Raptor losing skid hits six in 103-82 loss to Memphis Grizzlies | Toronto Star

One move was forced upon them, a second was in hopes of providing a boost to a sore spot in the lineup and a third may be coming that will give the Raptors another veteran presence. Oh, and they lost another game here — their sixth straight defeat — on a Wednesday night of change.

Cox: Bryan Colangelo should feel some heat for Raptors’ slow start | Toronto Star

If not for The Team Formerly Known As The Bullets, there would be no one below the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference standings of the NBA. In fact, there’d be no one lower in the entire league. Which brings us to Bryan Colangelo, now nearing his seventh anniversary of trying/promising to make the Raptors something other than an NBA weakling.

Raptors thumped by league-leading Grizzlies | Globe and Mail

The Grizzlies held Toronto to 31 per cent shooting and forced 11 turnovers in the second half to pull away and beat the Raptors 103-82 on Wednesday night for their third straight win.

Raptors go cold in second half in loss to Grizzlies | National Post

It took a half, but the Toronto Raptors showed that they still might need Andrea Bargnani, if only a little bit.

Thoughts On the Game: Grizzlies 103, Raptors 82 | The Score

If you’ve been reading RaptorBlog recently or if you follow me on twitter, then you’ll know that I think any realistic hopes of competing for a playoff spot might have evaporated already when the Raptors lost both games at Charlotte and Detroit last week, but this Friday’s game against Phoenix really will be the season on the line, no matter how early it is.

Raptors collapse against Grizzlies | Toronto Sun

Trailing by only one point at the half, Toronto played dead in the third quarter, allowing the league-leading 11-2 Grizzlies to start the third on an 11-1 run. By the time the Tony Allen-led carnage was over, the Raptors trailed by an insurmountable 20 points and were on the way to a record 10 games under 500.


The Memphis Grizzlies turned up the defensive pressure, and turned a close game into a rout.

Grizzlies Take Down Raptors; Lowry Loses To Two Former Teams In Two Nights | 3 Shades of Blue

Both of whom traded him for NOTHING just to get rid of him. Talented, tough, tenacious, and a TOTAL headache, evidently.

Raptors vs. Grizz | Bronas and the Whale

I think Zach Randolph weighs more than the entire Raptors team. Marc Gasol too. Seriously though, who’s the heaviest Raptor? Bargnani’s scrawny and Jonas is boneless.

Grizzlies stay hot, blow past Raptors | The Province

Reserve Marreese Speights led five Memphis players in double figures with 18 points and grabbed 12 rebounds as the Grizzlies topped the Toronto Raptors, 103-82, behind a decisive third quarter.

Memphis Grizzlies impose will in third quarter, dominate Toronto Raptors | Commercial Appeal

Marreese Speights wanted to paint a picture for Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins and he used the Toronto Raptors as his canvas.

Grizzlies pound Raptors thanks to dominant second half | Lindy’s Sports

On the second night of back-to-back road games, Toronto Raptors coach Dwane Casey was happy his team trailed the Memphis Grizzlies, the NBA’s hottest team, by just a point at halftime Wednesday night at the FedExForum.
Still, Casey knew the storm was approaching. “I told our guys they (the Grizzlies) were going to turn up the juice, and we had to meet their toughness with our toughness,” Casey said.

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  • RM

    I read an article by Doug Smith (whom I like) telling raptors fans to chill and not panic…..seriously; panic was about 5 losses ago. Now, I’m calm – because I’m done.

    • Destro

      Doug Smith is a terrible basketball writer,him telling me not to panic lets me know i should be panicking…Beyond that the team is 3-13 and believe it or not its about to get WORSE than its been and the team defense is so bad you just think they might be last years Bobcats and never win again…

      When this team is 4-20 7-30 ? is it time to panic ? Smart heads already knows thats where this season is headed….I watch this team night in and out,defensively you can very easily see this team being 7-30 and finishing under 20 wins this season….

      Close losses to bad teams and consistent blow outs with a 1-9 road record SHOULD make you panic if you know anything…

      • p00ka

        And that’s why you manage teams from your couch, and NBA teams are not run by panic stricken kids.

        • Destro

          Half the teams in the NBA are runned terribly by GMs who make knee jerk moves and terrible signings…Ever notice its the same bottom feeders every season asshole….Its not a coincidence…

          Alot of teams are runned by incompetent panic stricken idiots…

          Now type some deflective off topic corny remark…..

  • Andre

    sigh… the only other person that would keep their job this long after being wrong SOOO many times would be the weather man. BC needs to go, this culture sucks.. Looking at minasota? look at the bobcats? They drafted well. they drafted talent. somethings wrong here, our scouts must suck… Free agency as well. Look how andrei kerlinko is playing? why couldnt we go after him? so many questions and BC will give us twists and turns and make us feel good about ourselves. Time for manangement it make a move. BC, your fired.

