent ( which I do not see), and they are hoping Ed, JJ  and maybe Forbes develop into players.
            I see only Ed as getting better and becoming a solid backup or starter, and JJ is a keeper because of his defense and hopefully someone can teach him where he can contribute on offence and what not to do. I believe unfortunately that DD will get somewhat better but lacks the real skills required to ever be great. He still cannot dribble the ball and his shooting mechanics are horrible, two skills that a SG needs. It’s like trying to be a good hockey player while you’re a poor skater.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      To get their stats- that’s why.

      • news flash


  • cesco

    About the “3 years theory” , one of the first things I learned when I started watching basket-ball full time when Andrea came on board was that it takes longer for a big ( with a few exceptions like DH ) to show their mettle , longer than with guards . Add to that the fact that he was asked to play in the wrong position for 5 years and you only see now in his 6th year he is of all-star caliber . One other thing , if BC ever think of trading Andrea , he should be put in a straight jacket and sent to the nuthouse .

    • 2damkule

      do you really see much difference between this year & last with respect to andrea and his ‘position’ in the frontcourt, either offensively, defensively or on the glass?

      as for player development, i’d argue that the whole ‘it takes x # of years to develop a PG’ vs. ‘x # of years to develop a PF/C’ is largely based on who you happen to be referring to.  if you’ve got a PG who’s ‘slow’ to develop, well, then it’s ‘PGs take a long time to develop.’  if it’s a C, same argument.  

      outside of the world of sports, we call it an ‘excuse.’

      • cesco

        You have a point that Andrea game is similar to last year but he has less worries about being the last man standing and concentrate more on how he can help while also defending the opposite PF . The guards , whether they bring up the ball or are wings are more coordinated to start with due to their smaller size and thus reach their potential faster .

      • Bearvon


        I think AB has become slightly more consistent, and slightly more reliable. Plus he is seeing the court better. I wouldn’t call his improvements drastic by any means. But he is just now learning to take accountability into account.

        I’m a fan, but I also wonder if any of this “improvement” should afford him any more time in Toronto.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          I see the same old AB playing like he did when he in part cost Sam his job this time in order to justify his move to PF he has to play well for a period of time I mean even the the Raptors game announcer calls him Toronto’s starting Center during pre game player introductions- I guess that he didn’t get BC’s memo that AB is a PF now. smh lol

          Sell high……………

      • Red Baron

        What’s clear so far this year is Bargs is far, far, more engaged and playing with some passion.  I’ve already seen more talking on D, talking with Teammates on bench, fist pumps, etc.. this year than all of last year.  I’m just really curious why he is finally locked-in this year (i.e. Casey? maturity? role-clarity?)…

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          He’s on his 2nd NBA contract- you figure……smh

          • Ihatehaters

            Huh? WTF are you talking about?

      • p00ka

        Within the world of sport, specifically basketball, it’s recognized throughout the NBA among people, who know the game much better than all of us, that it’s because the NBA game and the skills required for those positions, are more different than what they’ve played before than other positions. Fact, not excuse.

    • sek99

      Gimme a break. . . Amir guarded Shaq and other centres all year long while Bargs always got the smaller guys. He was a PF last year, just like he is this year, and mentioning his “position change” as a reason for his improvement is insane. He’s more engaged and finally trying all the time, which was not certain last year. That’s the only difference I see, and it’s all he ever needed to do to gain my approval at least, and the approval of many others I think. I think DD’s development is being hurt by Casey. I’m not making excuses for his poor play thus far, but last year he had so much confidence and assertiveness, and this year it has seemed to disappear. Maybe the refocusing of the franchise on Bargnani or his inability to get used to Casey’s system, something has turned him scared. Could be the pressure that he won’t get to play through his mistakes, which is something all young developing players should know they have the leeway to do. 

      • onemanweave

        Agreed.  Change in attitude much more important than change in position.

