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Raptors Roll Call Mar 14 vs Nets

Our playoff hopes take a hit with the-man-we-all-wish-we-were takes it to the Raptors with 16 points, 21 rebounds and a 98-84 Nets victory. Our record drops to 14-29.

The “Hump day” edition:

Barbosa: he’ll still be a Raptor on Friday and, assuming we’re right, we should all plan on buying tickets for the last game of the season to thank him for some fine work. Again tonight he was the epitome of a sixth man, bringing energy and smarts to the court.

Bargnani: evidently Andrea rang a few of his countrymen while in Jersey and they showed him some of the swamplands. It is the only real reason for watching Andrea play like he was ankle deep in mud.

Bayless: lots of great things offensively, but his defensive effort always reminds me of a white rapper: great effort at looking the part, but in the end it’s just laughable. Here’s an idea….rather than be so demonstrative after getting beat or having a ball launched over your head, why not try defending a bit tougher, Vanilla?

Davis: you know when you go to crack open an Oreo to get at the stuffing and the cookie breaks in half, leaving half on the filling?  That’s like watching Ed’s game tonight. Hoped for so much better given his recent play, but he crumbled.

DeRozan: I receive more resistance from cellophane wrapped DVD’s than opponents do from DeMar. Tonight his offensive game didn’t get him out of the doghouse, going 5 for 15 and looking generally disinterested.

Forbes: got a few free throws up, but other than that he was more useless than a double digit scoreboard in soccer.

Gray: I have a great plan… sit and watch your front line get mocked by Humphries and see that your guys have a hard time finding a spark. This is a night after watching Davis and Gray feed well off each other. So, lets keep Gray on the bench and will the rest of your lacklustre bunch to pick it up. Stupid coaching move.

A. Johnson: at halftime he credited Andrea’s return with allowing him to play a bit more free and easy. Whatever it is, it suits him.  6 pts and 9 boards tonight and some good elbows out defence in the paint.

J. Johnson: after watching young whipper snappers making their way to the Toronto hoop all night, James decided a hard foul here and there might make the game a bit more palatable. He was partially right. His solid effort also helped as he posted a solid line of 16pts 4rebs 4blks in 28 minutes.

Kleiza: he produced more sweat in the halftime piece on Jonas as he tried to speak in understandable English than he did on the court all night tonight. Andrea’s poor effort was cited on the broadcast for the Raptors loss, but I think the disappearance of Linas needs attention as well.

Driving the bus: Jerryd Bayless

Under the bus: Linas Kleiza

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