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      Raptors under BC =’s 280 Ls, 72 Players, 3 Coaches with 1 Pres/GM.

      BC’s tunnel vision on building the Raptors around AB is too flawed to work as time has proven true now it’s time for BC, Gheradini, Stefanski & the rest of the front office to go along with the coaching staff & game day announcing crew and start anew.

      BC lies like a politician (pr spins)- said in the media that he would go into luxury tax to surround CB with a star player but didn’t mention to the fan base that CB had already told him that he was leaving the TDot for Miami when that statement was made- CB TPE do you know me?

      BC let Bayless walk for nothing while chasing Nash (who was never coming to the TDot in the 1st place just used Raps as barganing leverage with other teams) and now Bayless is in Memphis’ every game rotation while the Raptors have a 10 million dollar back up pg with no sure fire starting SF.

      Brooklyn 10-4
      New York 10-4 (w/o Stoudamire)
      Philly 9-6 (w/o Bynum)
      Boston 8-7
      Raptors 3-13

      In BC’s 1st season in the TDot Raps won the Atlantic then Boston made off season moves to get Big 3 and have ran the division ever since. Last season NJ/BK was below Toronto now NJ/BK is atop the division- BC’s Raptors where stagnation is a continuation. 

  • RM

    Fundamentally, the expectations are not high enough. If the Leafs were 3-13 changes would be on the way. Organizations which are serious about winning are ruthless about making it happen. Its a shame, Canadians are a tough hard working nation of people – and it comes out in our hockey. Why does our basketball organisation try to be cute?

    • voy

      the leafs?! thats your yardstick to measure a successful franchise?  for the previous 20 years the leafs have had no plan.

      go with a youth movement. doesn’t work in the first two seasons. trade away prospects/young players for over the hill veterans.  doesn’t work. go with the youth movement. back and forth, back and forth.

      you need to have a plan.  if you go with young players, you need to commit to them for at least a few years.  while bosh was on the team, bc tried assembled guys like o’neal, turk, marion, kapono etc etc. it didn’t work. the pieces never fit together properly.  that was one era. one plan.  if you want to fire bc for those mistakes then thats your decision.  however, firing him now because the team is not making the playoffs this year, and handing command over to someone who is not going to commit to the youth movement is short-sighted in my opinion.  we dont need any 35 year old shane corson equivalents on this team thinking he is going to bring us the championship.

      • Nilanka15

        If we do fire Colangelo, why replace him with a short-sighted individual?  The heir apparent would most definitely need to be someone who clears up cap space, trades our serviceable players for picks, and commits at least 3 years to a proper rebuild.

        Now convincing the casual fans that this is the best approach….that’s where MLSE will get into trouble.

        • voy

          i dont think ownership would hire anyone they think is short-sighted.  however, whats going to change for the casual fan when they fire bc and the team continues to lose this year?  i’m suspecting the casual fan will be just as pissed and then start calling for the new gm to start trading for the mikhail grabovski’s of the nba. 

          the salary cap situation looked better before we signed fields.  still, we have 10 mill coming off the books in jose and 12 mill with andrea we can move.  sure there is some salary going to coming back from any trade but as long as we can stockpile young players with good contracts or draft picks I can live with that plan.

          Houston has done a masterful job of acquiring draft picks the last few years. I’d love to follow their lead.

          • Nilanka15

            I agree with you in theory, but I’m not sold on Morey’s techniques (going all-in on Howard, drafting Royce White, etc.).

            • voy

              i guess i meant the prospects of stockpiling draft picks.  I forgot houston tried to parlay those picks into howard.  and you’re right, you need to commit at least 3 years to a rebuild. 

    • WHAT THE

      WELL ! you can blame high coller for that the guy needs to get rid of AB13 instead of trying to corner the EYETALIAN market with his star player AB13 the dude is no Ming or Dirk .

  • KaioKev

    Don’t worry folks. Starting in mid January the Raptors will start winning more basketball games. 

    Does that mean they’ll make playoffs? 

    Does that mean we’ll lose our draft pick because we fell out of the top (or I guess bottom) three?
    It’s hard to say…

    • Destro

      I dispute that they will start winning games in January ? They couldnt beat Detroit or Charlotte in Nov suddenly there gonna start beating them in Jan ? Why cuz the D will magically get better after 30 game mark than what it is at the 16th game mark ? No logic in that thinking…

      Even if you rationally believe they’ll get better in the new year they are going to be SO far behind in the W-L column it wont matter…They are 10 games under at 16 games…that could be double by January….

      I dont think its hyperbole to suggest the seasons on the brink of being over right now….   

      • Nilanka15

        Raps need to go 37-29 just to finish with 40 wins (which may not be good enough for the 8th seed).  That’s playing .561 ball.  Not going to happen.  This season is already over.