      • news flash

        It’s the refocusing of the franchise on PRIMO PAASTA trust me 

      • p00ka

        1. Bargs always guarded the smaller guy has no basis in fact whatsoever. It’s not true, period. The fact is that last year he guarded many of the centres in the league and didn’t do a bad job 1 on 1.
        2. DD. You’re not making excuses, or his development is being hurt by Casey? Which is it? Casey is hurting his confidence? That’s pretty laughable dude. He’s being given huge minutes, as one of the key focal points of the offense, despite being a SG with zero handles, poor shooting, and horrible defense. Ya think those issues might have something to do with his confidence rather than a coach giving him every opportunity imaginable to play and develop?

        • Nilanka15

          I’m not making excuses for DeMar.  He doesn’t possess the skills to be a legit SG in this league yet (i.e. handles and a reliable jumper).

          But it’s possible Casey’s slow paced offensive system is partially responsible for DeMar’s diminished impact this season.

          • p00ka

            There’s no question that DeMar has incredible hops and can dunk with the best of them in a wide open, push the ball offense where he receives a pass, takes a couple of steps and dunks. Trouble is those guys are a dime a dozen (Gerald Green and the likes?), but unless they have a lot more, they won’t be in the NBA for long as even a backup SG.

            • Pizzaman

              In reply to both you and Nilanka you’re both right IMO.
              The slower paced offence has and will hurt Derozan’s game because he does not have the necessary skills to be as effective in a half court game, namely he cannot handle the ball, create his own shot or for that matter shoot very well from long range. Derozan is way better suited to a run and gun offence doing exactly what you said above catching taking a couple of steps and dunking but that is not a skill that is tough to find.

              • Nilanka15

                DeRozan for Mayo, straight up.  Where do I sign?

                • Pizzaman

                  In a minute but I don’t think Memphis makes that deal. It would take more.

    • news flash


  • It was terrible to see how Barbosa played. A player with experience like him, at the last year of his contract has showed how much he was poor in decision making. I don’t know if he will continue to play like yesterday but if he wanted to sign a new contract (I wish not with Toronto) he had to change the way to play.

    DD is a good player but IMHO not the big one. Probably more users are not in favor in what I’m writing but I think that he need to have a good sg alongside him to understand and learn.

    Ed Davis, for me is overrated. Good prospect without a consistent offensive skills. I’m sure he’ll improve in every aspect of the game but he’s not ready to become a starter. I don’t foresee him so consistent the next year.

    • Pizzaman

      Antonio I agree that Barbosa has been an absolute bum, just slightly better than Butler or Forbes and I also agree that DD is a good serviceable energy guy that can make transition hoops, give you the energy scoring you need off the bench but at least so far in his career he would still be a bench SG behind a real SG if we actually had one on this team. People talk about it being only his third year but he also has started from day one and has played a ton of minutes with very little improvement to an otherwise mediocre game from the start. Very few NBA players get the luxury of starting right away and the minutes he got, and the scoring chances he gets in their first three years. If he had the talent we would already have seen it like we have in Rose, Curry and others. What he has is athleticism which is what we saw in Weems. For what it’s worth I have been one who others say is crazy, but other than effort Weems is and was a more skilled player than DD.
      On Ed Davis I agree he is overrated at this point, and he is no way ready to become a starting PF as some wanted, but I believe he will get better, he has good sound mechanics and footwork, and he will in the next couple or three years become the first big off the bench behind Jonas and Bargnani.
      My ratings for pure talent on this current team:
      1. Bargnani
      2. Jose
      3. Amir
      4. Davis
      5. J. Johnson
      6. Barbosa
      7. Derozan
      8. Gray
      10. and beyond complete Scrubs

      I believe that 1 through five are keepers and everyone else is optionable, and that Jonas V. will move into the top three in his very first year and get better and better.

