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Morning Coffee: December 21st Edition

Amir Johnson Takes “Represent” To A New Level | RaporBlog

You know how there are certain things that you can get away with or pull off as a kid that you would never be able to do as an adult trying to convey the presence of respectability? Perfect example, when I was playing rep baseball for the Agincourt A’s as an 11-year-old Scarborough boy, one of my teammates got our logo (it’s basically the Oakland A’s logo) designed into his haircut for this big tournament we had in Niagara Falls, and suffice to say, we all thought it was pretty bad-ass. Again, because we were 11.

Report: Knicks Considered Offering Amare For Bargnani | RaptorBlog

Well here’s something to pass the time while we watch more worthy teams play primetime TNT games and wait for the end of the world…In a New York Times article posted Thursday about Amare Stoudemire’s eventual return to the Knicks lineup, Howard Beck dropped an intriguing revelation for Raptors fans. Citing “a person briefed on the discussion,” Beck reports that “In February, the Knicks wanted to send Stoudemire to Toronto in a deal for Andrea Bargnani.”

Awkwardness ahead for Raptors Kyle Lowry, Andrea Bargnani | Toronto Sun

With Jose Calderon playing at an elite level and the entire team playing at an much better from where they had been under Lowry with the emphasis on “Team”, bringing Lowry back and immediately inserting him into the starting five at Calderon’s expense might just result in outright team revolt.


In the short-term, what Jose Calderon has been giving the Raptors of late has been spectacular. Since Kyle Lowry injured his triceps, Calderon has averaged 14.4 ppg, 11.0 apg, 4.8 rpg and has shot 40 per cent from downtown, he’s provided the kind of leadership that has been sorely lacking from the roster all season and, most importantly, the team has won four straight in a fairly convincing fashion. Of course, long-term all of this is just about the worst thing that could happen to this club because… well, because they’re the Raptors and they can’t have nice things.


For much of the season, the Toronto Raptors looked like they could barely win an inter-squad game, let alone a regular season contest. But after going on a dismal losing streak, dropping 12 of 13 games, the Raptors have begun to turn things around.


“Clearly they are a lot better in two areas. Defensive field goal percentage — they are immensely better with the group that is playing now — and they also seem to have less turnovers which has allowed them to have enough of a cushion to win games and not be at risk in the fourth quarter,” Carter said.

Orlando at Toronto | CBSSports

“We’re finding ways to win and that’s the most important thing for our group,” coach Dwane Casey said. “We’re believing we can win, we’re trusting each other, we’re pulling for each other.” The Raptors have also received a huge boost from Alan Anderson, who’s averaged 19.3 points off the bench in the last three games. He scored 16 on Wednesday.

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