        • j bean

          But we just got Pietrus.

      • KaioKev

        I do think they’ll win more games come January. Probably 10-12 games to be exact.

        Yes, I do think the season is a write-off (although I’ll still watch and hope for win every time)

        Hopefully we can retain that pick we sent to OKC

        You can cal me a blind or casual fan if you want thats ok. I’m actually more of a hockey guy anyways but I still have hope that they’ll turn things around even if the season is already lost.

        • Nilanka15

          Wouldn’t it be better we lose the pick to OKC this year (weak draft) instead of next year?

          • KaioKev

            Now I have to bring up the option of (hopefully) retaining the pic and then trading it.

  • lloyd

    Why does Bryan crap his pants and us fans always think its a high end cologne? 

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      BC pisses on the Raptors fan base and calls it fresh snow-cap mountain water, shits on the Raptors fan base and calls it Kobe steak…….

      PR spins in the wind……….image over reality believe my words not what you see with your own lying eyes.

      • Lorenzo

        Oh my god… ENOUGH!

        • KaioKev

          As much as Gots2Go sounds like a broken record. His opinion is starting to become arguable. Which is a long way from “don’t even bother listening, reading or responding to.”

        • WHAT THE

          take wood fanboy

  • Daniel

    The basketball media is a shame in this city. They are just mouthpieces for the management. After praising him in the off-season, two months in the season they are asking for his firing. What a wonderful job! No accountability breeds no credibility. The media didn’t ask for his firing when we went after Nash or traded for Lowry, didn’t question the play-offs goal with 2 rookies in the rotation, didn’t ask Colangelo straight-up what are the consequences of not meeting the goals for this season. They increased the hype around this team and helped in selling tickets to the casual fans. Only the people who saw Colangelo’s wrong ways and spoke publicly about it have the right to ask for his firing. Hindsight is for the followers, foresight is for real leaders.
    The fanbase is no better. People learned nothing from 18 seasons of professional basketball. They cheer for hard-working mediocrity and put down the real talent who tries to actually win games. Lowry, Derozan, Kleiza, Fields, Davis are below-average players who have a strong following among the fanbase. Jose and Andrea have elite skill in certain areas and they are villified by a section of the fanbase. The latter two are being dragged down by the former type players however in Raptors’ fantasyland the reality is turned upside down. Before Lowry were TJ, Jack and Bayless, before Derozan and Kleiza were Moon and Weems, and the carousel can continue. The fans deserve this team.

    • lloyd

      Most of them believe its a symbiotic relationship.  That they need to be the salesmen for the sport in this area.  I think that is a very egotistical notion and the main reason why guys like Doug Smith rub me the wrong way.

      A GM like Bryan should embrace the media.  In a healthy market they are the factors that keep a GM lean and mean, push him to higher goals and make him always consider the accuracy of his footing.

      In our market that is not the case.  To show you how toothless our basketball media is, take Bryan appearing on Bob McCowen as an example.   Us fans suddenly perk up, and lick their lips because we think Bryan may be asked something juicy.   A middle aged talk show host, that watches basketball once a week on a PVR on fast forward, is the only semblance of media accountability in this town.

      The basketball media in Toronto is bush league, Andrea would have been shipped long ago in city like NY or LA.   Where the media actually represent the fans instead of management.   The idea in Toronto is to toss stuff down the fans throat while pinching his nose and hope he does not get a stomach ache, the media setting the mood music for the con.

    • lloyd

      3pt shooting Centers?? why the hell not, if Bryan says this is where the game is heading, why should our media ever question the notion?   No historic examples, who cares… lets feed it to the dumb asses anyway.

      • Dc

        Andrea isn’t a center hes a pf. O wait no hes a sf? Wtf no wait he’s a sg now. Aww… fuck it. 

        • WHAT THE

          get rid of Lowry and make AB13 the point guard our 7ft point guard

          • Lorenzo

            You know, you’re probably saying this in a “mockingly” way. (definitely in another language..)

            But how fucking awesome would it be if we played Andrea at point guard!? I’d watch every game.

            • WHAT THE

              what ever turns you on faggit! thats how fanboys think they don’t want their fav player gone even if they are shit ,it’s can’t we just move him to center,pf,sf,bench and now you find it awesome if he was moved to point gaurd, you would watch every game good Lord. O and by the way faggit you read the post above and think it’s another language so you went out and got some one to interpit it for you so you can reply, well faggit you better go watch your 7ft point guard play on another team and not in the USA or CANADA  

              • Scottbbaird

                Learn to spell.

                Ps: you’re an idiot.

                • Nilanka15

                  Canada’s education system has never looked worse….