    • Pizzaman

      sorry I meant Antonino

  • Bigbalboski79

    the obvious hole in the lineup is SF.  we need another scoring option desperately. having a SG with no drbbling ability really exasperates this weakness.  we ought to go after a SF via trade and look at ed davis or our 2012 1st rounder as assets to offer.  i woukd see if portland would swap batum for davis.  last nites blowout aside, davis is my biggest worry.  he has really regressed this yr.  seeing as we have kleiz returning, and bargs is finally showing his game, and we have valenciunas comin, i would move davis get a SF tbat can shoot slash and defend.  richard jefferson would be another option.

    • Pizzaman

      what about keeping a shooting guard who cannot dribble or shoot?

    • p00ka

      Trouble is,,, what’s Davis worth on the market right now? Do you actually think we could get a Batum for him? Not.

    • WHAT THE


  • Roarque

    It’s more than a little scary to think that I’m looking forward to Linus coming back. Yikes!
    DDR is dreaming of LA – he doesn’t like the new system and is playing confused.

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      I guess you must have forgotten his previous Raptors stint (oh he was injured that led to his bad inconsistent play) anything more than a dribble was an adventure with him not to mention that his much hyped post up ability as a SF was nullified by NBA athletes- this ain’t no FIBA game/tournament.

      If he eventually starts at SF this season the defense will be atrocious with Jose, AB & Kleiza trying to defend as part of a potential Raptors starting unit.

      DD excels in and uptempo setting plus when matched up against equally athletic sgs like JRich, Stevenson he tends to struggle a bit at times but give him an AParker type to match up against and he’ll go off- DD is talented time will tell how talented, too soon in the season (his career) to throw him to the wolves.

      • p00ka

        That’s the solution!!! Just convince other teams to play AParkers against him. Brilliant!

      • CJT

        I am in no way say that I dislike DD, but how can you keep calling for AB’s head on a platter when he is twice the offensive threat that DD is and a better defender as well?  At some point you have to get a small clue about this stuff don’t you?

        • WHAT THE

          yeh it did’t take me 6 years to get a clue about #7… coach has to go out and tell the whole world (internet) that he wants his 7ft. #1 pick,franchise player,mister take 19 shots to get 21 points that he should try and get 2 rebound per 1/4 and you would think the guy would try and prove to the coach and the whole world that the only reason he wasn’t getting rebounds is because he was LAZY well guess what you give me Nate Robinson and give him 19 shots per game and tell him you want 2 rebounds per 1/4 and see what would happen    

          • p00ka

            Are you Gots2Go under a different tag, or are you just another feeble minded lemming using some of his lines to bait people?

            • WHAT THE

              go to sleep, I put a face to you POOKA ,their is this vantriloquist on tv who has this puppet and i’m saying to my friends that what POOKA must look like the puppet looks like a angry Ron Paul

              • p00ka

                LMAO Do you actually think you’re going to get under my skin with lame shit like that? I may have let my passion for the Raps and being a fan get the better of me for a bit while being a newbie here, but it doesn’t take long to identify the irrelevant posters who spend their time prodding people.

                • WHAT THE

                  you do mean your passion for primo pasta boy no, am i right !

                • p00ka

                  of course

  • Lance Brown

    Really enjoyed the the conclusion of this post and I agree every game is a win whether the score reflects that or not…

  • jlongs

    It’s getting more and more evident that this team is severely lacking in talent (specially the starters).

    I hope DeMar takes a hard look at himself and what he needs to improve, and works on it. He was able to do it with the 3 ball, he can do it on the other areas as well. He also needs to take it strong to the rim without using so many circus shots while trying to get fouls. Maybe it’s lack of strength, but it’s starting to seem to me that the kid is just scared. Everytime he drives to the rim it’s like it’s in the back of his mind that he’ll either get blocked, or get another no-call. And 8 times out of 10 that’s exactly what happens. Taking jump shots is just easier, even contested ones.

    Perhaps Casey needs someone else to run the offense, kind of how he was in charge of the D in Dallas, he needs an assistant to take over the offense. I wonder how Triano feels about that, watching the D improve but the O suck balls instead. Could they have made a good team?

    I’ve always felt that the team lacked offensive power despite what many have been saying that “they have no problem scoring.” The offense last year was a product of the system, and not the individual scoring talents of the players. And this year, it’s the defense that’s a product of the system, while the offense has been left out to rot. So I guess it’s either we install a better offensive system, or we get better offensive players (hopefully who can also play D). Or both.

  • Tom

    Actually kinda happy Demar’s not driving as much and taking more jumpers. Might be more realistic to emulate Allan Houston/Jason Richardson than Vince & Kobe?

  • Red Baron

    I can’t even comment on this game as just too many negatives.  So instead, just a random question/observation as I noticed it when I was at ACC for Pacers game with decent (i.e. close) seat.  Is Ed David really 6′-10″? he seems to be one of those players that their height listing is “generous”.  He seemed no taller in person than JJ.  I’m just concerned he is yet another “tweener” (i.e. not really big enough to establish solid post/rebounding game, and not enougth ball skills for a 3.  He seems to be like a CB4 only 2 inches shorter and not nearly as gifted offensively?

    • Marlon

      1. JJ is a legit 6’9, not much different from Davis’ 6’10.

      2. Tweener? Ed is not a tweener. There is no way he could play the 3 spot. No handles, shooting ability or mobility to guard other threes.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

         JJ is 6’7 w/o shoes as per NBA pre draft camp measurements.

        • Jimmy

          Too bad he doesn’t play barefoot…

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            Too bad he’s not a legit 6’9…..

            • Jimmy

              His bio pages as per NBA.com have him at 6 ft 9, plus a 7 ft 1 wingspan. He wears shoes when he plays and that’s what it comes down to in the end, IMO.

              • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                I’m talking official NBA pre draft camp measurements which list his height w/o shoes as being 6’7 & w/ shoes as being 6′ 7.75- point blank.

                Plus his official wingspan is 7’0.75


                It doesn’t get any more official than that, buddy. 

                • Jimmy

                  You’re going right down to 1/4 of an inch, in cases such as this that is rounded off, we’re not doing some precision machinery work here buddy. And I told you already, since they play with shoes all the time you generally go by that. Kevin Durant is 6’10 with shoes, 6’9 without. My point to begin with is that they play the game with shoes on, and I’m sure that’s what the original poster meant as well when he said. You ALWAYS talk about Bargnani being 7’1, what you don’t realize is that is when he has shoes on, he’s an even 7 feet without them on. 

                  In any case, I’m not even sure what you’re trying to prove. He’s not a legit 6’9? So what? Most of the top SFs in the NBA aren’t…Carmelo, LeBron, Rudy Gay, Gerald Wallace, Pierce etc.

                  All in all, you win the stuck on stupid badge…for life, enjoy n congrats…sucka.

                • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                  Marlon tried to state that JJ was a LEGIT 6’9 and I proved that he wasn’t- point blank, so save the rest of your drama for ya momma……..old side busta wannabe…..that gotta sit down to pee……..

                • Nilanka15

                  Just to play devil’s advocate, it’s unclear whether Marlon, when mentioning “legit heights”, was referring to with or without shoes.

            • j bean

              Official NBA height is with shoes on.

          • WHAT THE

            too bad  he wasn’t 7FT tall like PRIMO

          • Ihatehaters


  • Guest

    Where is the optimism??  This team wasn’t supposed to be good. There were supposed to be nights like this!