    • voy

      so which is it, the media is a mouthpiece (apologists) for management or they are asking for bc’s firing. they cant be both.

      the media, for the most part, is a reflection of,  and panders to alarmist fans, like yourself.  you are not william wallace. you are not leading a revolt against anyone.  “have a right to ask for his firing”.  I’m not 100% sure what you mean.  however, if you think you should have any say in whether bc stays or goes then that is the height of hilarity and a seriously inflated sense of entitlement.

      just because you make up narratives doesn’t make them true – dd doesn’t have an advantage over anyone inthe nba, strawberry fields has a strong fanbase in toronto etc etc.

      get a grip, man.

      • lloyd

        Asking for a firing is a little late.   The criticism should have started long ago, but sadly no one wanted to point out the fly’s in the ointment.  

        It shouldn’t even come to the media asking for a firing, if they did their job to begin with, Colangelo would have never been re-upped.

        • WHAT THE

          i think every body was waiting for the return of the AB13 from last season if you follow fanboys like Cesco “with a healty AB13 and Val joining the team and having a full training camp and pound of crack teaching defense” and the horse is dead and the cow is fat and the whole 9 yeards.

          • Nilanka15

            What language are you speaking?

            • WHAT THE


    • Jamshid

      I couldn’t have said it better myself. Job well done Sir.

    • WHAT THE

      bud we need to ship out these two elite players you’re talking bout, it will soon be 8 long years and they have done nothing but spread the floor and diribble for 7 years.  

  • Bob_zagas

    The talent on the team just isn’t that good. Bargnani is a decent scoring center, but that’s it. On a better team he’s a Big off the bench to drop some points and stretch the floor. Lowry, compared to all the other point guards in the league, is average. Everyone on the team is average at best. This team has no chance at winning and I don’t know why people had different expectations in the off season looking at this roster. BC has to go. He’s had 7 years and things have gotten worse year in, year out. 

  • lloyd

    BTW,  I fully believe that Andrea would have developed as a better player in a different market.  He would not have been spoiled and handled with soft hands.   Maybe he would have been the 6th man of the year, fringe all-star, who knew how to use his minutes efficiently. 

    In our system we reward inefficiency and make it okay.  Asking Andrea to suddenly play like a franchise player and lead to this team to the PO is Bryan’s mistake.   It’s as negligent to Andrea as it is to the fans. 

    • voy

      what’s asking him to play like a fanchise player mean.  how is that any different than asking him to play his best… the same we ask for any other player?

      • lloyd

        his best may not be that of a franchise player, he may be a 20 minute contributor in specific situations on another team.

        Jamming a square peg into a round hole may cause other warps in the wheel that are not easily corrected by other positions.

    • Destro

      You dont develop rebounding and defense…You just do it as a player..

      I like Charles Barkleys comment on it,its no technique you just go and get the damn ball….

      His offense is what it is….Hes a perimeter jumpshooter…Difference is hed be used differently in other NBA cities…He wouldnt be allowed 17 shots a night and wouldnt be a 1 or 2 option on any winning team…

  • FAQ

    D-E-E-V-E-L-O-P-M-E-N-T  pains ~~~~~~~~ 

    What did you expect with so many newbies and rookies… playoffs??!!!!!

    • p00ka

      ‘Morontonians”…. I’m warming up more and more to your term by the day. It seems most Torontonians with an IQ north of 49 stay away from here.

      • Destro

        Funny when King Koopa of morons calls out morons not realizing hes the lead moron…

    • BCBargnaniCaseyGots2Go!!!

      What did you expect after the Triano era of 2 3/4 seasons of complete & utter discombobulation- more discombobulation or progression under Casey (another BC yes man)?


      AB, JC, LK, ED, DD, AG, AJ… these are not noobs or rooks. In fact some of these players have been together for a while. KL and JL3 are vets. I assume it is not DM or AA’s immense talents that are causing DC to have a tough time figuring out line ups.

      It is rather scary that a team with 2 rooks (I don’t count Acy) is claiming to be learning and developing. One noob (LF) is not playing and the other hasn’t played all the games (KL).

      I would like to know what exactly they are learning other than the fact they hate playing together and BC still cannot assemble a team of players that compliment each other in any way. Maybe they are learning what organizations not to play for…Hedo: “Something is wrong with that organization”. Or maybe they are developing their losing skills?

      This is still a farm team for the NBA, I agree, but this development and jelling and learning noise is just that.. noise. I sincerely hope you are not implying that this debacle is some sort of indication of future success aka winning games around xmass or near the end of season when the games do not matter other than for season ticket sales.

      The only development witnessed is with some of the fans that claimed BC is a genius.

      • FAQ

        Moronto is cursed …. but they did win the Earl Grey Cup which they will undoubtedly fill with tea and then declare a civic holiday (fully paid of course) for all the city workers in celebration. 

        Ah… I remember when the Toronto Raptors played against the Vancouver Grizzlies for the “Canadian” championship ………..