    And you say Demar may have reached his ceiling, but the sky is the limit for Amir Johnson??  I’m sorry man, but by your logic and the three year rule, Amir would never have made it off the bench in Detroit.  Derozan is 22, plently left in that tank..two games is a slump not a write off

  • Daniel

    DeRozan had 1on 0 practices pre-draft to hide his lack of skills. We took a flyer on him because we needed athleticism at the time. That was fine with me. I was stunned afterwards to hear the brass comparing him with Kobe and making him the face of the franchise. I thought I’m living in a dream: a player with the same make-up as Gerald Green is pushed as a superstar wing.
    Last summer he rubbed me the wrong way with his declarations during the lock-out. He was providing words of wisdom about the correctness of the players’ position. Here it was an awful player making millions of dollars out of fans’ pockets. The situation was Kafka-esque.
    I don’t hate on DD. I appreciate his supposedly great work ethic. He’s put in a position to fail as the next VC. I’m saddened by the disrespect showed by the management in perpetuating this farce. Some young fans bought into the hype because they don’t know any better: pick-up ball mentality and lack of historical perspective will do that to people. DD is part of a bigger movement of young players with no skills coming into the league and expected to be great players. In reality the b-ball played by these kids is really ugly. There are still very good players hidden in all this mess however the team b-ball concept took a big hit in the recent years. 

    • Pizzaman

      Daniel this is a great post that actually says what is wrong with some of the players coming into the league, and the as you say young fans but I call the non basketball knowledgeable fans liking an energy athletic guy who pretty much made it to the NBA because he can dunk and is athletic. He really does not have good basketball skills. 

      • cesco

        Plus , a 7 footer is supposed to get 10 rebounds and be a good defensive center . Other skills are not needed from such a guy . Trade or amnesty the bum .

        • WHAT THE

          it’s the first thing you have said right it took you almost 6 years to come to that conclusion those GILBERT ARENAS type shooters who you give 17 shat to make 21 point can be found in the second round Primo is nothing more than a 7ft Kapono and Cesco i’m happy that you declear

    • Nilanka15

      It’s hard to argue against what you’ve said.

      DeRozan’s biggest issue is his lack of ball handling skills.  People are quick to point out that he’s just 22, with plenty of room to grow.  But we’re talking about his BALL HANDLING skills….a fundamental skill of basketball that should’ve been improved during his prep school days, let alone his college and NBA days.  Regardless of his age, there is no way a 3rd year pro shooting guard should be learning how to dribble.  This is extremely late development.

      I was anticipating DeRozan’s season with quiet optimism, but through 8 games, I’m very disappointed with his inability to create his own shot.  I’m not saying he can’t improve his ball handling to respectable levels, I’m just saying that his lack of skill emphasizes the general trend you speak of.  There used to be a time when college prospects were NBA-ready when they ultimately declared for the draft.  Very few players were considered “projects” back then.  But the exact opposite is true nowadays.

      PS – I don’t think anyone was claiming DeRozan in the next Kobe.  It was DeRozan himself that said he’s been practicing Kobe’s offensive moves, but I think that’s where the comparisons started and ended.

      • Pizzaman

        Daniel hit it and you added correctly that he has very poor fundamental basketball skills. Regardless of his age or what year he’s in, other guys who are now,  or are becoming stars could handle the ball at his age. The basic skills of basketball start with handling the ball, especially as a SG. He handles the ball worse than many PF’s and SF’s in this league which is not acceptable for someone people point out as a savior let alone a starting SG. I hope he can be great as we have a huge problem if he does not improve greatly. 
        In addition aside from the early overall stats, his inconsistency imo is also because he does not have sound fundamental shooting mechanics. On anything long range he is still throwing the ball, and he has poor set up making me cringe every time he throws one up. I’m hoping his other deficiencies can improve ( passing, court vision, defense) although I think he does not have the desire or ability to be a better passer, and has poor court vision and awareness as he puts his head down and goes whenever he gets the ball 
        ( and opposing teams know this) similar to Barbosa Personally I see his max potential as a Barbosa clone ( when Barbosa was in his prime not now) meaning a scorer off the bench.

  • Guest

    remember less than two weeks ago when DD almost single handed beat the Pacers in the fourth quarter?   or a week ago hit 5 threes?

    c’mon, lower your expectations people and realize we aren’t playing for anything but a lottery pick and the season is a 66 game tryout for next year

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    The quoted end of article statement below is some of the biggest BullChit I have read on this site especially after falling from 3rd to 5th in the last NBA Draft Lottery draw:

    “It’s going to be a fun year, where wins can be enjoyed in the present and losses can be enjoyed as an investment for the future.”

    Did BC gift you for that untenable fallacious statement for Raptors fans to enjoy losing by thinking of it as an investment for the future with hard earned cash money?

    The Lottery is a gamble nothing is a given from player to draft position.

    That being said:

    DD gets 5 years just like AB.

    Ed, who is in his 2nd season, gets 5 years just like AB plus Ed had more total rebounds than AB last season while playing around half the total game minutes.

    Flow offense anyone?

    Another insult to the Raptors fan base collective intelligence.

    I just found out what Casey’s mysterious “flow offense” is from a recent Dirk interview & it’s not “playoff offense” it’s when your team gets a defensive stop(s) and is able to “flow” out into its offensive sets.

    Btw- AB gets 11 (halfway to his 2010-11 double double total of 2 in 66 games played) rebounds in a mofo’n 35 point blowout loss just another prime example of his bad karma in the TDot- trade high…..

    Raptors fans will look back on the BC era in the TDot and collectively wonder how he hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astry & deceived Raptors fans to support a team built around AB (& Jose) for so long with BullChit promises of the future (no man knows what the future will bring in relation to the NBA draft)…

    3 games in 3 days this Monday-Wed: let’s see what happens as the Raptors face fellow Lottery bound teams Minnesota, Washington (winless) & Sacramento (Sac playing on a b2b, Raps playing on a b2b2b could be a real ugly game) on their schedule.

  • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

    Btw- The great Alex English- whom Casey did not retain although he retained 3 of JT’s assistants in Roth, Nori & Hughes- worked with Amir to develop his jumper & running half hook shot that he used to beat OKC at the buzzer last season.

    The rest of Casey’s staff- JDavis (solid guy) & Sterner leave much to be desired as a collective unit under Casey.

    The coaching change was not a change but a Jay Triano promotion into the Raptors front office to hug BC’s nuts with the retention of 3 of his assistant coaches- slight of hand, that’s how BC gets down all or nothing this time it’s all defense or the appearance thereof- gotta have balance.

    • dalmatino

      Ahh, I didn’t want to be involved in this, but…
      You don’t like PLAYERS, you don’t like COACHES, you don’t like MANAGEMENT, you don’t like ANYONE FROM RAPTORS ORGANIZATION, and yet – you call yourself – a Raptor’s fan??? ( and dishes everyone who support the team, players and organization, basically everyone who is exactly not you ).

      Everyone make mistakes. That is the nature of the life. But seems that BCS… – you are the only one without mistakes… or a little frustrated mouse who spite his poison just for the sake of spitting, not for the sake of good argument.
      Posters like you poison this site. You are not a Raptors’ fan, no you are not a fan at all. Just a person who is invisible in ral life and use this site to gain some attention. Pitiful, really pitiful.

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Obviously you don’t know what the fuck you are talking about by saying I don’t like anything about the Raptors organization- stay stuck on stupid rewind it and loop it.

        The rest of your post is more facetious balderdash…….have a great life buddy & keep on drinking BC’s kool aid….smh lol

        • dalmatino

          Oh, I know very well what I am talking about. And if you want to go through my post sentence by sentence, gladly. Usually, people who don’t have facts to back up their stands, they use profanities as an argument.
          As a proof of your character, you don’t need to go far away. No, just read carefully what you have writen about Raptors and ( hopefully ) you will, alone, understand that you are a bitter man who doesn’t like anyone and who desperately wants some sort of attention by barking on Raptors’ PLAYERS, COACHES, MANAGEMENT, and yes, even fans who support the team, in such a hard times like now and WHO WANTS their team to be better, but not through bashing the players, coaches and whole organization, no. You obviesly don’t know what is constructive criticizm, criticizm supported with facts and structured to help the team, no you are using this site to feed you own ego and to heal your own frustration with miserable life and it is visible, BCS… That is the reason for my post and as I already said, pitiful, really pitiful.

          • cesco

            Gots2go would prefer to live in a world where there are only perfect people like himself .That is why he is a resident of the cuckoo nest .

          • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

            You win the ‘I am stuck on stupid’ award for today- congratulations…..enjoy…lol

            • dalmatino

              and that is your only comment on my post???
              Wow, how deep!
              At least I won something and you are at home winless and sad. I know you are not enjoying being alone and I wish you all the best in this New 2012. There is somewhere outside your room someone who can help you heal your frustration and I am sure you don’t need to pay her for 15 minutes of help… enjoy… lol

              • AB7.38pt.on.CB4

                “Don’t feed a pig”

              • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

                I could care less about your words, thoughts & imaginary scenarios that you make up in head in order to justify your rants- buddy….lol

              • WHAT THE

                maybe because your post had noting to do with the raptors,basket ball or the players and don’t forget BCGOT2GO has got this mind control thing going just ask P00KA

                • p00ka

                  Not control, just sick little games, from any angry pathetic baiter for laughs

                • WHAT THE

                  i think it’s control you said in one of you post that he was using mind control but POOKIE you have your own super powers yes it’s in your fingers 
                  the next time you see his handle just press arrow down and it will make BCGATS2GO go away 

                • p00ka

                  Never said control and I challenge you to show me where. As far as that sick puppy, I can easily skip over him and do most of the time now. But he continually sucks in others to his games and is a blight on this site that chases valuable fans away that actually have something to offer to reasonable discussion.

      • j bean

        All the likes on your post should tell Gots something about the level of his  
        low quality, high volume posts.  

      • Ihatehaters

        Please don’t feed the crazy troll.

    • terry

      “Fan?” “smh lol…”

      ^See what i did there?

      • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

        Wow, impressive………..I’m so heavy on your mind……..smh lol

  • Kuzzybear

    What I find hard to believe is that it seems nobody is teaching the mechanics of shooting correctly to these athletically gifted people. Shooting is mechanical, no matter the distance. It is repetitive, no matter the distance. Hand position, arm position, legs, feet, shoulders are all part of a sound stroke.
    I could get 8-10% increase in FG% from these guys given the amount of time they are in a gym. WHY CAN’T A PROFESSIONAL COACH?

    • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

      What do Nori, Roth, Hughes, Sterner, Davis do?

      Alex English should have never been let go he worked wonders with Amir & the Raptors bigs.

      • dalmatino

        Then he worked with Andrea Bargnani too. He is big, too isn’t he?
        And yet you bash AB as a bad player – even Alex English worked wonders with him, too – as per you own words.

        • BCStefanskiCaseyGots2Go!!!

          Wow….you are reaching in order to prove a point…….whatever makes you feel, sleep good…….lol

          AB is a talented offensive player that doesn’t put forth the required effort needed to be a consistent all around player ala Dirk and even his offense which is his strong point is inconsistent- 17 shots for 21 ppg.

          I bash AB as a lazy, lethargic, enigmatic, non hustling, entitled, inconsistent player that has been coddled by BC since day 1- never a ‘bad’ player as you like to assume as you can’t get anything in exchange for a bad player- AB has worn out his TDot welcome- point blank his shit does stank.smh lol

          Alex worked wonders with Amir who was a non threat as a jump shooter & worked with the other Raptors bigs as well.

  • BiggaB

    DD is not a write off. i just think he needs time to find the game that works for him. He is slow with the ball and his handle isn’t the best. However, he does have a very good mid range game and can come off screens.

    Therefore, it would serve him better to pattern his game after Rip Hamilton or Paul Pierce. Focus on using angles and playing against the defender to get his shots off and get fouled.

    He will be fine. He just needs to focus on what he does well.